Sable French Bulldog: Complete Guide

Sable French Bulldog
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French Bulldogs come in several rare colors, including Sable. If you’ve never seen Sable French Bulldogs before, it’s easy to confuse them with fawn or cream Frenchies.

My friend heard about the Sable Frenchie and decided to buy one from a local breeder last weekend. However, she came home with a Fawn Frenchie. Since she couldn’t tell the difference between the two, she took the breeder’s word. She kept the fawn Frenchie and is in love with her little pooch, but wish she had done a bit more research.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Sable French Bulldog, including its DNA, how to tell the difference between a fawn and a Sable Frenchie, how much they cost, and more! Let’s begin.

What is a Sable French Bulldog?

French Bulldog fawn Sable
Sable colour French Bulldog smiling for the camera

A Sable French Bulldog or Sable Frenchie is a unique color variant of the French Bulldog. At first glance, this pooch looks like a regular fawn French Bulldog, but when you look at him closely, you’ll see there is more going on.

Sable Frenchies have sporadic black hair or black tips spread throughout their heads and bodies. Unlike spots or patches, the black hair on these Frenchies is distributed evenly and mixed with fawn fur, giving them a unique look.

Sable French Bulldog DNA

Frenchie Sable
wild Sable French Bulldog playing in the backyard

Sable Frenchies have similar color genetics to fawn and tricolor. All these colors are expressed on the “A” locus. Locus refers to the location on the DNA.

The A locus can have four alleles, and each allele results in particular coat colors. These alleles are a, at, aw, and ay.

Of these, the ay gives the French bulldog Sable color.

Are Sable Frenchies rare?

The Sable/fawn gene is not rare, but you’d still have a hard time finding Sable Frenchies. Breeders still have not completely understood their genetic makeup, and most of the time, producing Sable Frenchies is a shot in the dark.

Sable French Bulldog physical appearance

Besides the coat and coat color, a Sable Frenchie is in every way similar to a regular Frenchie. They have petite, athletic bodies, flat muzzle, traditional bulldog jowls, and signature bat-like ears. 

Sable French Bulldog coat colors

The most distinguishing feature of a Sable-colored French Bulldog is his striking coat. Sable Frenchies have a fawn or reddish fawn base coat littered with black hair. These black hairs are denser at the dorsal area (top of the back, neck, and head). 

We said that the Sable color French Bulldog has a fawn coat, so what’s the difference between Sable and fawn? Some say fawn French Bulldogs have a black mask, but we also have the black mask Sable French bulldog.

Let us help you distinguish between Sable and fawn next.

Sable vs Fawn French Bulldog

If someone shows you a Sable Frenchie, you’ll notice it is very similar to a fawn Frenchie. So, what is the difference between fawn and Sable?

Let’s show you using a table.

Sable is yellowish or reddish tan. Fawn is also yellowish or reddish tan.
Sable Frenchies have black-tipped hair.Fawn Frenchies don’t have black-tipped hair.
Sable Frenchies have denser black hair on dorsal areas and mask.Fawn Frenchies have denser black hair only on the mask.
Sable Frenchies are rare.Fawn Frenchies are common.
Sable Frenchies don’t have AKC recognition. You need to register them as fawns.Fawn Frenchies are AKC-recognized.

Sometimes, the Sable French Bulldog is also called the fawn Sable French Bulldog.

Fawn Sable French Bulldog

Fawn Sable Frenchie is just another name for a Sable Frenchie. A French bulldog Sable fawn color denotes that the Frenchie is both Sable and fawn, which is always the case.

Blue Sable vs blue fawn French Bulldog

The only significant difference between blue fawn and blue Sable French bulldog is the presence of dark-tipped hair.

Here’s a table to help you tell them apart.

Blue SableBlue Fawn
Blue Sable Frenchies have a fawn base coat.Blue fawn Frenchies also have a fawn base coat.
Blue Sable Frenchies have blue-tipped hair.Blue Fawn Frenchies don’t have blue-tipped hair.
Blue Sable Frenchies have denser blue hair on dorsal areas and mask.Blue Fawn Frenchies have denser blue hair only on the mask.
Blue Sable Frenchies are very rare.Blue Fawn Frenchies are not as rare as blue Sable Frenchies.
Blue Sable Frenchies don’t have AKC recognition.Blue Fawn Frenchies don’t have AKC recognition either.

Let’s read a bit more about the blue Sable Frenchie.

Blue Sable French Bulldog

The blue Sable Frenchie is a unique Sable Frenchie with blue-tipped hair and a blue mask instead of black. A dark blue Sable French Bulldog puppy can cost a pretty penny since they’re so rare.

Blue Sable merle French Bulldog 

Blue Sable merle Frenchies have the Sable and merle gene combined to give them a breathtaking coat.

Merle isn’t a natural color for Frenchies, so blue Sable Merle Frenchies are not purebred. The merle gene can also give Frenchies congenital disorders like blindness and deafness.

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Blue Sable pied French Bulldog

Blue pied Sable Frenchies are stunning to look at. Their coat is white with patches of fawn and blue tips throughout their body.  

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Blue Sable tri French Bulldog

The blue Sable tri French Bulldog is pretty hard to come by. Their coat has three colors with blue sabling, meaning they need to express the tri-color, dilution, and sabling genes simultaneously.

Blue fawn Sable French Bulldog

Blue fawn Sable Frenchies are the same as blue Sable Frenchies. The only difference between fawn and Sable is the presence of dark-tipped hair.

Blue Sable and tan French Bulldog

The blue Sable tan French Bulldog is a darling mix of blue, Sable, and tan. The presence of all three genes gives this Frenchie a fascinating look.

Lilac Sable French Bulldog

Lilac or Isabella is a rare coat color that results from dilution of the chocolate color. These Frenchies can also have black-tipped hair, making them lilac Sable French Bulldogs.

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Lilac fawn Sable French Bulldog

A lilac fawn Sable Frenchie is just another name for a Lilac Sable French bulldog.

Red Sable French Bulldog

Fawn comes in various hues, one of which is reddish fawn. A red Sable Frenchie has the same coat color as a regular fawn, but you’ll notice it’s more of an apricot color instead of yellow.

Red fawn Sable French Bulldog

Red fawn is another way to describe the color we mentioned earlier. A red fawn Sable Frenchie is simply a fawn Sable Frenchie with an orange tinge on their coat.

Chocolate Sable French Bulldog

Chocolate Frenchies can have any color coat, but their nose, eye rims, paw pads, and lips are brown instead of black. 

Chocolate fawn Sable French Bulldog

A fawn Sable Frenchie with brown eye rims, nose, paw pads, and lips is considered a chocolate fawn Sable Frenchie.

Sable tri French Bulldog

A Sable tri Frenchie has three colors on his coat in addition to the black-tipped hair.

Sable merle French Bulldog

Sable merle Frenchies have a Sable coat and carry the merle gene. This gene gives them blue eyes and splotches of faded color on their coat.

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Sable pied French Bulldog

The coat of a Sable pied Frenchie is primarily white with random patches of Sable fawn.

Sable tan French Bulldog

The Sable tan French bulldog coat is mostly fawn with tan patches throughout the body.

Black Sable French Bulldog

Sometimes the black-tipped hairs are so numerous that the Frenchie looks almost black. Such Frenchies are known as black Sables.

Dark Sable French Bulldog

The ratio between black-tipped hair and regular fawn hair determines the overall look of the Sable Frenchies. The more black tips the Frenchie has, the darker he will be. 

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Sable French Bulldog size, height, and weight

All Frenchies belong to the small or toy size category. A blue Sable French bulldog full-grown can be as tall as 13 inches and weigh 28 pounds.

The Sable male French Bulldog grows just as big as a female.

Here’s a size chart for both male and female Sable French Bulldogs.

Sable French Bulldog size
Size groupSmall
Height11-13 inches
Weight20-28 pounds

Sable French Bulldog temperament and personality

Sable Frenchies make adorable pets for any household. They can adjust to all kinds of living spaces and like making friends. They’re calm, confident, and not known to be aggressive.

But this doesn’t mean they will warm up to you right away. Sable Frenchies take time getting to know people.

Do Sable French Bulldogs make great family pets?

Sable Frenchies are tiny and harmless to young children. They’re also pretty careful not to get hurt by kids. These qualities make them perfect small canines for a family with kids.

Sable French Bulldog training

Sable French Bulldogs can learn to love training sessions if you keep them short and exciting. Your pup won’t remember what you’re teaching them if he sees training as a chore.

Sable Frenchies also have a short attention span, meaning you need to wrap up the class before things get boring.

Sable French Bulldog exercise requirement 

Sable Frenchies run out of breath pretty quickly, which means they don’t make good jogging partners. A daily light walk will ensure your Sable Frenchie stays healthy without getting too exerted.

Sable French Bulldog grooming and cleaning

Sable Frenchies are quite easy to groom as you have only a small area to work on. They also have short, smooth fur that doesn’t tangle, and a thorough weekly brushing session should be enough. You’ll want to use a de-shedding brush since Sable French Bulldogs have an undercoat.

Twice a year in the spring and fall, you can expect your Sable Frenchies to shed their undercoat. We highly recommend using the de-shedding brush because it helps to remove the dead loose undercoat from your Sable French Bulldogs without damaging or removing their top coat.

Brushing your Frenchie with a de-shedding brush helps to remove the loose undercoat fur before your French Bulldog has had a chance to shed his fur all over your home.

Frenchies can go without bathing for long periods, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require regular cleaning. Use a damp towel or doggy wipes to clean these little pups every week.

With my two furry pups, I regularly use either the Arm & Hammer doggy grooming wipes or the Nature’s Miracle doggy bath wipes. These wipes keep my fur buddies clean and fresh after a long day of play or after a long walk.

When it’s time for their baths, be sure to use a dog shampoo to keep their skin and coat clean, moisturized, and healthy.

Next, you’ll want to brush your Sable French Bulldog’s teeth at least 3 to 4 times a week. Ideally, you’ll want to brush their teeth daily, however, we know this can be unrealistic since many dog owners do have a busy schedule. When brushing your canine companion’s teeth, be sure to use a dog toothpaste that contains an enzymatic formula with a non-foaming agent.

The enzymatic formula in the doggy toothpaste helps to get rid of plaque, control tartar buildup, and keep your pup’s teeth and gum healthy.

Lastly, don’t forget to trim your Sable Frenchie’s nails before they grow too long. Dogs with long nails will have difficulty walking. In fact, long nails can also affect their gait. For a less stressful nail trimming session, try using a dog nail grinder that features whisper-quiet motors and a precise diamond drum bit grinder.

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Is Sable French Bulldog hypoallergenic?

No, Sable Frenchies are not hypoallergenic. Their saliva, fur-shedding, and dander can cause allergic reactions in those sensitive to dogs.

Sable French Bulldog food and diet 

A Sable Frenchie owner should be careful about what their pooch eats. Although Sable Frenchies are down to eat anything, you should monitor what they’re putting in their bellies.

Avoid letting your Sable Frenchie eat leftovers, human food and snacks, trash, and toxic ingredients.

Sable French Bulldog common health issues 

Bulldogs are not the healthiest breed, and the Sable Frenchie is unfortunate in the health department too.

Here are three common health problems your Sable Frenchie may face.

1. Brachycephalic airway syndrome

Brachycephalic airway syndrome or BAS is the shortening and disfigurement of the nose and throat. This gives your dog a difficult time breathing, causing respiratory distress in some cases. 

2. Tracheal collapse

Tracheal collapse in French Bulldogs happens when the airway collapses during inhalation. Symptoms include breathing problems, fatigue, cough, and stress.

3. Luxating patella

Patellar luxation causes the knee to pop out of place. It’s not life-threatening but is still a hindrance to mobility. 

Sable French Bulldog lifespan 

The Sable French Bulldog is an active and hearty breed, but their breathing issues keep them from living a long lifespan. These pups live for up to 10 to 12 years on average.

Sable French Bulldog breeders

Sable French Bulldog breeders are available throughout the country, but you have to do some digging before choosing them for your purchase.

Ask for complete medical records for the pup. Avoid buying from breeders who house their puppies in noisy, unhygienic, and overcrowded areas. You should also avoid puppy mills and pet shops.

Sable French Bulldog puppies

It can be difficult to tell what color your fawn Sable French bulldog puppy is if you’ve never seen such coloring before. However, for someone who knows what fawn Sable French bulldog puppies look like, they look pretty distinct.

Such puppies have light-colored fur under their black-tipped ones. In blue Sable French bulldog puppies, the dark-tipped hair is blue instead of black.

Sable French Bulldog price

The Sable Frenchie’s price ranges from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on the breeder and coat color.

The blue Sable French bulldog cost will be higher than one with regular black sabling. The lilac Sable French bulldog price is also pretty high.

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Sable French Bulldog for sale

You can check out Blue Haven French Bulldogs. They have:

  • Blue fawn Sable French bulldog for sale.
  • Blue Sable French bulldog for sale.
  • Lilac Sable French bulldog for sale. 
  • Red Sable French bulldog for sale.

Sable French Bulldog puppies for sale

Bertha’s Blue French Bulldogs have some lovely lilac, red, and blue Sable French bulldog puppy for sale.

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Is the Sable French Bulldog right for me?

The Sable Frenchie is an affectionate creature. Their love for their family can’t be doubted, but these pups are not light on the wallet.

They also have medical needs that a responsible dog owner should know about. If you can provide the care and finances they need, you can’t go wrong with this breed.

Related Questions

What’s the most expensive French bulldog?

Merle, Isabella or Lilac, and Blue are three extremely rare colors for Frenchies. Hence, these pups are the most expensive of them all.

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