White French Bulldog: Complete Guide

White French Bulldog
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French Bulldogs have won the hearts of many with their cute and lovable faces. They come in all colors, including white. While White Frenchies and all-White Frenchies are less common than other color varieties such as Cream Frenchie, they’ve recently become very popular.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss several reasons that cause the white coat and what health issues they may be prone to. We’ll also look into the gene that’s responsible for the French Bulldog Blue Eyes and the possible health effects from it.

If you’re still looking to own a White French Bulldog after reading this guide, we’ve got you covered. Near the end of this article, we’ve provided a list of White French Bulldogs for sale throughout the US and UK. For now, let’s dig deep and find out what’s causing the white coat color.

Table of Contents

What is a White French Bulldog?

A White Frenchie is a French Bulldog with a predominantly white coat. If a Frenchie has an all-white body with little or no other color, we call them “solid white.” However, a White Frenchie can have prominent patches or stripes of another color.

White French Bulldog popularity

The White French Bulldog isn’t a new trend in the Frenchie world. They have been around for several years now, and it seems that they are gaining more fan following. Another factor behind their popularity is their supposed rarity.

Are White French Bulldogs rare?

The White Frenchie is a unique breed because it takes a specific combination of genes for a Frenchie to be white. Nevertheless, it’s still not as rare as pure black, merle, blue, and Isabella French Bulldogs. Unlike those colors, white is AKC compliant and an accepted color for Frenchies.

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White French Bulldog physical appearance

Frenchie puppy White
White baby French Bulldog taking a morning walk

Like other French Bulldogs, the White Frenchie has a squished face, bat ears, and a petite body. They are known as brachycephalic dogs. Their short coats show a muscular physique underneath. Although they have wrinkles on their bodies, their skin isn’t as wrinkly as the English Bulldog. 

White French Bulldog vs albino French Bulldog

Actual White Frenchies are different from albino Frenchies even if they look the same. White is a coat color, whereas albino is the complete absence of color.

Have a look at this table to understand their differences:

White FrenchieAlbino Frenchie
Coat colorWhiteWhite
Color of the nose, lips, paw padsBlack, or black and pinkCompletely pink
Presence of another colorPossibleImpossible
AKC recognitionYesNo
Health impact of colorNoYes
Responsible geneDilution gene (d) in Red (e) pigment, piebald (S) geneAlbino gene (C)
Eye colorDarkRed, blue, or amber

Leucistic French Bulldog

Leucism is a partial loss of pigmentation. The White Frenchie is Leucistic if it has limited spots of another color on its white coat.

Leucism is different from albinism since albinism is a complete lack of pigment. Albinism also changes the eyes, whereas leucism does not affect eye color.

White French Bulldog

An all-White French Bulldog can owe its white coloring to the dilution of red coat color.

It can also be due to extreme pie-balding.

One way to know for certain if you have an all-White Frenchie or piebald Frenchie is that piebald Frenchies have pink coloration on their noses, whereas true White French Bulldogs have black noses.

Piebald French Bulldog

Unlike all-White Frenchies, a White pied French Bulldog carries another color combined with white. They still count as White Frenchies as long as at least 50% of their body is white.

There are several colors a Piebald French Bulldog can carry. Some of these are:

Brindle and White French Bulldog

A White brindle French Bulldog has a white base with stripes of a darker color. This dark color can be black, chocolate, or brown.

Brindle coloring may not be as prominent in brindle and White French Bulldog puppies. As the pup grows, the coat shade becomes clearer.

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Fawn and White French Bulldog

A fawn and White pied French Bulldog has a white base with fawn spots, patterns, or marking. According to the AKC, the White fawn French Bulldog is a standard Frenchie.

Fawn, brindle, and White French Bulldog

Fawn brindle is when the coat has fawn stripes on a dark base color (usually black). Fawn, brindle, and White Frenchies are white with patches of fawn brindle on their bodies.

Cream and White French Bulldog

A White cream French Bulldog has a very light-colored coat. Unlike pure white, it has a golden or light fawn shade. Cream and White Frenchie may have pure white fur on some places on their body.

Black and White French Bulldog

Black and White Frenchie
Black and White French Bulldog puppy sleeping

Black markings are standard according to the AKC. When these black markings are on a white base color, we get a black and White Frenchie.

Blue and White French Bulldog

Blue is a diluted shade of black. A rare dilution gene can cause a Frenchie to have a grey or blue tint instead of black.

The blue and White French Bulldog puppy isn’t much different from a gray and White Frenchie. Both colors occur from diluted black being expressed in the coat. Some call this diluted black color grey, while others call it blue.

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Double Merle French Bulldog

A double merle Frenchie is one that got the merle gene from both his parents. Double merle Frenchies will have mostly white fur, with light patches of another color—usually black, blue, and tan. 

Merle coloring is not allowed under AKC rules for the French bulldog breed because of the health issues the gene causes. 

Health issues associated with Double Merle French Bulldog

The double merle gene also causes deafness among canines. Allergies and skin problems may arise from this condition as well. A White Merle French Bulldog is more likely to suffer from hearing loss or vision problems as he ages.

Other White French Bulldog coat colors

A White Frenchie may not always be pure white. Several colors and patterns can give them unique looks while still having a predominantly white coat. Some of these colors are:

Black and White French Bulldog

A black White French Bulldog can have large black patches, lines, or points. There’s also the White French Bulldog with black spots, mask, shading, and saddle. You can’t register these dogs with the AKC as unfortunately, the black and White Frenchies are deemed undesirable.

Are black and White French Bulldogs rare?

It’s not unusual for breeders to refrain from breeding a baby black and White French Bulldog because they cannot qualify for AKC. They are rare, but the color isn’t that high in demand.

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Brown and White French Bulldog

You can also have a baby French Bulldog brown and white coat. These Frenchies are not registered with the AKC because their color is not standard. A brown French Bulldog can have dark chocolate to light caramel shade.

Grey and White French Bulldog

The gray and White French Bulldog has a diluted black nose, eye rims, paw pads, and lips like a double merle.

The difference is that a grey White French Bulldog gets his color from the grey dilution gene instead of the merle gene.

Their coats don’t have any patchwork, and they don’t carry the risk of blindness or deafness either.

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Tan and White French Bulldog

The tan and White Frenchies are sometimes confused with a fawn and White Frenchie. That’s because if you want to register this French bulldog with the AKC, they’ll register him under fawn and white color. The same goes for the very similar beige and White French Bulldog.

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White French Bulldog genetics

There are only two color genes for all canines. These genes are called pigments, and they decide what color the pooch gets. All coat colors you find in dogs are variations of these two pigments.

What are these pigments?

Eumelanin and phaeomelanin are the two pigments responsible for giving all canines their colors. Eumelanin is black, whereas phaeomelanin is red.

As we’ve mentioned before, certain mutations, gene modifiers, and dilution genes can affect the final color of a pup.


An albino French Bulldog doesn’t have any pigment in its fur, skin, or eyes. This is the result of a complete lack of melanin. Most puppies born with albinism don’t live too long because of their congenital sensory issues and susceptibility to sunburn.

Dilution of coat color

The presence of a double dilution gene in Fawn French Bulldogs results in a very pale, almost white color. Unlike albino canines, these pups still have dark eyes, noses, and skin, and they don’t suffer from the same health issues as albino Frenchies.

Piebald spotting with White Coat

Piebald gene is represented with S, si, sw, or sp.

S is extreme piebald and results in an almost pure white color, whereas si, sw, and sp cause other patterns.

Piebald spotting is usually black and white, which is why you’ll often see a Black and White pied French Bulldog.

Extreme White Coat (Pied and/or Brindle)

If a Frenchie carries the S gene and is more than 90% white, they’re called extreme piebald or extreme white. Unlike regular White Frenchies, an extreme piebald Frenchie will have pink on its nose, lips, and paw pads.

Double Merle Coat

A French Bulldog with a double merle coat is predominantly white with light-colored grey, black, or blue spots. These dogs often have blue eyes, and their chances of deafness and blindness are typically more severe than in other White French Bulldogs.

White French Bulldog with blue eyes

Blue eyes are not standard for Frenchies, and the AKC wouldn’t allow a blue-eyed White French Bulldog to compete in dog shows. An all-White French Bulldog with blue eyes likely carries the merle gene or albinism, and they’re prone to several eye diseases.

White French Bulldog with black eye

A French Bulldog White with black eye color is a far healthier option. Such a Frenchie is guaranteed to be free from merle or albino genes, and the AKC recognizes them as purebred.

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White French Bulldog size, height, and weight

White Frenchies don’t grow much bigger than toy-sized. They’re tiny, lightweight, and make excellent lapdogs.

Adult White French Bulldog size
Size groupSmall
Height11-13 inches
Weight20-28 pounds

White French Bulldog temperament and personality

Most people who own a White Frenchie say that their coat color doesn’t influence their temperament. These canines have lively, affectionate, and have playful personalities.

Common canine traits for White French Bulldogs

All Frenchies are known to be very smart, sensitive, and tenacious. Along with this, they’re also very protective of their owners and families. They make excellent watchdogs because they make a lot of noise when strangers approach your home.

What about the French Bulldog?

Frenchies are a very popular breed, which many would-be dog owners have noticed. No matter what color of Frenchie you have, you’ll get a loving, caring, intelligent, and compassionate lap dog.

However, training plays a vital role in a canine’s personality. No matter what color your pooch is, you can’t expect them to behave unless they’ve been trained at a young age.

How to get a happy Frenchie dog

Getting a healthy pup from an ethical breeder should be your priority. Make sure you see the parents of your French bulldog and meet any other puppies that were born in the litter. A Frenchie raised in a home environment is less likely to have temperament issues than one separated from its mother too early.

White French Bulldog health issues

Just like any other French bulldog, White Frenchies are prone to certain health problems. In some cases, their color genetics play a role too.

Some health issues frequent among the White Frenchie include:

1. Tracheal collapse 

The French bulldogs’ tracheas are more prone to collapse due to the abnormal anatomy of their head and neck.

2. Eye Problems

This is especially true for albino or merle French bulldogs. A Frenchie with blue or pink eyes is prone to several problems due to their increased sensitivity to bright light. 

3. Skin Issues

Skins of White Frenchies are also more sensitive to sunlight or exposure to other elements due to their bodies containing low melanin levels.

4. Deafness

A Frenchie with reduced melanin is more likely to be born deaf. Some White Frenchies can develop hearing problems as they grow older. 

5. Brachycephalic airway syndrome

Frenchies have short muzzles, which give them a squished nasal path. This congested breathing tract makes them unsuitable for strenuous activities.

6. Cancer

White French Bulldogs are especially prone to lymphoma and melanoma due to the lack of protection against UV light.

White French Bulldog lifespan

When it comes to the White French Bulldog lifespan, they have the same life expectancy as any other French Bulldog. On average, they live for up to 10 to 14 years.

White French Bulldog grooming and cleaning

Grooming White Frenchies is more troublesome than darker colored French bulldogs because their coats get dirty very easily. In between bathing sessions, it’s a good idea to use doggy wipes to keep your dog’s coat and skin clean and smelling fresh.

For my two canine family members, I alternate between these two dog wipes to keep their coats and skin clean, smelling fresh, and moisturized.

Are White French Bulldogs hypoallergenic?

No, White French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic. All French Bulldogs shed their fur and dander and this will cause allergies in some people. 

Do White French Bulldogs make good family dogs?

Yes, White French Bulldogs make for great family dogs. They are affectionate and playful. They are friendly with children and other animals and love sitting on laps.

White French Bulldog training

Training White Frenchies is usually not a problem, but they do have stubborn streaks that may make them more difficult to train. 

White French Bulldog exercise requirement 

White French Bulldogs only need a moderate amount of exercise. A short walk every day is usually enough.

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White French Bulldog food and diet 

All French Bulldogs are prone to obesity, and White Frenchies are no exception. Feeding your Frenchie a high-quality diet and keeping human snacks away should prevent any weight gain problems.

White French Bulldog breeders

There are a few reputable White French Bulldog breeders in the United States. Do your research to find a breeder who is knowledgeable about the breed and follows ethical breeding practices.

White French Bulldog for sale

While you can scour the internet for numerous White Frenchie sellers, not all of them stick to ethical breeding practices. Make sure to verify the breeder’s reputation before buying from them.

Below is a list of places that sells White French Bulldogs.

All White French Bulldog for sale 

You can look for adorable pure White French Bulldog for sale at Lindor French Bulldogs (lindorfrenchbulldogs.com).

White French Bulldog for sale UK 

The French Bulldog UK Facebook page is worth checking out.

Black and White French Bulldog for sale 

TomKing’s Puppies has some beautiful French Bulldog white and black for sale.

Brown and White French Bulldog for sale 

You’ll surely find some adorable pups at Frenchies French bulldog puppies

Blue and white pied French bulldog for sale 

If exotic colors are what you’re after, Blue And Tan French Bulldogs are the breeders to go to. You can find French Bulldog colors brindle & white, blue and white, merle, and pied varieties there.

Grey and White French Bulldog for sale 

Francoeur Frenchies are here for you if you can’t find a gray and White Frenchie. 

White mini French Bulldog for sale 

If you’re looking for a White mini French Bulldog for sale, check out Lindor French Bulldogs (lindorfrenchbulldogs.com) as they may have tiny Frenchies you desire.

Cream and White French Bulldog for sale 

Check out the little cream and White Frenchie puppies at Frenchie for sale.

White French Bulldog price

An average pure white or black and White French Bulldog price is between $1,500 and $3,000.

White French Bulldog puppies

A White French Bulldog baby looks absolutely adorable and is sure to be a popular choice for families. Make sure you don’t pay a price too high for an all-White French Bulldog puppy, as some breeders may market them as rare.

How much are White French Bulldog puppies?

The price of a White French Bulldog puppy starts at $1,500 and can go up to $3,000.

White French Bulldog puppies for sale

Finding all-White French Bulldog puppies for sale can be complicated depending on where you live. Numerous breeders specialize in limited-colored Frenchie litters, but they may not be in your area. You will probably need to look for them online.

Is the White French Bulldog right for me?

The White French Bulldog is the perfect choice for families who want a small and playful companion that looks like an adorable teddy bear.

White French Bulldogs are high-maintenance dogs, but their endearing personality makes them more than worth it. They do best in households that provide them with constant care and attention.

If this is what you’re looking for, then the White Frenchie may be the dog for you!

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