Blue Frenchie: Complete Guide

Blue French Bulldog
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One of the most companionable dog breeds around is the French Bulldog. They are small, adorable, adaptable to city living, and easy to carry. It would not be inaccurate to describe them as “couch potato” dog breeds that love the company of their family and revel in being a lap dog.

As many Frenchie enthusiasts know, this breed comes in a variety of colors and sizes. And, one of the rare and exotic color variations is the Blue French Bulldog. They have the same physical and temperamental traits as the standard Frenchie but differ only in their coat color.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dig deep into the Blue Frenchie, or Grey French Bulldog as some would say, and learn what makes them unique, and see if they are the right fit for you and your family.

Table of Contents

Blue French Bulldog: Breed overview 

Before we get into all the details, here is some Blue French Bulldog info to give you a general idea on what to expect from this breed.

Blue French Bulldog information
Size Small
PurposeCompanion dog
AKC RecognitionYes
Weight 17 – 28 pounds 
Height 11 – 13 inches 
Coat Colors Gray, Light Gray 
Separation AnxietyHigh
Child FriendlinessHigh
Canine FriendlinessModerate 
Training DifficultyModerate
Grooming UpkeepModerate
Exercise NeedsLow
Lifespan10 – 12 years 
Puppy Costs $4,000 upwards 

The Blue Frenchy or the Frenchie Blue was already a sought-after color variation of the breed since the early 1900s.

But, the Blue French Bull Dog has never been considered an official color of the breed because of various reasons, with one being a possibility that some Blue French Dog are not purebred. Such is the case with the Blue Frenchton which almost has the same appearance as a purebred Blue Frenchie.

Some other fun Blue French Bulldog facts worth knowing is that they are not really French. They were actually brought from England by lace workers who work in French factories during the start of the Industrial Revolution. 

Another fact is that they do not like being in the water and are lousy swimmers because of their short legs. They also get very cold easily due to their short, single coat making them more cuddly during those colder winter months.

What is a Blue French Bulldog?

French Bulldog Blue color
What is a Blue Frenchie?

A Blue French Bulldog is a silver to bluish-gray colored French Bulldog. The term “blue” does not refer to the traditional blue color as we know it, but rather to the cool, icy gloss that the gray color projects on their coats, which in some instances may have a light blue tinge when seen in a certain light.

Some would refer to them as a Grey French Bulldog due to this reason.

Are Blue French Bulldogs rare?

Yes, the Blue French Bulldog is one of the rare color variations of the French Bulldog that also includes lilac, chocolate, pure black, and the merle color pattern.

This makes the Blue French Bulldog one of the more expensive Frenchies. And, how much does a rare Blue French Bulldog puppy cost?

Adopting a Blue Frenchie pup will set you back at least $4,000, which is around twice as much as a Frenchie with a standard color.

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Are Blue French Bulldogs purebred?

Yes, but not all Blue French Bulldogs can be considered purebred Blue French Bulldog. If both of the parents are assuredly purebred, then definitely, it would be purebred. 

But, some that appear to be a pure Blue French Bulldog actually is a mixed breed.

A French Bulldog mixed with a Boston Terrier, called a Frenchton, may have the same physical appearance as a purebred French Bulldog. The similarities are so uncanny when they are puppies that Frenchtons are sometimes referred to as Faux French Bulldogs.

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Blue Frenchie genetics 

Blue coat Frenchies
French Bulldog Blue coat

What makes a Blue dog French Bulldog has its unique color is caused by a diluting gene (d) that causes the pigments, which are supposed to be black, to dilute into gray. It is a recessive gene that two Blue carrier French Bulldog parents need to have in order for the blue color to manifest.

To explain it further, the blue color can only be expressed in an offspring if it inherits two copies of the ‘d’ gene, meaning, its genes will have the phenotype “dd.”

If the offspring has the “Dd” phenotype, it means that it is only a carrier of the diluting gene and would express a coat color that is black. 

The dilution in the Blue gene French Bulldog is commonly associated with a skin condition called Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA) that causes thinning or hair loss with early manifestations of itchiness and dry skin.

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Are Blue French Bulldogs recognized by the AKC?

The official recognized colors of the French Bulldog by the American Kennel Club (AKC) are cream, fawn, white, and the various combinations of those colors, while the coat markings accepted are brindle, piebald, black mask and shadings, and white markings.

With blue not being an official color, can Blue French Bulldogs be AKC registered?

Yes, Blue French Bulldogs can still be registered but they cannot compete in any conformation shows. An AKC Blue French Bulldog that has been registered is eligible to participate in obedience, agility, or other field competitions.

But, why are Blue French Bulldogs disqualified from conformation shows? This is because the blue coat color has always been linked with certain health issues, such as congenital deafness and alopecia.

These diseases are exacerbated when some breeders resort to inbreeding to be able to produce a Blue Frenchie.

If you wish to have AKC Blue French Bulldog puppies, the breeder must register the litter to the club to ensure that it is purebred. 

How to register a Blue French Bulldog with AKC?

When adopting a Blue Frenchie puppy, new owners would naturally want their Blue French Bulldog cute factor to be even more validated by having them registered with the AKC.

To have a registered Blue AKC French Bulldog, a seller must provide the buyer with a registration number that also includes all the information about the puppy regarding his date of birth, gender, lineage, color code and markings, litter number, and registered name. 

With this information, the owner can then fill up an application and pay the necessary fee depending on the package selected. An online registration is also available for a faster and more convenient process.

These are some of the AKC color code for Blue French Bulldog that can be registered depending on their color markings:

  • 036 Blue Fawn
  • 037 Blue
  • 050 Blue Merle
  • 056 Blue Brindle
  • 474 Blue Dilute

There are a number of advantages of having a Blue French Bulldog AKC registered dog.

First, the club will provide the owner with necessary information regarding the care of their dogs.

Second, owners can track their dog’s ancestry with the club’s enormous database.

Third, a 30-day trial of pet insurance is provided.

And lastly, there is the option of having your Blue Frenchie live-tracked with a supplied collar to ensure you know his whereabouts at all times.

Can Blue French Bulldogs be KC registered?

The Blue French Bulldog dog is similarly not recognized as a standard by the Kennel Club (KC) in the United Kingdom. The accepted colors are brindle, fawn, and pied. 

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It is possible to register a Blue French Bulldog in the Kennel Club provided that they are purebreds. However, are Blue French Bulldogs KC registered dogs allowed to compete?

Since blue is not an official color, KC registered Blue French Bulldog is unfortunately not permitted to compete in shows or competitions.

Blue Frenchie physical appearance

Blue Frenchie full grown
Blue French Bulldog fully grown

What does a Blue French Bulldog look like? The physical Blue French Bulldog characteristics are the same as with all French bulldogs, except for their color.

French Blue Bulldog presents with a heavy-boned and compact, muscular body that has a rounded curvature in the back. They have thick necks, wide chests, and rounded bodies with short tails that can either be straight or screwed.

Blue fur French Bulldog has a square-shaped head with a broad and deeply set muzzle.

Eyes are round and set moderately apart that can be brown, blue or green in color. Ears are bat-shaped and carried upright. 

The blue coat has several variants as well. Among them are the solid blue, blue merle, blue fawn, blue pied, blue sable, and blue and tan. 

The skin around the forehead exhibits wrinkling and the muscle cheeks are well-developed. The short, smooth coat lies close to the body.

Blue French Bulldog eye color

As with all French Bulldogs, the Blue French Bulldog newborn puppies have blue eyes. By the time French Bulldog puppies Blue are 10 weeks old, the blue eye color may start to change into gray or brown. 

Do Blue French Bulldogs eyes stay Blue into maturity? Some Blue Frenchie Blue eyes will be retained into their adulthood if they are carriers of the genes responsible for the merle or piebald patterns.

Blue Frenchie with Blue eyes is prone to certain health issues, like deafness and visual defects which is related to the low melanin levels in their body.

French Bulldogs Blue owners may sometimes notice a red or orange glow in the eyes of their Blue Frenchie when the lights are dim.

Blue French Bulldog with orange eyes is caused when light hits the surface of the area between the optic nerve and the retina. This surface is called the tapetum lucidum, which acts like a mirror that reflects light in order for them to see more clearly in the dark. This is an evolutionary adaptive trait that many dogs have that is perfectly normal.

Blue fluffy French Bulldog

As if French Bull Blue dogs aren’t adorable enough, there is such a thing as a Blue fluffy Frenchie. Fluffy Blue Frenchie has longer hairs around the face, ears, and legs. Fluffy Frenchie Blue is a purebred French Bulldog that is a carrier of the mutated gene called the fibroblast growth factor-5 (FGF5).

Blue long haired French Bulldog is especially rare because of their color and coat length. Adopting a long haired Blue French Bulldog puppy can set you back at least $13,000 because of the difficulty of finding the right breeder.

Fluffy Blue French Bulldog share the same physical and temperamental qualities as other Frenchies, and because of their color, long haired blue French Bulldog may be prone to the same health issues other Blue Frenchies face in their adulthood, like deafness or visual problems.

Blue French Bulldog cropped ears

Some may wonder if a newborn Blue French Bulldog needs his ears to be cropped or docked to make them stand up. The simple answer is that they do not have to be cropped since Frenchies have natural upright ears in the first place. 

The aesthetic procedure of cropping ears is actually illegal in some countries and has no health benefit whatsoever to the dog.

Some may argue that cropped ears in a Blue Frenchie or a solid Blue French Bulldog may improve hearing or even reduce the chances of ear infections. However, this is just a misconception that doesn’t have any scientific research to back it up.

Blue French Bulldog floppy ears

All Frenchies, including Frenchie Blue puppy, are born with floppy ears. They gradually begin to stand up as they mature which typically happens between 5 weeks and 8 months of age.

This usually coincides with their teething and both ears don’t necessarily stand up at the same time.

If your French Blue dog has floppy ears beyond one year of age, there is no reason to panic since this is considered perfectly normal and would not affect their health at all.

Blue nose French Bulldog 

Since Blue Frenchies lack melanin, it is expected that the French Bulldog Blue nose, eyes, skin and fur color will be affected.

Blue nose Frenchies also exhibit the blue color in their paws and toenails.

Since French Bulldogs have short muzzles, Blue Frenchies tend to snort as a way to clear their airways. Occasional snorting is perfectly fine, but regular and constant snorting may mean that the Blue nose French Bulldogs are having breathing difficulties. 

Blue nose Frenchie or Bluenose French Bulldog are prone to certain types of congenital diseases, like hearing loss and visual impairments.

French Blue nose Bulldog can also suffer from an early onset of Color Dilution Alopecia that results in patchy, hair thinning or hair loss.

Blue French Bulldog temperament and personality

Like many French Bulldogs, the French Bull Dog Blue has an affectionate and moderately playful personality. An all Blue French Bulldog is one of those lazy dog breeds that like spending time curled up near their owners and just relaxing. 

A Blue French Bulldog is highly adaptable in any living conditions and can be a perfect canine companion for a first time dog owner.

They do not require much maintenance and don’t need much exercise to keep them healthy. They do not bark that much and are known to be very social that can get along with almost anyone.

Various Blue French Bulldog colors and coat types

A Blue color French Bulldog also known by the name of Gray French Bulldog or Grey Frenchie comes in various coat colors and coat types.

A Blue colored French Bulldog is one of the rarest colors in the world of the French Bulldogs. The French Bulldog Blue colour is a beautiful sight to behold, more so because the hues of Blue French Bulldogs vary from one dog to the other. The hues of Blues French Bulldogs can range from dark gray to light gray.

The shades of Blue French Bulldogs can be best described as a mixture of black and white paint. The resulting dilution of these two (2) basic colors is the best way we can describe a Blue point French Bulldog.

In the following section, we will be describing in-depth the shades of Blue French Bulldogs, from colors such as Blue Fawn to coat types and patterns including Merle and Brindle. 

6 Types of Blue Frenchies 

Have you already seen a cute Blue French Bulldog? A Blue Frenchie is not as common, hence, it is not every day that you get to see one.

So, if you’re thinking that a French Bulldog is blue as the ocean, you’re mistaken. Take a look at these six (6) types and more Blue Frenchies so you’ll see why they’re not really bluer than blue. 

1. Blue French Bulldog 

2. Blue Merle French Bulldog 

A Blue Merle Frenchie is one of the fascinating colors of Blue Bulldog French. Beautiful it may be but a Blue Merle French Bulldog puppy is one of the hardest to produce.

This is because to produce Blue Merle French Bulldog puppies, a Blue French Bulldog should be bred with a Merle French Bulldog.

What is a merle gene?

The merle gene is the one responsible for producing random patches on some parts of the body including the coat, paw pads, and even the eyes.

Not only that, but breeding Merle French Bulldogs comes with controversies because the merle gene is thought of as a problematic gene among French Bulldogs.

This is because the merle gene does not always express itself in fawn or cream-colored French Bulldogs, a condition referred to either as a ghost or cryptic merle. So, if a ghost merle is bred with a merle French Bulldog, the resulting puppies are considered double-merles which means double trouble in the health department. 

The base coat of Blue Merle French Bulldog puppies is often a diluted black that gives the illusion of having hues of a blue coat. They sport darker patches of varying sizes around their bodies, from the tip of their ears down to their legs.

If you can’t picture a Blue Merle French Bulldog puppy in your head, think of this pooch as wearing a grayish coat with dark spots that pretty much looks like cookies and cream-flavored ice cream. 

3. Blue Fawn French Bulldog

Do you want to own a Blue Fawn male Frenchie? The male Frenchie pretty much stands as tall as the female but weighs just a bit more, about 4 pounds heavier than the females.

At first glance, Blue Fawn French Bulldog puppies may look like their coats are on the brownish side. This is because French Bulldog puppies Blue Fawn are carriers of double recessive diluted genes which are also present among the blue pieds and the blue brindle Frenchies.

The difference is that Fawn Blue French Bulldog puppies also have in their blood the two (2) genes that are responsible to produce the fawn color, plus one copy of the brindle gene.

Hence, their coats are colored fawn with light tinges of gray. The darker shades of bluish-gray can be found on the ears, forehead, and around the eyes, pretty much like wearing a blue mask. 

4. Blue and Tan French Bulldog

Blue and Tan Frenchie puppies sport a light to darker gray coat with some tan points scattered around their bodies, including the legs, chest, and face.  A Blue and Tan Frenchie puppy can have either blue or brown eyes. 

5. Blue Pied French Bulldog

For a lot of you who haven’t seen a Blue Pied Frenchie, you may be wondering what is a Blue Pied French Bulldog.

First things first, when you hear the word ‘pied,’ it means a mixture of colors and patterns, most often the base coat is lighter with dark patches on the head and the body. The pied pattern is a recessive gene while a solid coat like blue is the dominant gene.

So, is it easy to produce Blue Pied French Bulldog puppies?

It may seem easy to come up with a Blue Piebald French Bulldog because breeding a Blue French Bulldog with a Pied French Bulldog will produce a litter that has Blue Pied French Bulldogs. While that is true, some breeders always seek perfection, hence, the ideal color combination of a Blue Pied French Bulldog puppy is quite hard to achieve. 

So, what does a full grown Blue Pied French Bulldog look like?

Regardless of gender, both the Blue Pied female French Bulldog and Blue Pied male French Bulldog will have a light-colored base coat on their chest, cheeks, and legs. The pied patterns or blue patches of a Blue Pied French Bulldog full grown may be visible on some parts of the face of a French Bulldog Pied Blue. 

Blue pied merle French Bulldog

A Blue Pied Merle Frenchie has a light gray with bluish tints base coat and with dark patches or spots that are scattered around the body. 

Blue and white pied French Bulldog

Blue and White Pied Frenchie can be described as having two (2) coat colors, a light to dark gray coat color and a white coat. The color ratio varies for each dog, some of them may have more whites while the opposite may be true for others. 

6. Blue Sable French Bulldog 

The Blue Sable Frenchies have fawn or light brown color on the legs and head but instead of having black-tipped hair and a black mask, they have blue-tipped hair and wear a blue mask. 

Blue brindle French Bulldog

A Blue Brindle Frenchie puppy can be described as wearing a dark blue to gray coat with brindle or tiger-striped markings on some parts of the body. These brindle striping begin to appear at about four (4) weeks of age. The eye color may range from blue, brown, gray, and yellow for some of them. 

Blue lilac French Bulldog

A Lilac Blue French Bulldog carries rare recessive genes including blue, chocolate, and recessive black, hence, this color is very hard to produce. It can be described as having a light to dark silverish base coat without any signs of brindle patterns. 

Lilac vs Blue French Bulldog

Lilac and Blue are two (2) of the rarest coat colors of the French Bulldogs.

So, what’s the difference between Lilac and Blue French Bulldog?

The main difference between Lilac and Blue French Bulldog is that Lilac is a carrier of the diluted chocolate and blue genes while Blue French Bulldog is a carrier of the diluted black gene. 

At birth, it is hard to set apart a Lilac from a Blue French Bulldog because both of them have almost the same shade of grayish coat. But as they get older, the coat of the Lilac French Bulldog gets lighter, having some pinkish to lilac color hues. 

Blue tri French Bulldog

With an array of available colors of French Bulldogs, one may wonder now, what is a Blue Tri French Bulldog? 

A Tri Blue French Bulldog is a hybrid dog. The Blue Tri French Bulldog puppies are achieved by cross-breeding a Blue French Bulldog with an American Bully.

A French Bulldog Blue Tri color has one base coat color, in this case, grayish to blue while the other colors are considered as markings. A French Bulldog Blue Tri can be characterized as sporting a grayish/blue coat with lilac and tan color markings.

These markings on a Blue triple carrier French Bulldog vary from dog to dog. For instance, some Blue Tri Color French Bulldogs may have color markings on the chest, face, and tail while some Blue Tri Frenchie may have markings on the ears and head. 

Blue tri merle French Bulldog

A Blue tri merle Frenchie, also referred to as the blue-gene dog breed is a diluted Black French Bulldog. It has a gray-to-bluish base coat with some darker markings around the body. Due to the merle gene, this Frenchie is more prone to health problems, including eyesight problems. 

Blue grey French Bulldog

A Blue Grey Frenchie is indeed a sight to behold and that is why a lot of French Bulldog aficionados are attracted to the beautiful color of Blue Grey Frenchies.

Aside from having grayish to blue coats, Blue Grey French Bulldog puppies are born with blue eyes. But for some Grey Blue Bulldog puppies, those blue eyes can change in a few week’s time to another color.

Some Grey Blue Bulldog puppies will have black eyes while some Grey Blue French Bulldog puppies will have brown eyes.

But if a Blue Gray French Bulldog carries the merle gene, the blue eyes will remain blue in adulthood. 

If you want to own a Gray Blue French Bulldog, be prepared to shell out a huge amount because as you will learn, later on, a Blue Gray Frenchie comes with a steep price. 

Blue and white French Bulldog

Apart from the solid blue or white color, you can also find Blue French Bulldog White. French Bulldog Blue and White has two (2) coat colors, namely, blue and white.

A French Bulldog White and Blue can be described as having about 50% white coat color, hence, the name Blue and White French Bulldog puppy.

The white coat of Blue and White Frenchie can be compared with the color of eggshells. The blue or gray patches of a White and Blue French Bulldog are usually presented on the head, face, neck, and body while some Blue Frenchie with white chest.

That said, no one can really predict the exact physical appearance of Blue and White French Bulldog puppies. Just the same, the coat care for a White and Blue French Bulldog puppy is the same as any color of a French Bulldog. 

Is a Blue White French Bulldog rare?

Yes, it’s because a Blue French Bulldog itself is rare, thus, to produce a French Bulldog Blue White, a Blue Frenchie has to be crossbred with a white-colored French Bulldog to come with a litter that has a Blue and White Frenchie puppy. 

So, it’s not easy to find breeders with White Blue French Bulldog for sale. With that said, a White and Blue Frenchie also commands a higher price tag. 

Blue and white merle French Bulldog

This Frenchie can be described as having a grayish-blue base coat with irregular white patches around the body. 

Blue cream French Bulldog 

Similar to a Blue French Bulldog, a Cream French Bulldog is also one of the rare colors. Thus, you will have a longer time looking for a Blue Cream Frenchie.

The cream color is a result of a recessive diluted gene that causes the lightening of the fawn color. That said, a French Bulldog Blue Cream wears a creamish base coat color with tinges of blue hue.

The face of this Frenchie can be described as Blue covered in cream French Bulldog. It is also possible that a Blue Cream Merle French Bulldog may have some cream patches over a dark grayish coat.

The patches of a Blue and Cream French Bulldog may be seen on the legs, chest, nose, and tail. It’s not unusual to see patches on the face of a Cream and Blue French Bulldog. Since each dog is unique, it’s hard to predict what exactly a Cream Blue French Bulldog would look like. 

Brown and Blue French Bulldog

Is there such a Frenchie as a Blue and brown French Bulldog? Yes, but a Blue brown French Bulldog is hard to come by. A lot of French Bulldog enthusiasts probably haven’t seen a Blue chocolate French Bulldog because producing a Chocolate Blue French Bulldog is not an easy task.

So, what do Blue chocolate French Bulldogs look like?

A Blue and Chocolate French Bulldog may have a dark gray base coat and chocolate-colored markings on the legs. A Chocolate and Blue French Bulldog could also sport brown markings on the chest and on the face.

But, it is also possible that the dominant color of a Blue Chocolate Frenchie is brown instead of gray. Thus, a Blue and Brown Frenchie may have a 50-50 ratio coat colors of brown and gray. 

Blue spotted French Bulldog

A Blue French Bulldog with spots may present itself with a light-colored base coat with patches of gray on the body. The French Bulldog Blue spotted can also be considered a merle-carrying gene spotted Blue French Bulldog.

A Blue spotted Frenchie is a rare find because breeders avoid breeding Frenchies with merle genes. In case you find a Blue speckled French Bulldog, chances are, this dog is produced by accident and not deliberately. 

Blue platinum French Bulldog 

A Platinum Blue French Bulldog may present itself as wearing a creamish base coat with grayish markings on some parts of the body. The Platinum Blue Platinum French Bulldog may have light shades of cream to brown nose and paw pads. 

Blue trindle French Bulldog

What is a Blue Trindle Frenchie? A Blue Trindle Merle French Bulldog is a Frenchie that has a brindle pattern on his blue coat. 

Blue quad French Bulldog

Random crossing of French Bulldogs with different colors produced offspring bearing new or trendy colors such as blue. A Blue quad carrier French Bulldog is a Frenchie that carries different color genes. The goal of breeding two (2) quad carrier gene dogs is to produce a litter that has an unusual or highly colorful litter. 

Blue black French Bulldog

A Blue and Black French Bulldog has a base coat of gray and black markings on the body. 

Blue and beige French Bulldog

Blue and beige French Bulldog has patches of beige over a blue base coat. 

Silver Blue French Bulldog

Another rare color is the French Bulldog Silver Blue. A Silver Blue French Bulldog puppies carry two (2) copies of the recessive dilution gene, one of which is diluted black. 

Blue dapple French Bulldog

Also referred to as a Blue Merle Frenchie, this pooch is best described as having a light-colored base coat of white with dark patches of bluish gray. 

Blue Isabella Frenchie

A Blue Isabella Frenchie is also known as Blue Lilac Frenchie with a light base coat of grayish to light pink with some markings of dark gray on the body. 

Irish Blue French Bulldog

Irish Blue French Bulldog is a very rare and hard-to-find blue color variation of a French Bulldog.

Blue French Bulldog size, height, and weight

In this section, we would like to talk about the French Bulldog Blue size.

Blue French Bulldogs come in different sizes, from the standard French Bulldog to the Micro to the Mini and down to the Teacup Blue French Bulldog.

It is interesting to learn how each of these sizes of Blue French Bulldogs differs. Maybe you are wondering how big a standard full grown Blue Frenchie will be at adulthood or at what age do French Bulldogs stop growing.

You will get the true and accurate answers to these questions in just a short while.

In the meantime, we want to emphasize that each French Bulldog puppy is unique so some of them will grow faster than others.

Therefore, don’t worry if your French Bulldog puppy is lagging behind or ahead of the figures that we’d be sharing with you. The important thing is that your French Bulldog puppy is healthy and active. 

So, how big do Blue French Bulldogs get?

Below are tables of the approximate weight and height of the standard Blue French Bulldogs:

Standard Blue Male French Bulldog Weight Chart 

Age Weight 
Blue French Bulldog 4 weeks 4 – 7 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 8 weeks 8 – 12 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 12 weeks 13 – 14 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 16 weeks15 – 16 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 20 weeks 17 – 19 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 24 weeks 17 – 21 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 28 weeks 18 – 23 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 32 weeks 19- 25 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 36 weeks 20 – 28 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 40 weeks 20 – 28 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog full size20 – 28 pounds 

Standard Blue Female French Bulldog Weight Chart

Age Weight 
Blue French Bulldog 4 weeks 3 – 6 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 8 weeks 7- 9 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 12 weeks 10 – 12 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 16 weeks13 – 14 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 20 weeks 15 – 16 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 24 weeks 16 – 19 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 28 weeks 16 – 21 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 32 weeks 17-  22 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 36 weeks 17 – 24 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog 40 weeks 17 – 24 pounds 
Full Size Blue French Bulldog 17 – 24 pounds 

Based on this chart, you’ve seen that a 6 month old Blue French Bulldog still continues to grow but at a slower rate than before. Around this time, you should be careful when feeding your Blue French Bulldog. A Blue French Bulldog adult will have a harder time losing all those unwanted pounds. 

How big Blue French Bulldog get in terms of height? We’ve also created a table so you can clearly see how tall a Blue French Bulldog adult can get.

Standard Blue French Bulldog Height Chart 

We did not make a separate table for Blue male French Bulldog and Blue female French Bulldog. This is because there is no significant difference in terms of the height of full grown Blue Frenchie. 

Age Height 
12 weeks 4 – 6 inches 
24 weeks 7 – 9 inches 
36 weeks 10 – 11 inches 
Full size Blue French Bulldog 11 – 13 inches 

Blue French Bulldog full grown 

By now, you’ve learned that a full grown Blue French Bulldog reaches his maximum height at 9 months of age or 36 weeks. Around that time, your canine companion is already closing in as an adult Blue French Bulldog. Therefore, if there’s any amount of height increase, it should be very minimal for a Blue adult French Bulldog.

Take note though that both the female Blue French Bulldog and the male Blue French Bulldog may still continue to gain more muscles up until 2 years of age.

What are the other factors that affect the size of a full grown French Bulldog?

Lifestyle and the amount of food consumed are two other factors that affect the weight of an adult Blue French Bulldog. 

Teacup Blue French Bulldog

Blue Teacup French Bulldog is the smallest size of the Blue Teacup Frenchies. Due to the diminutive size of Teacup French Bulldogs, extra care should be given to them especially if they will be handled by younger children.

Later in this guide, we will give you links to where you can find Teacup Blue French Bulldog puppies. Below is a table showing the size of a teacup full grown teacup Blue French Bulldog.

There is really no difference in height and weight of Teacup Blue Frenchie. Similar to the standard-sized Blue French Bulldogs, the growth of the Blue Teacup Frenchies will gradually slow down at approximately 9 months of age.

Teacup Blue Frenchies will still continue to grow and add more muscle mass until 2 years of age but not too much anymore. Thus the table we provided below is pretty much the adult size of Blue French Bulldogs.

They are indeed very small and in a way, their sizes can literally fit into a teacup. Take a look at the approximate weight and height of adult Blue French Bulldogs here:

Blue Teacup Frenchie Weight and Height 

Height of Teacup Blue French Bulldog full grown Weight of Teacup Blue adult Frenchie 
French Bulldog Blue MaleLess than 9 inches 5 – 14 pounds 
Blue French Bulldog Female Less than 9 inches5 – 14 pounds 

Blue mini French Bulldog

The Miniature Blue French Bulldog or the Mini Blue Frenchie stands slightly smaller than a standard French Bulldog. Unlike a standard full grown Blue Frenchie that can reach a height of 11 inches, a Mini Blue French Bulldog will reach a height of 8 to 11 inches at the shoulder.

The height and weight difference between a Blue male Frenchie are not significant from that of a female French Bulldog Blue.

Typically, a standard Frenchie is considered full grown between 12 to 14 months, but a Blue full grown Mini French Bulldog might reach his maximum height and weight before his first birthday.

A Blue mini French Bulldog full grown may increase their chest size and add more muscle into month 12th.

Blue Miniature French Bulldog may have rounder heads and less developed cheeks compared to a standard-sized Frenchie, especially when they are crossed with another breed.

Below is the approximate weight and height of a Blue full grown Mini French Bulldog.

Blue Mini French Bulldog Weight and Height 

Male9 – 11 inches 18 – 22 pounds 
Female9 – 11 inches 18 – 22 pounds 

Just like the micro and teacup Blue Frenchie, the French Bulldog Blue Mini size can be produced in a number of methods. 

The common method of producing Miniature Blue French Bulldog puppies is by crossing the runts of different litters. Runts have the same physical characteristics as a standard Frenchie except for their small size.

They usually get their size due to a disadvantageous position inside the womb, and their inability to compete for their mother’s milk due to stronger littermates.

Mini Blue French Bulldog puppies produced from runts may have a higher chance of being sick, and especially if the runt is not cared for much by the breeder.

A healthier way of producing a Mini French Bulldog Blue is through crossbreeding with another smaller breed, like a blue Yorkshire Terrier. Since this is not a purebred Blue Mini Frenchie, his physical traits can differ slightly from a standard Frenchie, but the combined gene pool contributes to healthier offspring due to the lesser probability of acquiring a congenital disease common among Mini Blue Frenchies.

The third method of producing a Mini French Blue Bulldog is by cultivating a mutated gene for dwarfism. Blue French Bulldog Miniature with dwarfism have disproportionately shorter legs and muzzles compared to a Frenchie that doesn’t have the condition. French Bulldog adult Blue with dwarfism are prone to bone disorders as well that can result in back and joint pains.

Micro Blue French Bulldog

Blue micro French Bulldog is a slightly smaller version of the mini Blue Frenchie. Although many would interchangeably call the small Blue French Bulldog a mini, micro, or teacup Blue Frenchie, it is much easier to distinguish between the three since many breeders have found ways to miniaturize a Frenchie into smaller and smaller variations.

This tiny Blue Frenchie may reach a shoulder height of 7 to 9 inches at maturity and the weight of a full grown French Bulldog Blue may range between 15 and 20 pounds. Micro French Bulldog female Blue weight and height do not differ much from a male micro Frenchie.

A micro adult French Bulldog Blue, due to his size, will look like a puppy even after reaching maturity. The physical appearance of micro Blue Frenchies do not alter much from their puppy stage into adulthood. 

One of the most expensive French Bulldogs in the market is brought by Miami rapper Brad Degraff. He named his Frenchie the Micro Machine Frenchie. The puppy Micro machine Blue French Bulldog was brought from a breeder worth $100,000.

A tiny Blue French Bulldog from this breeder typically is of high quality, hence, the breeder commanded a very steep price. 

As a guide, here is how big a full grown Micro French Bulldog would be. Again, these figures are not exact but you can expect Blue Micro French Bulldogs to grow within these ranges:

Micro Blue French Bulldog Weight and Height 

Male 7- 9 inches15 – 20 pounds
Female 7 – 9 inches 15 – 20 pounds 

Teacup micro Blue French Bulldog

The Teacup micro Blue French Bulldog falls under the smaller end of the spectrum when it comes to Teacup Frenchies. Adult Blue Frenchies usually reach a maximum weight of 28 pounds, but a Teacup micro adult Blue Frenchie may only reach 8 to 9 pounds at maturity. 

Teacup micro French Bulldog full grown Blue may reach its maximum size much earlier than its standard cousins. They barely double their size 3 months onward and will remain like a puppy into adulthood.

Due to their size, both the Teacup micro Blue female Frenchie and the male teacup micro will be the same size.

The dwarfism gene may have been introduced into this type of French Bulldog in order to produce such tiny pups that can literally fit into a cup.

Teacup micro French Bulldog Blue full grown may have stunted legs and abnormal facial structure which could contribute to even more health issues like back pain and breathing difficulties.

On top of that, there are already other congenital health problems common among Blue Frenchies, such as deafness and visual impairments.

Are French Bulldog Blue good family pets? 

Absolutely yes! A Blue French Bulldog is an amazing addition to the family.

Blue Frenchie pups are known to be very docile, affectionate, and generally, have calm demeanors. Most parents with younger children are very careful when it comes to selecting the right pet for their kids. The great news is that a Blue French Bulldog will not disappoint them because Blue Frenchie pups do not have any aggressive bones in their DNA, making them a wonderful choice for kids.

The entire family will never have a boring time with a French Bull Dog puppy blue. This dog is absolutely comical, from the funny facial expressions to music to the ear sounds that they emit such as snorting and farting, a French Bulldog pup will surely delight everyone. 

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What about newbie dog owners? Can they get a Blue French dog as their first pet?


That’s because French Bull Dog puppy Blue do not bite and do not demand heavy physical activities from their owners. These dogs are easy to get along with. They do not bark too much, hence, they are the perfect dogs for those living in apartments or small condominium units.

The Blue French Bulldogs are so nice that they have no problem living with other animals in the house, be it a cat or another dog.

Is your family fond of hosting sleepovers? No worries because a Blue French Bulldog is very welcoming, making him a good canine host to your house guests. 

If there is one issue you have to deal with is her low tolerance for solitude. A Blue French Bulldog is too sweet to a fault. She will follow you around the house as her way of showing affection. Since a French Bull Dog puppy blue is so family-oriented, she can get lonesome if she is left alone by herself.

Blue French Bulldogs training

A Blue Frenchie pup is fairly easy to easy, but then, of course, just like any house pets, training Blue French Bulldog pups requires patience and consistency. This is especially true since Blue French Bulldogs do not belong to the working class, hence, they are not as easy to train as a Poodle.

In fact, the Frenchies can be stubborn if they want to and they easily get away with it because of their amiable faces.

But, don’t despair because the Blue French Bulldogs are also smart and love to make their owners happy and proud, thus, they are trainable.

As soon as you bring home your Blue Frenchie pup, start potty training him right away, and here’s how:

Potty Training 

Like other small dog breeds, a Blue French Bulldog is unable to hold his urine for long periods of time. So make sure to design a schedule that will allow your Frenchie puppy to go out to potty at least every 3 hours. In case you cannot do that, you may opt to use potty training pads

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Obedience Training 

Once you have managed to teach your Blue Frenchie pup where to pee and poop, you can now go to the next level and that is the obedience training. Teach him the basic commands such as ‘no,’ ‘sit,’ and ‘stay.’ 

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In case your puppy fails to follow you, bear in mind that inflicting pain is never an option. Instead, stay calm, be persistent, and lavish your Blue French Bulldog with praises. In time, he will master all the things you want him to learn. 

French Buldog Blue exercise requirement

You should never over-exercise your Blue Frenchie puppy. Dogs that belong to the brachycephalic breeds are prone to overheating and dehydration. Thus, avoid taking them out for a run when the temperature is at its highest, which is from 9:30am until 4:00pm. 

Be sure to use a retractable dog leash when walking your Frenchie so you have full control of him while still allowing him the space and freedom to run around.

To keep your French Bulldog puppy Blue in tip-top shape, you can play some indoor games including tug-of-war and play fetch. These activities are good ways to release the pent-up energies of puppies without sacrificing their health. 

Many French Bulldog owners will allow their Frenchies to roam freely in their backyard during the day as a way to stay active and healthy. By allowing your Frenchie pup to roam freely in your backyard, he can run, walk, and jump as he pleases on his own term. This helps to release his pent up energy and get in his necessary daily steps.

If you allow your pups to roam freely in your backyard, make sure it is fully fenced. We are aware that some towns and counties have zoning laws that prohibit physical fences. If you’re in this situation, don’t fret!

A great alternative would be to install a wireless dog fence which will also keep your canine friends safe. Also known as the invisible doggy fence, many owners prefer the wireless dog fence because it is flexible and adaptable to any and all types of terrains including hilly, mountainous, and flat grassy terrains.

So if you have a beautiful and scenic mountain view in your backyard, you can now enjoy the view without compromising on your Frenchie’s safety.

If you do allow your furry friends to roam freely and enjoy the backyard during the day, we highly recommend installing an electronic dog door which will allow your pups to head outside and come back into the house, all on their own.

What’s great about the automatic doggy door is that it is programmable and you can customize curfew hours. This way, your pooch can catch some fresh air and sun during the day while staying safe indoors at night.

So whether you work from home or at the office, you no longer need to open or close the door behind your pup everything he needs to head outside or come back into the house.

Bulldog Frances Blue grooming and cleaning 

Regardless of the size of your Blue French Bulldog puppy, you should let her get accustomed to being groomed by you at a young age. If you wish, you can also take your Blue-haired French Bulldog to a grooming salon near you as early as 12 weeks of age. 

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Basically, Blue Frenchies puppies require constant brushing of the coat to control shedding. Yes, you’ve heard us right! While Blue French Bulldogs may have short coats, they still shed.

For short-haired Blue Frenchies puppies, one of the great choices available in the market is an easy-to-use a slicker brush or a palm-sized bristle brush 3 to 4 times a week. The slicker brush is great at controlling the shedding and at the same time, it allows for the distribution of natural body oil for shinier and sleeker short coats.

Keep in mind that Blue Frenchies shed more heavily twice a year during the spring and fall. Therefore, another useful tool to use during this time is the Furminator de-shedding tool which is proven to control shedding by more than 90%. 

When it comes to bathing your Blue Frenchies puppies, you do not have to bathe him daily or regularly. That’s because doing so can actually dry out their skin and cause irritation, redness, itchiness, and flaky skin.

Instead, bathing your Blue Frenchie once a month is enough. When bathing your pup, be sure to use a gentle dog shampoo that is free from harmful chemicals and contain organic ingredients.

If you worry that your fur baby’s coat is dirty, you can use gentle doggie wipes to clean her coat in between bath times. These doggie wipes are also perfect to use for cleaning the wrinkles on the face to prevent bacteria and fungus from propagating.

Next, dental health is also essential. Teeth brushing should always be part of their grooming regimen. Ideally, you’ll want to brush your Blue French Bulldog’s teeth daily, but we know this is sometimes impossible, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Therefore, you can brush their teeth at least 3 to 4 times a week using a dog toothpaste that contains an enzymatic formula with a non-foaming agent. The enzymatic formula in the doggy toothpaste helps to break down plaque, control tartar formation, and keep your pup’s teeth and gum clean and healthy.

The non-foaming agent in the toothpaste ensures that it is safe to swallow without the need to rinse.

Additionally, be sure to check your Blue French Bulldogs’ ears and eyes. It’s best to check their ears and eyes for any infection on a regular basis.

Finally, let’s talk about your Blue Frenchie dogs’ nails.

How do you know when it’s time to trim your pooch’s nails? Once you hear a clicking sound on your wooden floor every time he walks, then that is a clear sign that it is time to trim those nails using a dog nail grinder.

Here is a grooming table guide on Blue French Bulldogs’ grooming needs:

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency 
Bathing 1x a month. 
Hair Brushing 3x a week.
Teeth Brushing3 – 4x a week.
Ear and Eye Cleaning As needed.
Nail Trimming As needed.

Are Blue Frenchies hypoallergenic?

No, Blue Frenchies are not hypoallergenic. Apart from shedding, dead skin or pet dander can also cause allergies in sensitive individuals. 

Do Blue French Bulldogs shed? 

Yes, French Bulldogs, in general, do shed even though they have a short, thin single coat. Factors such as age, genetics, coat color, seasonal changes, and diet affect the degree of their shedding

When it comes to Blue French Bulldog shedding, it is less compared to lighter-coated Frenchies, like the cream or light fawn, as noticed by most French Bulldog owners.

Darker-colored Frenchies, like black, brindle, or gray, tend to have smoother and silkier hairs compared to the coarser coat of the lighter ones, but, there is still no clear explanation if coarser hairs shed more.

Seasonal changes also affect shedding. French Bulldogs shed heavier during the spring when they get rid of their winter coat for a lighter one for the summer, and also during the fall when they get rid of their lighter coat for the heavier coat to come in to stay warm during the winter season.

But, overall, they do not shed as much as double-coated dogs.

As puppies, Frenchies do not shed as much. Only when they mature and develop much fuller hair that they will start to shed.

Mixed French Bulldog puppies, like the Blue Frenchton puppies, will also shed less as they mature since Boston Terriers are lighter shedders compared to the French Bulldog.

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Blue Frenchie dog food and diet

As a general rule, French Bulldogs should be fed 25 to 30 calories of food per pound of body weight. This translates to around 1 to 1.5 cups for Blue Frenchie puppies that is spread into 3 meals a day, and between 2 to 3 cups for an adult that is spread into 2 meals. 

A Blue French Bulldog puppy that has been weaned off of his mother’s milk, including the mix Blue Frenchton puppy, should gradually be introduced to solid food by mixing it with some water to soften the food.

You will notice that your Blue Frenchie likes to eat his food quite fast, and that is the reason why meals should be spread across the day to prevent bloating.

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When searching for the right dog food product, choose one that has whole meat as its first ingredients, like beef, lamb, chicken, or salmon.

Avoid dog foods that have too much wheat, corn, or soy that are used mainly as fillers. Opt for something that contains lentils, whole peas, or fully-cooked chickpeas that can easily be broken down in their stomachs.

Also, healthy fats, like omega-3 fatty acids, for proper brain development in puppies and cognitive function in older Frenchies.

Other diet options for an adult Blue French Bulldog other than the typical dry kibble include canned wet foods; a raw diet of meats with bones, liver, or kidney mixed with some fruits and vegetables; or a home-cooked meal.

When choosing these options, remember to consult with your vet first since some of these may not contain the proper balance of nutrients that your Blue Frenchie needs.

Is Blue Buffalo good for French Bulldogs?

One of the better and well-reviewed dry or wet dog food available in the market is from the Blue Buffalo brand which caters to both small and large breeds. It has all-natural ingredients formulated to suit dogs in every life stage.

But, is Blue Buffalo dog food good for French Bulldogs, and would it meet the required dietary needs of a Frenchie? 

Yes, it is suitable for a growing or adult Blue French Bulldog. It uses real meat (high-quality chicken) as the first ingredient and does not contain any fillers or preservatives that have no health benefits for your dog.

It also has the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, plus essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for optimal health and growth.

Blue French Bulldog health issues

Do Blue French Bulldogs have health problems similar to what most French Bulldogs are prone to? Or, do Blue French Bulldogs have more health problems because of the genes associated with their color?

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is yes.

Blue Frenchie health issues are more susceptible to certain congenital diseases because the pigmentation is linked to hair loss, and also, hearing or visual impairments.

But, are Blue French Bulldogs healthy if they are prone to some diseases? The quality of life of a Blue Frenchie really boils down to how the owner manages the health of their furry family members through the right diet and regular checkups with the vet. 

If you’re interested to know what health issues your very own Blue Frenchie may be prone to, we highly recommend taking the at-home dog DNA test. We’ve used the Embark Dog DNA Test Breed and Health Kit because it is not only accurate but also affordable. We received the results within 2 weeks and was able to find out a list of health issues our K9 family members were particularly prone to.

In the meantime, here are several health issues that Blue French Bulldogs are most prone to:

1. Blue French Bulldog skin problems

One of the common Blue French Bulldog problems, as with most Frenchies, is skin fold dermatitis. This is mainly caused by bacteria or fungus when moisture accumulates between the folds of the skin around the face, nose, paws, and tail.

Symptoms include excessive scratching and biting in the affected spot, yellowish discharge, foul odor, and pain. 

The best way to prevent this condition is to regularly wipe the folds with a dry cloth or use an antimicrobial shampoo to clean the area. 

Severe dermatitis causes severe pain in Frenchies and can even require surgery if left untreated for some time. 

2. Blue French Bulldog alopecia

A hereditary skin disease common to Blue Frenchies is Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA). This Blue dog alopecia French Bulldog condition causes patchy hair thinning and loss, as well as, itchy and flaky skin. 

Hair loss could start as early as 6 months of age but can also start late in a Blue French Bulldog old as 3 years. Dry and flaky skin could develop around the area with hair loss and possible infection could occur if it is constantly being scratched. 

There is no known cure for the condition, but could be managed by using medicated shampoos or topical ointments to relieve the symptoms. Vets can also prescribe supplementing their diet with high doses of vitamin A and fatty acids to lessen its severity.

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3. Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)

Some Blue French Bulldog health problems are associated with their short noses. Being a brachycephalic breed, the tissues inside their nose and throat are squeezed causing the soft palate to hang down into the airway, thus, obstructing it.

This causes loud breathing, coughing, and even fainting if they are exercised too much.

Because of labored breathing, they try to compensate by inhaling too much which makes them susceptible to flatulence, and also heat stroke if they cannot inhale much air to regulate their body temperature. 

4. Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

This disease occurs when there is degeneration in the spinal column when the cushion between vertebrae ruptures or herniates. This causes the discs to press on the nerves surrounding the vertebra causing damage to the nerves and pain.

One way to avoid it is through proper weight management. Keeping them lean will lessen the stress on their neck and back. 

Investing in a dog ramp will also prevent accidents from a high falls that could damage their spine.

Symptoms of IVDD include pain and weakness in the rear legs, muscle tension in the back or neck, loss of appetite, bowel or bladder control problems, and paralysis.

5. Blue French Bulldog eye problems

Frenchies are prone to some eye problems, such as cataracts, distichiasis, and entropion. 

Cataracts occur when the eye lens becomes opaque. Causes can be genetic, diabetes, or due to old age.

Distichiasis occurs when an eyelash grows on the inside of the eyelid causing irritation on the surface of the eye. It is a hereditary condition that can be managed by applying ophthalmic lubricants to lessen the irritation.

Entropion is the inward rolling of the eyelids due to excessive folds around the eye area. It can cause pain and irritation for a Frenchie with some developing into blindness. Treatment is possible through surgery if corrected early.

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Blue French Bulldog lifespan

Considering the health issues associated with the Blue French Bulldog, some may wonder how long do Blue French Bulldogs live?

Well, Blue Frenchie owners may be pleased to know that Blue French Bulldogs can live from 10 to 14 years, just like the average lifespan of any French Bulldog

The important thing to remember is that the longevity of a dog’s life has everything to do with how they are taken care of by his owners. The principal factors that affect their lifespan are proper diet and regular exercise and checkups with the vet.

When a Blue French Bulldog receives a well-balanced diet and has the right amount of daily activity to keep his weight in check, his overall health will be optimal throughout his lives.

Having your Blue French Bulldog’s health consistently monitored by the vet will also prevent or alleviate certain diseases they are prone to acquire. Puppies should be examined by the vet every few weeks and given essential vaccinations to make sure they are getting a good start in life, while adult Blue French Bulldogs can benefit from at least a yearly examination to better monitor their physical condition.

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Blue French Bulldog breeders

We hear you when you say that you’re having a hard time looking for a Blue Frenchie breeder. This canine is one of the rare colors of French Bulldogs, hence, looking for a responsible Blue French Bulldog breeder may not be as easy as 1-2-3.

And, if you’re asking how to breed Blue French Bulldogs, well, it involves a more difficult and expensive process. That’s because it requires a special selection method to produce a litter with Blue Frenchie puppies.

In order to have Blue French Bulldog offspring, both parents must pass on the dilution gene. It does not mean though that both parents must have a blue coat. It is possible to produce a litter with blue-coated puppies even if the parents are of other coat colors such as black, Isabella, platinum, or lilac-coated French Bulldogs. That’s because these French Bulldogs carry in them the dilution or the blue gene even if they don’t display blue on their coats.

You may also be wondering, “Can you breed two Blue French Bulldogs?” The answer is yes, they can be bred together. However, it is still not a guarantee that all of the offspring will be color blue.

That said, it is really hard to produce a Blue French Bulldog which is the reason why this colored Frenchie is so expensive.

Are you looking for a Blue French Bulldog right now, but having a hard time searching for Blue French Bulldog breeders near me?

The good news is that we’ve provided a list of Blue French Bulldog breeder near me you can reach out to depending on where you live.

Blue French Bulldog breeders Arizona

Still in search for the best Blue French Bulldog breeders in Arizona? Look no further because Blue Bat Pigs – Arizona’s premier French Bulldog breeder ( has been in the dog breeding business for over 15 years now and offers high-quality Blue French Bulldog puppies, including blue fawn, blue merle, and blue piebald Frenchies. 

Blue French Bulldog breeders Florida

If you’re looking for a male or female Mini Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in Florida or Miami, you can visit LBJ Bulldogs Miami ( The breeder has been in the business for over 20 years and only selects parents with a good genetic line from their own Blue French Bulldog kennels so as to produce high-quality puppies. 

Blue French Bulldog breeders Canada

Blu Frenchibles ( is one of the accredited breeders in Ontario, Canada that specializes in breeding rare colors of French Bulldogs, including blue Frenchies. 

Blue French Bulldog breeders Indiana

If you’re in Grabill, Indiana, try visiting the website of Vibrant French Bulls ( They specialize in producing exotic and rare colors of French Bulldogs. Prices for Blue French Bulldogs begin at $4,500. 

Blue French Bulldog breeders midwest

Located in Wonder Lake, Illinois, BlueBell Frenchie ( is a safe place to find healthy Blue French Bulldog puppies. The breeders take care of reducing undesirable traits in the bloodlines of the puppies they produce. 

Blue French Bulldog breeders Ohio

If you’re in Ohio, check out the webpage of Unique Frenchies of Ohio ( They are located in Northeastern, Ohio and all of their unique Frenchie puppies come with a one-year health guarantee against gene-related diseases. 

Blue French Bulldog breeders Ontario

Are you having a hard time looking for Blue nose French Bulldog breeders in Ontario? You may want to check out RAD Frenchies ( which is located in Ontario, Canada.

The breeder is a proud member of the CKC North of Ontario so buyers are assured that they will get high-quality puppies.

For Blue Pied French Bulldog breeders, you can also try My Pawsome Frenchie ( The breeder also has an Facebook page. feel free to check it out for more valuable information.  

Blue French Bulldog stud fee

The anticipated cost of a Blue French Bulldog stud is around $4,000. The stud fee is expensive for various reasons.

First, Blue French Bulldogs must be artificially inseminated because the males have narrow hips and short legs, so these factors make natural mating quite difficult to do.

Second, if the male and the female cannot meet up physically, the semen has to be shipped to the female’s location. So, the process alone of collecting, storing it in a temperature-controlled environment, and the shipping fees add up to the total stud fee cost.

The third reason why Blue French Bulldog stud is costly is because of the registration of the stud to the American Kennel Club (AKC). Not to mention the other incidental costs such as advertising fees and legal fees. 

Moreover, mating Blue French Bulldogs involves a Blue French Bulldog stud service contract. Basically, this is a contract stipulating that the semen of the male Blue French Bulldog will be used by the breeder for the female Blue French Bulldog only.

In exchange for the male’s semen, both parties must agree on which of them will have the first pick of the litter, how many puppies each of them will have, and so forth. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies

Are you excited to buy a puppy Blue Frenchie but have no idea what to look for? You’ve come to the right place because we will give you tips on what you should be aware of and what are the red flags to consider if you’re planning on buying Blue French Bulldog puppies. 

The first factor is to decide what gender of a French Bulldog pup Blue you prefer.

Generally speaking, female Blue cute French Bulldog puppies are just a bit lighter than Blue male French Bulldog puppy. Some Blue French Bulldog owners say that females tend to be more moody than males.

In a way, this statement could be true and we can blame it on the heat cycle where hormones fluctuate and affect her mood.

Plus, depending on the breeder, the price of Blue French Bulldog puppies that are females are more expensive than male cute Blue French Bulldog puppies.

Do you prefer champion Blue French Bulldog puppies? If yes, be financially prepared because they are usually pricier. 

The second factor is the choice of pure Blue French Bulldog puppies breeder. Be sure that you are only dealing with ethical breeders of rare Blue French Bulldog puppies.

Bear in mind that breeding Blue Frenchies is not easy because choosing which parents to use for breeding is a complex procedure as it involves genetic testing to find out if the parents are carrying the recessive dilute gene.

This is why the price of Blue French Bulldogs is so expensive. In case you come across a breeder who offers the Frenchie Blue puppies at a very low price, step back because the low price alone is considered a red flag. 

After you have carefully selected which breeder to get your French Bulldog Blue puppy, take your time to inspect and observe the solid Blue French Bulldog puppies. Look at their eyes and make sure that there are no redness and discharge. The same is true for the ears, there shouldn’t be any excessive discharge with a foul smell.

Are the puppies moving well and confident with their heads held up high? Are the puppies actively playing with their littermates?

Remember that you want to bring home not just a physically healthy puppy but a socially-adjusted one as well.

To know if you are dealing with a responsible breeder right off the bat, see if they will show you the health certificates of newborn Blue French Bulldog puppies even without asking for them. Unscrupulous breeders will not offer to show you the health certificates.

Now that you are already a proud owner of a Blue French Bulldog, make sure that you have all the doggie essentials prepared even before bringing home your new bundle of joy. While you may be very excited to snuggle with your new canine companion, take note that a French Bulldog Blue puppy needs to have uninterrupted sleep as well.

So, here are the basic things that all French Bulldog pups Blue need to feel happy, secure, and loved: 

Eating and Drinking Essentials

As a fur parent, you can choose which type of food and drinking bowls you want for your fur baby such as the following:

  • Basic or regular water and food bowls.
  • Slow feed bowls prevent French Bulldog pups Blue from eating quickly, hence, preventing bloat. 
  • Ergonomic food and water bowls are elevated that allow the Blue Frenchies to eat and drink in their natural positions. These bowls prevent them from hurting their necks. 
  • Collapsible bowls are perfect if you plan on tagging your French Bulldog pup Blue with you on your travels. 

Sleeping Essentials

Get a comfortable chew proof dog bed and put it in a place where he or she can get uninterrupted sleep time. If it’s cold, you may also want to cover your Blue Frenchie with a soft blanket. 

Playing Essentials

Similar to humans, French Bulldog pups Blue also need toys to keep them entertained, especially if you’re too busy with work. These toys can also act as teethers to help reduce the pain associated with the teething process. 

Grooming/Cleaning Essentials

Keep your fur baby’s skin and coat clean with regular brushing. You can choose to use any of the following types of brushes:

  • Pin and bristle brush.
  • Palm-sized brush.
  • FURminator brush.
  • Grooming gloves.

Training and Safety Essentials

If you cannot take your puppy out all the time to pee and poop, you can teach your Blue French Bulldog puppy how to use training potty pads. Since Frenchie Blue puppies are active and curious, you can get a safety gate for dogs to prevent the puppies from going into unsafe places.

And, when going out for socialization, be sure that your French Bulldog Blue puppy is wearing a harness. We suggest using a harness instead of the neck collar to avoid injuring your brachycephalic pup’s throat.

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Lastly, nothing beats a retractable leash because this allows puppies to explore freely without you having to worry about your pup getting lost. After all, a retractable leash still allows you to control your pup’s movements.

Blue French Bulldog price 

One of the frequently asked questions of potential Blue French Bulldog owners like yourself is “How much is a Blue French Bulldog?”

A Blue Frenchie puppy price comes with a high price tag.

Later on you will learn why a Blue French Bulldog is one of the coveted and expensive dogs in the world. But even though Blue French Bulldog puppies price is high, there is still a lot of dog aficionados who are willing to pay and own a cute little Blue Frenchie.

So, without further ado, here is a list of the average Blue Frenchies price both for puppies and adult Blue French Bulldogs. 

Blue French Bulldog Prices USA 

How much are Blue French Bulldog puppies in the USA? The Blue Frenchie price of a puppy in the USA averages between $4,690 and $6,290. But if the puppies have champion bloodlines, the average price for Blue French Bulldog can be as high as $10,000.

Adult Blue French Bulldogs are cheaper but they are hard to find. In case you do find one, an adult French Bulldog Blue price could be at around $1,500 and higher

Blue French Bulldog Price UK 

The average Blue French Bulldog price range in the UK is about £3,100, so if you convert that amount to US dollars, the Blue French Bulldogs price is around $3,500 for puppies. The same as in US, adult French Bulldog price Blue is lower. 

French Blue Bulldog Price Australia 

We’ve gathered that in Australia, the price for French Bulldogs is between $3,500 and $4,500. But, since blue is a rare color, it is highly likely that the price for Blue French Bulldog puppy is higher than the figures we’ve mentioned. 

Price of Blue French Bulldog Canada 

The price of rare colors of French Bulldogs in Canada averages around $5,000. Thus, you can expect the cost of Blue French Bulldog somewhere along that benchmark. 

Aside from the initial Blue Frenchie cost, you also have to factor in other important expenses and one of those is veterinary care.

The average cost of Blue French Bulldog initial vaccination shots is between $75 and $200.

Since Blue Frenchies belong to the brachycephalic dog breed, you want to make sure that your pooch is always in the pink of health, hence, the Blue French Bulldog cost veterinary wellness examinations may be around $100 to $300.

Depending on where you live, some cities require all dogs to be microchipped, so French Bulldog Blue cost for microchipping should be around $50

Based on the figures above, you’ve discovered that the Blue French Bulldog average price is no laughing matter.

That said, before making a final decision, be sure that you are dedicated in caring for a Blue French Bulldog and that you are financially prepared for it. 

Why are Blue French Bulldogs so expensive?

There are several factors why are Blue Frenchies so expensive. As a breed, French Bulldogs are already much pricier compared to other dog breeds with a starting price of around $5,000.

That price will go even higher if you factor in the color, age, sex, breeder reputation, and a host of other things which we will discuss below.

Breeding challenges

The number one factor why Frenchies are expensive is that they are difficult to breed.

They are a bit awkward when it comes to mating due to their narrow hips and narrow legs which necessitates artificial insemination. Artificial insemination cost an average of $500. The success rate of this procedure is not always on the upside especially if it is improperly executed.

The next challenge is the birthing process. Due to the mother’s narrow hips and the newborn’s big head, a cesarian section, or C-section, is the only way to give birth. This also adds to the veterinary cost.

In the first few days after the surgery, the breeder must also be the one who must painstakingly take care of the pups while the mother is healing from the wound.

As you can imagine, this is time-consuming for the breeder, not to mention the cost of veterinary checkups and health screenings needed by the pups.


Why are Blue French Bulldogs more expensive than the standard colored Frenchies? This is because blue is considered an exotic and rare color, which is caused by a recessive diluting gene that changes the black coat color into a nice, shimmering bluish-gray shade. 

Due to certain congenital diseases associated with the blue color, like Color Dilution Alopecia, many breeders would not deliberately breed this color.

Additionally, breeders will not intentionally breed Blue Frenchie because of the fact that the AKC does not consider blue as a standard color.

But, unlike in the past when Blue Frenchies were produced by inbreeding two Blue Frenchies by indiscriminate breeders, nowadays, a larger gene pool of healthy non-related Blue Frenchies are being bred by responsible breeders to produce healthy puppies with no congenital diseases.

However, the numbers are still relatively small and the waiting list is long, which causes prices to be astronomical.


Another factor for the price of a Blue French bulldog is whether you want a male for female Blue French Bulldog.

Generally, female Blue Frenchies tend to be more expensive by a few hundred dollars since they can produce offspring for the owner. 

Breeder Reputation

Since breeding Frenchies, in general, is a laborious and expensive undertaking due to the reasons explained above, a reputable breeder who had gone through the effort of taking care of and producing healthy Frenchies will definitely price their puppies accordingly. 

Backyard or unethical breeders may charge less, but the possible health issues that might arise later on can cost you more on veterinary expenses and the added stress to yourself and your canine companion is not worth the cheap price.

Blue merle French Bulldog price 

Blue merle French Bulldogs have that rare and unique coat-mottled pattern that is sought after by many Frenchie enthusiasts.

So, how much is a Blue merle French Bulldog? Are they more expensive than the standard colored Frenchies?

The answer is, yes, the French Bulldog Blue Merle price is much pricier compared to other Frenchies, except for the Isabella Frenchie.

The Blue Fawn Merle French Bulldog price usually starts at around $6,500.

Breeding a Blue merle Frenchie cost a lot because of the factors discussed above, plus the probability of producing one in a litter is very rare.

How much is a Blue Merle Frenchie also depends on their health and the reputation of the breeder as we discussed above.

Another reason why Blue Merle French Bulldog cost more is because of their uniquely characteristic blue eyes which they retain into adulthood.

To give you a rough estimate of how much are Blue Merle French Bulldogs, the table below will guide you on your decision on whether or not to adopt a Blue merle Frenchie.

Blue Merle$6,500 upwards.
Blue Fawn Merle$5,500 upwards.

Blue fawn French Bulldog price 

Blue fawn Frenchies with their beautiful yellowish-tan body coat with a blue mask, and sometimes blue eyes, make them stand out.

Blue Fawn Frenchie price typically starts at around $5,000 and may reach as high as $10,000

Blue brindle French Bulldog price 

Blue brindle Frenchie has black striping underneath a grayish-blue color. Blue Brindle Frenchie price starts at around $5,000.

Blue sable French Bulldog price 

Blue sable French Bulldogs have blue-tipped fawn hairs. Blue Sable French Bulldog cost starts at around $4,000 and can be as high as $10,000.

Blue pied French Bulldog price 

Blue pied French Bulldog cost is high because of the difficulty in breeding them and not many breeders have rights to breed this color to prevent overbreeding them.

So, how much are Blue pied French Bulldogs?

Blue pied Frenchie price typically starts at $4,000.

How much is a Blue pied French Bulldog depends on the reputation of the breeder. A reputable and ethical breeder will give you the peace of mind that your pup is healthy.

Another rare pied coat variation is the Blue pied merle French Bulldog. Blue pied merle French Bulldog price starts at around $6,000 which is higher than the Blue pied Frenchie because of the presence of the rare merle gene.

Blue Pied French Bulldog $4,000 upwards.
Blue Pied Merle French Bulldog $6,000 upwards.

Blue and tan French Bulldog price

How much does a Blue and tan French Bulldog cost depends on how distinct the tan markings on the paws, chest, cheek and eyebrows are.

For a male puppy, price typically starts at around $5,800, while female puppies are a bit more expensive at $6,000.

Blue tri French Bulldog price 

The Blue tri merle French Bulldog price is much higher compared to a Blue tri French Bulldog due to its rarity.

Blue tri French Bulldog$4,000 – $6,000.
Blue tri merle French Bulldog$7,500 – $20,000.

Blue lilac French Bulldog price 

Lilac Blue French Bulldog price is quite steep compared to the Blue Frenchie due to two (2) rare recessive diluting genes.

Lilac Blue French Bulldog$6,500 upwards.

Blue grey French Bulldog price 

Blue Grey French Bulldog price ranges from $1,500 to $4,000.

Blue trindle French Bulldog price 

Do you want to own a striking and beautiful Blue Trindle French Bulldog puppy?

This is a unique Frenchie that wears not just two but three coat colors. They are also referred to as reverse brindle French Bulldogs.

And, yes a Blue Trindle Frenchie is rare and the price starts at around $4,000.

Blue isabella French Bulldog price 

Blue Isabella French Bulldog price ranges from $8,000 to $30,000.

Teacup Blue French Bulldog price 

Teacup Blue French Bulldog price starts at $2,000 but can go as high as $10,000. This is the smallest among all the Blue French Bulldogs, so extra care should be exercised when handling a Teacup Blue French Bulldog. 

Blue mini French Bulldog price

Blue mini French Bulldog price starts at $5,500 due to their rarity.

Long haired Blue French Bulldog price

Is there a long-haired Blue French Bulldog? Yes, but most likely only a few have seen one.

The reason why a few Blue French Bulldogs have long hair is because of the recessive L4 gene that should be present in both parents. Otherwise, the coat would be short.

You may also ask how expensive are Long haired Blue French Bulldogs. Well, Fluffy Blue French Bulldog price starts at around $13,000 and can go as high as $22,000.

Where to buy a Blue French Bulldog? 

If you plan to buy Blue French Bulldog puppy, make sure to get him or her from a reputable breeder to ensure that the puppy is healthy and ethically bred.

When you buy Blue French Bulldog from unreliable sources, it always turns out to cost much more expensive in the long run due to added veterinary expenses from sickly dogs. 

Here are some suggestions where you can find Blue French Bulldog buy. 

In California, you can check out Blue Frenchies US ( They are based in Orange County and have been providing and delivering French Bulldogs to the entire US and the world for over 20 years.  

Another reputable breeder where French Bulldog Blue buy for you and your family is Blue Haven French Bulldogs ( This is a family-run business whose mission is to produce high-quality and healthy puppies. Interested buyers like you can begin viewing the videos of Blue Haven Mini Frenchies at about 6 weeks of age on the website.

This is done so you can observe the personalities of the Blue Haven Frenchies for sale. To be given priority, you can make a reservation for the Blue Haven French Bulldog puppies for sale.

The Blue Haven French Bulldog puppies for sale can be brought home at 12 weeks of age. By that time, the Blue Haven Frenchies have received their proper socialization as well as second series of vaccinations.

As you conduct your thorough research, you’ll notice that there are no Blue Haven French Bulldog complaints because they maintain high standards in the breeding process.

Blue French Bulldog adoption

Another option aside from buying a puppy from a breeder is to adopt Blue French Bulldog puppies from a shelter. There is an organization called S.N.O.R.T. Rescue ( where you can foster or look for Blue French Bulldog puppies for adoption.

They are an all-volunteer registered 501(c)3 non-profit rescue that is based in the Northeast.

Blue French Bulldog rescue

If you are interested in adopting a  Blue French Bulldog puppies rescue, French Bulldog Rescue Network ( is one such organization that provides and nurtures healthy French Bulldogs to the entire US and Canada.

So many dogs are being abandoned by their owners for various reasons and these dogs have no one to care for them. Thus, one of the noble acts that a dog lover can do is to sponsor a dog or better yet, welcome an abandoned dogs into their homes.

That said, looking for a more affordable Blue French Bulldog in a rescue center is a humane act that you can do for these animals.

Places to find Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale 

By this time, you’ve already learned that the Blue French Bulldogs are not easy to find because breeding them is a complex process. That said, Blue Frenchie puppies for sale are really expensive.

If you’re selective of the breeders (and you should be) and still may not have located Blue French Bulldog puppies near me that are for sale, don’t fret! Unlike the non-rare colors of French Bulldogs, Blue French Bulldogs are hard to come by. Still, you may be able to find a reputable breeder if you research thoroughly.

Since the supply is limited, many French Bulldog lovers looking for Blue female French Bulldog puppies for sale put their names on the waiting list for Blue Frenchie puppy for sale.

While it is true that most breeders require a deposit to reserve a French Bulldog puppy, be it a Blue male French Bulldog puppy for sale or female Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale, it is considered safe and legit as long as you are dealing with responsible breeders.

So, in this part of the guide, we will provide you a list of breeders who have Blue French Bulldog puppies available.

We want to stress though that it is not a guarantee that these breeders currently have a Blue French Bulldog puppy for sale, but you can deposit a reservation fee or if you wish.

If you contact some of the breeders below, you may also get referrals for Blue Frenchie puppies for sale near me. 

American Kennel Club Marketplace

Have you tried looking at American Kennel Club Marketplace ( for AKC Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale?

This is one of the trusted places where you can find responsible Blue French Bulldog breeders. There is a big chance that you can locate a breeder that sells rare Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale. 

Lindor French Bulldogs

And for those of you who are dreaming of owning solid Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale, try visiting the webpage of Lindor French Bulldogs ( which is located in Florida.

Solid Blue French Bulldogs are produced by a rare combination of DNA that guarantees that no strippings or markings will develop.

Infinity Pups

But, if you would rather get a designer dog breed such as a Blue Frenchton which is a cross between a Blue French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier, then you can try your luck at Infinity Pups ( for Blue Frenchton puppies for sale. On average, a Blue Frenchton is more affordable than rare Blue Frenchies with prices starting at $1,000. 

Another place to find Blue French Bulldog puppies that is more wallet-friendly is adoption and rescue centers. Though the chance is slim, you should not discount the possibility that these places could have available Blue French Bulldogs. 

What about attending French Bulldog dog shows? Dog shows are definitely great places to get in touch with breeders. You can also talk to dog handlers who can introduce you to breeders who may have rare Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale. 

Lastly, you can also go to a veterinary clinic near you. Since Blue French Bulldogs are delivered via cesarean section, there is a chance that your local veterinarian could lead you to the path to finding a Blue French Bulldog puppy for sale. 

Miniature Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale

Love to own a Blue Mini French Bulldog but having a hard time searching for a breeder with Mini Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale?

Well, check out Miniature French Bulldog Home ( which is a breeder here in the USA. They have Blue Mini French Bulldog puppies for sale. The prices of the Blue Miniature French Bulldog puppies for sale begin at $700. All puppies for sale are AKC registered and have a one-year health guarantee. 

Blue teacup French Bulldog puppies for sale

For Teacup Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale, you can check out the website of Tiny Teacup ( located in Minnesota. The Blue Teacup French Bulldog can be yours for $12,400. All teacup French Bulldogs have a one-year health guarantee against congenital health problems. 

Long haired Blue French Bulldog puppy for sale

You may find what you are looking for at Luxurious French Bulldogs Online ( Currently, they only have a tan Long-haired French Bulldog, but feel free to contact the breeder in case you can reserve a Long-haired Blue French Bulldog puppy. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale cheap

If you want a wallet-friendly Blue French Bulldog, you may want to check out the webpage of French Bulls For Sale ( in Montgomery, Alabama.

They sell cheap Blue French Bulldogs at a lower price, from $800 to $1,500 but you will not be provided with breeding rights. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale under 1000

Finding a Blue French Bulldog puppy is challenging in itself much more if the puppy for sale is under $1,000. You may get one at French Bulls For Sale ( but always be cautious.

Ask for health certificates and health guarantee cards so you won’t find yourself at the losing end.   

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale California

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in California are available in Royal Empire French Bulldogs ( located in California. The Blue French Bulldog puppy can be yours for $4,000.

Blue French Bulldog puppies California can also be found at Coronado Crown French Bulldogs ( in southern California. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale Los Angeles

If you’re in California, you can find adorable Blue French Bulldogs at Francoeur French Bulldogs ( Serving the Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, and surrounding areas, this breeder is AKC-registered and is a member of the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T program. You can be sure about the health of the Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in Florida

If you are a resident of Miami, Florida, you may want to check out Jem French Bulldogs ( for available Blue French Bulldog puppies Florida. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale MA

There are adorable and cute-looking Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in Massachusetts at Beantown Frenchies ( They’re located in Andover, Massachusetts and the Blue with tan point puppies are sold for $6,000 while the Blue Fawn French Bulldogs can be bought for $5,000. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale Michigan

Check out Bluestar Frenchie ( if you are searching for Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in Michigan. Located in Novi, Michigan, Blue star Frenchies is a small private breeder who guarantees buyers that all the puppies for sale have been DNA-tested and AKC-registered. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale Texas

There are Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in Texas if you visit the website of Blue Coat French Bulldogs ( You can make a reservation for the available Blue French Bulldog puppies Texas that you want.

Solid Blue, Blue & Tan, Blue Merle, and Blue Pied French Bulldog puppies are available to reserve for $2,500. 

For Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale Houston Texas, kindly check out Vanguard Frenchies ( The Blue French Bulldog pups are sold between $5,000 and $5,500, but the Blue Merles are pricier with a price tag ranging from $7,500 to $10,000. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale North Carolina 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale NC is available at Diamond French Bulldogs ( Fluffy Blue & Tan, Fluffy Blue Trindle, Fluffy Blue, and Fluffy Blue Fawn Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in NC are available from this breeder.

Diamond French Bulldogs is one of the breeders of rare and exotic-colored Blue French Bulldog puppies NC. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale NJ 

You may find the puppy of your dreams at Superior Frenchies ( The breeder is one of those that is recognized to produce high-quality Blue French Bulldog puppies NJ. The breeder only sells puppies with sound temperament and correct conformation qualities. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale Tennessee

If you’re looking for Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in Tennessee, do visit the FB page of Sapphire Blue Frenchies LLC (Facebook: Sapphire Blue Frenchies LLC). The breeder has Blue & Tan French Bulldog puppies for sale. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies Illinois

Blue French Bulldog puppies Chicago can be found at South Prairie Frenchies ( and they have  have Solid Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale as well as Blue Fawn Blues, Blue Merle, and Blue Pieds puppies for sale. The price start at $6,000.

Blue French Bulldog puppies Ohio

You can check out the webpage of First Class Frenchies ( for Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in Ohio.

You’d be happy to know that you can find Blue Pied Fluffy from this breeder but be willing to pay at least $11,000. The Blue Sable & Tan can be yours for $8,000, a Blue Fawn for $6,000, and a staggering amount of $15,000 for a Blue Merle French Bulldog puppy. 

This breeder of Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale Ohio provides all buyers with a contract. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in Alabama

For those of you in Alabama or somewhere close to it, you can go to Blue Grit ( which is listed as the #1 French Bulldog breeder in Alabama. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale in PA

French Bulldogs of Fayfield ( is a family-based breeder of exotic-colored French Bulldogs and is also a member of the AKC Bred with a H.E.A.R.T program.

Plus, the breeder is proud to inform buyers that prior to breeding, the dogs undergo a 5-panel health test to assure buyers of healthy puppies. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale MN

Feel free to contact Cardin French Bulldogs ( for available Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale. This small breeder is located in Hastings, MN with 20 acres filled with children, dogs, horses, and chickens.

They believe that great care, socialization, and good breeding during the first few months of the puppy’s life are essential to a healthy and happy life.

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale NSW (New South Wales)

Get in touch with the owner of Sarlee French Bulldogs ( and find out if they are expecting a litter that may possibly have Blue French Bulldog puppies. 

All of their puppies are microchipped, registered with MDBA, vaccinated, dewormed, and vet checked.

Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale UK

For Blue French Bulldog puppies UK, try contacting the breeder at Blue Frenchies UK (

Solid Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale London

Looking for a fully-licensed French Bulldog breeder in London? Then visit the website of Regal Blue Frenchies ( Their whelping facility has been awarded a 5-star rating from their local borough council. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies Georgia

For irresistibly cute Blue Frenchies, go to Flawless Frenchies ( All dogs used for breeding have passed medical tests such as thyroid tests and hip dysplasia. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies Kansas City

If you’re lucky, the breeder at Simply Kind Frenchies ( may have what you are looking for. They are located in Johnson County, Kansas and offer puppy adoption service as well.

Blue French Bulldog puppies Michigan

The breeder at Exotic French Bulldog Ranch ( located in Milford Charter Township may have an upcoming litter of Blue French Bulldogs. 

Blue French Bulldog puppies Oregon

For Blue French Bulldog puppies that will steal your heart, check out Blue Mountain Copper Frenchies ( Located in Baker City, Oregon, this is a small breeder that raise their puppies in a home. All of their dogs are AKC-registered.

Blue French Bulldog puppies Seattle

Excited to cuddle a Blue Frenchie on a rainy Seattle day? Visit the website of Northwest Frenchies ( for rare colors of French Bulldogs. 

Blue pied French Bulldog puppies for sale

Who wouldn’t be drawn to a beautiful Blue Pied Frenchie? Do you want one? Then go to TomKings Kennel (

The male puppies are available for $4,690 to $5,490 while the female Blue Pied French Bulldog pups have a price range of between $4,990 and $5,990. 

Blue lilac French Bulldog puppies for sale

For rare colored Frenchies like the Blue lilac Frenchie pup, try your luck at Lindor French Bulldogs (

Blue sable French Bulldog puppies for sale

Blue sable French Bulldog puppy for sale may be available at Dream Valley Frenchies ( in Texas. 

Blue and white French Bulldog puppies for sale

Woodland Frenchies ( may have the Blue and White French pup of your dreams. 

Blue grey French Bulldog puppies for sale

Do you live in Australia and haven’t found a reputable breeder that has  Blue gray French Bulldog puppies for sale? Feel free to check out Ruecambon French Bulldogs (

This breeder is a small family Frenchie breeder and they are based in Illawarra, NSW, Australia.

Blue tri French Bulldog puppies for sale

Hopefully, you can find this rare color of French Bulldog at Shrink-A-Bull ( This is the first breeder in the world to own a male stud Tri Blue French Bulldog. 

Silver Blue French Bulldog puppies for sale

Silver Blue French Bulldog pup is a rare find so if you’re lucky, you may find a Silver Blue Frenchie at Silverblood Frenchies (

Finding a healthy Blue French Bulldog for sale

For those of you who are more inclined to take care of adult Blue Frenchies, you have come to the right place. You may be asking, “where can I find a Blue French Bulldog for sale near me?”

The great news is that regardless of your location, be it in the USA, Canada, Australia, or the UK, we’ve painstakingly looked for breeders with Blue French Bulldogs for sale. This way, you can easily find Blue Frenchie for sale near me, be it a Blue female French Bulldog for sale or a Blue male French Bulldog for sale.

If you decide to get your Frenchie Blue for sale from the breeders that we have listed below, we guarantee you that the full grown Blue French Bulldog for sale is of good quality.

When we say good quality, it means that the Blue Frenchies for sale are products of parents who have tested negative for congenital diseases including hearing and spinal problems. This is what sets these responsible Blue French Bulldog breeders apart from unscrupulous breeders.

Reputable and ethical breeders are concerned about preserving the integrity of the breed, hence, they make both ends meet to produce very healthy Blue French Bulldogs sale by conducting health tests prior to breeding the parents. 

One tip we can give you when it comes to looking for available for sale Blue Frenchies near me is to research if the breeder is affiliated with any dog organizations such as American Kennel Club or AKC.

If the breeder is a member of such an organization, you can rest easy that these breeders who have solid Blue French Bulldog for sale respect all the standards not just in dog breeding per se but also the standards when it comes to whelping practices as well as in raising the Blue Frenchie dog for sale in a home environment.

Puppies need to be socialized at a tender age so these puppies will not have a hard time transitioning to their new homes. So, if you were to get AKC Blue French Bulldogs for sale, you are not just bringing home a furry companion that is not only physically healthy but also has a positive disposition as well.

Your K9 companion will be with you and your family for an average of 10 years, so you might as well buy a Blue Frenchie for sale from a responsible breeder. 

The other tip we want to share with you is that every time you are searching for French Bulldog Blue for sale near me, you should always make it a habit to ask the breeder any question you have.

What questions should you ask a breeder of Blue French Bulldog near me?

Factors such as how long has the breeder been in the business and the proper way to care for puppies and adult Blue French Bulldogs. You want to get straight to the point and seek answers from the breeders of Blue Frenchies for sale near me. 

In the succeeding section of the article, we want to assist you in finding an adult French Bulldog Blue for sale. Most often than not, the adult French Blue Bulldog for sale is now retired from breeding and the Blue French Bulldog sale is looking for a new family who’d treat her the way the previous owner or breeder did.

So, are you now ready to be a new fur parent to a Blue French Bulldog? If yes, here are some of the breeders who may have a Blue Merle Frenchie for sale or a solid Blue coat French Bulldog for sale.

If you’d rather get a male Blue French Bulldog for sale, hopefully, the breeder of Blue French Bulldogs for sale near me has what you are looking for. So, if you are from the USA and still haven’t found a Blue French Bulldog for sale USA, you may be in luck to find that pure Blue French Bulldog for sale. 

Blue pied French Bulldog for sale

A Blue Pied Frenchie is one of the exotic colors of French Bulldogs, thus, locating Blue Pied Frenchie for sale can be a challenging task. Still haven’t found a Blue Pied French Bulldog for sale near me?

Luckily, we’ve located a breeder who could have Blue Pied French Bulldog for sale California and this is at Pacific Blue French Bulldogs located in Tracy, CA. Their website is currently down but you can reach them by calling them at (209) 620-2081.

You may also check out the webpage of Royal Blue Frenchies ( for a possible Blue Pied Merle French Bulldog for sale. The breeder added French Bulldogs with champion bloodlines for breeding. Expect to pay a price range of $4,500 to $10,000. 

Blue and white French Bulldog for sale

Go to Majestic Blue French Bulldog ( in Queen Creek, Arizona for rare and exotic-colored French Bulldogs. You don’t have to be a resident of Arizona to buy puppies from Majestic Blue French Bulldog because they can ship the puppies within the US or to another country with the help of a flight nanny. 

Blue and white pied French Bulldog for sale

Blue Buddha Frenchies ( located in Tennessee may most likely to have available Blue Buddha French Bulldogs for sale. What’s amazing about this breeder is that he will update buyers through the whole process of pregnancy, from ultrasound pictures to live videos up until the birth of the puppies. The Blue Buddha Frenchies price varies, depending on the color and breeding rights. 

In addition to potentially having Blue and white pied Frenchies for sale, they have fluffy Frenchies available as well.

You may also want to check out Blue Wave French Bulldogs ( in Iowa. The available Blue Wave French Bulldog for sale are Blue Merle, Blue, and Blue Fluffy French Bulldogs. They may have Blue and white pied French Bulldog for sale available.

Blue and tan French Bulldog for sale

For Blue and tan Frenchie for sale, you may want to look for available Blue tan Frenchie for sale at Rose City Blues Frenchies and Bostons. They don’t have an official website but you can visit their Facebook page: Rose City Blues Frenchies & Bostons and email the breeder directly for the pricing of Blue and tan Frenchies for sale.

Blue cream French Bulldog for sale 

If you’re looking for Blue cream French Bulldog for sale, feel free to check out House of Blues Frenchies on Facebook. On their facebook page, they’ve listed their email where you can contact them directly.

Blue fawn Frenchie for sale 

Blueridge Frenchies ( occasionally have adult Blue fawn French Bulldogs for sale.

If you’re in Tennessee, go ahead and check out Sapphire Blue Frenchies ( They are located in Hendersonville, TN or just outside of Nashville.

Blue sable French Bulldog for sale 

Since a Blue Sable Frenchie is very rare, we cannot promise you that you can get one right away. Try looking at Blue Hill Frenchies ( for this color pattern. 

You can also try your luck at Driscol’s Blue Gene Frenchies ( located in Iowa  for Blue Sable Frenchies. 

Blue tri French Bulldog for sale 

Blue tri color French Bulldog for sale is one of the hardest French Bulldog colors to find but give the Shrink-A-Bull ( a try because the breeder is the owner of the Frenchie named Moon, a Blue Tri French Bulldog which is supposedly the first ever Blue Tri French Bulldog in the world. 

Blue tri merle French Bulldog for sale 

Exotic French Bulldogs ( have available female Blue Tri Merle French Bulldog for $4,000. 

Merle Blue French Bulldog for sale 

If you are from Michigan or a nearby state and asking where to find Blue Merle French Bulldog for sale near me, then you can visit BlueStar Frenchie ( All the available French Bulldogs for sale including Blue Merle Frenchies are DNA-tested.

Rod, the owner of BlueStar Frenchies is dedicated to producing rare Blue Star French Bulldog puppies. One thing you’d admire is the available videos of the Blue Star Blue French Bulldogs on their website and this is a huge in helping you decide which puppy to get. 

Blue Lagoon Frenchies is another place to visit. They don’t have an official website but you can check them out on Facebook: Blue Lagoon Frenchies. Blue Lagoon French Bulldogs is located in Virginia and they may also have Blue merle Frenchies for sale. 

Blue brindle Frenchie for sale  

Buffalo Run French Bulldogs ( in Northeastern Oklahoma is one of the most distinguished French Bulldog breeders on this side of the world. They specialize in a variety of colors in the Frenchie breed and all of their dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Blue lilac French Bulldog for sale 

Lilac Blue French Bulldog for sale could be available at Blue Horizon French Bulldogs ( which is located in Denver, Colorado. 

Blue grey French Bulldog for sale

Hopefully, you can find the Blue Grey French Bulldog of your dreams at Blue Coat French Bulldogs ( Blue Coat French Bulldog is one of the top-rated Frenchie breeder in Houston, Texas. From time to time, they have available retirees for sale. 

Blue nose French Bulldog for sale 

A home-based French Bulldog breeder in Florida produces top-of-the-line Blue and other exotic colors of French Bulldogs. Check out the FB page of Blue Gem Frenchies for additional information. 

Long haired Blue French Bulldog for sale 

Blue long haired French Bulldog for sale is not easy to come by but you may try looking at Majestic Blue French Bulldog ( located in Arizona. 

Fluffy Frenchie Puppy ( located in Iowa has long-haired Frenchies for an average price of $40,000. 

Mini Blue French Bulldog for sale 

If you are from Texas and wondering where to find Mini Blue French Bulldog for sale near me, Wild Blue French Bulldogs ( in Dallas, Texas was awarded as the best breeder of the year. So go ahead and check this out to inquire about Blue Mini French Bulldog for sale.

You may be asking if they have a retired Miniature Blue French Bulldog for sale. And the answer is yes, they do occasionally have adult Frenchies for sale. So do inquire when they will have an adult mini French Bulldog Blue for sale or Tiny Blue Frenchie for sale. Adult dogs for sale are neutered/ spayed and are administered with a heartworm vaccine. 

Teacup Blue French Bulldog for sale 

You may sing with joy if you find the puppy of your dreams at Blue Bayou Frenchies ( where a Blue Teacup French Bulldog for sale could be available. The Blue Bayou French Bulldogs is located in San Francisco Bay Area and they are AKC registered.

If none is available, you can also check out the webpage of Royal Frenchel ( for Teacups which have an average price of $10,000. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale Florida

Ever wonder where you can get Blue French Bulldogs for sale in Florida? Go to Blue Wonder Frenchies ( for Blue French Bulldog Florida. The Blue Fawn males are for $4,500 while the females are for $5,000.

Another breeder that may have Blue French Bulldog is Blue Sky French Bulldogs ( where prices start at $6,000. 

If you like one more option to find your Blue Frenchies for sale Florida, check out Blue Gem Frenchies on Facebook. They will have Blue Gem Frenchies for sale. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale Miami  

For Blue French Bulldog Miami, go to the website of Miami French Bulldogs (

At the same token, you can also check out LBJ Bulldogs ( where you can find Blue, Blue Merle, Pied Blue Merle, and Blue & Tan Frenchies for sale. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale Ohio 

If you’re looking for Blue French Bulldog Ohio, feel free to check out the Facebook page of Blue Collar Frenchies. The price range is somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000.

You can also go to the Facebook page of Blue Diamond Frenchies.

Blue French Bulldog for sale Texas 

Searching for Blue French Bulldog Texas? Blue Castle Frenchies ( is one of the renowned producers of exotic and rare-colored Frenchies. For pricing, do not hesitate to call or text the breeder. 

Another responsible breeder in Texas is the owner of Blue Ribbon French Bulldogs ( who received an accolade as one of the Top 10 French Bulldog breeders in North America. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale Houston  

Blue French Bulldog Houston can be found at Supreme Frenchies ( where you can bring home a Tri Blue for $5,000 to $6,000.

Blue French Bulldog for sale San Antonio 

You can find amazing French Bulldogs Blue at French Bulldog Texas (

Blue French Bulldog Dallas, TX 

If you’re in Texas and don’t like any of the breeder options we’ve listed so far or don’t mind a drive to Colorado, feel free to check out Blue Mountain French Bulldogs ( All of their Blue Frenchies puppies of Blue mountain French Bulldogs Colorado are AKC-registered. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale AZ 

For Blue French Bulldog AZ, go to Blue Muscle Bulldogs ( The breeder specializes in breeding rare colored French Bulldogs. Blue Muscle French Bulldog also have Blue Tan Tri male puppy and Blue Tan Merle Blue AZ Frenchie for sale. 

Blue French Bulldogs for sale in Michigan

Singing the Blues French Bulldogs on Facebook is located in Michigan. You can check out their facebook page to find Blue French Bulldog for sale in Michigan.

If you’re looking for another breeder in Michigan, you can visit Bullish Pride ( for Blue French Bulldog Michigan. The price for Blue French Bulldog for sale Michigan begins at $6,000 without breeding rights. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale Indiana 

For vibrant Blue Frenchies in Indiana, check out Vibrant French Bulls ( A Blue and tan Frenchie can be yours for $4,500.

You can also go to Dream Valley Frenchies ( where all Blue Frenchies for sale come with a one-year health guarantee and are AKC-registered. 

Blue French Bulldogs for sale in California 

Still no luck in finding Blue French Bulldog California?

Here are two (2) Blue Frenchies California breeders: Blue Cascade French Bulldogs ( and Royal Blue Frenchies (

You can contact the breeder at Blue Cascade French Bulldogs for pricing. At Royal Blue Frenchies, the Blue Frenchies are priced as low as $4,500 and as high as $10,000.

You can also check out Blue Bayou Frenchies ( located in San Francisco, California. The Blue Merle is from $5,500 to $7,500.

Another great breeder is Bleu Rock French Bulldogs ( They have quality Blue Frenchie for sale.. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale Los Angeles 

Blue French Bulldog Los Angeles may be available at Blue Empire Frenchies. Visit their facebook page where they provide the best number and email to contact them.

Blue French Bulldog for sale San Diego 

Marvelous French Bulldogs ( located in San Diego, California produces strong and healthy Blue French Bulldog San Diego. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale NC 

For adorable Blue Frenchies, give East Coast Frenchie Club ( a try. The adoption fee for adults Frenchies can be as high as $3,000. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale NJ 

Blue French Bulldogs for sale in NJ is at Skye Blue Frenchies ( Aside from puppies, they have Blue French Bulldog NJ adults for sale as well. Skye Blue Frenchies Oakland, NJ serves the New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia and anywhere that Frenchies are loved.

Blue French Bulldog New York 

To find Blue French Bulldog NYC, why don’t you give Blue Moon French Bulldogs on Facebook a try? The breeder of Blue Moon French Bulldog is located in Upstate New York and is one of the trusted breeders in the city.

Just look at its facebook page and you will see a lovely Blue Moon French Bulldog puppy. It may not be available now but don’t be shy to inquire if the Tri color Blue Moon French Bulldog will be soon available.

Feel free to send them a message or call them at the phone number provided on their facebook page to inquire about the  Blue Moon French Bulldog pedigree and the Blue Moon French Bulldog cost. 

Blue French Bulldogs for sale in Georgia 

Have you tried checking out Blue Blood French Bulldogs ( for Blue French Bulldog for sale Georgia? The average price of Blue French Bulldog Atlanta begins at $4,000. 

Blue French Bulldog Colorado

If you’re in Montrose, Colorado or nearby, feel free to visit Blue Line French Bulldog’s and Boxer’s on facebook. All the dogs they use for breeding are AKC-registered and have champion bloodlines. 

Blue French Bulldog Seattle

Emerald City Blue Frenchies has a Facebook page where you can check out the photos and the reviews of their previous customers. 

Blue French Bulldog Utah

Blue Haven French Bulldogs ( is undoubtedly a heaven for Blue Frenchies lovers like you. You can find Blue Fawn, Blue Fawn Pied, and Blue & Tan Pied Frenchies. 

Blue French Bulldog Wisconsin 

For the Love of Frenchies ( is the place to find loveable Blue Frenchies for sale. The prices begin at $4,000. 

Blue French Bulldogs Oregon

For those living in or near Baker City, Oregon, we welcome you to visit Blue Mountain Copper Frenchies (

Blue French Bulldog Pittsburgh 

If you’re in South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you may get your Blue Frenchie at Pittsburgh Blue French Bulldogs ( You can also check out their Instagram for more photos. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale Canada 

For lovable Blue Frenchies for sale in Canada, visit the website of Canadian Frenchies ( which is located in the beautiful city of Calgary. 

Blue French Bulldog for sale Ontario 

If you’re in in Clarington, Ontario or nearby, feel free to visit Blu Frenchibles ( All dogs are registered with Canadian Kennel Club and come with a one-year health guarantee against congenital diseases.  

Blue French Bulldog Toronto 

You’d fall in love with the Blue Frenchies at Blue Diamond Family Pups (

Blue French Bulldog for sale UK 

Blue Frenchies UK ( is one of the reputable places to look for Blue French Bulldog UK. Join their waitlist to reserve the pup of your dreams. 

Blue French Bulldogs for sale Australia

There’s no doubt you will fall for Blue French Bulldog Australia if you visit True Blue French Bulldogs ( All dogs and puppies at True Blue Frenchies are microchipped, toilet trained, and come with 6 weeks of puppy insurance.

Blue French Bulldog Mix

Though not very common, you can come across breeders who crossbreed Blue French Bulldogs with other purebred dogs in the hope of producing healthier and even-tempered offspring. Take a look at some of them below.

Blue French Bulldog Pitbull Mix

You can expect the Blue French Pitbull to come in a variety of physical appearances and characteristics. One thing is for sure though and that is that the offspring of a Blue French Bulldog Pitbull Mix will have a stocky physique.

The ears could be erect like a Blue Frenchie or curled in like a Pitbull. The coat colors of a French Bulldog Blue Nose Pitbull Mix may range from solid blue to blue and white, and some may even sport merle or brindle patterns.

Temperament-wise, the French Pitbull Blue is friendly, playful, and energetic. 

Blue French Bulldog English Bulldog Mix

Also known by the name of Free-lance Bulldog, this is the designer dog for you if you want a Frenchie and an English Bulldog rolled into one cute and medium-sized dog.

They have a smooth coat that can be solid blue or an interesting mix of blue and white or even black.

If two (2) breeds are combined, no one predicts how the offspring would look like. But, one thing is for sure – a Free-lance Bulldog is charming and has a calm demeanor. 

RECOMMENDED: English Bulldog Pug Mix (Bull Pug Complete Guide)

Blue French Pug 

A Blue Pug French Bulldog is a small-sized brachycephalic dog breed that is sweet and ‘clingy’ as a bubblegum. Also called a Blue Frug, they have a soft coat that can be light blue or a mixture of blue and white or blue and fawn or any other mixture of colors and patterns.

A Frug is a good dog for families with kids. 

Blue French Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix

Also known as Frenchton, the Blue French Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix is a small dog that has a soft and smooth coat that can range from blue, white, cream, and black.

A Frenchton is sociable and has no problem dealing with boisterous and playful children. 

Blue French Bull Dogs: Pros and Cons 

There’s no doubt that a Blue French Bulldog is one of the most beautiful and entertaining canine breeds around. The question is if you are ready to care for this little pooch. You’re probably smitten by his cute physical appearance, but a Blue Frenchie is not for everyone, so here is a table that summarizes what you can expect from a Blue French Bulldog. 

Pros Cons 
Loves human companionship.Not the perfect companion for outdoor activities because they are prone to heat exhaustion.
Ideal for people living in small homes as well as for those who have big backyards.Snores a lot and can drool heavily. 
Very affectionate.Genetically predisposed to health issues, thus, higher veterinary expenses. 
Good with other pets.If not cleaned properly, the wrinkles on the face may emit a bad smell.
Only needs a moderate amount of exercise.Not happy when he’s lonely.
Not a heavy barker.Expensive to buy and maintain. 

Is the Blue French Bulldog right for me?

Can’t make up your mind if you would like to get a Blue Frenchie or not, well, take this short quiz to find out:

  • Do you have the time to train an adorable yet stubborn Blue Frenchie, especially potty training?
  • Do you have children at home?
  • Do you have other pets at home?
  • Can you commit to caring for a pooch for the next decade?
  • Are you looking for a lapdog and not a watchdog? 
  • You don’t have allergies to pet dander? 

If you answered yes to all the above questions, then, the Blue French Bulldog is right furry companion for you.

Related Questions

How much do Blue French Bulldogs cost?

Blue French Bulldogs cost varies depending on whether you’re getting a puppy or an adult Blue Frenchie. The price averages between $4,690 to $6,290 here in the US. If you’re in the UK, the average Blue Frenchie price is about £3,100 which converts to about $3,500. If you’re in Australia, the price for a Frenchie can be between $3,500 and $4,500. The price of a Blue Frenchie in Canada can average around $5,000.

How much is a Blue French Bulldog puppy?

The price of a Blue French Bulldog puppy is higher than adult Blue French Bulldogs. As mentioned above, the price of a Blue Frenchie pup can average between  $4,690 and $6,290 while the price of puppies with champion bloodlines is as high as $10,000.

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