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Exotic Bully
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If you’ve recently heard about the Exotic Bully, you’re not alone. This dog breed is fairly new and came about in 2008. Many people get confused because they look very similar to their closest cousins, the American Bully. However, the Exotic Bully does carry mixed traits from various Bulldogs, including the French Bulldog.

If you’re interested in this dog breed and want to learn more, keep reading. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Exotic Bully.

Table of Contents

What is an Exotic Bully? 

what is a exotic bully
What is an Exotic Bully dog?

Exotic Bullies are a relatively new breed of dogs that seem like a mix between an American Bully and a Bulldog. What makes an Exotic Bully “Exotic” you ask? Let’s read ahead to answer that question.

Also known as an Exotic Bulldog or Exotic Pitbull dog, this canine has exaggerated Bulldog features on a tiny body, making them look like the compressed mixture of a Bulldog, Pitbull, and American Bully.

There is no set Exotic Bully breed standard since these dogs don’t fall under any AKC or UKC dog breeds. However, various breeding clubs have developed the Exotic Bully standard and hold Exotic Bully dog shows regularly. 

The Exotic Bully pedigree is pretty interesting. These dogs are a mixture of the American Bully with a bit of each Bulldog type. 

What is an Exotic American Bully? 

Many breeders have come up with their versions of the Exotic Bully, which is why you’ll find them going by different names in the market. Exotic American Bully is one of those names.

Also known as American Bully Dog Exotic, American Bully Exotic Pocket, American Bully Pocket Exotic, and Exotic American Bulldog, this dog looks like a compressed version of an American Bully to the untrained eye.

There isn’t a set breed standard; however, several national and international Bully registries have established their criteria for them.

What is a micro Exotic Bully?

The names Micro Exotic Bully Dog, American Bully Mini Exotic, Micro Exotic American Bulldog, Micro Mini Exotic Bully, and Exotic Mini American Bully all refer to a single dog: the Micro Exotic Bully.

So, what is a micro Bully? Well, it’s an even smaller version of an Exotic Bully. A micro Exotic Bully puppy doesn’t grow more than 13.5 inches even when it’s an adult. 

Exotic micro Bully puppies tend to be very expensive, especially if they carry unique coat colors or physical properties. The blue micro Exotic Bully, for instance, can cost as high as $30,000!

What is an Exotic pocket Bully? 

It’s possible to make Exotic Bullies with several dog breeds. An Exotic Pocket Bully puppy with Pitbull parentage is sometimes called the Exotic Pocket Pitbull.

Similarly, one with American Bully ancestry is called an Exotic Pocket American Bully.

What Is a Clean Exotic Bully?

A Clean Exotic Bully would look different from an American Bully but have a similar muscular and stocky build. It would have a large head and broad chest, and its height would be proportionate to its length.

This dog won’t have any traits considered unwanted in Exotic Bullies, hence the “clean” in its name.

How is Exotic Bully different from other Bully varieties?

Now that we know that Exotic Bullies are separate from American Bullies and other Bully breeds, how can someone tell these dogs apart?

So, let’s go through some of the signature Exotic Bully characteristics and how they differ from other Bullies.

Exotic Bully vs American Bully

People confuse the American Bully with the Exotic Bully frequently, and for a good reason.

After all, the Exotic Bully came from dogs that didn’t fit the American Bully breed standards. Over time, the Exotic Bully distanced itself from the American Bully.

Let’s go through the difference between them.

American Bully vs Exotic Bully 

The American Bully comes in five body types or sizes: XL, Extreme, Standard, Classic, and Pocket. The most noticeable difference between the two dogs is the size, with the American Bully being bigger than the Exotic Bully. 

American Bully Pocket vs Exotic Bully

Both Bully dogs are known for their small size. However, when it comes to Exotic Bully vs Pocket Bully, the former is still smaller than the latter. 

An Exotic Bully has a more Bulldog-like appearance compared to the Pitbull-like physical traits of the American Bully. They have a shorter muzzle and a wrinkly face.

In various other aspects, the American Pocket Bully and the Exotic Bully are pretty similar.

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Exotic Bully physical appearance 

Exotic Bullys are new and don’t have official recognition. Let’s take a look at their physical characteristics and see how Exotic Bully differs from Pitbull, American Bully, Bulldog, and other Bully breeds.

  • Size: under 16.5 inches for standard, under 13.5 inches for micro.
  • Head: large, broad, and round head. The circumference must be equal to or greater than the dog’s shoulder height.
  • Ears: should be rose-shaped and upright.
  • Back: square back with no slope.
  • Tail: preferably medium-length and carried low.
  • Muzzle: Short, broad, and wrinkly.

As we can see, the Exotic Bully is a new breed that contains the genes of various types of Bully breeds. Exotic Bully has that exotic physical features and desired traits. They are muscular and smaller, with a larger head and a flatter face. They also tend to have more wrinkles to emphasize their exotic look.

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Exotic Bully size, height, and weight 

Exotic Bullies are famous for their short stature and full and densely packed bodies. They’re pretty heavy for their compact size, and all of that weight is from their heavy bones and dense muscles.

Exotic Bully

Size groupSmallSmall
HeightUnder 16.5 inches (standard)Under 13.5 inches (micro)Under 15.7 inches (standard)Under 13 inches (micro)
WeightUnder 81.5 poundsUnder 70.5 pounds

Exotic Bully coat colors

The Exotic Bully is available in numerous colors and designs, including chocolate, black, white, brown, brindle, and tri-color. 

Tri Color Exotic Bully 

The Exotic Tri Bully has three different colors on its coat. These are the most expensive Exotic Bullies, and their price is usually in the range of $10,000 to $20,000. A Chocolate Tri Exotic Bully, for example, can cost about $15,000.

Blue Exotic Bully

A blue Exotic Bully’s coat is a result of a rare genetic mutation. Blue Legacy Exotic Bullies has some exquisite blue Exotic Bullies for sale on their website.

Merle Exotic Bully

The merle color is not desirable for many dog breeds, and we see a similar trend in the Exotic Merle Bully. Some registries allow them while some don’t.

Which Bully registries recognize the Exotic Bully? 

The Exotic Bully doesn’t hold AKC or UKC recognition, but registries worldwide accept these dogs. Four biggest registries that recognize the Exotic Bully are:

1. US Bully Registry

The USBR started registering Exotic Bullies in 2013 and has since set a breed standard for these dogs. Exotic Bullies who fulfill these standards are called Clean Exotic Bullies.

2. International Breed Certificate

The IBC recognizes Exotic Bullies as a new type of the American Bully but with more Bulldog-like features. 

3. American Bully Register

The American Bully Register recognizes the Exotic Bully as a subtype of the American Bully with exaggerated features.

4. International Bully Coalition 

They were the first registry to recognize the Exotic Bully and set breed standards for them.

Exotic Bully History 

Exotic Bullies carry mixed traits of various Bully dogs, including the American Bully, the Olde English Bulldogge, the French Bulldog, and the English Bulldog. That’s because these breeds were responsible for producing the Exotic Bully.

Back in the late 2000s, these dogs were just American Bullies that didn’t fit the breed standard. However, that didn’t stop these dogs from becoming a hit with canine enthusiasts.

Breeders rebranded them as Exotic Bullies to market them better. This rebrand worked, and their prices skyrocketed after that.

Over time, different Bully kennel clubs began identifying them as a breed separate from the American Bully, and they set breed standards for these dogs.

Exotic Bully temperament 

Exotic Bullies are easy to socialize with and get along with other dogs well. With humans, they’re friendly and affectionate. These dogs have no violent tendencies despite their scary appearance. They love getting hugs and cuddles and make excellent lap dogs too.

Are Exotic Bully great family dogs?

Exotic Bullies don’t have any temperamental qualities that make them unsuitable for families. However, they are delicate dogs and suffer from multiple illnesses.

Their sensitive bodies and shorter lifespan make them unsuitable for a house with kids.

Exotic Bully training

Training an Exotic Bully is relatively easy, thanks to their eagerness to learn and love for attention. Small and delicate dogs like these need early socialization training to keep them from getting into trouble with other dogs. 

Exotic Bully exercise requirement

Exercising is vital to these dogs as they already weigh a lot, and you wouldn’t want them putting on any excess weight.

However, they don’t need too much activity as they have breathing difficulties and can overheat quickly. Stick to half-hour-a-day walks. 

Exotic Bully grooming and cleaning

Grooming and cleaning your Exotic Bully is easy since these dogs have short fur and compact bodies.

Brushing them weekly is enough to keep loose hair away.

Don’t go overboard with bathing, as these dogs have sensitive skins. Washing them too often can put them at risk of skin issues.

Is an Exotic Bully hypoallergenic?

No, Exotic Bullies are not hypoallergenic. Despite minimal shedding and short fur, these dogs are not hypoallergenic. Exotic Bullies shed enough to trouble people with dog allergies.

Plus, their hair also carries dead bits of skin, or dander, which can annoy people allergic to dogs.

Exotic Bully food and diet

The best food for Exotic Bullies would be something that has low fat and lots of protein. It’s best to consult your vet about what to feed a Exotic Bully since these dogs are sensitive and generally unhealthy.

Exotic Bully common health issues 

Much of the controversy surrounding the Exotic Bully is due to their poor health. These dogs show higher susceptibility for diseases, some of which we’ve listed below.

If you want to know the specific health issues your canine companions are prone to, we highly recommend that you consult with your dog’s breeder or veterinarian.

Your dog’s breeder would be of great help because they should know any potential health issues your pup is susceptible to based on the health of his or her parents.

However, there are times when these two options aren’t possible. If this is the case, you could use a doggy DNA test. I’ve personally used the Embark dog DNA test on my two furry family members.

I prefer this dog DNA test because it provides both breed identification and health detection. When the test results came back two weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised to see how accurate the results for the breed ID were.

Also, the health detection portion allowed me to better understand what health problems my two K9 pals were prone to and how and what I can do to better take care of them.

1. Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a growth defect of the femur and hip joint, causing reduced functionality and pain.

2. Breathing issues

Exotic Bullies have narrow and congested breathing tracts. These dogs suffer from respiratory issues and have trouble regulating body temperature too.

3. Joint problems

Despite their small bodies, these dogs weigh a lot. All this weight takes a toll on their joints. Issues like osteoporosis and arthritis are prevalent among Exotic Bullies. 

4. Short lifespan

Their numerous health problems and questionable breeding practices give them a very short lifespan. These dogs are not ideal for those looking for a long-term canine companion.

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5. Back issues

Extreme breeding practices have caused these dogs to have weak backs. These dogs suffer from spinal irregularities and dysfunctions frequently.

6. Poor thermal regulation

Exotic Bullies tend to overheat pretty quickly and don’t have appropriate thermal regulation capabilities. Their short noses and congested respiratory tracts are the primary reasons.

7. Ocular problems

These dogs are prone to having malformed and defective eyes. They have a propensity for developing various ocular diseases that can severely impede their eyesight.

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Exotic Bully lifespan 

You’d be disappointed to learn the answer to “how long do Exotic Bullies live?” as these dogs have a very short lifespan.

The Exotic American Bully lifespan is usually 5 to 7 years. The micro Exotic Bully lifespan is even lower. According to various reports, the average micro Bully lifespan is under 5 years.

Exotic Bully price 

The question “How much do Exotic Bullies cost?” must’ve crossed your mind.

The Exotic Bully dog price depends on their coat color and their adherence to breed standards. 

Exotic Bulldog price 

An Exotic Bulldog would have a distinct Bulldog-like appearance while sticking to Exotic Bully standards. The typical price range for these dogs is $2,000 to $10,000.

Exotic English Bulldog price 

The English Bulldog is the most expensive of all Bulldog breeds. Exotic English Bulldogs go for around $3,000 to $5,500.

Exotic French Bulldog price 

Some Exotic Bullies carry the bat-like ears of the Frenchie. You can find them for $3,500 or more, depending on their coat color.

Exotic American Bully price 

While the average American Bully Exotic price falls within the $2,000 to $5,000 price bracket, these dogs can go for as high as $15,000 to $20,000 if their coat color is unique.

American Bully Micro Exotic price 

Micro Exotic American Bully is the most expensive Exotic Bully category, often selling for as high as $45,000.

Exotic Bully breeders 

While we know that the Exotic Bully is a mixture of the American Bully with other Bully dog breeds, the answer to “how to create a Exotic Bully?” isn’t very straightforward.

Ever since the Exotic Bully became a trending dog breed, several Exotic American Bully breeders have developed their versions of the Exotic Bully.

If you’re wondering, “where to find top Exotic Bully breeders near me?” we’ll get to that in a bit.

Places to Find Exotic Bully Puppies for Sale or Adoption

If you’re thinking, “where can I find Exotic Bully puppies for sale near me,” here are three places to find Exotic Bully Pitbull puppies for sale.

  1. Toadline Exotic Bully (toadline.com): here, you can find micro Exotic Bully puppies for sale at attractive prices.
  2. Texas-size Bully: check them out if you’re looking for Exotic Bully puppies for sale in Texas. You’d also find some adorable Exotic Micro Bully puppies for sale here.
  3. Blue Legacy Exotic Bullies: This is the place for those looking for Exotic Bully puppies for sale in California.

For those wanting or willing to adopt, we suggest checking these out:

  1. DBUR (or the Don’t Bully Us Rescue)
  2. Fresno Bully Rescue

Exotic Bully for sale 

The Exotic Bully is controversial, with many calling it “deformed Exotic Bully” due to its appearance.

But if you’re thinking, “where can I find Exotic Bullies for sale near me?” then check out the following places with Exotic Bully Pitbulls for sale:

Exotic Bullies for sale in Houston Texas

You can find some exquisite Exotic Bullies for sale in Texas at TEXAS EXOTIC BULLIES.

Exotic Bullies for sale in North Carolina

Check out Carolina Exotic Bully Camp to find Exotic Bullies for sale in NC.

Exotic Bullies for sale in New Jersey

Just look up Hoobly Exotic Bully or Hoobly NJ Exotic Bully for classified ads about Exotic Bullies.

Exotic Bully for sale in California

Toadline has some beautiful Exotic Bully dogs if you live in California.

Exotic Bullies for sale in Delaware 

Delaware Exotic Bullies have some adorable Exotic Bully pups. You can check their pictures on their Instagram page.

Exotic Bullies for sale Colorado

Head over to Dab City Bullies if you live around the Colorado area.

Exotic Bully for sale UK

The Exotic Bully craze has also reached the British market. You can find some at ExoticBullyUK and AkilaBullyCampK9 on Instagram.

Micro Exotic Bully for sale

Micro Exotic Bullies carry the exact characteristics of Exotic Bullies but with a shorter height. You can find Micro Exotic Bully for sale in California at NWG Bullies. For other places, check out the links we’ve mentioned above.

Exotic pocket Bully for sale 

Are you looking for an Exotic American Bully for sale in pocket size? Check out Blue Legacy Exotic Bullies to find extraordinary Exotic pocket Bully puppies for sale. They also have regular-sized Exotic American Bully puppies for sale in rare coat colors.

Clean Exotic Bully for sale

Clean Exotic Bullies are those that conform to standards set by the USBR. To find them for sale, you can check out Official Bullies and AMERICAN BULLY & EXOTIC BULLY EXPENSIVE TASTE.

Exotic Bully kennels 

There are plenty of Exotic Bully kennels in Texas. But you will also see numerous Exotic Bully kennels in California. That’s why even though there is no official Exotic Bully kennel club yet, you can find Exotic American Bully kennels in many places.

Exotic Bully camp 

There has been an influx of breeders and Bully camps devoted to producing the Exotic Bully. One such breeder is the Carolina Exotic Bully camp. You can check them out on Instagram here.

Is the Exotic Bully right for me?

Even if you like rare and unique pets, we believe the dog’s health should be a top priority. Since the Exotic Bully isn’t the healthiest of dogs, you should go for a breed with better life quality.

With so much information we’ve provided above, we’ll summarize this breed with 11 key takeaways below.

Exotic Bully summary: 11 Key Takeaways

1. Exotic Bully dog was bred to be a type of American Bully

2. Exotic Bully is fairly new and came about in 2008

3. Price range for Exotic Bullies can be as low as $2,000 and as high as $45,000

4. You can find Exotic Bullies in more than 20 official colors 

5. Exotic Bully can come in standard and micro sizes

6. Love a dog with wrinkles? Exotic Bully has more than one layer of wrinkles!

7. Exotic Bully puppies can be unhealthy due to their genetics

8. AKC may not recognize the Exotic Bully breed standard but various other breeding clubs do!

9. Exotic Bully dog is not the same as American Bullies

10. Exotic Bullies are prone to canine obesity and breathing issues

11. Exotic Bully makes for a great canine companion and family pet

Exotic Bully dog was bred to be a type of American Bully

Did you know that the Exotic Bully was initially bred to be a type of the American Bully? American Bully falls into the Pit Bull category and it is a mix of the Bulldog, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Exotic Bully is fairly new and came about in 2008

You read that right! Exotic Bully didn’t exist until 2008. It wasn’t until 2013 (five years later) that the U.S. Bully Registry as well as other various kennel clubs started to recognize the Exotic Bully as its own distinct breed. 

Since Exotic Bully dogs are still considered a new breed, the various kennel clubs have not yet given this dog breed a well-defined standard. 

Many dog enthusiasts became fascinated with the Exotic Bully because it has such an exaggerated Bulldog appearance on such a compressed and tiny body. 

Exotic Bullies have more wrinkles on their faces, their muzzles are flatter and shorter, and they have larger skulls. In addition, you’ll notice that their chests are wider and although their bodies are tiny and compressed, the bodies are still strong and bulky. 

As you can see, Exotic Bully dogs look like a compressed mix of the American Bully, Pitbull, and Bulldog. 

Related Questions

What are Exotic Bullies mixed with?

People have experimented with mixing this dog with other Bully breeds. If you look around, you can find an Exotic Bully mix with French Bulldog or an Exotic Bully English Bulldog mix.

What are some popular Exotic Bully dog names?

Famous names among Exotic Bullies are Mr. Miyagi, Uso, Karate Kid, Golden Boy, Goliath II, Bullseye, Dax, and Freakshow.

Are Exotic Bullies aggressive?

Exotic Bullies are a non-aggressive breed and socialize well with humans and other dogs.

Are Exotic Bullies healthy?

No, Exotic Bullies have several health problems. Exotic Bullies are controversial due to their poor health. They suffer from several congenital illnesses and have a short lifespan.

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