Yorkie Pitbull Mix: Complete Guide

Pitbull Yorkie Mix
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Many of you may be frowning at the thought of crossbreeding a toy breed such as a Yorkshire Terrier with a medium-sized and muscular Pitbull. Hold your breath because yes, these two breeds can be mixed together to produce Pitbull Yorkie or Porkie offspring. 

However, the Pitbull Yorkie Mix is less common than the other designer dog breeds. To date, there is limited information about the Pitbull Yorkie Mix. In fact, it is believed that this cross resulted from accidental breeding, primarily by amateur dog breeders.

Today, you’d be learning more about this unusual and uncommon mixed dog breed, with special attention on the health of the Pitbull Yorkie Mix dogs. The same with Pitbull Chihuahua Mix dogs, it is worth learning how these mixed puppies will turn out to be in terms of temperament, exercise needs as well as physical characteristics.

Table of Contents

Pitbull Yorkie Mix: Breed overview 

Other NamesYorkie Pit, Porkie.
PurityMixed breed
AKC RecognitionNot recognized
SizeModerate to High
Weight9¼-73½ pounds
Height9-17 inches
Coat ColorsTan, Grey-black, Brown
Child FriendlinessLow
Canine FriendlinessModerate
Training DifficultyLow
Grooming UpkeepLow
Exercise NeedsModerate
Lifespan12-15 years
Puppy Costs$800 to $1,500

What is a Yorkie Pitbull Mix? 

A Yorkie Pitbull Mix is a Pitbull mixed with a Yorkie. In other words, it is a cross between the American Pitbull Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier.

Unlike designer breeds that are bred to produce cute dogs, Yorkie Pitbull isn’t of them and neither is it very popular.

However, because the mix can inherit some of the best features from its parent breeds, some tend to like this mixed canine breed and prefer it as a pet.

Yorkie & Pitbull Mix: Parent breeds 

The American Pitbull and the Yorkshire Terrier are parent breeds of the Pitbull Yorkie Mix breed. Both are popular dogs with history dating back to the 19th century.

While one is known for its courage and fearlessness, the other is mistakenly known for its aggressive nature and sad history.

Let’s discuss the history of both the parent breeds in detail.

Yorkie history

Yorkie and Pitbull Mix
History of Yorkie dogs

Dating back to the 1800’s, the Yorkshire Terrier, also known as “Yorkie” is named after the two northern counties: Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Some Scottish weaves bred the Yorkshire Terrier and brought it to England so they can act as herding and hunting companions, due to their fearless nature. 

Yorkies were also used as communication dogs during the Second World War. Smoky the war dog is still remembered as the first war dog who was awarded eight battles stars. She also saved her owner’s life once during the war.

Today, Yorkies are loved for their feisty and loving nature.

Due to their small size, Yorkies were also used as exterminators in coal mines and textile mills after the Industrial Revolution. They would chase the vermin and rodents that would stay between the machines.

In 1886, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized Yorkie as a breed and since then, the Yorkie breed rose to popularity. 

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Pitbull history

Yorkie Pitbull Mix pictures
History of Pitbulls

Unlike Yorkies, Pitbulls have a sad history that dates back to the 19th century.

In England, Englishmen took an interest in breeding Pitbull from Old English Bulldogs and other terriers to take part in blood sports.

Blood sports was a type of sports popular among the English nobility where they would unleash Pitbulls in a field full of angry bulls who would chase them around until the dogs would collapse.

After the Cruelty to Animals Act was passed in 1835, the sport was banned and Pitbulls became guardian dogs. 

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Pitbull vs Yorkie

The main difference between Pitbull and Yorkie is that Pitbull is a large, muscular dog with short hair, while Yorkie is a smaller dog with long and silky hair.

There are also other differences between the two, such that the Pitbull is very energetic by nature and requires a lot of playtime and exercise, while the Yorkie can do well without intense play.

Various Pitbull breeds mixed with Yorkie 

A Pitbull Yorkie Mix is a cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier. However, there are also other types of Pitbulls that breeders can use to cross with Yorkies. These are:

  1. American Bully
  2. American Staffordshire Terrier
  3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  4. American Bulldog

American Bully

American Bully is considered a new breed first developed during the ‘80s and 90’s. It isn’t recognized by the AKC but was recognized by United Kennel Club in 2013.

American Bullies are compact and broad in their build. Their coat is short and smooth and they weigh around 65 to 85 pounds with height ranging from 13 to 20 inches.

They are known for their affectionate and gentle temperament, and their athletic quality.

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American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier was initially bred in North America in the late 19th century. Because it wasn’t used as a fighting dog, it is more of a mellow dog.

These dogs weigh 50 to 80 pounds and their height can be anywhere between 17 to 19 inches. They also have a short coat that can have different colors, such as brown, black, red, liver, fawn.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are extremely loyal dogs even though their roots go back to the dogfighting days.

However, with their owners, they tend to be very affectionate and loving. They have a muscular build due to which they weigh from 24 to 38 pounds.

American Bulldog

American Bulldog was developed early in the 17th century for bloodsports as well. Later on, they were used to work on farms and now they can be seen as affectionate dogs who can be protective of their families.

Due to their deep chest and stocky build, they weigh around 60 to 120 pounds, with height ranging from 20 to 28 inches.

All four of these Pitbull breeds can be used to cross with a Yorkie. Let’s discuss these crossbreeds in more details below.

Yorkie Bully Mix

Yorkie Bully mix is a cross between the Bully dog and the Yorkshire Terrier.

There are 18 Bully dog breeds that the Yorkie can cross with. Among these are the American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boston Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Pug. 

Yorkie Bulldog Mix

Yorkie Bulldog mix is a cross between the American Bulldog and the Yorkshire Terrier.

It is a larger dog than the Yorkie Bully due to the large size of the American Bulldog.

The Yorkie Bulldog mix inherits a range of qualities from its parent breeds, such as being protective, easily trainable, and acting as guard dogs.

American Bully Yorkie Mix 

American Bully Yorkie Mix is a cross between the American Bully and the Yorkshire Terrier.

Due to the broad and compact build of American Bully and the small size of Yorkies, American Bully Yorkie mix can be a medium-sized dog.

It is very loyal as its parent breeds are, and has a gentle temperament.

American Staffordshire Pitbull Yorkie Mix

This dog is a cross between the American Staffordshire Pitbull Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier.

Also known as Porkie, this dog is not very popular and isn’t bred intentionally, but rather by accident.

Porkies can also easily inherit diseases from their parents that can lead to health complications later in their life. 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Yorkie Mix

This dog is a cross between the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier.

Because the former parent breed is small in size, short, heavy, the resulting mix is a small-sized dog that can be sweet in nature.

These dogs are great with children and very loyal companions.

Pitbull & Yorkie Mix physical appearance 

Now that we have discussed their history and types of Pitbull breeds, you might be wondering, “What does a Yorkie Pitbull Mix look like?”

The Pitbull Mix Yorkie takes after both its parent breeds.

There can be various possibilities regarding the different physical characteristics of your Pitbull and Yorkie Mix.

Due to the small size of Yorkie, the crossbreed would be small too, with height somewhere around 20 inches.

Typically, the mix have wiry hair and upright ears

However, its weight can vary according to the most dominant genes.

Yorkie Pitbull Mix size, height, and weight

A Pitbull Yorkie Mix dog is typically a medium sized dog that lies somewhere between the medium size of the Pitbull and the small size of Yorkie.

Its height ranges from 14 inches to 15 inches, with weight from 10 to 70 pounds.

Height15 inches14 inches
Weight20- 70 pounds10 – 50 pounds

Yorkie Pitbull Mix full grown 

A fully grown Pitbull and Yorkie breed mix can weigh up to as much as 73 pounds and can reach anywhere between 9 to 17 inches.

Both the Yorkie and Pitbull need at least one year to fully grow into an adult.

This means your Yorkie Pitbull mix would be fully grown by the time he turns one year old.

Even then, the mix would be known as a young adult up until he reaches four years of age.

From ages four to eight, your Yorkie Pitbull Mix is considered an adult. 

Teacup Yorkie Mixed with Pitbull 

Teacup Yorkie Pitbull Mix is a cross between the Teacup Yorkie and the Pitbull.

Teacup Yorkies are small dogs that can fit into the palm of your hand and are popular for their cuteness. 

This crossbreed is quite uncommon due to the large size difference between the two parent breeds.

However, the resulting mix is also small, cute, and affectionate, albeit at risk of developing various health issues.

Various Pitbull Mix with Yorkie coat colors and types 

Yorkie Mix Pitbull can have different coat types depending on his predominant genes. The two types of coats he can have are:

  • Short and smooth coat, like that of Pitbull, which is easy to groom.
  • Long, silky coat, like that of Yorkie, which requires regular grooming and brushing.

Your Pitbull Yorkie Mix can have a coat that lies between these types. He can have a short coat with thick hair or medium-length coat with wavy hair. 

When it comes to coat colors, the mixed breed can have a variety of them as well depending on his parent breeds.

A Pitbull’s coat can be red, fawn, red brindle, fawn brindle, brown, black, black brindle, fawn sable brindle, blue, blue brindle, seal, blue fawn, buckskin, or tricolor.

Some non-standard colors include black and tan, white, merle, liver brindle, liver, albino. 

On the other hand, a Yorkshire Terrier can sport blue and tan, black and tan, blue and gold, and black and gold color combinations.

There is also what is known as Parti Yorkies that have a unique color combination of tan, black, and white. Other non-recognized colors include black, golden, chocolate, and red-legs. 

Therefore, the Pitbull Yorkie Mix can have a number of color combinations. The most common of them being brown, white, and black.

Other colors include brindle and sable. Brindle is a striped pattern, while sable is a pattern that includes black-tipped hairs with a different colored base.

Pitbull and Yorkie Mix temperament and personality

Yorkie Mixed with a Pitbull is a very affectionate and energetic dogs.

Pitbulls are known to be determined and strong while Yorkshire Terriers are known for their courage and intelligence.

As a result, the Pitbull and Yorkie Mix is a fiercely loyal, loving, playful, and lively canine companion that might need constant socialization and training to develop good habits.

Are Pit Yorkies aggressive? 

Pit Yorkies are not aggressive dogs.

However, both their parent breeds are energetic, bold, and fearless.

Thus, Pit Yorkies might only show aggression if they aren’t raised or socialized properly from the start with other dogs and people.

Also, if they are left alone for long periods of time, they can easily resort to aggression to show their separation anxiety. 

Handy Hint: If your Pit Yorkies has separation anxiety every time you leave your home or is an aggressive chewer, don’t worry. One way to help with this is to get them all-natural dog bones or indestructible dog toys. These bones and toys can help them release some of that stress and anxiety as well as help to distract your pups whenever you leave the house.

Because pleasing their owners is also a part of their personality and they will do anything for you if you raise them with love and care.

Regular training should be a part of their routine during puppyhood so they know how to get along with other pets in the house as well as other people.

Is Yorkie and Pitbull Mix a good family dog?

Getting a dog is a personal choice and choosing the right one depends on various factors personal to every family.

A Yorkie and Pitbull Mix is a dog with a high energy drive, prone to separation anxiety, and can be aggressive towards other dogs when not socialized properly.

So, some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before getting a Yorkie Pitbull mix are the following:

  • Will my family be okay living with a hyperactive dog?
  • Can we take our dog with us to places when we are travelling for long periods of time?
  • Are we equipped to handle our dog’s aggression and train him to socialize properly?

These necessary questions will give you the answer to whether Yorkie and Pitbull living together with you is a good idea and whether this mixed dog breed is a good canine companion for you and your family.

Typically, this dog loves companionship and affection and will easily adjust in any family.

He also possess a protective nature, so be wary for any aggressive behavior towards strangers. 

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Pitbull and Yorkie friends 

Although both are different breeds, if you socialize them properly and give them proper training, they can become best friends and develop a strong bond.

For that, you should keep them together only in a controlled environment and reward them whenever they are behaving well with each other.

Lastly, don’t force them to interact with each other. Instead let them do it naturally.

Yorkie Pit Mix ideal living conditions

Before bringing home your Pitbull Yorkie puppies, you need to puppy-proof your home and set up an ideal living condition for them.

Yorkie Pit Mix is an energetic dog and thrives in large yards and large homes.

If you allow your Yorkie Pit Mix to roam freely in your backyard, make sure your yard is fully fenced so your K9 friends are safe and sound.

It’s important to note that some towns and counties have zoning laws that prohibit the installation of physical fences.

If this is the case, don’t worry. A great alternative would be to install a wireless dog fence which will also keep your precious pups safe and contained within your yard.

What’s great about the invisible dog fence is that it is easy to install, cost-efficient, and is highly adaptable to any and all types of terrains, including flat grassy, mountainous, and hilly terrains.

If you do allow your Yorkie and Pit Mix to play outside in your yard during the day, it is a good idea to install an electronic dog door which will allow your pups to head outside and come back into the house whenever they want.

Many K9 owners love the automatic doggy door because it is easy to install and program. You can set curfew hours so this way your furry friends can stay safe indoors at night.

So whether you work from home or at the office, your Yorkie Pit Mix can head outside for some fresh air and come back into the house whenever they’re ready, all on their own.

If you live in a small apartment, getting a Pitbull Yorkie mix might not be ideal since they will need plenty of room to play and run around.

These are also high-maintenance dogs that require regular grooming. If you can’t afford hiring professional groomers for them or don’t have the time to groom them yourself, then you should consider getting a dog that is less high-maintenance. 

Finally, Pitbull Yorkie Mix is a friendly dog and hate to be left alone. Leaving him alone for a large period of time can cause him to develop separation anxiety.

If you rarely spend time in your home, it isn’t the best idea to get a Yorkie Pit Mix.

Yorkie and Pit Mix training

Training your Yorkie and Pit Mix is an essential part of your responsibilities as a dog owner.

Due to their intelligent nature, these dogs are quick to learn and would love it if you keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

To ensure effective training, you should keep these things in mind:

Start training early: You should start training Yorkie Pitbull Mix puppies right after you bring them home. This is because young puppies are still in the development stage and it is easier to teach them good habits in that age.

Reward them for good behavior: Using positive reinforcement is a good way of making the right behaviors stick. You can use treats as rewards after they obey your commands to keep them motivated.

Consistency is key: Your dog will forget all the behaviors and commands he has learned if you aren’t consistent in your training. Try to stick to the same commands everyday so he can learn them and reward him accordingly. Also ensure that all family members are on board with this method and would reinforce it with your dog too.

Try to be patient: Helping your dog learn new behaviors and training them to adjust in your household is not an easy task. It is similar to raising a child. However, this can be a rewarding experience in the long run if you keep training your dog with patience. It will also help develop a stronger bond between you and your dog.

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Yorkie Pitbull exercise requirement

Yorkie and Pitbull Mix puppies are known to be energetic and playful. They are really active, have plenty of stamina, and can only sit still after they burn their excess energy for the day.

For this reason, you should dedicate at least one hour everyday to walk your dog and play with him.

Some examples of games you can play with your dog include agility training, fetch or frisbee, and flyball.

Pitbull Yorkie grooming and cleaning 

Grooming NeedsFrequency
Hair brushing2x a week
Nail trimmingEvery 2-3 weeks or as required
Teeth brushing3x a week
BathingEvery 6-8 weeks
Ear care1x a week
Eye careEveryday

Hair Brushing

You should start brushing your Pitbull and Yorkie Mix puppies shortly after you bring them home to get them used to the grooming.

If your furry family member has a short-haired coat, you can brush it once or twice a week using a soft-bristled brush.

This will get rid of loose hair and keep the coat healthy and shiny.

However, if your dog has a wiry coat, you should brush him four to five times a week using a slicker brush to prevent matting. Trimming the coat every few months is also a good idea to keep it neat.

Nail Trimming

Walking or playing around while sporting long nails can be uncomfortable for any dog.

For this reason, you should trim your dog’s nails before they grow too long. If your dog’s nails make sounds on a hard surface that they walk on, it is time for them to be trimmed.

You can either trim your dog’s nails on your own or get a professional groomer to do it for you.

When trimming them at home, use a nail clipper made specially for dogs or a dog nail grinder which will help you avoid cutting the nail too close to the quick.

Teeth brushing

Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly keeps dental issues at bay, preventing tartar, plaque buildup, and gum disease.

It’s best to get a dog toothbrush and toothpaste specially made for dogs.

Avoid using human toothpaste for your dog because the chemicals within them can be harmful.

Brush the outer regions of your dog’s teeth as plaque tends to settle there easily.

Try to brush your dog’s teeth at least three times a week, if not regularly. 


You should bathe your dog each month or after 6-8 weeks depending on how dirty he gets. Don’t bathe him too frequently as doing so can strip his coat of natural oils leading to a dull and unhealthy coat.

Use a dog shampoo, especially one that is organic and free from harmful chemicals. Always bathe your dog using lukewarm water. After thoroughly cleaning your dog, use a towel to dry your four-legged friends.

Ear Care

Your dog’s ears can easily trap debris, moisture, and wax. To keep them clean and free from infections, you should clean them once a week.

Use alcohol-free doggie wipes or an ear cleaning solution for the cleaning process. To start, gently clean the inside of the ear and the ear flap. Try not to go too deep as it can hurt your dog’s ears. 

Eye Care

Eyes are the most sensitive part of your dog’s body. You should ensure that they are free from dryness, irritation, and infections.

To do that, use a warm damp cloth to clean the discharge that builds up in the corner of their eyes.

You can also use an eye cleaning solution. Otherwise plain water will do. While cleaning, if you notice swelling, redness, or any abnormal amount of discharge in your dog’s eyes, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible.

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Is a Pit Yorkie Mix hypoallergenic? 

The Yorkie is considered a hypoallergenic dog as it has human-like, fine hair, unlike the normal fur that dogs have.

For this reason, they produce less dander than other dogs. They also don’t have an undercoat that reduces the risk of shedding, which means they don’t produce as much allergens as other breeds.

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On the other hand, the Pitbull is not a hypoallergenic dog although it has a short-haired coat.

This is because Pitbulls have many allergens present in their dander. They also shed their short-haired coats frequently, and they also drool a lot. 

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Now, the cross between the two breeds can give us either a hypoallergenic dog or a non-hypoallergenic one, depending on which genes are dominant in the hybrid dog.

Keep in mind that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic and that some dogs carry fewer allergens than others.

Furthermore, allergic reactions to dander vary from person to person and while they can manifest in some people, they can be nonexistent in others.

If you or anyone in your family is allergic or sensitive to canine allergy, it’s a good idea to place several air purifiers throughout your home. When looking for the best air purifier for your home, look for ones with a HEPA filter.

Do Pitbull Yorkie Mix shed?

Many Pitbull Yorkie mixes take after their Yorkie parent breed and have fine, human-like, silky hair. This makes them low shedding dogs.

However, just because they shed less of their coat doesn’t mean they are hypoallergenic.

Most of the allergens are present in the pet dander and in their saliva that many people can have an allergic reaction to.

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If you find their fur on the sofa, carpet, or hardwood floors annoying, it’s a good idea to use a durable vacuum cleaner that can easily transition between hardwood floors and carpet.

Another great feature to look for when selecting the best vacuum cleaner for your home is to find one with various crevice tools so you can vacuum hard to reach areas.

Pitbull and Yorkie food and diet

Your Pitbull and Yorkie mix should have plenty of protein in its diet. About 1 gram of protein per pound of weight is required daily.

Protein is essential for puppies as it supports growth in the early stages of their lives and allows adult dogs to build their lean muscle mass.

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Fat should be another major contributor to their diet as it helps them absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recommends that canines should have at least 22% protein their diet to support growth and reproduction in lactating female dogs and puppies.

For adult dogs, this requirement can be as little as 18%.

AAFCO also recommends the fat percentages to be 8% for puppies and 5% for lactating females and adult dogs.

To get enough protein and food, your dog’s diet should consist of animal protein, such as real meat, fish, or poultry, animal-based fat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and some digestible carbohydrates like low-starch veggies and whole grains.

Along with this, you can also add some high-quality dog food that contains animal protein and carbohydrates.

Yorkie Pitbull Mix health issues 

Your Yorkie Pitbull mix can inherit diseases from its parent breeds and that can manifest long after you have gotten used to your pet.

To prevent such problems in the future, you can ask your breeder to perform genetic testing on your dog to check if it is at risk of developing any diseases in the future.

This prevents future heartbreak and allows you to take action beforehand and be ready for anything.

Some of the health issues your dog can be predisposed to are listed below.

Paroxysmal Respiration

This is a common condition in dogs also known as reverse sneezing, which means instead of blowing air out as one does in a sneeze, dogs would suck air in.

This also produces a honking sound and can be difficult for your dog to breathe during it. 

Hip Dysplasia

This condition is more common in males and inactive dogs that don’t exercise enough. If you dog has hip dysplasia, he may have difficulty walk. If not treated in time, it can lead to bone infections and arthritis. 

Canine Degenerative Myelopathy

Also known as progressive spinal issue or canine degenerative myelopathy, this disease breaks down the white matter of your dog’s spinal cord that weakens its hind limbs.

In time, this condition often results in paralysis, also affecting the front legs of your dog. 

Elbow Dysplasia

In this condition, the 3 bones of the elbow joint can’t fit together due to abnormalities. This leads to imbalanced weight distribution that results in lameness, pain, and arthritis. 

Luxating Patella

This occurs when your dog’s kneecap moves in and out of place on its own and can be hard to live with. The dog is also now prone to other injuries, joint pain, and arthritis as it ages.

Von Willebrand’s disease

Also known as vWD, Von Willebrand’s disease is a bleeding disorder in which the dog’s blood doesn’t clot easily.

Your dog can be seen frequently bleeding from the nose or gums or from skin bruises.

He can also be prone to excessive bleeding while in surgery. There is no cure for this condition, but proper care can allow your dog to have a normal lifespan.

Eye problems

Your dog can also inherit eye problems, like glaucoma or cataracts that can result in vision loss.

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Yorkie Pit lifespan 

The average lifespan of the Yorkie Pit is 10 to 15 years, although it depends on his diet, overall health, and exercise.

The lifespan of Pitbulls is also 10 to 15 years, while than of Yorkie is 11 to 15 years.

To extend the lifespan of your Yorkie Pit, it’s recommended that you maintain his health, get regular checkups, and provide plenty of exercise. 

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Pit and Yorkie Mix breeders 

If you want to get a Pit and Yorkie mix and are looking for a breeder, you should keep a few things in mind.

First, perform a thorough research about the breeder’s reputation and track record. Ask people who have had experience with them and listen to what they have to say about them.

Read online reviews and learn about the breeding practices the breeder employs. Also, ensure that the breeders perform health tests on their dogs and find out what type of methods they use to socialize the puppies.

Try to visit the breeder in person too and check out the environment in which the puppies live. This will give you a clear idea of whether the breeder is trustworthy, reputable, and takes care of the dogs. 

Can a Yorkie and a Pitbull mate?

No, a Yorkie and a Pitbull cannot be mated together because of the incompatibility in their physique. The only way to produce half Pitbull half Yorkie puppies is through artificial insemination. Otherwise, the health of the Yorkie parent will be compromised. 

Unlike unscrupulous breeders who have no concern about the health of the Yorkies, the opposite is true for responsible breeders.

Breeding these two dogs together means that the female should be the Pitbull and the male will be the Yorkie. This is because a female Yorkie is not physically capable of carrying in her womb bigger puppies, much more giving birth to them.

Pitbull Yorkie Mix puppies

Yorkie Pitbull puppies can have a combination of both its parent breeds physical and personality traits. They are very cute and require a lot of care and attention, just like all puppies.

They can have different colors and patterns and can grow up to either be small-sized dogs or medium-sized.

In order for them to grow to become well-behaved dogs, it is necessary to start training them when they are young or during puppyhood.

Pitbull Yorkie Mix price 

The cost of Pitbull Yorkie Mix depends on different factors, such as the puppy’s age, your country of residence, and the breeder’s reputation.

On average, getting a Pitbull Yorkie mix puppy can cost you anywhere between $500 to $1,000 and that too is just the initial price of buying a puppy.

You will now have to get his bed, food, food and water tray, toys, and treats.

Throughout the year, your pup will need to visit the vet for regular checkups and also spend a substantial amount on grooming your pet.

The total expenses are summarized in the table below.

Type of Expenses Average Cost Find it here:
Food and treats$60 – $120Puppy and dog food
Food and drinking bowls $13 – $30Doggy bowls
Collar and Leash $18 – $25Dog collar
ID tags $5 – $15
Doggie bed $45 – $150Doggy beds
Crate $60 – $100Dog Crate
Chew toys $15 – $30Dog toys
Grooming supplies $25 – $40Grooming Supplies
Veterinary care (deworming, annual vaccinations, and checkups)$100 – $250Canine Dewormer
Total $341 – $760

Yorkie Pitbull Mix for adoption

If you want to adopt a Yorkie Pitbull Mix instead of purchasing one, you can check out the local shelters in your area.

However, this crossbreed isn’t that common so it may be unlikely to find a half Yorkie half Pitbull in your local shelter.

If you don’t find this mix there, you can get in touch with breed specific rescues, such as the following:

  • Luv-A-Bull All Breed Rescue (luvabull.org)
  • Alamo City Pitbull Rescue (alamocitypitbull.org)
  • Yorkie Rescue of America (yorkierescueofamerica.org)
  • Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary (bobbiespitrescue.org)
  • Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Inc.
  • Florida Pitbull Rescue (pitbull.rescueme.org/florida)

Places to find Pitbull Yorkie Mix puppies for sale 

If you’re looking for Pitbull Yorkie mix puppies for sale, there are a number of options available.

The top two reputable breeders to choose from are:

  1. Shake A Paw (shakeapaw.com): This reputable store is located in New Jersey and has 25+ years of experience. It has more than 120 healthy puppies, including crossbreeds. They offer lifetime warranty and deliver pets throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, and the tri-state. Although their prices are quite high, they are very reputable in the business. 
  2. Keystone Puppies (keystonepuppies.com): Keystone Puppies is an online advertising place where many professional breeders have their puppies for sale. They have more than 1000 positive reviews and are well-known for their smooth process from finding your puppy to delivering it to your doorstep.

Finding a healthy Yorkie Pitbull Mix for sale 

Some other reputable breeders that have healthy Yorkie Pitbull Mix dogs for sale include:

  1. Manhattan Puppies and Kittens: Located in New York, Manhattan Puppies and Kittens offer a variety of breeds from purebreds to designer breeds. You can also place a special order for your Yorkie Pitbull mix and they can get it for you.
  2. Pooch Heaven: This is a non-profit, charitable, registered organization that rescues stray dogs and finds homes for them. It is located in Los Angeles by a group of individuals who search for unwanted pets on streets and take them in.
  3. Little Puppies Online (littlepuppiesonline.com): Puppies Online has been around since 2004 and has a large variety of breeds and crossbreeds on their website. You can also apply for a rescue dog on their website using their contact form.

Pitbull Yorkie Terrier Mixes 

We have talked about Pitbull Yorkie Terrier mixes and how they are fearless, affectionate, and loyal pets.

However, Pitbull Yorkie mixes can also be crossed with other breeds to form a different crossbreed altogether, as we’ll discuss below.

Yorkie Poo Pitbull Mix

Yorkie Poo Pitbull Mix is a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Poodle with the Pitbull. There is little information regarding this mix and it is very rare too.

However, the resulting dog would have a combination of characteristics from all three of its parent breeds, such as the intelligence of Yorkie, aggressive nature of the Pitbull, and the curly coat of the Toy Poodle.

Yorkie Chihuahua Pitbull Mix

This mix is a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier, Pitbull, and Chihuahua.

Because both the Yorkie and Chihuahua are small breeds of dogs, the resulting mix would also be a medium- to small-sized dog.

The mix could have a long and silky coat like the Yorkie, the fine-haired coat of the Chihuahua, or the short-haired coat of the Pitbull.

It can have a variety of different colors or patterns depending on which parent breed it takes after the most.

Pitbull Yorkie Mix: Pros and Cons

LoyalPredisposed to health issues
AffectionateNeed large spaces to play
EnergeticCan be difficult to train
Medium to small sizeSeparation anxiety when left alone
FriendlyAggressive with strangers

Is the Yorkie Pitbull Mix right for me? 

If you’re interested in getting a Yorkie Pitbull Mix, you should ask yourself whether you are okay with its pros and cons. 

Because the Yorkie Pitbull Mix is very active, this mixed dog breed won’t be happy in a small apartment and would want you to frequently take him out on walks.

Getting a dog is also a full-time responsibility where you would be required to take him to a vet for regular checkups and keep him groomed and clean. You should think about all these factors before deciding to get this dog.

Related Questions

Can you have a Pitbull and a Yorkie?

Yes, you can. However, you should introduce them properly to each other to ensure that no conflicts arise. Because they are two very different breeds, they would have different grooming requirements, exercise needs, and temperaments.

Are Pit Bull mix dogs aggressive?

It all depends on how the Pitbull parent was bred. If the Pitbull was intentionally bred to fight with other dogs, then Pit Bull mixes can be aggressive towards other animals and people. On the one hand, if the Pitbull parent was bred as a companion dog, chances are, these Pitbull mixes wouldn’t be aggressive. The most important thing to remember is to tame the dominant characteristic of your Pitbull mix through consistent training and early socialization. 

What is the best dog to mix with a Pitbull?

Boxer is considered to be the best dog to mix with Pitbull. The mix is also known as Bull Boxer. Other dogs that can be mixed with Pitbull include Husky, Corgi, German Shepherd, and Beagle.

How big will a Pit Bull Terrier mix get?

A Pit Bull Terrier mix can get 15 to 17 inches tall.

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