Isabella French Bulldog: Isabella Frenchie Complete Guide

Isabella French Bulldog
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With their cute and disarming demeanor, the French Bulldog is one of the most coveted dog breeds around. 

This adorable canine breed typically comes in the standard colors of fawn, cream, white, and brindle. But, did you know that they also come in rare and exotic colors?

The Chocolate French Bulldog, the Lilac, and the Isabella French Bulldog are just some of these rare colored ones. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Isabella French Bulldog and answer all your pressing questions regarding this uniquely colored Frenchie.

Table of Contents

Isabella French Bulldog: Breed overview

Other NamesBulldog Francés Isabella, Isabella Frenchie
PurposeCompanion dog
AKC RecognitionYes
Weight 17 – 28 pounds 
Height 11 – 13 inches 
Coat Colors Light brown 
Separation AnxietyHigh
Child FriendlinessHigh
Canine FriendlinessModerate 
Training DifficultyModerate
Grooming UpkeepModerate
Exercise NeedsLow
Lifespan10 – 12 years 
Puppy Costs $8,000 – $11,000

What is an Isabella French Bulldog?

What is a Isabella French Bulldog
What is an Isabella Frenchie?

Of the many colors of the French Bulldog, you may have heard of the Frenchie Isabella color. So, what does Isabella mean in French Bulldog? 

Isabella French Bulldog meaning is a French Bulldog with a light liver-colored coat with a grayish tint

So, what causes this unique color and what is Isabella carrier French Bulldog? The color is caused by a recessive gene that must be carried by both parents that results in the dilution of the color brown.

What is Isabella color in French Bulldog?

what makes Isabella French Bulldog
What is Isabella in French Bulldog?

Many might wonder what color is Isabella. Isabella French Bulldog color is simply a dusty pale brown shade. Some would describe French Bulldog Isabella color as a liver-colored coat with a grayish blue hue. 

Isabella fur French Bulldog is rare due to the unique combination of genes that is needed to be achieved.

What makes an Isabella French Bulldog? 

French Bulldogs Isabella has a recessive dilution gene that gives them that unique color. A puppy must inherit a copy of the recessive gene from each parent in order for the light brown grayish color to appear. 

How do I know if my Frenchie has Isabella? 

The only way to know if you have a truly full Isabella French Bulldog is through DNA testing. But, there are two things you can observe on their physical appearance that can clue you in if they are really an Isabella Frenchie.

First is through their color. Isabella French bulldogs, as stated above, have a light brown grayish coat.

Second is their size. Isabella Frenchies tend to be on the smaller side compared to the standard Frenchie.

Isabella French Bulldog DNA 

What is the Isabella gene in French Bulldogs? Isabella gene in French Bulldogs is determined by the following:

  • D-locus: stands for dilution.
  • B locus: brown coloring.

The Isabella gene French Bulldog must have two copies both of the diluted blue color gene and the brown gene in order  for the Isabella Frenchie DNA to be activated.

The dilute gene in the French Bulldog Isabella DNA is what makes a French Bulldog possess a blue color. A puppy must have “dd” in order for the blue to show.

The brown gene on a French Bulldog carrying Isabella, on the other hand, is represented as “bb.”

The Isabella Frenchie must therefore have the combination “ddbb” to have that light brown grayish color.

One way to prove a French Bulldog Isabella carrier is through DNA testing. The testable Isabella French Bulldog gene is the brown gene and a qualified geneticist can determine if the Frenchie is a carrier of that gene.

To simplify things, a diagram of the Isabella bloodline French Bulldog is shown below.

Isabella French Bulldog DNA
Isabella French Bulldog DNA

What is a new shade Isabella French Bulldog? 

The French Bulldog new shade Isabella is a color variation of the French Bulldog with a pale reddish brown color.

New shade Isabella French Bulldog 

The Isabella new shade French Bulldog has an additional two copies of the recessive coco gene that intensifies the reddish tint on top of a light brown grayish color

As with all French bulldogs, they can either have short hair or fluffy coats, such as the new shade Isabella fluffy French Bulldog, which has longer hairs around the face and ears.

Isabella lilac French Bulldog

Isabella lilac Isabella French Bulldog is another term for the New shade Isabella French Bulldog.

New shade Isabella French Bulldog DNA 

Lilac Isabella French Bulldog or New shade Isabella French Bulldog has the same genetic makeup as the Frenchies Isabella except for an additional pair of recessive genes.

New Shade Isabella is a term referring to a triple dilute, namely, the blue, brown, and coco as represented by “co.”

New shade Isabella French Bulldog DNA
New shade Isabella French Bulldog DNA

Isabella vs Lilac French Bulldog

The main difference between Isabella French Bulldog and Lilac French Bulldog is that Isabella French Bulldog has a very pale brown-grayish coat color while Lilac French Bulldog has light brown-bluish coat color.

Are Isabella French Bulldogs rare?

Yes, Isabella colored French Bulldog is rare because of two main factors – their genetic makeup and the fact that French Bulldogs in general only produce small litters.

The chances of producing an Isabella-colored offspring is therefore challenging to achieve.

Are Isabella Frenchies recognized by AKC and other dog registries?

No, Isabella fur French Bulldog is not recognized by the AKC. The AKC only accepts white, cream, and fawn in any combination with either brindle, piebald, or black markings.

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Isabella Frenchie physical appearance

Isabella DNA French Bulldog
What makes a Isabella French Bulldog?

Isabella shade French Bulldog has the same physical characteristics as with any French Bulldog except for their color. They have a square head with erect, bat-like ears and flat noses.

Eye color is typically light in color in shades of blue, gray, amber, green, or light brown. They also have pale brown noses and paw pads.

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Various Isabella color French Bulldog

The Isabella French Bulldog typically has a smooth, short, single coat. They can have different coat markings of merle, brindle, and tan or black points.

Isabella merle French Bulldog

Isabella Merle Frenchie has a light brown grayish coat with irregular blotches of a darker color, such as, tan, blue, and red.

French Bulldog Isabella Merle or Isabella French Bulldog Merle typically has blue eyes due to low melanin levels.

Merle Frenchies are in itself rare, so a Merle Isabella French Bulldog is even rarer due to the recessive genes involved.

Another rarity of the Isabella Merle fluffy French Bulldog is that he has an additional genetic mutation known as the fibroblast growth factor 5 gene, or FGF5, that causes hair around the face and ears to be longer.

New shade Isabella merle French Bulldog

New shade Isabella merle Frenchies have a pale reddish brown color with irregular splotches of a darker color on their coat.

Isabella tan merle French Bulldog

Isabella and Tan Merle French Bulldog has irregular splotches of tan on top of a light brown grayish coat.

Blue merle Isabella French Bulldog

Blue merle Isabella French Bulldog has a light brown grayish coat with dapples of dark gray throughout the body. They have blue eyes similar to the Blue French Bulldog and the Blue Merle French Bulldog.

Isabella lilac merle French Bulldog

Lilac Isabella Merle French Bulldog is similar to the New shade Isabella Merle with a pale reddish brown coat with dapples of a darker color, such as tan or red.

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Isabella tan French Bulldog

Isabella and Tan French Bulldog has a pale brown grayish coat with tan points on the head, legs, and body. Isabella and Tan Frenchie or French Bulldog Isabella Tan can have a distinct tan face mask that covers either one or both eyes.

Blue and tan Isabella French Bulldog

This variation has blue and tan points on the head, legs, and body.

Lilac tan Isabella French Bulldog

Isabella Lilac and Tan French Bulldog has pale reddish brown coat with tan markings on the head, legs, and body.

Isabella fawn French Bulldog

Fawn Isabella French Bulldog has brown points on the head, legs, and body.

Blue fawn Isabella French Bulldog

Blue Fawn Isabella French Bulldog has a gray mask similar to the Blue Fawn French Bulldog.

Platinum Isabella French Bulldog

Isabella Platinum French Bulldog has light brown grayish coat with a pale pink nose and paw pads.

Rojo Isabella French Bulldog 

Rojo Isabella Frenchie has chocolate-colored fur on his body with light brownish gray points in the head, legs, or body.

Isabella brindle French Bulldog 

Isabella brindle Frenchies have light brownish gray coat with stripes of a lighter-colored fur.

Chocolate Isabella French Bulldog 

Isabella chocolate French Bulldog or Isabella choco French Bulldog has light brown grayish coat with chocolate points in the head, legs, or body.

Champagne Isabella French Bulldog 

Champagne Isabella Frenchie has a light cream color with some hints of grayish brown shade on the body. The nose, paw pads, and lips have a pink hue.

Isabella cream French Bulldog

The Isabella cream Frenchie has a light brown grayish coat with cream points on the head, legs, or body.

Isabella pied French Bulldog

Isabella Frenchie price
Isabella pied French Bulldog

The Isabella pied French Bulldog has light brown grayish coat with symmetrical or asymmetrical white spotting.

Isabella tri French Bulldog

The coat color of an Isabella tri French Bulldog is light grayish brown with tan and white points in the face, neck, and legs.

Pink Isabella French Bulldog

The pink Isabella French Bulldog has light brown grayish coat with pale pink nose, eye rims, and paw pads.

Blue Isabella French Bulldog

The blue Isabella French Bulldog has grayish nose, eye rims, and paw pads.

Isabella fluffy French Bulldog

Fluffy Isabella French Bulldog or Isabella fluffy Frenchie has light brown grayish coat with a slightly longer hair length around the ears and head. Fluffy

French Bulldog Isabella carries the additional gene FGF5 that causes their hair to be longer.

French Bulldog fluffy Isabella can be solid in color, but some Isabella French Bulldog fluffy can also have merle or piebald patterns. 

French Bulldog Isabella fluffy is much more expensive with a starting price of around $15,000. Isabella fluffy French Bulldog stud similarly will fetch a high price when sourced for artificial insemination.

Husky pink fluffy Isabella French Bulldog

Husky pink Isabella French Bulldog is a new color variation with light brown grayish coat and piebald pattern.

They also have pink noses, eye rims, and paw pads due to albinism. They may have a piebald pattern but their genes don’t test positive for the pied or brindle genes.

Isabella French Bulldog size, height, and weight 

The Isabella French Bulldog is a small to medium size dog. The Isabella female French Bulldog is similar in height to the male but slightly lighter.

Male11 – 13 inches 20 – 28 pounds
Female11 – 13 inches 17 – 24 pounds 

Isabella Frenchie temperament and personality

Isabella Frenchies are no different from other Frenchies that have a playful, friendly, and easygoing temperament

Do French Bulldog Isabella make great family pets? 

Yes, this breed shows no signs of any aggressiveness to children or other pets. They may not be ideal watchdogs but can be relied upon to alert their owners of any strange events.

Is the Isabella carrier French Bulldog affectionate?

Yes, Isabella French Bulldog are very affectionate and love the company of their human families. They are the ideal lapdogs that want nothing more than to cuddle and snuggle.

Issabella Frenchie training

Frenchies in general are smart and easy to train although they do have a stubborn streak that you should know about.

Training them at an early age will nip this attitude in the bud in conjunction. Frenchie owners will want to use plenty of positive reinforcements, such as training treats and praises.

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Isabella color Frenchie exercise requirement

Isabella Frenchies only need a minimal form of exercise.

A short walk around the neighborhood is good enough. When walking your Frenchie, be sure to use a retractable dog leash so you can have full control of your pooch while also giving him the space to walk and explore.

It’s important to keep in mind that any forms of vigorous physical activity may result in panting and dizziness, more so during the warmer months. 

As a result of their flat faces, Frenchies are unfortunately not capable of swimming. So, avoid tagging them along in the beach or pool to avoid getting drowned. 

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Frenchie Isabella grooming and cleaning

Isabella Frenchies have sensitive skin, so bathing them often may only worsen their condition. You’ll want to only bathe them once a month.

When bathing your Frenchie, be sure to use a dog shampoo that is unscented and made with organic ingredients.

In between bathing sessions, you can wipe their coat, ears, and the folds on their faces with mild doggie wipes

You’ll also want to brush their coat at least 3 to 4 times a week. Since French Bulldogs shed all year round, we recommend using a slicker brush or a bristle brush to control their shedding throughout the year.

During heavier shedding seasons, you’ll want to use a de-shedding tool to help collect loose hair.

Next, you’ll want to keep their oral hygiene in tip top shape. We recommend brushing their teeth daily however we understand how unrealistic this can be.

If you have a busy schedule, brushing your little furry friend’s teeth at least 3 to 4 times a week is fine as well. Brushing their teeth keeps oral bacteria away. However, be sure you’re using an enzymatic toothpaste formulated specifically for dogs

Finally, be sure to keep your pup’s nails short. Once you start to hear their long nails tap on the hardwood floor, it is time to clip their nails. If your Isabella French Bulldog puppy is sensitive to the loud clipping sound, try using a dog nail grinder instead.

What’s great about the dog nail grinder is that it features a whisper-quiet motor and a precise diamond drum bit grinder.

Below is a table of their grooming needs and frequency for your reference.

Grooming Needs Grooming Frequency 
Brushing3 to 4x per week.
Bathing Once a month.
Teeth Brushing3 to 4x per week.
Nail Trimming As needed.

Do Isabella French Bulldogs shed?

Yes, Isabella French Bulldogs are low to moderate shedders that shed throughout the year. They will shed heavily twice a year during the fall and spring. If you want to keep your sofa and furniture as fur-free as possible, vacuuming can help.

We recommend investing in a powerful vacuum cleaner that can easily get rid of pet dander, fur, and other pesky parasites. We highly recommend the Miele Vacuum Cleaner because it can transition seamlessly between hardwood floors and carpet and can also clean hard to reach areas.

Are Isabella French Bulldogs hypoallergenic?

No, Isabella French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic and can trigger allergic reactions to some people sensitive to dander and loose hairs.

If you or one of your family members are mildly sensitive to canine allergy, it may help to get an air purifier with HEPA filter to help trap tiny or invisible particulates in the air. These tiny particulates in your home may include loose fur, dust mites, and dander which can circulate and fly around your home.

We recommend this air purifier because it features UV light filters which can destroy both odor and germs in your home.

Isabella Frenchie food and diet

An average of 1.5 to 2 cups of high-quality dog food, divided into servings each day is what a Isabella Frenchie needs.

Since this breed tends to suffer from skin allergies and stomach sensitivities, we suggest that you choose a dog food that contains Omega fatty acids. 

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Isabella French Bulldog common health issues 

Whether you like it or not, all dogs will suffer from health problems, regardless of gender, age, and breed. But, some breeds like the Frenchies are more susceptible to more health issues because of the anatomy of their facial structure.

Some of these health issues can be worrisome so it’s important to be aware of the symptoms. Here are eight (8) of the common health problems that can affect your Isabella French Bulldog:

1. Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome 

The flat faces and short noses of Isabella Frenchies cause them to be vulnerable to respiratory illnesses such as brachycephalic airway syndrome or breathing problems. This also leads to other issues including stenotic nares that cause the narrowing of nostrils making it even more difficult for them to breathe properly. 

2. Allergies 

The Isabella Frenchies are sensitive to both food and environmental allergies that cause severe skin itchiness and redness. 

3. Cataracts 

While most older dogs tend to suffer from cataracts, the Isabella Frenchies may get affected by it at an earlier age. If not treated, this can lead to blindness. 

4. Cherry Eye 

The dogs’ third eyelid provides an extra layer of protection. Sometimes, the attachment of the third eyelid gets weakened, which results in a prolapse or cherry eye. The symptoms are excessive swelling and a small red protrusion on the eyelid.

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5. Deafness 

Hearing loss is another issue that can affect Isabella French Bulldogs. Some of them may be born deaf while others may develop it as they age. 

6. Heat Sensitivity 

Again, the anatomical facial structure of the Frenchies causes them to be prone to heatstroke and dehydration. Some of the signs are excessive panting and drooling. 

7. Gastroenteritis 

This is a digestive problem that can affect Frenchies. Since they are unable to breathe through the nose very well, the Frenchies breathe through their mouth which causes them to breathe in more air. This leads to excessive gas in their digestive system that may also lead to an upset stomach and bloating.

8. Spinal Disorders 

Some examples of spinal disorders that can cause pain and lameness are intervertebral disc disease and hemivertebrae. 

Isabella French Bulldog lifespan

The French Bulldog lifespan is from 10 to 12 years

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Isabella French Bulldog breeders 

While it is true that Isabella French Bulldogs are expensive, do not be tempted to buy a puppy from someone who offers it to you at a much lower price because there is a chance that the puppy is a product of unscrupulous breeders.

Be a wise buyer by making sure you only buy the puppy from an ethical and reputable breeder who can provide you with at least 1 year of health guarantee card. 

How to make Isabella French Bulldog?

how to make an Isabella French Bulldog
How to make a Isabella French Bulldog?

Are you astonished with the beautiful coat color of an Isabella French Bulldog and asking how to produce Isabella French Bulldog?

The only way how to get Isabella French Bulldog is by breeding parents who are Isabella colored themselves, meaning, the mother and the Isabella French Bulldog stud should carry the blue gene d/d and the testable chocolate gene b/b. 

By testable, it means that the chocolate gene will come out on a DNA test. 

How to make new shade Isabella French Bulldog?

To make a new shade Isabella, another gene, referred to as coco gene which is designated as co/co comes into the picture aside from the blue and the chocolate genes.

The Isabella stud French Bulldog should either carry the testable coco or chocolate gene as well as the mother. If not, they cannot produce a new shade Isabella. 

Therefore, the new Isabella is a carrier of 2 copies of blue, 2 copies of testable chocolate, and 2 copies of non-testable chocolate which is referred to as coco. 

Isabella Frenchie puppies

Finding Isabella French Bulldog puppies is not an easy task because the Isabella color is one of the rarest French Bulldogs. That said, you can expect the price of an Isabella French Bulldog puppy to be very expensive. 

But how can you tell that an Isabella French Bulldog newborn is really an Isabella and not a Lilac Frenchie? The only way to find out is through a DNA test. 

Isabella French Bulldog price

how much is an Isabella French Bulldog
How much is a Isabella French Bulldog?

As mentioned earlier, Isabella is one if not the rarest color in the world of the French Bulldogs.

So, what is the French Bulldog Isabella price?

The Isabella carrier French Bulldog price is more than $8,000 to almost $11,000.

The female Isabella French Bulldog price range is between $9,990 and $10,990 while the male price of Isabella French Bulldog averages $9,500.

The Isabella French Bulldog price UK also commands a high price because of the color rarity.  

Among the Frenchie colors, the most expensive French Bulldog Isabella is because it is only produced occasionally. 

Isabella merle French Bulldog price

The average price of a Merle French Bulldog is between $8,000 and $10,000. 

Isabella fluffy French Bulldog price

How much is a Isabella fluffy French Bulldog? A Fluffy Isabella French Bulldog price is not for everyone because the average Isabella Frenchies price can be anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000. 

Isabella lilac French Bulldog price

Isabella Frenchie cost could be somewhere from $8,000 to $10,000. 

New shade Isabella French Bulldog price

Do you have an idea as to how much is a new shade Isabella French Bulldog? Well, the Isabella French Bulldog cost is estimated at around $15,000 to $20,000.

Platinum Isabella French Bulldog price

Isabella French Bulldogs price is undoubtedly high, so don’t be surprised to learn that the cost of a Platinum Isabella Frenchie is around $12,000. 

Blue Isabella French Bulldog price

The price of a Blue Frenchie is around $3,000 to $4,000 while an Isabella is from $8,000 to $11,000. So, you can expect the price range of a Blue Isabella Frenchie to be higher, most likely, more than $11,000. 

Isabella and tan French Bulldog price

Frenchies with champion Isabella bloodline French Bulldog price is usually higher. If you’re hoping to own a Isabella and Tan Frenchie, you may have to shell out around $10,000 or even higher, more so if the puppy comes from a champion bloodline. 

Isabella Frenchie puppies price

The reasons why the price of an Isabella Frenchie puppies is skyrocketed high is due to a combination of many factors. These include artificial insemination, the c-section form of birth, and DNA testing, among others. 

Isabella French Bulldog color price chart 

Various Isabella ColorsPrice 
Isabella Merle$8,000 to $10,000
New Shade Isabella $15,000 to $20,000
Isabella Fluffy $50,000 to $200,000
Isabella Pied$10,000 and up
Isabella Brindle $10,000 and up
Isabella Lilac$10,000 and up

Places to find Isabella French Bulldog puppies for sale 

An Isabella French Bulldog is like a ‘rare jewel,’ hence finding one may take a bit longer than usual. Here are 2 breeders whom you can get in touch with to inquire about available Isabella French Bulldog:

West Coast Isabella Frenchies ( located in Canada has an available female puppy for $30,000. 

You can also go to Master Bulldogs Miami ( located in Miami, Florida and inquire when will they have Isabella Frenchies for sale. 

Another option is to check out Wild Blue French Bulldogs ( located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in North Texas. They are a small home-based breeder that offer Frenchies in various colors including Lilac, Isabella, Merle, Blue, Pied, and Blue Fawn.

Places to find Isabella fluffy French Bulldog for sale 

A Fluffy Isabella is a true-blooded French Bulldog but she has longer and fluffier hair. If Isabella Frenchies are hard to find, expect a Fluffy Isabella French Bulldog for sale to be even more challenging to find. You can contact these two breeders:

Try Silverblood Frenchies ( to find out if they also have Isabella Fluffy for sale. The breeder provides a 1-year health guarantee and a health certificate authenticated by a veterinarian. 

You can also go to West Coast Isabella Frenchies ( because the breeder is the first in Canada to produce an Isabella Fluffy Frenchie. 

Finding a healthy Isabella French Bulldog for sale 

You may be having a tough time looking for Isabella French Bulldogs for sale. In this section, we’d like to help you find a responsible breeder who is producing healthy Isabella carrier French Bulldog for sale. It comes with a price though because this color is not easy to produce. 

Isabella French Bulldog for sale California

Go to the webpage of Francoeur French Bulldogs (

Isabella French Bulldog for sale Florida

Still on the lookout for Isabella French Bulldog for sale near me? Visit Dreamy Bulldogs ( Their Isabella Frenchies are sold for $20,000 to $35,000. While the Isabella carrier French Bulldog for sale is upward of $10,000 or more.  

Isabella French Bulldog for sale Texas

Isabella Frenchies for sale could be found at Woodland Frenchies (

Isabella French Bulldog for sale UK

French Bulldog Isabella for sale may be available at Regal Blue Frenchies ( The breeder is fully-licensed and has been awarded the highest rating by the local borough council. 

Isabella tan French Bulldog for sale

Feel free to visit Isabella Frenchies USA (isabellafrenchiesusa) on Instagram and ask them if their owner currently has an Isabella Tan Frenchie available. 

Isabella lilac French Bulldog for sale

New shade Isabella French Bulldog for sale hopefully could be available at Johnson House Bullies ( You can message the breeder directly to see if they have Lilac Isabella French Bulldog for sale and its price. 

Isabella merle French Bulldog for sale

Check out the webpage of Designer French Bulldogs ( located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.  

Isabella Frenchie: Pros and Cons 

If you are thinking of owning an Isabella Bulldog, it’s worth knowing what to expect from a Isabella French Bulldog. 

Adorable.Snores a lot.
Playful with kids.Farts a lot.
Clownish.Prone to heatstroke. 
Good with other animals. Does not tolerate solitude.
Does not need heavy forms of exercise.Not hypoallergenic. 
Does not bark a lot.High maintenance cost.

Is the Isabella French Bulldog right for me?

An Isabelle French Bulldog is a great house companion. She is sweet, and kind, and enjoys goofing around with children.

Add to that, this dog breed is on the lazy side. Therefore, Frenchie owners will not need to provide her with much physical activities, other than cuddling and showering her with hugs and kisses. 

The only problem with an Isabella French Bulldog (apart from her initial price of course) is that she is a moderate shedder, thus, she is not a good choice for allergy sufferers. 

Related Questions

What is a visual Isabella French Bulldog?

A visual Isabella French Bulldog is a French Bulldog that looks exactly the same as any other color French Bulldog except for her coat color.

What is Isabella French Bulldog?

An Isabella French Bulldog is a carrier of the blue gene d/d and the testable chocolate gene b/b.

What colour is Isabella French Bulldog?

An Isabella French Bulldog has a light brown coat with some tinges of light grayish blue.

How much does Isabella Frenchie cost?

Isabella Frenchie can costs anywhere between $8,000 and $11,000.

What does Isabella mean in dogs?

It means diluted liver. The gene that causes the liver color is recessive and so is the dilution gene, hence, the Isabella color in dogs is not often seen.

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