Pocket American Bully: Complete Guide

Pocket Bully
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If you love the American Bully but want a smaller, more compact dog, look no further than the Pocket Bully. The Pocket Bully, also known as Mini Bully, is an affectionate, loyal, powerful, and non-aggressive dog even though he may look fierce and intimidating.

While the Pocket Bully is a great guard dog and an awesome family pet, is the Pocket Bully the canine companion for you and your family? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Pocket Bully including their size, temperament, health issues, grooming and exercise requirements, dietary needs, ideal living conditions, and more!

We’ll also discuss the differences between Pocket Bully and other Bully dogs including Exotic Bully, Shorty Bull, Micro Bully, and Pitbull. Let’s first begin with a breed overview of the Pocket Bully.

Table of Contents

Pocket Bully: Breed overview 

extreme Pocket Bullies

The American Bully is one of the modern breeds of dogs that is growing in popularity over the years, and the Pocket Bully Pit is one of the most recognized sizes of the breed.

American Bully breed used to be classified into five sizes, but now only four are recognized. The Extreme Pocket Bully or the Exotic Pocket Bully has been taken out of the breed standard by the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC).

What makes the Pocketbully different from the standard American Bully is their size. Pocket Bully Pitbull is several inches shorter and lighter. But, this does not mean they are classified as small dogs. A Pocket Bullie is actually a medium-sized dog with a stocky appearance.

Other namesMini American Bully, Micro American Bully, Pocket Bull, Bully Pocket Pit 
PurposeCompanion dog
AKC RecognitionNo
Weight 11 – 25 pounds
Height13 – 16 inches
Coat ColorsBlack, Brown, Liver, Red, Fawn, Blue, White, Tri-color combination
Child FriendlinessHigh
Canine FriendlinessModerate 
Training DifficultyModerate
Grooming UpkeepEasy 
Exercise NeedsModerate 
Health Moderate
Lifespan10 – 12 years 
Puppy Costs $1,000 – $8,000

What is a Pocket Bully? 

Miniature Bully
Mini Bully

A Pocket Bully dog, as its name suggests, is a smaller version of the American Bully. It is one of the recognized sizes of the American Bully. The four recognized sizes of the American Bully include the Standard, the XL, the Classic, and the Pocket. 

Compared with the Standard Bully, Pocket Bullies are shorter by 4 to 6 inches. You may come across even smaller versions of the Pocket Bully which could be classified as “Extreme Pocket Bully.” However, Extreme Pocket Bully is considered a non-standard size and is not recognized as legitimate by the kennel clubs. 

What breed is a Pocket Bully?

are Pocket Bullies good dogs
A Pocket Bully dog running around in the backyard

American Bully is a cross of several breeds, with the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier used as the foundation of the breed. Breeders further refined and standardized it to get the desired look, sizes, and temperament. 

So, what makes a Pocket Bully different from the Standard American Bully aside from their size? Pocket Bullys are actually a hybrid of two different breeds to get that desired “pocket” size. 

What two breeds make a Pocket Bully, you may ask. Breeders found that mixing the American Bully with the Patterdale Terrier will get the miniature Pocket Bully size they are aiming for while still retaining the physical look of the American Bully.

Pocket Bully: Parent breeds 

Pocket Bully is a designer dog that combines the characteristics of the American Bully and the Patterdale Terrier. They typically take on the appearance of the American Bully but some Patterdale traits can be passed on. To learn about the Pocket Bully, it is useful to understand the history of his parents.

Patterdale Terrier is a small and energetic breed that has a very strong independent nature. Its height upon reaching maturity is 9 to 15 inches at the shoulders and weighs 11 to 13 pounds. The Pocket Bully takes after the size of the Patterdale.

The Standard American Bully stands between 16 to 20 inches. Breeders originated this breed because they want to create something that has more muscle, bigger bone structure, and a larger head that is not present in the other bully breeds. They also wanted to tame some of the aggressive nature of the American Bully’s parent breeds.

It should be noted that the American Bully should not be confused with the American Bulldog. These are two distinct and different breeds. The American Bulldog only comes in one standard size, so there is no such thing as a Pocket American Bulldog

Also, the Pocket Extreme Bully is also different from the Pocket Bully since the Extreme Bully has more muscle mass with a wider girth and bone structure.

American Bully history

The American Bully, or the Bully Pit, is a new breed of dog developed in the United States during the 1980s. In the 1990s, breeders further refined the temperament and physical characteristics of the American Bully.

The American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) recognized the American Bully in 2004 as one of the bully breeds, which also includes the Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, and American Bulldog.

One of its progenitors is the American Pit Bull Terrier, which developed from the bull and terrier dogs popular in Great Britain in the 19th century.

Over the years, the bloodline of these dogs gets mixed and crossbred creating a diverse type of bully breeds. One of these is the American Bully which breeders developed to create a dog with a lower aggressive temperament. 

Patterdale Terrier history

The Patterdale Terrier was developed in the northern Lake District of England from Red Fell terriers and several other terriers. They were named after the town in Cumbria where they were abundant.

This small terrier was used to control the vermin population, as well as, hunt and dispatch the red fox that was preying on the sheep and other small farm animals. They could easily squeeze between narrow spaces and bolt out foxes out of their dens.

The Patterdale Terrier was recognized in 1995 by the United Kennel Club (UKC), but not by the American Kennel Club (AKC) since there are not many breeders carrying this breed. 

So, is a Pocket Bully a Pitbull?

No, a Pocket Bully isn’t exactly a true Pitbull. American Pocket Bullies may resemble the Pitbull, and in fact, have Pitbull in their genes because one of his parents is the American Pit Bull Terrier, but the resulting Pocket Bully breed had been mixed with other types of bully breeds through several generations that gave them distinct characteristics from the Pitbull breed

Are Pocket Bullies recognized by AKC? 

American Bully, as a whole, is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), but they are recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) as one of the bully breeds, and also by the United Kennel Club (UKC). 

However, the UKC only approved one standard size for the American Bully, so they do not recognize other sizes like the American Extreme Bully. In addition, since mixed breeds are not accepted by the AKC, Pocket Bully will not be allowed to compete in their conformation competitions.

ABKC Pocket Bullies

The American Bully Kennel Club or ABKC was established to protect and improve the American Bully breed. The ABKC categorized the American Bullies into four classes:

  1. ABKC Pocket Bully.
  2. Classic Bully.
  3. Standard Bully.
  4. American Bully XL.

Since the American Bully Pocket ABKC is recognized, it means that American Pocket Bullies are allowed to compete in ABKC dog shows.

Here are the standards set by the ABKC Pocket Bully:

  • Male Pocket Bully should have a height that is below 17 inches and be measured not less than 14 inches at the wither.
  • Female Pocket Bully, on the other hand, should have a height that is below 16 inches and measured no less than 13 inches from the wither. 

Among the ABKC Pocket Bully champions is Lil Ting who won best in her class and Swizz who won the top prize in her class in ABKC Daytona, Florida in 2019. 

Micro Bully vs Pocket Bully

A Micro Bully is smaller than a Pocket Bully. The height of a Pocket Bully is somewhere between 14 to less than 17 inches, so you can expect a Micro Bully to stand below 14 inches.

A Micro Bully is not a purebred, he is a cross between a Patterdale Terrier and an American Pit Bull Terrier, thus, a Micro Bully is also referred to as a miniature version of a Pit Bull.

If the Pocket Bully is recognized by the AKBC, the Micro Bully is not, hence, he cannot compete in ABKC dog shows. 

American Bully vs Pocket Bully

One of the main differences between an American Bully and a Pocket Bully is the parents.

The American Bully is a result of breeding an American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier plus other non-Bully and Bully dog breeds.

On the other hand, a Pocket Bully is a product of an American Bully and a Patterdale Terrier

To make it easier for you to understand, an American Bully has four classifications with the Pocket Bully being the smallest amongst the four. Having said that, a Pocket Bully is the same as an American Bully, the main difference being the size. 

Exotic Bully vs Pocket Bully 

The Exotic Bully is smaller than a Pocket Bully. An Exotic Bully stands less than 16.5 inches, just a little smaller than a Pocket Bully.

Unlike the Pocket Bully, the Exotic Bully was bred through the process of selective breeding, the result of which produced a somewhat different-looking breed.

Thus, the US Bully Registry states that an Exotic Bully does not look like an American Bully because an Exotic Bully has more wrinkles, a bigger skull, and a flatter face. 

Pocket Bully vs Pitbull

A Pocket Bully is way smaller than a Pitbull. A Pocket Bully weighs under 11 to 22 pounds while a Pitbull weighs 55 to 60 pounds. 

Pocket Bully vs XL Bully 

The Pocket Bully is the smallest category of the American Bullies while the XL Bully is at the opposite end, meaning, he is the largest amongst the four categories of American Bullies.

An XL Bully stands at around 19 to 23 inches and weighs around 80 to 150 pounds.

Shorty Bull vs Pocket Bully

The Shorty Bull is the ‘new kid on the block.’ Bred in early 2000, the Shorty Bull was developed as a functional dog that is healthy, friendly, and smart. The Shorty Bully is bigger than a Pocket Bully standing at 15 inches and weighing an average of 40 pounds. 

American Bully Pocket vs Standard

The American Bully Pocket is not as big as a Standard Bulldog. A Standard American Bully weighs an average of 44 to 120 pounds and stands at 17 to 20 inches. 

What does a Pocket Bully dog look like?

The American Bulldog Pocket looks like an American Bully but is smaller in size. Though the Pocket Bully Pitbulls are the smallest among the classifications of American Bullies, they are too big to fit into their owners’ pockets.

Small they may be but they have a strong and muscular physique like their American Bully parent. They also have wide heads, stocky figures, and short legs.

The Pocket Bully Pitbulls are also characterized by their muscular and wide chests and because of this, their short legs stand more apart compared with other dogs.

The tails are medium in length. The American Bulldog Pocket dogs have short to medium-sized muscular necks. 

The American Bulldog Pocket dogs that have more of the genes of the American Bullies have single-layered, short, smooth, and shiny coat that comes in varying colors of black, brown, red, white, blue, fawn, and liver. Some of them sport a tricolor coat while some have brindle patterns. But if the dominant gene is the Patterdale Terrier, then the coat is double-layered that can either be rough or smooth

Pocket Bullies with ears 

If Poodles are known for docked tails, Pocket Bullies are known for cropped ears. History tells us that the main reason why the ears of American Bullies were cropped was work-related.

Since the American Bullies worked as farm dogs, their ears were cropped so they can have a heightened sense of hearing. Plus, cropped ears prevented them from getting caught in something since American Bullies tend to get themselves into awkward circumstances.

Today, however, not every owner of Pocket Bully supports ear cropping, thus, it is not uncommon to see Pocket Bully with ears.  

These days, ear cropping is frowned upon by many. In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) finds ear cropping unnecessary and cruel. This is the reason why a lot of vet doctors refuse to perform ear cropping and they do not believe that ear cropping prevents ear infections.

So, if you plan on getting a Pocket Bully, we advise you against Pocket Bully ear crop practices. Plus, it is not medically proven that a Pocket Bully with cropped ears has a sharper sense of hearing than a Pocket Bully with uncropped ears. A Pocket Bully does not need any form of cosmetic surgery like ear cropping because as it is, an American Pocket Bully with ears is an elegant and beautiful-looking dog. 

Do Pocket Bullies have lock jaw?

No, the Pocket Bully breed does not have a lock jaw. Though they have wide and deep lower jaws, with their lips usually hanging low, the jaw of the Pocket Bullies is not as strong.

Plus, it has not yet been medically proven that Pit Bulls have locked jaws. The reason behind this lock-jaw myth is the strong determination of a Pit Bull to hold onto something and this is the trait that gives them the impression of having lock-jaws.

Pocket Bully size chart 

Pocket Bully is a medium-sized dog that could easily get obese if his weight is not monitored properly. Below is a growth chart so you know what to expect from his puppy years until he reaches maturity. The figures represent the average height and weight and can vary for each dog.

Pocket Bully growth chart

6 Week old Pocket Bully3 – 4 inches 2 – 5 pounds
7 Week old Pocket Bully4 – 5 inches3 – 7 pounds
2-Month-old Pocket Bully5 – 6 inches 4 – 8 pounds
3-Month-old Pocket Bully6 – 7 inches5 – 10 pounds
4-Month-old Pocket Bully7 – 8 inches6 – 12 pounds
5-Month-old Pocket Bully8 – 9 inches7 – 14 pounds
6-Month-old Pocket Bully9 – 10 inches8 – 15 pounds
7-Month-old Pocket Bully10 – 12 inches9 – 18 pounds
8-Month-old Pocket Bully12 – 15 inches 10 – 20 pounds

At what age do Pocket Bullies stop growing in height? Pocket Bullies reach their full height at around one year of age and may continue to fill out in their chest and increase in bone density until they are 24 months old.

But, one of the common questions new owners of this breed ask is: when do Pocket Bullies stop growing? This is because some worry that the Pocket Bully would get too big and would not be suitable for their homes, especially if they live in a small apartment.

Pocket Bullies measure slightly smaller than the Standard Bully but with the same proportions. They are suitable for any type of dwelling as long as they are exercised daily.

It should be pointed out that each dog is unique and would either grow slower or faster than his counterparts. The important thing is that their weight should be proportional to their height. Whether the Pocket Bully is a female or a male as well as their activity levels could also determine how big they will get.

Now, how to measure a Pocket Bully? To get the correct height of your Pocket Bully, you’ll first need to have them stand upright. From there, you can measure them from the floor up to their withers or the uppermost point of the shoulder blades.

Full grown Pocket Bully size 

A Pocket size American Bully typically can reach a height of 14 to 17 inches at the shoulders. Pocket Bully fully grown can weigh between 11 and 24 pounds. American Pocket Bully size may seem heavy compared to his height, but this is because of his stocky musculature and dense bone structure.

How big do Pocket Bullies get depends on their gender, the genes of their parents, and their overall diet.

On one hand, if an adult Pocket Bully inherits more of its American Pit Bull Terrier parent, then he would reach a height of 17 to 18 inches and weigh more than 20 pounds.

On the other hand, if he gets more of the Patterdale Terrier genes, then a Pocket Bully full grown will only reach a height of 12 to 15 inches.

To learn more about your American Bully Pocket Size puppy, it is advisable to visit the breeder and take a look at their parents.

Pocket Size Bully will often have a head similar to the Pit Bull Terrier. The skull of a Pocket-sized Bully is wide with a short muzzle and flat face. The lower jaw of AM Bully Pocket size is wide and deep giving it an appearance of hanging downwards.

Pocket American Bully size of the neck is somewhat wide giving them a beefy appearance. There isn’t much wrinkling around the neck. Their ears are firm and floppy and their tails are thin and medium in length. The legs of a full size Pocket Bully are short but big-boned making it proportional to their stocky body with a broad chest.

Pocket Bully weight 

To make sure that your American Bully Pocket weight is on track, it is important to weigh him at least once a month to know that he is in good shape and not getting too heavy for his size. 

Because of their stocky body structure, it is sometimes difficult to tell if your Pocket American Bully weight is already on the obese side.

One way to check the Micro Bully weight is to feel his ribs. If you notice that the ribs are not that prominent while you’re gently pressing your palms against them, then it may be a sign that he is getting overweight.

The Pocket American Bully weight chart below will give you an idea of how much do Pocket Bullies weigh as they reach maturity. A male Pocket Bully is usually heavier than a female Pocket Bully. 

Pocket Bully weight chart 

AgeWeight (Males)Weight (Females) 
3 months6 – 10 pounds5 – 10 pounds
6 months10 – 15 pounds10 – 13 pounds
9 months15 – 18 pounds13 – 16 pounds
12 months18 – 22 pounds 16 – 20 pounds

Pocket Bully height 

New owners of Pocket Bullies may wonder how tall is a Pocket Bully when he reaches maturity. The sizes of Bullies can vary from each dog and some may only reach less than 14 inches which is the Micro Bully height. 

American Bully Pocket male is slightly taller than a Pocket Bully female. Below is a rough estimation of the height chart upon reaching maturity.

Age Height (Males)Height (Females)
3 months9 – 12 inches8 – 10 inches
6 months12 – 13 inches10 – 12 inches
9 months13 – 15 inches12 – 14 inches
12 months16 – 17 inches14 – 16 inches

American Bully classification

American Bully Pocket vs standard 

The Pocket Bully is just a smaller version of the Standard Bully. They share the same proportion and build in their body structure. American Bully Standard is a medium to large dog with a large head and a compact and muscular body. Below is a comparison of the Pocket and Standard Bully size.

Bully Type Height (Males)Height (Females)Weight (Males)Weight (Females) 
Standard Bully17 – 20 inches16 – 19 inches70 – 85 pounds60 – 75 pounds
Pocket Bully 15 – 17 inches14 – 16 inches12 – 22 pounds10 – 20 pounds

Pocket Bully vs Classic Bully 

A Classic Bully has a lighter body frame and less body mass than the Standard Bully. He does not share the same body proportion as the Pocket Bully.

Bully TypeHeight (Males) Height (Females)Weight (Males)Weight (Females) 
Classic Bully17 – 20 inches16 – 19 inches65 – 80 pounds55 – 70 pounds
Pocket Bully 15 – 17 inches14 – 16 inches12 – 22 pounds10 – 20 pounds

Pocket Bully vs XL Bully

While the Pocket Bully is a smaller version of the Standard Bully, the XL American Bully is a taller version of the Standard. XL Bully height can reach 23 inches at the withers with the same build and body type as the Standard Bully.

Bully TypeHeight (Males)Height (Females)Weight (Males)Weight (Females)
XL Bully20 – 23 inches19 – 22 inches75 – 90 pounds65 – 80 pounds
Pocket Bully 15 – 17 inches14 – 16 inches12 – 22 pounds10 – 20 pounds

Various Pocket Bully colors

What you will love about Pocket Bully is the assortment of coat colors the breed comes in. The coat colors can be solid, or a combination, and some of them even sport a tri-colored coat color combination.

That said, you cannot find Pocket Bully dogs in the same color. This is because even if a Pocket Bully sports a solid color, it is very likely that he will have some markings on some parts of his body which others do not have. 

We’ve listed below the various colors of Pocket Bully. 

Blue Pocket Bully

A Pocket Blue American Bully is not blue in the true sense of a word. Rather, a Blue Pocket American Bully has grayish hues that appear bluish. The blue pigmentation is a result of a diluted gene that is present in Pocket Blue Bully.

It’s important to note that not all Blue Pocket Bully puppies look the same. This is because the intensity of the blue or grayish color depends on the pigment’s intensity.  Some Blue Pocket Bully puppy may sport a light blue coat while some Pocket Blue American Bully puppy may have a darker or steel blue coat color. 

Blue fawn Pocket Bully

A blue fawn Pocket Bully usually has a combination of light brown and light to shiny blue coat. Some of them may also sport some brindle markings

Blue brindle Pocket Bully

What makes a blue brindle Pocket Bully stand out is the tiger-like stripes or brindles on his coat. These brindle stripes have hues of gray color that look like the color blue.

Blue tri Pocket Bully 

The Tri Blue Pocket Bullies are hard to produce. The Blue Tri Pocket American Bully is characterized by having a blue or grayish coat in most parts of his body. He may also have some white patches on his chest and some tan points on the legs and face

Blue merle Pocket Bully

A blue merle Pocket Bully has irregular patches of blue that are scattered around his body. Again, these blue patches are not blue, but rather grayish. Plus, the intensity of the color depends on how strong the color dilution is. Most of the time, the base color of a blue merle Pocket Bully is black

Black Pocket Bully 

A Pocket Bully black sports a shiny black coat on most of his body. It is not uncommon to see an all black Pocket Bully have white markings on his chest, face, and on his paws.

The American Bully Pocket Black is a result of excessive eumelanin that is present in his coat. This excess eumelanin is the one responsible for producing the black pigment. 

Black and white Pocket Bully

A black and white Pocket Bully has only two colors, black and white. Since not all Pocket Bullies look the same, some of the black and white Pocket Bully have a higher proportion of white while some of them have more of the black color on their coats that are dispersed around their bodies

Black tri Pocket Bully

A black tri Pocket usually has a shiny black base coat with tan and white markings that are dispersed around his body

White Pocket Bully

A white American Pocket Bully has a white base coat. However, in most White Pocket Bully puppy, some markings of tan or black are present.

Do not mistake an all white Pocket Bully for an albino Pocket Bully because an albino is a genetic condition wherein the pigmentation in the coat, eyes, and skin is absent. 

Brown Pocket Bully 

An American Bully Pocket Brown either has a light brown or dark brown base coat. He may also have some white markings on the chest, face, or paws

Fawn Pocket Bully 

An American Bully Pocket fawn can be described as having a light cream to reddish-brown coat. The fawn color is a result of an interaction of the agouti and black genes

Grey Pocket Bully

This is characterized by having a lighter shade of black as his base coat with some markings spread across the body. 

Red Pocket Bully

A red Pocket Bully has a reddish to coppery rust coat color. He may also have some white markings on the chest, face, and other parts of the body

Chocolate Pocket Bully 

A chocolate Pocket Bully can either sport a chocolate fawn or a dark chocolate brown coat. The chocolate Pocket Bully is not as common but this color is sought after by some Pocket Bully lovers. 

Chocolate Tri Pocket Bully

Characterized by a shiny and brown coat, a chocolate Tri Pocket Bully also has some markings of tan on the chest, face, and legs. White can also be seen normally on the neck and the chest

Tan Pocket Bully

Unlike the chocolate Pocket Bully, a tan Pocket Bully has a lighter shade of brown with some white markings on the chest, neck, and legs

Champagne Pocket Bully

A champagne Pocket Bully is characterized by a recessive red gene mutation. This causes the coat to be in the color spectrum of cream, pearl, and light yellow. 

Lilac Pocket Bully 

An American Bully Pocket lilac has a faded-looking coat. It is a diluted black, hence, it looks faded. What makes an American Bully Pocket lilac unique is that a lilac Pocket Bully puppy has twice dilution of the color black, thus, the coat looks like faded black to purplish or grayish

Lilac Tri Pocket Bully

Among the tri colors of Pocket Bullies, lilac Tri Pocket Bully is the rarest of them all. Those with this coat color have a solid lilac base color with markings of tan on the ears, legs, snout, and paws. The white markings are normally seen around their necks

Lilac merle Pocket Bully 

A lilac Merle Pocket Bully has a faded black color as the base and the appearance of patches of diluted colors on the body. 

Purple Tri Pocket Bully 

A purple tri Pocket Bully has a faded black as the base and with markings of white and any color that can be found on the chest, neck, legs, or face. 

Tri Color Pocket Bully 

A tri color Pocket Bully is one of the remarkable color variations of the Pocket Bully dog breed. A Pocket Tri Bully sports a three-coat variation.

In most cases, the base color of Tri colored Pocket Bullies can be any of the following: blue, black, lilac, and chocolate.

Different names are used to describe the tri-color of a Pocket Bully. These can be Blue Tri, Black Tri, Lilac Tri, and Chocolate Tri. Those with patterns are called Tri Merle, Creeping Tan, Trindle, and Ghost Tri Pocket Bully.

A Ghost Tri Pocket Bully is characterized by having tan points but is not very visible. In some cases, these tan points may darken as the dog ages. 

So, what’s the science behind this tri-colored coat of a Pocket Bully? Well, this is brought about by melanin which is formed by combining two pigments, a black and a red. The gene Agouti is the one responsible for how these two pigments combine, resulting in a mixture of colors that includes the formation of tri colors. 

You may be wondering if a Tri color Pocket Bully puppy is rare to find? Yes, a Tricolor Pocket Bully is rare mainly because a lot of breeders avoid breeding Tri colored Pocket Bullies This is because not too many dog lovers are attracted to the three color combination, thinking that tri-colored dogs are not attractive. 

Merle Pocket Bully 

Merle Pocket Bullies can be described as having hair patches with diluted color. In the case of a Pocket Blue Merle, this dog has irregular patches of blue on a solid black base color.

To come up with a Tri Merle Pocket Bully, a Pocket Merle Bully with a dominant black gene should be crossed with a Bully Pocket Merle with a recessive gene of red. But, it is still not a full guarantee that the two dogs will produce Merle Pocket bullies.

The most common Merle Pocket Bully puppy colors are red merle as well as blue merle. 

Brindle Pocket Bully 

A Pocket Bully Brindle is described as a dog with tiger-like stripes on a solid coat base of black, tan, brown, or white. The brindle pattern is due to the interaction of two color genes, red and black. It can be blue brindle, liver brindle, red brindle, or fawn brindle. 

Red Nose Pocket Bully

American Bully Pocket red nose is either black or brown with hues of red. They normally sport a champagne-colored coat. The red nose is rarer compared with the blue nose Pocket Bully. 

Blue Nose Pocket Bully

Speaking of Blue Nose Pocket Bully, an American Bully Pocket blue nose is either gray or silver. But Pocket Bully blue nose Pitbulls can also be light or dark blue.

Pocket Bully temperament

The temperament of the American Bully is the same for all sizes whether Exotic, Pocket Bullies, or XL Bullies. They are playful, intelligent, and full of energy. As exhibited by their parent breeds, they are also very loyal and can be very protective of their owners making them good watchdogs

They are not very aggressive despite the common misconceptions of their parent’s fierceness and tough demeanor.

Their bark can be deep and loud and may sound scary to most people, but it is not in their personality to bark excessively.

As with all breeds, it all comes down to early training and socialization to make this breed well-behaved.

Are Pocket Bullies good family dogs?

Yes, Pocket Bullies are good family dogs. A lot of misconceptions abound about the Pit Bull breed, and naturally, a would-be owner, especially if they have children, would want to know the following:

Are Pocket Bully dangerous? 

Pocket Bullies actually have a reputation for being a ‘nanny dog’ for their sweet disposition. They are protective of their family and can show friendliness towards strangers and other pets if they are trained socially at an early age. 

Adult supervision is, of course, recommended when in the presence of small children since they have a tendency to be rowdy and energetic when excited

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Are Pocket Bullies aggressive?

Because of their muscular build and intimidating looks, many ask, are American Pocket Bullies aggressive?

Their aggressive behavior is actually bred out of them through generations of breeding. Today, they are very much lap dogs and quite laid back.

What makes most dogs exhibit aggressive behavior is the way they were raised by their owners. Lack of obedience training and supervision is just one of the things that lead to aggressive behaviors.

Sometimes if your Pocket Bullies show signs of aggressive behavior like aggressive chewing, know that it’s quite normal. Dogs chew things around them as a way to explore and learn about their environment.

It could also be that your Pocket Bully is bored out of his mind and want to chew something to release some of that endorphin (the feel-good stuff). Dogs that are suffering from separation anxiety may also start chewing.

A way to combat this aggressive chewing behavior is to provide them with dog bones or indestructible dog toys. Many owners are often surprised to find their Pocket Bullies chewing on the doggy bones for several hours and eventually getting tired from chewing them.

How to train a Pocket Bully?

Training a Pocket Bully requires patience and consistency for the owner. Pocket Bullies are intelligent and they want nothing more than to please their owner. Training them early will ensure that any aggressive behaviors will be prevented as they mature.

Using positive reinforcements, like reward-based training and lots of praises, will keep your Pocket Bully motivated and willing to learn.

It is important to keep the training sessions short to avoid any frustrations, not just for you, but also for your furry friends. Commands should also be firm and consistent without you losing your temper.

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Can Pocket Bullies swim? 

Yes, Pocket Bullies can be taught how to swim. American short Bully are not natural swimmers like the Poodles or the Retrievers, but with some effort and creativity, they can learn to love the water. 

Their physical characteristic is what makes it challenging to make them swim and stay afloat. Having a short snout and legs, together with a heavy neck and chest, will make it difficult at first. 

When teaching your Pocket Bully to swim, it is advisable to make him wear a life jacket for dogs. Always start at the shallow end of the pool and let him familiarize himself with the water. Never force your four-legged friend into it or he will develop a fear of water. 

Next is to carry him and support him in the water, preferably with a leash. This will help you guide your Fido through the water. As your Pocket Bully starts to get comfortable, then you can release the leash slowly.

American Bully Pocket exercise requirement 

Short American Bully requires a minimum of 60 minutes of daily exercise. Combine off-leash and on-leash exercises to give him room to roam around on his own.

Pocket Bullies are muscular, but they are only moderately energetic. A walk around the neighborhood or some running and fetching games are ideal physical activities. Try not to overly tire him because he may develop breathing difficulties.

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If you have a backyard, it’s a good idea to let your American Bully Pocket out so they can the fresh air and sun. Allowing them to roam freely in your backyard is a good way for them to stay active without overly tiring them out.

It is important to note that some town and county has zoning laws that prohibit physical fences. If you’re in this situation, don’t fret! With the wireless dog fence, your K9 friends can still play in the yard and burn some energy while staying safe.

Whether you live in mountainous or hilly terrain, the invisible dog fence is perfect since it is adaptable and doesn’t obstruct your beautiful and scenic mountain view.

Before installing the wireless dog fence, you’ll want to get the electronic dog door first. This allows your furry family members to leave and enter your house on their own. Whether you work at home or from the office, your K9 friends can now head out to the backyard whenever they want without you having to open and close the door behind them.

What’s great about the automatic doggy door is that it is programmable and dog owners can set curfew times. This way your four-legged friends can enjoy the outdoors during the day while staying safe indoors at night.

How to get my Pocket Bully muscular?

There are two essential points to getting a Pocket Bully muscular. One is through nutrition, and the other is through exercises and the combination of both will improve his muscle mass. 

Giving him a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates with a fair amount of good fats will ensure that his muscular development is optimized. The amino acids are the building blocks of protein and these are responsible for building and repairing the muscles.

For more information on the Best food for Pocket Bully or What to feed my Pocket Bully, scroll further down as we will discuss this in more detail below.

The second is engaging him in a variety of physical activities that will improve his bones and muscles. Ideal activities include weight pulling and dragging exercises, swimming, and spring pole exercises. You can also incorporate weight vest exercises that will improve his speed, strength, and power.

Micro Bully Dog living conditions

Pocket Bullies can adapt to any type of dwelling as long as they are given enough space to move around every day. It would be ideal if you have an ample backyard where he can be set off-leash to burn some energy.

Because of their short coats, Pocket Bullies can tolerate warm climates more easily than breeds with thicker coats.

Care should be taken when it gets too warm though since they may suffer from dehydration and overheating.

In cold climates, they can tolerate freezing temperatures for short periods of time. When you see signs of shivering or any discomfort, then it might be best to keep him warm immediately.

American Pocket Bully grooming and cleaning 

Pocket Bully is relatively easy to clean and groom. They do not require much fuss and are pretty much low maintenance.

You can keep their fur free from dirt and grime by brushing their coat and wiping it with a damp cloth daily.

Depending on how dirty their coat gets, you only need to bathe them once a week or even twice a month. Be sure to only use a dog shampoo that not only cleanses your Pocket Bully’s coat but also keeps his skin and coat moisturized and healthy.

Next, don’t forget to brush your Pocket Bully’s teeth. One of the most common medical conditions in dogs is dental disease so ideally, you’ll want to brush your canine friend’s teeth daily. However, this can be too much, especially if you have a busy schedule. Therefore, aiming to brush your Pocket Bully’s teeth at least 3 to 4 times a week should be fine.

You’ll want to use a dog toothpaste that contains an enzymatic formula and a non-foaming agent. The enzymatic formula in the doggy toothpaste helps to get rid of plaque, control tartar formation, and keep your dog’s teeth and gum healthy.

The non-foaming agent ensures that the toothpaste is safe to swallow and that there’s no need to rinse.

Lastly, trimming your Pocket Bully’s nails is crucial. Remember not to let them grow too long or it may become painful and affect your dog’s gait. For a pleasant nail trimming session, try using a dog nail grinder that features a whisper-quiet motor and a precise diamond drum bit grinder.

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency
Coat Brushing 2 to 3 times a week.
Teeth Brushing3 to 4 times a week.
Nail Trimming As needed.

Do Pocket Bullies shed? 

Yes, Pocket Bullies do shed. Although Pocket Bullies are a low-shedding breed with a short coat, they are not considered hypoallergenic. Most allergies are caused by dander that sticks to the furs of your dog. Brushing them several times a week will lessen this problem and will give you less trouble cleaning your furniture.

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Best food for Pocket Bully 

Pocket Bully diet should be well-balanced and packed with nutrients especially when they are still young to guarantee healthy growth. A growing puppy would need 30% protein and 20% fat in their diet. Anything less than this would create problems for their health later on. 

As adults, the best dog food for Pocket Bullies should comprise at least 18 to 23% protein depending on their age and muscle mass. 

The type of food you feed them need not be limited to dry kibble. Pocket Bully raw diet has some benefits that include better skin and bone condition, as well as, an improved immune system and muscle mass. This is also known as the BARF diet which stands for Bones And Raw Food.

Another option for their diet is homemade dog food. This ensures that the food they ingest is fresh and does not contain preservatives.

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What to feed my Pocket Bully? 

For an adult, the daily American Pocket Bully food caloric intake should be around 400 to 500 which is equivalent to 3.5 to 4 cups that is ideally split into two meals. 

What should I feed my Pocket Bully to make sure he is getting the right amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates? 

For a BARF diet, foods such as fruits, carrots, Brussel Sprouts, broccoli, yogurt, lamb’s neck, organ meats, beef shank, and whole or ground bone can be given.

Some would argue that mixing raw food and kibble is not a good practice because they digest differently. For your Pocket Bully’s health and safety, it’s best that you contact your vet and seek advice from him or her regarding this issue.

In the meantime, you can separate the raw from the kibble on different and separate meals.

For homemade dog foods, there is a slew of recipes available online that you can try. Meat stews, cooked chicken with spinach and cabbage, or Chicken with beans are just some examples.

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Pocket Bully health issues 

Generally, Pocket Bullies are a healthy breed. But, of course, being a designer breed, some may ask do Pocket Bullies have health issues similar to that of their parent breeds?

Some Bully breeds are susceptible to heart and skin problems. Are Pocket Bullies healthy as their bigger American Bully cousins?

A good way to know if your American Pocket Bully health problems will surface later in his life is to have a DNA test performed. Samples can be collected right from the comfort of your own home. You’ll need to swab the inner cheeks of the pup. Results are generally ready within two to three weeks.

Below is a list of common Pocket Bully health problems that you may encounter.

1. Hip Dysplasia

Pocket Bullies are prone to hip dysplasia which is when there is deformation in the hip pocket that causes the cartilage and bone to degrade. Limited joint movements and muscle atrophy can set in.

2. Patellar Luxation

A hereditary disorder that causes the kneecaps to develop out of place which can cause limping and pain.

3. Glaucoma

Eye disorder is caused by improper drainage of fluid in the eyes that lead to increased pressure. It can progress to optical nerve damage and eventual blindness.

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4. Red mange

Skin disease caused by mites. Pocket Bullies are prone to this disease due to their sensitive skins. Severe itching and hair loss can occur.

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5. Hypothyroidism

Condition when the thyroid gland does not secrete normal amounts of thyroxine. Thyroxine helps in the body’s metabolism, as well as, digestive and heart functions.

Why is my Pocket Bully breathing so hard?

Pocket Bullies are a brachycephalic breed just like most Bully breeds. This means that because of their flat muzzles, their nostrils are narrowed which obstructs the airway causing labored breathing, snorts, and grunts.

Their neck muscles are also muscular which takes too much space forcing the air to pass through a narrow hole.

Pocket Bully lifespan 

How long do Pocket Bullies live depends on their diet and physical activity. Pocket Bully life expectancy is between 10 and 13 years. They are a relatively healthy breed and can be expected to live a long life as long as their weight is kept at optimal levels. 

Pocket Bully breeders 

For health reasons, it is recommended that you only adopt from Pocket American Bully breeders you can trust. The best Pocket Bully breeders would let you inspect their kennels and provide you with the necessary information regarding the breed. 

Pocket Bully kennels with clean facilities, adequate food and water, and proper socialization with other puppies are a must. A reputable Pocket Bully breeder would also provide DNA test results for their puppies to make sure any future health issues can be addressed.

Below, we will discuss Pocket Bully breeders in Florida, Oklahoma, and other states if you wish to adopt a Pocket Bully.

Can Pocket Bullies breed naturally?

Yes, Pocket Bullies can breed naturally, but it is not always successful and it can be a challenge to do a natural tie

How to breed Pocket Bullies? 

To perform more successful breeding, breeders resort to artificial insemination to give them better flexibility in terms of producing puppies with the desired size and muscle mass.

An American Pocket Bully female usually has a small window of successfully getting pregnant, so semen collected from a Pocket Bully male makes it more convenient.

A specimen from a Pocket Bully stud is viable for up to 10 days when fresh and can also be frozen for future use.

How long are Pocket Bullies pregnant for?

It takes a female Pocket Bully 62 to 64 days from conception to giving birth. However, it is hard to predict when a female Pocket Bully pregnant dog will actually deliver her newborn because the date of fertilization does not always coincide with the date of breeding.

The size of the litter can also affect the length of the pregnancy.

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Can Pocket Bullies have natural birth?

Yes, American Bulldog Pocket Bully can have a natural birth, but it is a slow process that can take several days.

You will notice that she will show labor symptoms, like moving around a lot to find a place to nest, two days before actually giving birth.

Do Pocket Bullies need C sections?

Many breeders opt for a C-section for their whelping Pocket Bullies because of their concern that the pups would have difficulty passing through the birth canal because of their size.

However, there are also mothers not having any issues giving birth naturally. Breeders would usually have the mother Pocket Bully have an X-ray around its 55th day of pregnancy to check if there would be a problem with natural birth. 

How many litters can a Pocket Bully have?

A female Pocket Bully can have a maximum of three litters per year. In their lifetime, it is possible for them to have 30 litters, but, it should be noted that this could put stress on their body. 

A female Pocket Bully can reach maturity at 6 months old and could go into heat at this stage. However, it is advisable to wait until their third heat before partnering. Their bodies are still growing and an early pregnancy would have an adverse effect on their maturing bodies.

How many puppies can a Pocket Bully have? 

On average, a Pocket Bully can have 2 to 5 puppies in one litter, but she could go up to 8 puppies if the dam is the Bully instead of the Patterdale Terrier.

Pocket Bully pups 

Where is the best place to get a Pocket Bully pup and a Micro Bully puppy? You’ll definitely want to get them from a reputable breeder. In a bit, we will share some of them with you. You can also look at adoption and rescue centers. 

Do you plan on getting a show-quality American Bully Pocket puppy? If so, the first step is to look for the geology of the Pocket Bully puppies. Be sure that both of the American Bully Pocket puppies’ parents conform to the standards of the ABKC and that they are free from hereditary illnesses. 

Responsible breeders will not skip on DNA testing the Pocket American Bully puppies so buyers are aware of the health conditions of the puppies. 

The second step is to check for flaws. Flaws do not necessarily equate to poor health conditions, but rather if a Pocket Bully pup has flaws, he may be disqualified from the show ring. Some puppy Pocket Bully flaws are merle coat patterns, albino or pink nose, protruding eyes, a curvature tail, and a wavy coat. 

Now, regardless of whether you will get a show-quality pup or not, the same care should be given to the American Bully Pitbull puppies and Micro Pocket Bully puppies. 

First and foremost is to search for a vet doctor with whom you feel confident discussing any health and behavioral issues of your puppy. 

Second, even before searching for available American Pocket Bully puppies for sale, prepare your home for the arrival of your new fur baby by removing or relocating things that can pose danger such as cable wires and toxic plants. 

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Lastly, prepare all the doggie gears that are essential for the comfort of your pup such as a blanket, dog treats, grooming tools like a toothbrush, and enzymatic toothpaste, just to name a few. Not to forget that the best thing you can share with your fur baby is the love and commitment for the rest of his life. 

Pocket Bully price

Are you bent to buy Pocket Bully? If yes, you have to prepare your pocket because a Pocket Bully puppy cost is not cheap. 

If you are wondering how much is a Pocket Bully puppy, well, among the four classifications of the American Bully, the Pocket Bully and the XL American Bully are the most expensive. 

A Pocket Bully puppy price range is between $3,000 and $8,000 while an XL American Bully sells for $2,500 to $5,000. 

The reason why a Pocket Bully puppy price is so high is that there is a high demand for that American Bully size. The other factors that affect the Pocket American Bully price are bloodline, breeder’s reputation, and health. 

If your budget prevents you from getting a puppy, why not get an adult dog from a rescue or adoption site? Most likely, the American Bully pocket size price in these centers is between $200 and $800 which is way below the Pocket Bully cost you’d get from a breeder. 

A Merle Pocket Bully price could be anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 or even more. 

If you are attracted to an Exotic Pocket Bully, you’d better be ready to shell out a huge amount. An Exotic Pocket Bully price is around $5,000

For rare-colored dogs, the price can be as high as $30,000 to $40,000. 

If a so-called breeder offers an Exotic Pocket Bully price of $500 to $1,000, don’t be tempted because chances are these dogs are not from good bloodlines.

A Micro Pocket Bully price is also not cheap. The Micro Pocket Bully pup sells for an average of $8,000

The same is true for Tri colored American Pocket Bullies because a Tri color Pocket Bully price range is $8,000 or thereabouts. 

Now if you think those prices are expensive, better think again. 

For your information, the most expensive Pocket Bully is the Venomline Pocket Bullies. The Venomline is a kennel located in South Florida, popular for producing Pocket Bullies with dense bones, massive heads, wide shoulders, among others. The Venom Pocket Bully puppies sell for $10,000 each and up

Pocket Bully for adoption 

Pocket Bully puppies for adoption is a great way to find the furry friend you’ve always wanted minus the exorbitant cost of the puppy. 

Leviterz Family Foundation (levitetzfamilyfoundation.org/adopt-a-dog) is located in Florida. Adopting a Bully comes with a free bed, toys, training crate, and more!

If you’re from Australia, you can try Adopt a Bully Rescue, Inc. (aabrescue.com) as they have a minimum of $85 adoption fee. 

Pocket Bully rescue near me 

Searching for a more budget-friendly American Pocket Bulldog? Then take a look at these two Pocket Bully rescue centers below:

Make a Stand Bully Rescue (masbullyrescue.org) is a nonprofit animal rescue that aims to find families to adopt Bully breeds. The adoption fee is $250. 

Located in Sanger, California, FrESnO Bully Rescue (fresnobullyrescue.org) is a non-profit, volunteer-based rescue and shelter that has Pocket Bully for adoption. You can let them know if you prefer a puppy or a senior dog to adopt. 

Places to find Pocket Bully puppies for sale 

In the succeeding sections, we will provide you with links to where you can find Pocket Bully pups for sale. Whether you are from California, Texas, or Florida, we will help you find Pocket Bullies puppies for sale.

Searching online for Pocket Bully puppies for sale near me is the best way to do it. If you are unsuccessful in finding reputable breeders who have American Pocket Bully puppies for sale, we encourage you to continue reading because we have a list of American Bully Pocket puppy for sale. 

Take note that the price of an American Bully Pocket size puppy for sale varies from state to state. So, don’t be surprised if the Pocket American Bully puppy for sale in California is lower compared to Texas. 

Pocket Bully puppies for sale Florida 

If you are in Florida and are searching for Pocket Bullies puppies for sale near me, check out the website of Dawghouse Bullies (dawghousebullies.com). You can come and inspect the breeding place and the pups, Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 5PM. 

Pocket Bully puppies for sale in Texas 

There are many Pocket Bully kennels in Texas. If you are still searching for Pocket Bully puppies for sale in Houston, Texas, check out TX Blue Diamond Bullyz (txbluediamondbullyz.com). They can ship the Pocket Bully puppy to your home. 

Pocket Bully puppies for sale California 

One of the Pocket Bully Kennels California we recommend is the Strong Side Bullies (strongsidebullies.com/pocket-bully-puppies-for-sale). They specialize in breeding Pocket Bullies, thus, it is a good place to find Pocket Bully puppies for sale in California. 

Pocket Bully puppies for sale Ohio 

You can find Micro Pocket Bully puppies for sale at Buckeye Puppies (buckeyepuppies.com). The puppy of your choice can be air shipped to your home or you can also drive and meet the breeder halfway for a lower transportation cost. 

Pocket Bully puppies for sale Georgia 

Pocket American Bully puppies for sale are available at Checkmate Kennels (checkmatekennels.com) located in Griffin, Georgia. There is a wide variety of colors of Pocket Bullies for sale. 

Pocket Bully puppies for sale Illinois 

For American Pocket Bully puppies for sale in Illinois, Chicago Bulliez (chicagobulliez.com) is one of the many places to consider. They have produced champion dogs that participated in ABKC, UKC, and BRC-sponsored dog competitions. 

Pocket Bully puppies for sale in Oklahoma 

Check out the website of Bama Blue Bullies (bamabluebullies.com) for available Pocket Bully Pitbull puppies for sale in Oklahoma. The kennel is located in Alabama but they can bring the puppy to you if you live in Oklahoma.

Pocket Bully puppies for sale Michigan 

Gator Head Bullies (gatorheadbullies.com/for-sale/michigan) is a kennel located in Mississippi. They breed XL American Bullies but they may know of a breeder who has an available American Bully Pocket puppies for sale. 

Merle Pocket Bully puppies for sale 

Are you in Pennsylvania and still searching for American Pocket Bully puppies for sale near me? Check out Cap City Bullys (capcitybullys.com) where you can find quality merle Pocket Bully pups for sale. 

Tri Color Pocket Bully puppies for sale 

Check out the webpage of NWG Bullies (nwgbullies.com) for Bully Pocket puppies for sale. The Blue Tri is sold for $3,000 to $4,000. 

American Pocket Bully puppies for sale under $500 near me 

Do you live in California and still looking for American Bully Pocket puppies for sale near me that are sold below $500? Well, visit the webpage of Premium Pit Bull (premiumpitbull.com) as they are popular breeders of Pit Bulls and American Bullies.

They have male and female American Bullies that you can own for $500. 

Finding a healthy Pocket Bully for sale 

Adult dogs are as sweet as Pocket Bully puppies. Not only that but adult Pocket Bullies for sale are more affordable. This is the main reason why some dog lovers would rather look for an adult Pocket Bully dog for sale.

It does not mean that adult Pocket Bullys for sale are sickly, but since puppies are higher in demand, naturally puppy Pocket American Bully for sale is sold at a higher price. 

If you are sure that you prefer to care for an adult dog, we’d provide links to where you can find American Pocket Bully for sale as well as an adult Micro Pocket Bully for sale.

All of these American Pocket Bullies for sale are in good health and well-behaved. Most of the Pocket Bullys for sale are also microchipped, so that is less expensive on your part.

Additionally, some breeders have female Pocket Bully for sale that were once used for breeding. Regardless of your location, we’d like to provide you with links where you can find healthy Pocket Bullies for sale near me. 

Pocket Bully for sale Illinois 

You can go to the webpage of Petcurious (petcurious.com), a rescue center that has available adult American Bullies for sale. 

Pocket Bully for sale North Carolina 

G Train Bullys (gtrainbully.com) may have an adult Pocket Bully for sale. You can also check out their Facebook page for more information and reviews. 

Pocket Bully for sale South Carolina 

Good Dog (gooddog.com) may have an adult Pocket Bully for sale. If you found a breeder on this site, you have transportation options such as driving or flying to the kennel. If that is not possible, you can hire a flight nanny who can bring the Pocket Bully dog to your place. 

Pocket Bullies for sale in California 

For Pocket Bullies for sale Los Angeles, you can go to puppyfinder (puppyfinder.com/american-bully-puppies-for-sale-in-los-angeles-california-usa) from time to time for adult Pocket Bully for sale near you. 

For Pocket Bully for sale Bay Area, you can get in touch with Big Bank Kennels (bigbankkennels.com). Though they specialize in XL Pocket Bullies, they can refer you to breeders in the Bay Area that have Pocket Bullies for sale. 

Pocket Bully for sale Georgia

Atlanta Bully Ranch (atlantabullyranch.com) is located in Hogansville, GA. They have American Bullies that come in different colors and patterns. If you’re lucky, they could have an available adult Pocket Bully for sale. 

Pocket Bully for sale in Texas 

For Pocket Bully for sale Houston, check out BMB kennels (bossmonsterbullies-bmbkennels.business.site). You can contact them and get a quote for an adult Pocket Bully. 

For Pocket Bully for sale in Dallas, we invite you to contact Dallas Lonestar Bullies (dallaslonestarbullies.com) if they have adult Pocket Bullies. 

Pocket Bully for sale Michigan 

For Pocket Bullies for sale in Michigan, check out the Facebook page of Red Barn Bullies (Facebook: RedBarnBullies). 

Pocket Bully for sale in Oklahoma 

OK Big Star Kennels (okbigstarkennels.com) has Pocket Bully for sale Oklahoma. You have the option to either pick up the Pocket Bully yourself or have the Pocket Bully brought to your home. 

Pocket Bullies for sale in Florida 

For Pocket Bully for sale Florida, Venomline Pocket Bullies (texassizebullies.com) is home to high-quality Pocket Bullies. The kennel also found its new home from Houston to South Florida. 

Pocket Bullies for sale in Ohio 

For Pocket Bully for sale Ohio, you can contact Legendary Bully Camp (legendarybullycamp.com) and inquire about their adult Pocket Bully. 

Pocket Bully Hawaii 

If you are a resident of Hawaii, one of the reputable breeders you can go to is Carolina Bully Farms (cbfhi.com) where they specialize in breeding Extreme American Pocket Bullies. 

Pocket Bully for sale Tennessee 

First Choice Bullys (firstchoicebullys.com) may specialize in XL American Bullies and it is also where you can get referrals for Pocket Bullies.

Pocket Bully for sale Indiana 

You can visit J & A American Bullies (ja-american-bullies.business.site) located in Indianapolis, Indiana and check to see if they sell adult Pocket Bullies. 

Pocket Bully for sale New York 

Try Lancaster Puppies (lancasterpuppies.com) if you are searching for a Pocket Bully adult dog in New York. 

Merle Pocket Bully for sale 

Cap City Bullys (capcitybullys.com/adults-for-sale/) is in Pennsylvania and if you are interested in looking for a Merle Pocket Bully for sale near me, Cap City has adult American Bullies for sale. If merle Pocket Bully is currently unavailable, you may send them a reservation form. 

Exotic Pocket Bully for sale 

For American Bully Exotic Pocket, you can visit the webpage of NWG Bullies (nwgbullies.com). It is a kennel in Georgia that specializes in exotic American Pocket Bully.

Extreme Pocket Bullies for sale 

At Venomline (texassizebullies.blog/best-extreme-build-pocket-bully-puppies-for-sale-venomline), you can find Extreme Pocket Bullies for sale. The price range is from $7,500 to $8,500. 

Blue Pocket Bully for sale 

You can find Blue Pocket Bully at Pocket Bully (pocketbully.ca) which is located in Canada. 

Tri Merle Pocket Bully for sale 

Bully Moon (bullymon.com) is where you can most likely find Tri Merle Pocket Bully.

ABKC Pocket Bully for sale 

For ABKC-registered Pocket Bull Dog, again, try Bully Moon (bullymon.com) as they are a registered dog breeder with UKC and ABKC. 

Micro Pocket Bully: Pros and Cons 

In a nutshell, here are the traits that you can expect from Pocket Bulldogs. 

Affectionate and great family dog.Can be too clingy and needy.
Low shedder.Needs to be exercised daily.
Easy to train.If not properly socialized, may not get along well with other pets. 
Easy to groom.Higher food expense.
Can live in an apartment setting.Can be territorial.
Does not bark too much.Expensive to buy.

Is the Pocket Bully right for me?

The Pocket Bullies dog is generally a loving and gentle dog breed. He can be a good family dog provided that you train and socialize him early on to deter his territorial tendencies. He also loves human companionship a lot, so if there is someone present in the house all the time, yes, a Pocket Bully is right for you. 

Related Questions

Can you breed a Pocket Bully with a Micro Bully?

Yes, a Pocket Bully can be bred with a Micro Bully. Both these dogs are almost of the same size, so you can expect the offspring to be about 15 inches in height, on average.

Can you breed a Pocket Bully with a Standard Bully?

One of the pressing questions of American Bully lovers is ‘can you breed a Standard Bully with a Pocket Bully?’ Yes, a Standard Bully and Pocket Bully Mix can be bred together. The resulting offspring will weigh lighter than a Standard Bully but heavier and heftier than a Pocket Bully. Thus, it can be safe to predict that the puppies of American Bully Pocket x Standard will weigh about 45 to 50 pounds and will stand an average of 15 inches.

Can you breed a Pocket Bully with a XL bully?

Yes, a Pocket Bully Mix with XL Bully is possible. The offspring of a Pocket Bully bred with XL Bully is a little lighter than an XL Bully, so that should be around 50 to 60 pounds and will stand about 18 inches. 

How big will a pocket Bully get?

In adulthood, a Pocket Bully will grow from 14 to 17 inches and will weigh an average of 10 to 22 pounds, depending on whether the Pocket Bully is a male or female. Female Pocket Bully tends to be lighter and a bit shorter than male Pocket Bully.

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