9 Best Indestructible Dog Toys (2024 Reviews & Top Picks)

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Do you notice any and all toys you put in front of your dogs somehow always get destroyed? If you’re always looking for a new dog toy every other week, you are not alone. Dogs are naturally predisposed to chewing up every toy they see. It seems the quality of the standard dog toy is too weak for them.

The solution?

Your pup needs a toy that is tough enough to withstand the most aggressive chewers. It’s not easy to go through hundreds of indestructible dog toys, which is why we did – and we’re bringing you the best ones for all budget-types.

We’ve considered the durability, size, safety, affordability, and quality of the dog toys. Please note that even the most indestructible dog toy has its limit. As you may know, aggressive chewers can and will chew through anything you put in front of them.

Based on our review, the ChuckIt! Ultra Ball is our best overall indestructible dog toy. The durable ball has an extra-thick rubber core with a lightweight and buoyant design. The bright color and high-impact bounce of the ball make for a fun game of fetch at any time of the day.


DogLeashPro’s PicksBrandRating
Best Overall – Top PickChuckIt! Ultra Ball4.8
Runner UpKONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy4.7
Best BudgetChuckIt Fetch Ball4.7
Best Indestructible Dog BallJolly Ball Romp n Roll4.5
Best Indestructible Dog FrisbeeWest Paw Frisbee4.4
*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and may change

Our Top Pick: ChuckIt! Ultra Ball

The durability factor of the ChuckIt! Ultra Ball stood out to us. The tough rubber core and sturdy walls of the ball nailed it in our list of indestructible criteria. The design of this ball means it can withstand long hours of play and its high-impact bounce encourages your dog to jump as high as they could.

While the durable Chuck It Ball has a thick textured surface to withstand heavy chewing, it is also soft and gentle on your dog’s teeth and mouth due to its lightweight design. The ChuckIt Ultra Ball is also buoyant so it will float in water. Your pups will love jumping into the pool to fetch the ball.

Playing with your four-legged friends is a great way to bond with them and have fun. The ChuckIt! Ultra Ball has over 30,000 reviews with overwhelmingly positive ratings.

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Key Features:

  • Available in 3 sizes: Medium, X-Large, and XX-Large
  • High-impact bounce entices dogs to play
  • Can float in water due to its lightweight and buoyant design
  • Compatible with Chuckit! ball launcher
  • Perfect for aggressive chewers
  • Textured surface with a thick rubber construction
  • Bright colors allow owners and canine to play and stay engaged
  • Easy to wash

What customers are saying:  


  • If you have aggressive chewers, the Chuck It Ball is a must-have. Some Pitbulls owners said their dogs have yet to destroy the ball.
  • Many pet owners noted that this is the only ball toy their dogs love. Their dogs chew on it like it’s a pacifier and the ball stays perfectly fine.
  • Dog owners said the ChuckIt Ultra Ball is easy to throw, bounces great, floats in water, easy to clean, and super durable.
  • Some owners recommend getting the Chuckit! Ball Launcher to keep your hands clean while giving your dogs a good workout. The launcher is perfect for kids because it keeps their little hands safe.


  • A few customers advised buying the right size ball for your dogs. If you have a large dog, make sure to get a large or extra-large ball and not a medium or small ball.

Our Runner Up Pick: KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

The KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy is our runner-up pick because of its puncture-resistant material. Perfect for power chewers like the Pitbulls or Bulldogs, the KONG Rubber Ball Extreme is one of the most durable and toughest dog balls on the market.

The natural rubber black ball is extremely bouncy and engages your furry friend to play a long game of fetch. It’s a great way to bond with your canine friends while they receive their required daily exercise and interactive play.

Best of all, the black KONG ball is made in the USA.

KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy Key Features:

  • Available in 2 sizes: Small and Medium/Large
  • Medium/Large ball is made for dogs that are 15 to 65 pounds
  • Durable rubber ball is perfect for aggressive chewers
  • Very bouncy and great for a game of fetch
  • Made in the USA

What customers are saying:  


  • The KONG Ball is the king of durability. Pitbulls and American Bulldogs owners said their dogs chew on it for hours and it survived more than a year and is still going strong.
  • Pet owners noticed there are no missing pieces even after their dogs chew on it for hours. The black kong ball slips nicely out of their mouth.
  • Many owners love that this ball is solid rubber. It is larger than a tennis ball yet smaller than a softball.
  • Some owners noted that the ball keeps their dogs occupied for hours.


  • Some owners bought the wrong size ball for their dogs and had to exchange it.

Our Best Budget Pick: ChuckIt Fetch Ball

If you’re on a budget but looking for a durable ball that can withstand aggressive chewing, ChuckIt Fetch Ball is the solution. For an affordable price, you get two balls in a pack.

Made with natural rubber, the ball is designed to bounce high and far. It’s the perfect ball for an outdoor game of fetch that will encourage your canine friends to jump high and run fast. Getting their daily dose of exercise will be easy. You’ll also enjoy this bonding time with them.

Best of all, the bright-colored Chuckit! Fetch Ball is easy to clean. It is resistant to dirt and your dogs’ saliva.

ChuckIt Fetch Ball Key Features:

  • Natural rubber ball designed to bounce high and far
  • Compatible with Chuckit! Ball launcher for less strain on the owner’s arms
  • Durable ball can withstand aggressive chewing
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Bright colors to play at any time of the day
  • Value 2-pack
  • Available in 3 sizes

What customers are saying:  


  • The durable yet light balls are soft enough for their dogs to grasp them.
  • Many owners advise getting a ball launcher to enjoy a longer play session without putting stress on your hand, elbow, or shoulder. It also allows you to pick up the ball without having to bend your back.
  • A lot of dog owners love that the rubber ball is easy to clean. Simply wipe the mud off and continue the play session.
  • The ChuckIt Fetch Ball has little holes to ensure safety so dogs can breathe while having it in their mouth.


  • Some owners didn’t like the little holes in the balls because it prevents the ball from traveling far.*Each owner has their own preferences.

Best Indestructible Dog Ball: Jolly Ball Romp n Roll

If you’re looking for the best indestructible dog ball with an interactive rope, the Jolly Ball Romp n Roll is the one to get. With a rope that pulls back and forth through the ball, your four-legged friends can interact with it whether they’re playing, chewing, or fetching it.

Suitable for medium size dogs, the ball measures 6 inches in diameter. It is made of durable and non-toxic material that can withstand long hours of play. With a high-impact bounce, it will encourage your canines to play.

The Jolly Ball is perfect if you’re playing by the pool because it floats in the water. Your canine friends will enjoy retrieving the ball from the water with the help of the Jolly Ball rope.

Best of all, the Jolly Ball Romp n Roll is made in the USA. The manufacturer, Jolly Pets, provides toys to shelter dogs. They believe all dogs deserve a happy life even while they are waiting for their forever homes.

Jolly Ball Romp n Roll Key Features:

  • Available in 6 colors: Blue, Apple Green, Blueberry, Orange, Purple, Red
  • Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large
  • Medium size ball is perfect for dogs weighing 20 to 60 pounds
  • 6 inches in diameter
  • Will not deflate when punctured
  • Made with durable and non-toxic material
  • Can withstand rough throws, launches, and tugs
  • Great for long hours of play
  • Rope will not come out
  • Floats for water retrieval
  • Made in the USA

What customers are saying:  


  • Many owners love to play tug of war with their canine friends. It’s a great bonding time between them and their canines. The Jolly Ball Romp n Roll allows them to do that.
  • Many dog owners recommend this ball for dogs that love to bite things. The ball has incurred many bite marks, but it still kicks great and bounces high.
  • Pet owners feel at ease knowing the Jolly Ball is made in the USA so their dogs are safe while playing with it.
  • A few owners noted that their dogs have pent-up aggression and this Jolly ball helps to relieve that aggression.


  • The rope is made from soft cotton-type material so it can easily fall apart but the ball itself is impressive.

Best Indestructible Dog Frisbee: West Paw Frisbee

The high-flying aerodynamic design of the West Paw Frisbee encourages your canine friends to play, run, and jump high. It is made of soft, floatable, and pliable rubber material so it is durable yet gentle on your dog’s mouth and teeth. The zogoflex frisbee is also puncture-resistant which makes for a fun game of tug of war.

Featuring a curved edge, the lightweight West Paw zisc is easy to grip and dogs of all ages can easily catch and carry it. For dog owners like yourself, the flexible design will be easy on your hands and arms. No more bruises or cuts!

Best of all, the West Paw zisc can act as a water or food bowl. In-between play, it’s important to keep your four-legged pups hydrated. Simply flip the frisbee over and pour water or food into it. The West Paw frisbee is dishwasher safe, recyclable, latex-free, and non-toxic.

Your canine friends will get their daily exercise and fresh air. You’ll enjoy this bonding time with them. It’s a win-win.

West Paw Frisbee Zogoflex Zisc Key Features:

  • Available in small and large sizes
  • Available in 5 colors: Tangerine, Ruby, Granny Smith, Glow, Aqua Blue
  • High flying aerodynamic dog frisbee
  • Great for all ages
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recyclable, latex-free, and non-toxic
  • Made in the USA

What customers are saying:  


  • Many pet owners said the West Paw frisbee is tough enough to retain its shape after months of play and use.
  • The West Paw zisc is great for all seasons. In the winter, the frisbee doesn’t freeze or crack. The bright color of the frisbee helps when their dogs are playing fetch in the snow.
  • The high-flying aerodynamic zogoflex frisbee flies like a bullet but does not cut their dog’s mouth or tongue when they catch it mid-air.
  • Even after the dogs drag the frisbee through a pile of dirt or dig at it, the West Paw frisbee still looks immaculate with no scratches, teeth marks, or tears.
  • Instead of chewing on furniture, many dogs chew on the frisbee instead.


  • Some customers said the frisbee doesn’t fly as far as they had expected. They expect it to fly beyond 100 feet.

Who Should Buy an Indestructible Dog Toy

Owners with dogs that naturally love to play, jump, and fetch toys should buy an indestructible dog toy. It doesn’t matter if it is a ball or a frisbee. The toys are a great way to help them stay mentally and physically active which can alleviate any pent-up aggression and curb future destructive behaviors.

Additionally, if your dogs love to chew or are aggressive chewers, you may want to consider buying an indestructible dog toy for them. It’s natural for them to chew toys because they need to satisfy their primal instincts. Chewing on toys also keeps their teeth and gum healthy.

If you’re tired of replacing dog toys every other week, it’s time to consider getting a durable dog toy. Over the long term, you’ll save both time and money. You’ll also prevent your pup from swallowing or choking on indigestible toy pieces from regular dog toys and getting hit with a high emergency vet bill.

Key Features to Consider

When choosing and selecting an indestructible dog toy for your canine friends, it’s important to consider the following key features.

  • Durable. If you’re looking for indestructible dog toys, they should be durable. The dog toys should be made of tough material, such as natural rubber, double-knitted rope, and tough nylon that can withstand aggressive chewing and rough play, yet gentle on your dogs’ teeth, tongue, and mouth. Indestructible dog toys made of durable materials are specially designed for heavy and aggressive chewers.
  • Types of dog toys. There are different types of indestructible dog toys available to mentally and physically stimulate your canine companions. These dog toys include balls, rings, frisbees, tug toys, and chew toys. Not surprisingly, some indestructible dog toys also make noises or dispense dog treats to further stimulate your dogs’ mind and encourage physical activity. To help you figure out which type of indestructible dog toy will keep your furry friends engaged and entertained, consider their individual personality and needs.
  • Size of toys. Different types of indestructible dog toys also come in a wide range of sizes. However, make sure the size of the dog toy is appropriate for your canine companions. For example, if you have medium to large size dogs, avoid choosing a small ball for them. Small balls for large dogs can be a choking hazard. On one hand, if you have small dogs, it is best to select small dog toys for them. On the other hand, if you have large dogs, it is best to get large dog toys for them.
  • Toy safety. Toy safety is crucial. When your dogs are playing with the toys, you want to feel confident and at ease that the toys are safe for them. Choose indestructible dog toys that are made of safe, latex-free, and non-toxic materials so that the toy won’t pose a threat to your dog’s health. Avoid toys made of materials that your dogs are allergic to. Some indestructible dog toys will receive approval from the FDA, which is a good indicator of the quality of the dog toys.
  • Guarantee. Luckily some manufacturers of indestructible dog toys offer guarantees that their dog toy products won’t be destroyed by aggressive or power chewers. If your furry friends happen to damage, destroy, or chew up the indestructible dog toys, the manufacturer’s guarantee will allow you to replace the toys at no cost.

What is the Best Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers?

The best dog toy for aggressive chewers is one that is made from soft, flexible, and soft materials. The toy should have a curved edge and should not fall apart or get punctured when your dog is chewing on it. It should also be safe for your dog. For instance, some dog balls have holes in them to prevent choking.

It’s important to know which type of chew toy your four-legged friends love to play with. Some dogs prefer toy balls while others prefer frisbees.

Are KONG Dog Toys Indestructible?

Based on our research and close to 10,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews, we feel confident to say that the KONG dog toy, especially the KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy is indestructible. In fact, it is our runner-up pick because it is made with heavy-duty, tough, and durable materials that can withstand power chewers or aggressive chewers like Pitbulls and Bulldogs. It’s also very bouncy for a great game of catch or fetch. For a puncture-resistant ball, we highly recommend the KONG Indestructible Rubber Dog Ball.


What Are Indestructible Dog Toys?

Indestructible dog toys are different from regular dog toys in that they are designed and made to withstand aggressive and power chewers. Please note that there is no dog toy that is exactly 100% indestructible, however, indestructible dog toys are specially designed to withstand aggressive chewing, rough play, and made to be tough enough to be a match for most dogs.

Do Indestructible Dog Toys Have A Guarantee?

Some indestructible dog toy manufacturers will offer a guarantee against damage dog toys. Dog toys with guarantee allow you to replace the damaged toy if your furry pup chews through it. Before you purchase the indestructible dog toy, check the manufacturer’s information to see if the dog toy is backed by a guarantee.

What Materials Are Indestructible Dog Toys Made Of?

Some of the materials that indestructible dog toys are made of includes durable natural rubber, double-knit rope, or nylon.

What If My Dog Swallows Part of an Indestructible Dog Toy?

As soon as you notice that your canine pups have swallowed a part of the indestructible dog toy, try your best to remove any toy pieces you see that is in their mouth or under their tongue. Call your veterinarian immediately for advice or visit the vet to have the veterinarian check that your dogs will be alright.

Other Indestructible Dog Toys We Reviewed

In addition to the top 5 indestructible dog toys listed above, we reviewed 4 other indestructible dog toys based on categories that are also great options for your dogs, whether they are aggressive chewers or simply love to chew, play fetch, or engage in a game of tug of war. Should you want to try the indestructible dog toys we’ve reviewed below, we have included the product information as well as customers’ reviews, both pros and cons, so you can compare and select the best one for your furry friends.

  • Best Indestructible Dog Ball
  • Best Indestructible Dog Frisbee
  • Indestructible Dog Toys for Chewers
  • Indestructible Dog Toys Lifetime Guarantee

Best Indestructible Dog Ball

If you’re looking for another natural rubber ball that is durable, try the Chew King Fetch Balls. Great for a fun game of fetching, the Chew King Ball is 100% safe and non-toxic. There is no chemical smell and the ball bounces very well. It can withstand long hours of play and still retain its shape as well as standing up to tough chewers.

Best of all, the Chew King Ball is designed with a double hole that acts as a safety air vent. This helps to prevent any choking while your canine is chewing it and keeps your puppies’ tongues from getting stuck. The hole in the ball also allows you to tuck treats inside to engage your dogs to sniff and play.

Chew King Fetch Balls Key Features:

  • Available in Pack of 2, Pack of 3, and Pack of 8
  • Pack of 2 comes with 4-inch diameter balls, Pack of 3 comes with 3-inch diameter balls, and Pack of 8 comes in 2.5-inch diameter balls
  • 100% safe, non-toxic, and natural rubber ball great for fetching
  • Able to tuck a treat inside the ball to engage your dogs
  • The double hole in the ball is a safety air vent that keeps pups tongues from getting stuck and avoid choking
  • Retains shape, bounces well and stand up to tough chewers

What customers are saying:  


✅ With almost 4,000 reviews, many dog owners gave this fetch ball overwhelmingly positive ratings. The pet owners love that they can play fetch with their dogs and there are 2 holes in the ball for safety. Best of all, the 2.5-inch diameter ball fits perfectly into the Chuckit! Ball launcher for long extended playtime. The owners don’t have to worry about sore hands or arms the next day.

✅ Many owners noted that the ball is good quality and big enough that they are not a choking hazard for most large dogs.

✅ Dogs and pet owners alike both love how bouncy the balls are. Although they are bouncy, the balls do not have a heavy impact when they hit the floor. The balls are very light, but not thin. They are hollow, but have a good thickness and not very hard. Many reviews said the balls are flexible and they are impressed.

✅ Some owners said these are the best fetch balls they’ve found for their furry friends. Since these balls are light, the owners have an easier time launching the balls for their dogs to catch when they play outdoors.


❌ Please note that the ball is great for the average chewers, but not for heavy aggressive chewers.

Best Indestructible Dog Frisbee

The hydroplane RUFFWEAR Floating Disk is made from abrasion-resistant materials that can withstand a long game of fetch. The foam construction of the frisbee allows it to be gentle on your dogs’ teeth, tongue, and mouth while also maintaining its shape. Your canine friends will love the oversized bright colors of this frisbee because they can easily spot it, whether in the air or in the water. Fortunately, the floating disc is made from buoyant foam, which allows it to float on the water’s surface, making it very easy for your pups to retrieve it.

No matter what season it is, you can play catch with this indestructible dog frisbee. During the summer, your dogs will love fetching the frisbee in the swimming pool or lake. In the winter, your dogs will love running in the snow to catch the frisbee. Again, the bright colors of the frisbee will allow you and your pups to easily spot it even in a mountain of snow.

RUFFWEAR Floating Disk Key Features:

  • Available in 2 color options: Blue Atoll and Sockeye Red
  • Floating frisbee is great for all-season fun
  • Made from buoyant foam allowing it to float on the water’s surface
  • Light yet oversized
  • Bright colors allow you and your dogs to easily spot it
  • Firm frisbee yet gentle on your dogs’ teeth and mouth
  • Long-lasting frisbee made from abrasion-resistant materials

What customers are saying:  


✅ Many dog owners and their dogs love this frisbee because it is one of the most durable yet soft frisbees they’ve found. It’s easy on their dogs’ mouths. They’ve played with the floating disc for a couple of months now and it is still holding up great. There is not a sign of damage.

✅ Many dogs have played tug of war with the frisbee, chewed it, violently shake it, and run around with it, yet the frisbee is still in good condition. Pet owners said this toy has held up to everything their dogs have thrown at it so far and they are impressed with it.

✅ If you have more than one dog, they will happily play tug of war with it. One pet owner said one of the discs is now three years old and another one is six months old. These long-lasting frisbees have been able to withstand the strengths of large dogs.

✅ The disc flies very well and they don’t hurt the dogs even if they catch the frisbee full-on.


❌ A few owners said this frisbee is good for a short-range game or in an open field, but doesn’t travel far enough distance as they had expected.

Indestructible Dog Toys for Chewers

If you’re looking for an interactive chew toy that is designed to be extremely durable and enjoyable, we recommend the Goughnuts Guaranteed Indestructible Dog Toy. Made of tough Pro 50 rubber, the same rubber astronauts use, the Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy can withstand aggressive chewers from medium and large dogs. Yet it is also gentle enough so your dogs can enjoy catching it and chewing it. Many pet owners love this indestructible chew toy because of its safety features. First, there are grooves on the ball to allow increased airflow for your dogs’ safety. Second, the tough construction of the ball discourages your dogs from ingesting the toy. You won’t have to worry about the risk of your canine friends ingesting the toy.

At 3-inch in diameter, the rubber ball is great for all medium and large dogs as well as aggressive chewers. You’ll enjoy not having to replace your dogs’ toy every week or every other week since this chew toy is both durable and safe. Chewing on this durable rubber ball may even curb their bad chewing behaviors around the house. You won’t need to worry about having your furniture or household items destroyed anymore.

Best of all, the Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy is veterinarian recommended due to its safety and satisfying your dogs’ chewing behavior. The long-lasting chew ball is guaranteed for life. The manufacturer, Goughnuts, stands by their durable dog toys that is designed and made in the USA . If your canine friends do happen to damage the toy, no worries at all! You can simply return it to Goughnuts for a replacement.

Goughnuts Guaranteed Indestructible Dog Toy Key Features:

  • Available in 6 color options: Black 50 toughest ball, Green ball, Red ball, Black ball, Orange ball, and Yellow ball
  • For medium and large dogs from 30-70 pounds
  • The durable interactive chewing ball is 3″ in diameter and made of Pro 50 rubber, the same rubber astronauts use, making it 20% harder 
  • Safety: grooves on the ball improve airflow and easy breathing
  • Lifetime guarantee – if your dogs damage the toy, return it to Goughnuts for a replacement
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Designed and made in the USA
  • Does not float – please try not to play with it near the water

What customers are saying:  


✅ This interactive chew ball is Pitbull and bulldogs approved. Owners with American Bulldogs wrote that their canine chew the living life out of the ball, yet the ball has not yet shown any dent or marks on it. The pet owners also noted that the ball is not only soft on their dogs’ mouths and teeth but also has proved to be indestructible. They said the toy is worth every cent.

✅ In the past, many dog toys were damaged or destroyed within days. With this durable ball, their dogs can’t seem to destroy it. Their dogs love to fetch and chew on the ball for hours and the pet owners are impressed that weeks later, the ball still looks great. There’s not even a single mark on it.

✅ Dog owners of Pit Mix said their dogs have met their match. They said this is a magical ball and they’re baffled by it. Not only do the pet owners love this, but their dogs love it as well. They noted that this is the best call money can buy.

✅ The ball has an excellent bounce which engages their dogs to play fetch with it. Both owners and their dogs have play fetch every day with this ball and even though they end the session with their dogs obsessively chewing on the ball, it is still intact. Both owners and the dogs are happy and it is money well spent.


❌ A few customers noted that the ball is super bouncy so be careful or it may end up in your neighbor’s yard.

Indestructible Dog Toys Lifetime Guarantee

If you’re looking for an indestructible dog toy with a lifetime guarantee, look no further than the Monster K9 Ultra Durable Chew Ring. If you have dogs that are aggressive or destructive chewers, try this Monster K9 Chew Ring. Made of a natural rubber compound that is proprietary to Monster K9, the durable material is designed to be strong and indestructible as physically possible. it is engineered to withstand high-energy dogs and super aggressive chewers. The Monster K9 Chew Ring has been put to the ultimate test by thousands of large dogs such as German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Bully’s, and Labs, who are known to be aggressive and destructive chewers. Unsurprisingly, the Monster K9 Ultra Durable Chew Ring has passed the test.

Not only is the Chew Ring durable and indestructible, but also it is verified to be 100% safe and non-toxic. Monster K9 stands behind this statement because a third-party laboratory has also tested and verified the chew toy. The toy is not made of any hard synthetic materials like plastic or nylon so it won’t harm your dogs’ teeth or mouth. You won’t see any scratches on your nice floors and furniture as well!

All the while, the Monster K9 Chew Ring is designed to satisfy your dogs’ primal instincts such as heavy chewing, fetching toys in the yard, or a game of tug of war.

Best of all, the ultra-durable chew ring is made to last. It has proven to outlast other indestructible dog toys. If it doesn’t last as long as you think it should, no worries. A lifetime replacement guarantee is available. The manufacturer, Monster K9 will issue you a full refund or a one-time replacement at any time during the life of the product. You won’t need to pay for any return shipping either. Returns will be simple and hassle-free.

Monster K9 Ultra Durable Chew Ring – Lifetime Replacement Guarantee Key Features:

  • Ultra-durable rubber chew ring great for aggressive and destructive chewers as well as large dogs
  • Great for high-energy dogs: German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Bully’s, Labs, etc.
  • Can withstand long hours of play
  • Verified safe and non-toxic
  • Satisfy your dog’s primal instincts: chewing, fetching, and tug of war
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

What customers are saying:  


✅ Many owners wrote updated reviews. They noted that their German Shepherds and Labradors are obsessive power chewers that can destroy toys within minutes to a week. With this Chew Ring, it has lasted 4 months so far.

✅ Many reviews say they have large dogs and their dogs love to play tug of war with it, catch it in mid-air, and chew it furiously. Yet it still show no sign of wear. The pet owners highly recommend this sturdy black donut toy.

✅ Dog owners say their dogs are extremely aggressive chewers and usually dog toys will last for only a few hours. This Chew Ring toy is still fully intact after using their dogs have chewed on it for several months. Best of all, their dogs love to play with it. Pet owners recommend this toy to other dogs that are aggressive chewers.

✅ Even if you have two aggressive chewers in the house, the Chew Ring can withstand both dogs.

✅ Many reviews noted that customer service is fantastic.


❌ A few customers said they wish their dogs like the toy more. They added that it is not any fault of the toy, but rather their dogs aren’t too interested.