Do Pitbulls Shed?

Do Pitbulls Shed
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If you’re thinking about adopting a Pitbull from one of your local shelters or would like to own a loyal furry family member to accompany your babies, you probably want to get a head start and know about their shedding habits first. This article will discuss whether Pitbulls shed, how much Pitbulls shed, and the frequency of Pitbulls’ shedding. 

Do Pitbulls shed? Yes, Pitbulls do shed. Pitbulls shed all year round so Pitbull owners can expect to see a consistent amount of fur around their homes such as on beddings, couches, carpets, floors, and car seats. Pitbulls do have less fur per square inch compared to other dog breeds with single coats.

Do Pitbulls shed a lot?

pitbull coat and pit bull coat
do Pitbulls shed a lot of hair

Pitbulls shed a consistent amount of fur all year round. Pitbulls are generally low to moderate shedders. Since Pitbulls are single coated, they don’t have an undercoat to blow. Pitbulls shed the same amount of fur in the summer as they would in the winter, fall, and spring.

How much do Pitbulls shed?

Pitbulls are single-coated dogs so they don’t have a layered undercoat. Compared to other single-coated dog breeds, Pitbulls actually shed very frequently or all year round. This is why many new Pitbull owners are often surprised when they see fur being left behind around the house every single day such as in the crate, sofa, carpet, flooring, and furniture.  

Compared to other single-coated dogs, Pitbulls shed less because they have less fur per square inch. Sometimes Pitbull owners won’t notice the fur their Pitties left behind because genetically, Pitbulls have very fine and short hair.

Regardless of the frequency of their shedding, it is pretty easy to take care of their coats.

Speaking of their coats, let’s dive right into this one.

Pitbull coats

Let’s compare a single-coated dog such as a Pitbull to a double-coated dog:  

  • A double-coated dog (Golden Retriever) tends to shed heavily at least 2 times a year in order to get rid of the undercoat. 
  • Pitbulls: single-coated dogs that don’t have an undercoat so Pitbull owners won’t need to handle any heavy shedding from their dogs. 

With Pitbulls, the owners can expect a consistent amount of fur left around the carpet, flooring, sofa, and crate all year round.

Pitbull Coat Colors

Did you know that Pitbulls actually come in a variety of different colors? There are Blue Nose Pitbulls, Red Coats, Merle Coats, Brindle Coats, Chocolate, White Coats, and Black.

Some Pitbulls have spotted coats or a Moo Moo pattern. The most popular Pitbull coat colors are Red-Nosed Pitbulls and Blue Nose Pitbulls.  

Depending on the Pitbull coat colors, it can appear that some Pitbulls shed more than others. For instance, White Pitbull with light Pitbull coat colors may appear to shed more than Pitbulls with darker coat colors. 

Many people usually have dark-colored couches, furniture, floorings, and carpets so the lighter fur shows up more. If you have light-colored furniture, carpets, and floorings, say like a white couch or carpet, then it may appear that your Pitbulls with darker coat colors shed more. However, no matter if your Pitbull is light or dark-colored, they both shed consistently year-round.

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Pitbull grooming: How to manage Your Pitbull’s shedding

Although Pitbulls do shed a lot, their coats are pretty short. Pitbulls hardly need any haircut and their coat is simple and easy to maintain.

When do Pitbulls shed?

how often do pitbulls shed
pitbull fur

If you’re wondering, “do Pitbulls shed year round?the answer is yes! Pitbulls shed year-round and shed consistently. Fortunately, with Pitbulls, there’s no major surprise or blown-coat shedding since they are single-coated dog breeds and do not have an undercoat. This means Pitbull owners will see a consistent amount of fur all year round. 

If Pitbulls shed year-round, are they more prone to shed more when there is a change in season? Let’s find out!

Do Pitbulls shed winter coats?

No, Pitbulls have a single coat so there is no Pitbull winter coat to shed. Due to the single coat, they don’t have a seasonal layer of fur to get rid of so you can expect to see a consistent amount of Pitbull fur on your sofa, carpet, flooring, or couch all year round. 

Do Pitbulls shed in the summer?

Similar to the fact that Pitbulls do not have winter coats to shed, they also don’t have summer coats to shed either. Pitbulls have a single coat, which means that they do not have a seasonal coat so Pitbull owners should see the same amount of shedding in the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons.

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How bad do Pitbulls shed?

Since Pitbulls have a single coat, they should shed the same amount of fur all year round. Pitbulls’ shedding isn’t that bad when compared to a double-coated dog that sheds heavily twice a year to get rid of its undercoat.

Do Pitbull terriers shed?

Yes, Pitbull terriers do shed. Pitbull terriers shed consistently throughout the year and Pitbull terrier owners can expect to see the same amount of Pitbull fur on their clothing, furniture, carpet, couch, and around the house year-round.

Do American Pitbull terriers shed?

Yes, American Pitbull terriers do shed. If you own an American Pitbull terrier, expect year-round shedding on your furniture, clothing, couch, and around the house. Since American Pitbull terriers have a single coat, there’s no seasonal coat to shed or an undercoat to shed that would cause a blown-coat shedding. 

Do blue nose Pitbulls shed?

Yes, blue nose Pitbulls do shed. Blue nose Pitbulls have smooth coats that are short and they shed year-round so you will find their fur around your house all seasons. If you allow them on your beds, couch, inside your car, or on your lap, you can expect to see fur there. 

Pitbulls have short fur that is pretty stiff. Sometimes, it can cause fur splinters and get pricked into your skin like a splinter. Pitbull owners may experience pain, infection, or redness that comes with getting fur splinters.  

Due to this, many slick-coated dog owners will have their pooch fur regularly shaved. Pitbulls will still continue to shed if you shave their fur.

Do red nose Pitbulls shed?

Yes, red nose Pitbulls do shed. Red nose Pitbulls shed like other PItbull dogs. You can expect their fur to be on your clothing, bedding, car seat, couch, and throughout your house.

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