Micro French Bulldog: Complete Guide

Micro French Bulldog
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The French Bulldog is one of the top dog breeds in terms of popularity. As such, several varieties, from different coat patterns to sizes, have come up over the years to meet the growing demands and expectations of Frenchie advocates.

French Bulldog is a small breed that developed in France after English lace workers brought it there during the early Industrial Revolution. From that time on, the breed has since grown to several color varieties and sizes through selective breeding.

This comprehensive guide will look at the Micro French Bulldog, a size variation that is even smaller than the Mini French Bulldog. We will learn how they are different from their bigger cousins and see if this is the right canine companion for you.

Table of Contents

Micro French Bulldog: Breed overview 

Other NamesFrenchie Micro, French Micro Bulldog 
AKC RecognizedNo
Weight15 – 20 pounds 
Height9 – 11 inches 
Lifespan10 – 12 years
ColorsLilac, Brindle, Black, Blue, Cream, White, Fawn, Chocolate, Tan
Child FriendlinessHigh
Canine FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyModerate
Grooming UpkeepEasy – Moderate 
Breed HealthModerate
Exercise NeedsModerate
Puppy Costs $5,000 – $50,000
Separation AnxietyHigh

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What is a Micro French Bulldog?

Micro Frenchies
Micro Frenchie dog

A Micro French Bulldog is a size variation of the French Bulldog that only reaches a height of less than 11 inches and a weight of 15 to 20 pounds.

Are Micro Frenchies recognized by the AKC?

No, unfortunately, Micro Frenchies are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Owners of this breed will not be allowed to register their Micro French Bulldog with AKC since the Micro Frenchie is not a recognized size of the French Bulldog. 

Micro French Bulldog vs French Bulldog

The main difference between Micro French Bulldog and French Bulldog is that Micro French Bulldog is only 15 to 20 pounds in weight while French Bulldog is 17 to 28 pounds in weight.  

Another difference is that Micro French Bulldogs tend to have rounder heads compared to the more square-shaped heads of the standard Frenchie.

A standard French Bulldog is also purebred while a Micro French Bulldog may be a crossbreed of a French Bulldog with a smaller dog breed like a Yorkshire Terrier.

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Micro Bully vs French Bulldog

The main difference between Micro Bully and French Bulldog is that Micro Bully is a crossbreed while French Bulldog is purebred.

Micro Bully or Pocket Bully is a cross between the American Bully and the Patterdale Terrier. It is a smaller version of the American Bully. Because the Micro Bully is a crossbreed, it is considered a designer dog, unlike the French Bulldog which is a purebred. 

Micro bully mix with French Bulldog

Micro bully mixed with French Bulldog is a designer breed that is short, heavy-boned, and muscular. Since the French Bulldog stands smaller at around 11 to 13 inches compared to the Micro Bully’s 16 to 20 inches, it is safe to assume that the French Bulldog Micro Bully mix will have a height that is somewhere between the two breeds.

The appearance of the Micro bully and French Bulldog mix does not vary much from their parents.

Both French Bulldog and Micro Bully mix is a brachycephalic breed, meaning that they have a shortened skull bone with a pushed-in face.

What would set the French Bulldog mix with Micro bully apart from its parents might be the ears, which could either be bat-shaped or floppy.

In terms of temperament, the French Bulldog mixed with Micro bully does not differ much from the French Bulldog or the Micro Bully since both are known to be even-tempered and display a good amount of playfulness with a laid-back attitude.

Micro Frenchie physical appearance

Micro mini French Bulldog
French Bulldog Micro

The Micro Frenchie resembles its standard-sized cousins with its brachycephalic heads and bat-shaped ears. The difference lies in the shape of their heads which is rounder with less massive cheeks. 

Micro French Bulldog orange eyes

Micro French Bulldogs are born with blue eyes that are either retained or turned into brown upon maturity depending on their coat type. 

But, occasionally, Frenchie owners may notice a red or orange glow coming from the eyes of their fur babies in certain lighting conditions. This is because they have a light-reflecting surface between the retina and the optic nerve known as the tapetum lucidum. 

This part of their eyes works like a mirror that reflects light inside the eyes for them to see more clearly in the dark. It is an adaptive evolutionary trait that makes them better hunters during the night.

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Micro fluffy Frenchie

Micro fluffy French Bulldog has a rare mutated gene referred to as fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF5), which is a gene for long hair. This gene presents them with longer hairs around the face, ears, chest, and legs.

Micro big rope French Bulldog

Micro Big Rope French Bulldog has a distinctive thick shaft of skin, or “rope” over their noses.

Aside from that appearance, they are basically similar to most Micro Frenchies with a flat face and bat-shaped ears. Colors of this type also vary, but the most common is black and fawn.

Various Micro Frenchie dog colors

Micro Frenchie comes in the standard colors of white, cream, fawn, and brindle, as well as other colors including blue, lilac, chocolate, and merle.

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Micro blue French Bulldog

Blue Micro French Bulldog has a light gray to slate body coat color. The coat color can be solid throughout the body without any markings, or come in patterns of merle or piebald. 

A smaller-sized version of this color can be found in the Teacup Micro blue French Bulldog that weighs only 5 to 15 pounds upon maturity.

Micro merle French Bulldog

Merle Micro French Bulldog or Micro Merle French Bulldog has a light-colored base coat color with irregular mottling of a darker color.

Micro fawn French Bulldog

Micro Fawn French Bulldog has a pale or light brown coat color that is evenly distributed throughout the body with some having white points in the chest or legs.

Micro exotic French Bulldog

Micro exotic French Bulldogs are Micro Frenchies with non-standard colors, such as blue, lilac, chocolate, or merle.

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Micro French Bulldog size and height 

How big is a Micro French Bulldog? Since standard French Bulldogs are already small in size, many wonder how big do Micro French Bulldogs get.

As a full grown Micro French Bulldog, they only reach a height of fewer than 11 inches. Some Micro French Bulldog adult will have the same height as a Mini French Bulldog, but will be differentiated by their weight.

Male9 – 11 inches 
Female9 – 11 inches 

Micro French Bulldog weight

Micro French Bulldog full grown will have a weight of 15 to 20 pounds. Their weight does not depend on whether they are male or female, but rather on the size of their parents.

Male15 – 20 pounds
Female15 – 20 pounds 

Micro mini French Bulldog

Micro mini Bulldog or Micro mini French Bulldogs is another term for Micro French Bulldogs. Micro mini French Bulldog puppies are produced by breeding two runts from different litters or from crossbreeding with a smaller dog breed.

French Bulldog Micro mini will reach their full height between 9 and 12 months and the weight of mini Micro French Bulldog will reach its peak between 8 and 12 months but may continue to fill out in the chest until 14 months of age. Typically, Micro mini French Bulldog full grown at around 12 months.

Micro teacup French Bulldog

Teacup Micro French Bulldog is another size variation of the French Bulldog. Micro Teacup French Bulldog full grown only reaches a height of less than 9 inches and a weight of 5 to 14 pounds.

One of the smallest Micro teacup French Bulldog puppies ever recorded only reached a weight of 4.8 pounds at 8 months.

Micro mini teacup French Bulldog

Micro mini teacup French Bulldog, or Pocket French Bulldog, is another term for Micro teacup French Bulldog.

French Bulldog Micro temperament and personality

French Bulldog Micro has a gentle and calm personality. They like the company of their family and don’t do well being left alone for too long.

Are Micro French Bulldogs good pets? 

Yes, Micro French Bulldogs make good pets and show little to no aggressiveness. Due to their size, adult supervision is required when they interact with your younger kids and vice versa to prevent untoward accidents. They also get along well with other pets they grew up with.

Micro French Bulldog training

They are easily trainable but may have a stubborn streak at times. Keeping training sessions short and utilizing positive reinforcements will give them the motivation to follow commands.

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Micro Frenchies exercise requirement

Micro Frenchies are not very active and only require around 20 to 30 minutes of light activity per day.

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This is why many Frenchie owners with a backyard or patio will allow their little fur babies to roam freely in their backyard. Simply walking around, playing, or light jumping can help keep your Frenchies active without exerting too much force or energy.

If you do let your furry friends out during the day, make sure that your backyard is fully fenced to keep them safe.

It is important to note that some towns or counties have zoning laws that prohibit physical fences. If you’re in this situation, don’t fret!

A great alternative is to install a wireless dog fence which will also keep your K9 friends safe. Many canine owners actually prefer the invisible doggy fence because it is highly adaptable and flexible to any and all types of terrains including mountainous, hilly, or even flat grassy terrains.

Thus, you can now keep your pups safe while also enjoying your beautiful and scenic backyard mountain view.

If you do allow your pups to head outside to your backyard or patio during the day, it’s also a good idea to install an automatic doggy door. What’s great about the electronic dog door is that it is programmable and you can customize access and curfew hours.

This way, your furry companions can play outside and enjoy the fresh air and sun during the day while staying safe indoors at night.

So whether you work from home or at the office, your Frenchies can now head outside and come back into the house on their own without needing you to open or close the door behind them every time.

With that said, we do want to mention that you’ll still want to walk your furry friends for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. This is a great bonding session between you and your Frenchie and it’s also their time to go potty.

Be sure to use a retractable dog leash when walking your little fur baby to keep him safe and under your full control. A retractable dog leash is perfect because it still gives him the space and freedom he needs to walk and explore the environment around him.

Micro Frenchie grooming and cleaning

Since Micro Frenchies are small, it is pretty easy to keep them clean.

However, since Frenchies do have a single smooth coat and they do shed heavily during spring and summer seasons.

Thus, you’ll want to brush their coat with a rubber mitt or a slicker brush at least 3 to 4 times a week. This will help to distribute the natural oil throughout their body and keep their coat clean from dust and debris. During the heavy shedding seasons, using a Furminator de-shedding tool is especially helpful.

If you’re annoyed by the amount of shedding during the warmer seasons, we highly recommend investing in a powerful vacuum cleaner. With my two canine friends, I trust the Miele Vacuum Cleaner because it does a great job on several different types of surfaces such as sofa, couch, furniture, and upholstery.

Best of all, this vacuum cleaner can seamlessly vacuum between carpet and hardwood floors so there’s no interruption. What’s great about this one is that it is quiet and it doesn’t scare away my two pups.

When it comes to bathing your little Frenchie, be sure to bathe him just once a month with a dog shampoo. It’s important to note that owners should not bathe their Frenchies daily or regularly because doing so can actually strip the natural oil off their skin and coat and this can lead to dry, irritated, red, and inflamed skin.

If your pooch do get dirty from a long walk, simply using a deodorizing bath wipes for dogs should do the trick. You can use the doggy wipes to remove any dirt, grime, and debris from your pup’s paws, skin, face, and coat.

Next, it’s crucial that our Frenchies have good oral hygiene. Frenchies are prone to dental problems because they are susceptible to overcrowding of the teeth due to their small mouth and jaw.

Due to this, they’re more likely to have plaque and tartar buildup which can lead to both teeth loss and gum infections.

Therefore, you’ll want to brush your Frenchie’s teeth at least 3 to 4 times a week. Ideally, you’ll want to brush his teeth every day but we know how unrealistic this can be especially when we have a busy schedule.

When brushing your Micro French Bulldog’s teeth, be sure to use a dog toothpaste that contains an enzymatic formula with a non-foaming agent. The enzymatic formula in the doggy toothpaste helps to break down the plaque, control tartar formation, and keep your pup’s teeth and gums healthy.

The non-foaming agent ensures that the toothpaste is safe to swallow and that there’s no need for rinsing.

Additionally, you’ll want to trim your Frenchie’s nails and keep them short. If you start to hear the nails tap against the hardwood floor, then it’s time for a nail trim. For a more pleasant nail trimming experience, we highly recommend using a dog nail grinder which features a whisper-quiet motor and has a precision diamond drum bit grinder.

Lastly, don’t forget to check your Frenchie’s ears once a week to prevent an ear infection.

Here is a table that summarizes his grooming needs:

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency 
Hair Brushing3 to 4x weekly.
BathingOnce a month.
Nail TrimmingAs needed.
Teeth Brushing3 to 4x weekly.

Are Micro French Bulldogs hypoallergenic?

No, Micro French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic and may spread their dander and saliva through their loose hairs, which can contribute to canine allergies in people.

Do Micro Frenchie dog shed?

Yes, Micro Frenchie dogs do shed throughout the year and sheds more heavily during the warmer seasons.

Micro French Bulldog food and diet

They need around 25 to 35 calories of food per pound of body weight daily which is split into two meals. For better skin and fur, it is ideal that their food has the right amount of omega fatty acids to avoid skin problems.

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Micro French Bulldog health issues

Small and adorable-looking these small Frenchies may be, they are more prone to health problems like these four (4):

1. Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome 

A lot of them suffer from breathing problems as a result of their smashed faces and shortened nostrils. It’s not uncommon to hear them breathe heavily, pant, and even snore loudly. 

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2. Deafness

Micro Frenchies carrying the merle or the piebald gene is prone to hearing disorders. This is why requesting for Brainstem Auditory Evoked Test (BAER test) from breeders is recommended. 

3. Heat Stroke

Again, as a result of the facial structure, all Micro Frenchies have difficulties regulating their body temperatures. Hence, they tend to overheat easily which can lead to dehydration. 

4. Hip Dysplasia 

Also referred to as hip osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia is a painful condition caused by an abnormal growth in the hip joints. 

5. Allergies 

The Frenchies are quite notorious for food allergies. Skin redness and ear infections are the signs to look for. But seasonal allergies can also cause skin flare ups. 

6. Eye Problems 

Their large and protruding eyes make them susceptible to eye problems such as cherry eye and corneal ulcers. 

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Micro French Bulldog lifespan

If well-cared for, you will be blessed with the company of a Micro Frenchie for 10 to 12 years.

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Micro French Bulldog breeders

How do you recognize a responsible Micro French Bulldog breeder from a bad one? If a breeder shows you an authenticated health certificate of both the parents and the puppies, then you’re on the right track. 

Micro French Bulldog puppies

A Micro French Bulldog puppy is not as healthy as the standard-sized Frenchies, hence, be careful when looking for a breeder.

Are you now prepared for your Micro French puppy to come home? Have you puppy-proof your home by covering electrical wirings and trash bins, removed toxic plants like the hostas plant, and taught your kids how to handle a little dog?

Do you already have a small chew proof dog bed, a collar and a harness? What about potty training pads and some toys?

These are just some of the things that Micro French Bulldog puppies need to be comfortable and relaxed in their new environment. 

Micro French Bulldog price

One of the pressing concerns of French Bulldog lovers is how much are Micro French Bulldogs. The Micro Frenchie price is pegged between $5,000 and $10,000. But if you want to buy Micro French Bulldog with Isabella coat color, be willing to pay $50,000. 

The priciest Micro French Bulldog cost is $100K. This is because Micro Machine, the name of the French Bulldog, has a unique blue coat and orange eyes. This is why the  Micro Machine French Bulldog price is so skyrocketing. 

Most expensive French Bulldog Micro

Want to know why is Micro the most expensive French Bulldog?

For one, a Micro most expensive French Bulldog requires special care in choosing the parents. In most cases, those considered smallest in a litter will be used for future breeding program.

Plus, factors like artificial insemination and C-sections are expensive veterinary procedures. 

Micro French Bulldog $100,000

The Micro French Bulldog $100k is by far the most expensive Frenchie on record. The Micro French Bulldog 100k is characterized as sporting a blue coat and has orange-colored eyes. 

Places to find Micro French Bulldog puppies for sale 

Micro Frenchie puppies for sale are hard to come by. That said if you are interested in finding Micro French Bulldog puppies for sale near me, you need to be patient and determined to locate a breeder.

Here are some breeders to get in touch with: 

Micro teacup French Bulldog puppies for sale Texas

Visit the webpage of Micro Frenchies (microfrenchies.com). The breeder has a fawn male for $3,000 and a black merle male for $4,000.

Micro French Bulldog puppies for sale UK

There may be an adorable Micro French Bulldog puppy for sale at Dragonborn French Bulldogs (dragonbornfrenchbulldogs.co.uk)

Micro mini French Bulldog puppies for sale

If you’re looking for Micro machine blue French Bulldog, we want to warn you that Micro Machine French Bulldog puppies are expensive. You can check out the FB page of the breeder of Micro machine called Brads Bullies (FB: Brads Bullies). 

Finding a healthy Micro French Bulldog for sale

For this section, we would like to share with you the names of breeders who may have adult Micro Frenchie for sale.

It’s not a promise though that these breeders currently have Micro French Bulldogs for sale, but the best thing to do is to get referrals or apply to be included on the waitlist for Micro Frenchies for sale. 

Don’t get disheartened if you find it difficult to locate Micro Teacup French Bulldog for sale. It’s because there are only a handful of breeders who develop smaller versions of the Frenchies. 

Here is a trivia question. Did you know that Micro Machine French or Micro Machine French Bulldog is the most expensive French Bulldog ever bought?

The breeder of French Bulldog Micro Machine was able to sell the 20-pound standard-sized French Bulldog to rapper Brad Degraff who paid $100,000 for Micro Machine French Bulldog for sale. 

Micro French Bulldog for sale in NC

If you’re from North Carolina and still in search of a Micro Mini French Bulldog for sale near me, visit Tailor Made Frenchies (tailormadefrenchies.com) because the breeder may have a tailor-made Micro Mini French Bulldog for sale just for you. 

Micro French Bulldog for sale in Alabama

Are you in Alabama and looking for a Micro French Bulldog for sale near me? The Furpect Frenchies (furpectfrenchiesal.com) could be the perfect place to locate Micro French Bulldogs for sale near me. All of their puppies comes with a 12 month health guarantee, are AKC registered, and have been dewormed every 2 weeks.

Micro French Bulldog for sale UK

Are you wondering where to find Micro French Bulldog UK? If you’re in the UK and haven’t found a Micro French Bulldog near me, you may want to check out Blue Frenchies UK (bluefrenchiesuk.com).

Micro French Bulldog: Pros and Cons 

Do you have what it takes to live with a Micro Frenchie? Here is a table summarizing the good and the negative sides of this dog:

Pros Cons 
Does not bark too much.Can be sickly.
Charming.Sheds moderately.
Playful with kids and other pets.Cannot be left alone.
Does not need a huge backyard to run around. Intolerant to extreme heat and cold .
Needs light forms of exercises.Tends to snore a lot.
Easy to tag along anywhere.High veterinary expenses.

Is the Micro French Bulldog right for me?

A Micro French Bulldog is an amiable little pooch but is prone to several health problems. If you’re aware that there may be unexpected and sudden trips to the veterinary hospital and you are ok with that, then yes, the Micro French Bulldog is right for you.

Related Questions

How much is a Micro Frenchie worth?

A Micro Frenchie can cost between $5,000 and $50,000. Some may even sell for more than $50,000.

How big does a Micro French Bulldog get?

A Micro French Bulldog can weigh as much as 15 to 20 pounds and grow to be a height of 11 inches.

How small is a Micro Frenchie?

A Micro Frenchie can weigh an average of 15 to 20 pounds.

Are Micro Frenchies real?

Yes, Micro Frenchies are real. Micro Frenchies are simply smaller than the Mini Frenchies but bigger than Teacup French Bulldogs.

How long do Micro Frenchies live?

Micro Frenchies can live for up to 10 to 12 years.

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