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American Bully XL
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If you’re looking for a lean yet muscular dog with a round wide head, short ears, and a gentle and calm temperament, look no further than the American Bully XL. As the name suggests, the American Bully XL is the largest type of American Bullies with the Pocket Bully being the smallest.

When it comes to the American Bully XL, it’s best not to judge a book by its cover. Underneath their bold mean face and muscular body is a gentle giant that loves to give you tons of kisses and hugs.

If you’re interested in this breed, you’ve come to the right page. Below is a complete guide on everything you need to know about the American Bully XL, including health issues, coat colors, and whether they’re great around small children.

We’ve also included a list of breeders, adoption, and rescue centers near the bottom of this guide. Let’s begin!

Table of Contents

What is an American Bully XL?

American Bully XL female weight
American Bully XL ABKC recognition

An American Bully XL is the biggest and heaviest member of the Pitbull family. This greater size resulted from generations of selective breeding and mixing with Bulldogs and other mastiff breeds over the years. They’re also called Bully Pits, Bully dogs, Bully Pitbulls, and American Bully Pit.

The American Bully XL is one of four types of American Bullies. The other three are the Pocket Bully, the Standard Bully, and the Classic Bully. Unofficial subcategories include the extreme, exotic, micro, and XXL Bully.

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American Bully XL information

The American Bully XL is famous for its monstrous physique more than anything. Despite being gentle, friendly, and sensitive canines, people still associate them with their notorious Pitbull relatives. Although many people have them due to their cuddly personalities, some keep them just for their intimidating looks.

Is the American Bully XL a Pitbull?

No, the American Bully XL is not a Pitbull. The American Bully XL was bred using Pitbulls and American Staffordshire Terriers. Over time, breeders also added American and English Bulldogs to the mix.

Today, these canines are a unique breed with their own name, physical features, and temperamental qualities.

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American Bully XL vs Pitbull

It’s ok if you can’t tell a Pitbull apart from an American Bully XL; many people think of them as the same dog.

Here’s a table to help you understand the distinction between the two breeds.

American Bully XL & American Pit Bull Terrier Similarities

American Bully XL & American Pit Bull Terrier
Purity Purebred
AKC RecognitionNo
FriendlinessFriendly with owner’s family, children, strangers
CoatSmooth, short
Apartment friendlyNo
Weather preferenceWarm

American Bully XL & American Pit Bull Terrier Differences

American Bully XLAmerican Pit Bull Terrier
BuildBrawny, muscularAthletic, toned
PurposeCompanion dogUtility dog
Pet friendlyYesNo
Dog friendlyYesNo
Energy levelLowHigh
Lifespan8-12 years12-15 years

American Bully XL history

The American Bully started as a Pitbull offshoot. Breeders wanted to produce a canine who exhibited the best possible physical traits of the American Pitbull Terrier without their negative characteristics.

The result was the American Bully — a gentle, calm, friendly canine that didn’t have aggression towards other animals. The Bully was far bigger than the American Pit Bull Terrier and had a superbly jacked-up physique.

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American Bully XL vs other American Bully varieties

The American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) recognizes four types of American Bullies:

  • Pocket.
  • Classic.
  • Standard.
  • XL.

However, the distinction only comes into effect once the Bully is older than 1 year. Up until that point, all Bullies are considered Standard Bullies.

Let’s see how the ABKC XL American Bully fares against other American Bully types.

American Bully XL

XL American Bullies are known for their signature wide stance, thick bones, muscular physique, large heads, and heavy bodies.

The American Bully XL height can reach 23 inches, and their weight varies. You can measure your American Bully XL puppy weight to get an idea of American Bully XL weight as an adult. 

So, how big do XL American Bullies get?

American Bully XL size

Size groupLargeLarge
Height21-23 inches19-22 inches
Weight80-150 pounds70-130 pounds
Lifespan8-12 years8-12 years
XL American Bully weight, height, and size

American Bully XL standard 

The standard American Bully is a medium-sized canine. In terms of height, they’re similar to the American Pitbull terrier. However, their thicker bones and muscular bodies make them much heavier for their size.

XL American Bully standard size

Size groupMediumMedium
Height17-20 inches16-19 inches
Weight70-85 pounds65-80 pounds
Lifespan8-12 years8-12 years

American Bully XL vs Standard

A full-grown American Bully XL is pretty similar to a standard American Bully, and the only major dissimilarity is their weight and height. 

American Bully XL & American Bully Standard Similarities

American Bully XL & American Bully Standard
Purity Purebred
AKC RecognitionNo
BuildBrawny, muscular
Apartment friendlyNo
Weather preferenceWarm
Energy levelLow
Lifespan8-12 years

American Bully XL & American Bully Standard Differences

American Bully XLAmerican Bully Standard
Size groupLargeMedium
Weight80-150 pounds65-85 pounds
Height19-23 inches16-20 inches
American Bully Standard vs XL

American Bully XL Classic

The Classic American Bully is a modest version of the American Bully XL. They’re shorter, slimmer, and narrower than their XL counterparts. While they don’t have the American Bully XL muscle density and wide head, they still have an athletic build. 

Classic American Bully size

Size groupMediumMedium
Height17-20 inches16-19 inches
Weight44-60 pounds40-55 pounds
Lifespan8-12 years8-12 years

American Bully XL pocket

The Pocket Bully is a much squatter version of the American Bully XL. The head is flat, broad, and large for their bodies. Their jaws are huge, bones are thick and dense, and they have the same muscle definition as their larger variants.

American Pocket Bully size

Size groupMediumSmall-medium
Height14-17 inches13-16 inches
Weight11-22 pounds10-20 pounds
Lifespan10-12 years10-12 years

American Bully XL vs American Bully XXL

Some breeders have taken the XL American Bully size a step further and created the American Bully XXL line. While the American Bully dog XL size maxes out at 23 inches, these Bullies grow taller than 24 inches.

The XXL is not an official Bully size, and the ABKC doesn’t recognize XXL American Bullies.

Why is the American Bully XL so popular?

The American Bully XL has several traits that make him a highly popular dog breed. Here are some prominent reasons for their fame.

  • Appearance: The XL Bully’s imposing dimensions, broad physique, and ripped muscles set them apart from all other canines.
  • Temperament: They don’t have the Pitbull’s aggression towards other animals.
  • Energy: XL American Bullies are laid back compared to the hyperactive Pitbull.
  • Legal freedom: Owning and breeding XL American Bullies is completely legal in most countries, whereas there’s a long list of countries where Pitbulls are banned.
  • Grooming: Grooming the American Bully XL is a breeze despite its huge size.

American Bully XL unique physical appearance

The unique jacked-up appearance of the American Bully XL is a major reason for their fame. Let’s discuss some of their special physical features.

American Bully XL head

The American Bully XL’s head is round, wide, and bigger than most dogs their size. Their ears are short and floppy, but you’ll often see American Bully XL with ears cropped in the USA.

American Bully XL blue eyes

In rare cases, an American Bully XL may have blue eyes. Usually, that results from a pigment-altering gene like merle or albinism.

American Bully XL blue nose

The blue nose results from a rare recessive gene that dilutes the black color in the Bully’s body to milky grey or blue. Aside from the blue nose, these pups also have a bluish shade on their coats. Some even have blue eyes.

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American Bully XL red nose 

Another rare recessive gene turns the black into reddish-brown. Red nose XL American Bullies come in red and other earthy coat colors. They’re more expensive than the blue nose XL American Bullies because of their rarity.

American Bully XL body and legs

The ideal XL Bully body is lean with a prominent muscle definition. Their thick, tree trunk-like limbs help carry their mass. 

American Bully XL various coat colors and patterns

The American Bully XL comes in lovely coat colors, each better than the other. Here are some popular shades they come in.

Black American Bully XL

Few can match the grace, charisma, and appeal of the black XL American Bully. Although you may find an all-black American Bully XL, they usually come in black and white.

White American Bully XL

American Bully size XL
American Bully XL white coat

The American Bully XL white is another highly unique and sought-after coat color. A true white American Bully XL has a black nose and dark eyes. 

American Bully XL Black and White

Black and white is a common American Bully XL color. XL Bullies come in black on white as well as white on black.

Blue American Bully XL

Blue results from a dilution gene that alters the black color. The American Bully XL blue line is a popular blue XL American Bully lineage. These pups also have blue noses. Some even have blue eyes.

American Bully XL blue brindle 

Brindle refers to tiger-like stripes on a fawn or tan coat. These stripes are typically black, but the presence of the blue dilution gene can turn them greyish blue.

American Bully XL blue fawn 

A Blue fawn is a puppy characterized by a greyish fawn coat. These Bullies have blue noses, paw pads, lips, and around the eyes.

American Bully XL fawn 

Fawn resembles a deer’s coat color and is common among XL American Bullies.

Lilac American Bully XL 

An XL American Bully lilac has a diluted chocolate coat and a liver-colored nose. Sometimes, they also carry tan colors, in which case they’re called lilac tri American Bully XL.

Because American Bully XL lilac tri requires two recessive genes to produce this gorgeous color, they’re pretty rare.

Tri American Bully XL 

For an American Bully XL, tricolor is especially unique as it requires a very specific set of genes. The XL tri American Bully has a base color with white and tan on his body.

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Merle American Bully XL

Merle is a coat color characterized by patches of diluted pigment on the base color. In an American Bully XL merle, you’ll notice that it has splotches of blue or red over his white coat. 

Brindle American Bully XL

The brindle pattern comes in other breeds too, but the unique color of an American Bully XL brindle makes it even more striking. Brindle refers to tiger-like stripes on a fawn or tan coat.

American Bully XL brown 

Brown is a common coat color for American Bully XL. These dogs can often be mistaken for chocolate, except their eyes and nose are black and not brown.

American Bully XL temperament

The American Bully XL temperament is opposite to their appearance. The American Bully XL is actually gentle, calm, intelligent, and friendly.

Is American Bully XL a great family dog?

The American Bully XL temperament makes them ideal for the right family. As long as they have plenty of living space, experienced owners, and enough physical and mental exercise, they’ll be well-behaved and happy.

Is American Bully XL good around small children?

Although Bullies are generally great at caring for toddlers, the XL American Bully’s heft makes him unsuitable for small children. These pooches are smart enough and understand that children are delicate; however, their large bodies may cause them to injure your little ones unintentionally.

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Do American Bully XL make great guard dog?

If you have an American Bully XL guard dog, his monstrous size, gigantic jaws, and massive muscles would be enough to scare off most intruders.

But don’t let their fierce looks fool you. They are naturally friendly with strangers and don’t have the bite drive necessary for being good protectors.

American Bully XL ideal living conditions

The ideal living conditions for an American Bully XL would allow them lots of exercise and playtime. They adore dogs, people, and kids who can provide them with outdoor activities like hiking, beach trips, and walks to the park. 

American Bully XL grooming and cleaning

The American Bully XL is a low-maintenance breed. They shed moderately, but regular brushing can reduce excess hair around the house.

When bathing your pup, use a gentle dog-friendly shampoo to prevent skin irritations and help keep both the skin and coat moisturized, shiny, and healthy.

Their ears are prone to wax buildup, so weekly cleanings will help keep infections at bay.

In addition, brushing the teeth of an American Bully XL is essential for maintaining good oral health.

Are American Bully XL hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, the American Bully XL is not a hypoallergenic pet. Although they’re moderate-to-low shedders, they’re not suitable for people with canine allergies. These pups shed dander and drool quite a bit. Both these factors contribute to triggering dog allergies in people.

American Bully XL exercise requirement

Canines with large frames need regular exercise to keep their weight in check. Exercise also strengthens their muscles, so their joints don’t experience excess loads. 

Exercises to do with your American Bully XL include:

Long walks: Long walks should be a part of your American Bully XL’s daily routine.

Backyard games: If you have a backyard, a daily round of fetch will give your American Bully XL a good workout without leaving your home.

Handy Hint: To prevent your fur babies from escaping the backyard and getting lost or getting hit by a car, many homeowners recommend installing a wireless dog fence to keep their K9 friends safe. This is usually the case if you don’t have a physical fence or your county’s zoning law prohibits it.

Swimming: Swimming is best for overweight Bullies as it gives them plenty of exercise without putting pressure on their joints.

Hiking: If you live in a hilly area, hiking would be the perfect exercise for you and your American Bully XL. 

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American Bully XL training

A canine of this size needs to be obedient to you at all times. If they don’t see you as an authority figure, their training won’t be effective.

Here are four points you need to ensure for effective obedience training. 

  1. Avoid punishments. These pups have high pain tolerance, and harsh discipline techniques only confuse them.
  2. Use a reward system. Words of encouragement can make a pup happy, but reward treats can make the experience even better.
  3. Be firm and commanding. Bullies are intelligent canines and won’t listen to an owner who isn’t authoritative and strong with his commands.
  4. Start early. Training works best if you do it during puppyhood.

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Following are some training types most essential for an American Bully XL.

Socialization: Start early with socialization training for these large dogs. Introduce them to different people, pets, places, and sounds from a young age.

Potty training: This should start at around the 4-month mark. After every drink and supper, take your baby Bully out to their designated potty spot. Keep doing that until it becomes a habit.

Crate training: This is a beneficial tool for housebreaking and especially effective for large canines. It helps the Bully stay calm and comfortable in a secure space that you can transport anywhere.

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What to feed American Bully XL?

The ideal American Bully XL diet would be high-quality kibble or meat. They are prone to bloating, so make sure they don’t overeat. Stick with lean proteins, which help dogs maintain their shape and reduce the likelihood of weight gain. It’s best to get an American Bully XL feeding guide from your vet.

American Bully XL common health issues

The American Bully XL enjoys a pretty healthy life; however, no canine is 100% free from diseases. Here are six health issues Bully parents should watch out for. 

1. Allergies

If the XL Bully’s immune response system is too active, they can develop allergies to substances like food, pollen, and dust mites.

2. Bloat

This is when the stomach fills with gas and flips over on itself. This condition is very painful and can be lethal.

3. Hip dysplasia

The hip joint doesn’t fit together properly, which causes the muscles in their hips to stretch and pull the joint apart. Hip dysplasia is especially painful for large canines and can result in loss of functionality.

4. Cherry eye

This develops when a canine’s third eyelid swells like a cherry. The condition is curable, but the Bully may constantly scratch it to make it worse.

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5. Congenital heart defects

This is an irregularity of the heart that can cause congestive heart failure. It’s mostly genetic, but proper nutrition and exercise can keep it under control.

6. Cushing’s disease

Cushing’s disease is when a canine has high cortisol levels in its body for months or longer at a time. 

Veterinary care and vaccinations for your American Bully XL 

When you bring home a baby XL Bully, it’s crucial to follow up with a veterinarian to get their general health checked out. The vet will prescribe your pet’s feeding and vaccination routine and provide additional information to help you raise an American Bully XL.

Vaccinated XL American Bullies are less likely to develop deadly contagious diseases like Parvo, distemper, and rabies.

How to care for your American Bully XL 

The best way to care for your American Bully XL is to feed them a healthy diet in recommended quantities. 

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Avoid engaging them in stressful exercises, but make sure you give them plenty of physical activity. 

Arrange a vet visit at least once a year and take care of their oral and physical hygiene.

Socialize them early to make them comfortable around people and other dogs. 

Only get an American Bully XL if you have experience handling such canines. Remember, there are no bad dogs, only inexperienced owners. It’s your responsibility to make sure your Bully isn’t a danger to himself or anyone else. 

American Bully XL lifespan

The XL American Bullies have an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years.

XL American Bully breeders

You can find plenty of results if you search for American Bully XL breeders near me; however, not all of them are worth your money. A reliable breeder has the following qualities:

  • They provide health guarantees
  • They answer your questions clearly
  • They welcome you to visit their facility
  • They prefer health over color or size

American Bully XL breeders Ohio

WallStreet Bullys are the best Ohio-based American XL Bully breeders.

XL American Bully breeders Australia 

MVP Bullies breed XL Bullies of the highest standards.

American Bully XL price

The American Bully XL price in USA hovers around the $2,500 to $5,000 mark. However, a  champion American Bully XL cost is much higher. A high-profile breeder’s XL American Bully price can be well above $10,000.

XL American Bully kennels 

Are you looking for an American Bully XL kennel? These four are the best. 

  • Colby Pitbull Bloodline
  • Kurupt Bloodline
  • Razors Edge
  • Gottiline Pitbulls

Adopting an American Bully XL

Adoption is a wonderful alternative to buying your XL Bully. Many rescues and shelters have XL American Bullies looking for a home. Here are some places for adopting an American Bully XL.

  • New York Bully Crew
  • Bullies and Buddies
  • Amazing Grace Bully Rescue
  • South of the Bully Rescue 
  • Fresno Bully Rescue
  • Bullies in Need

How to breed XL American Bully?

Breeding XL American Bullies is something you do out of the appreciation of the lovely breed and not solely for making money. Here’s how you can get started.

Questions to ask yourself before breeding an American Bully

Do you have the money?

The initial investment includes buying healthy and high-quality XL Bully females, paying for stud service, feeding them, and paying for their medical expenses. And that’s all before you get any puppies to sell.

Do you have the time?

Breeding pups isn’t something you can do as a side gig. You need to have adequate time to spare to start breeding canines. 

Do you have a love for the breed?

We advise against becoming a breeder if you’re solely doing it for the money. Many backyard breeders and puppy mills don’t have the best interest of their puppies in mind and are only in it for money. Don’t be one of those people.

Know Your Bully Bloodlines

If you want to produce healthy and good-looking XL Bullies, you need to pick from the best American Bully XL bloodlines. The following four are your best options:

  • Gottiline
  • Razor’s Edge
  • Kurupt
  • Colby

Let’s discuss two of the most popular Bully bloodlines.


Gottiline is a lineage of American Bullies descended from a Pitbull named the Notorious Juan Gotty. Although they’re called Pitbulls, these canines were one of the first American Bullies. Juan Gotty produced his first offspring in 1997 at West Side Kennels and sired over 900 Bullies in his lifetime.

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Razor’s Edge

The American Bully XL Razor Edge is another famous Pitbull lineage that set the foundation of the American Bully XL breed. Razor’s Edge bloodline was produced using Pitbulls, Staffies, Bulldogs, and Mastiffs.

Pick Your Foundation American Bully XL females

You need a female American Bully XL or two to start a breeding operation. Pick a well-reputed kennel that has an excellent health record. Get young females as their health deteriorates with each heat cycle.

Decide on a Stud

You don’t need to own a male American Bully XL to run a breeding service. Various breeders provide stud services for a nominal fee. Choose a stud belonging to the best bloodline you can afford.

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American Bully XL puppy

The American Bully puppy XL is as adorable as any other pup. Up until they’re one year old, the ABKC considers all pups Standard; however, you can still get a good idea of their adult size.

American Bully XL puppy price

You can find a healthy American Bully XL puppy for $2,500 to $5,000. However, some pedigree XL American Bully pups can cost $10,000 or more.

American Bully XL puppies for sale

XL American Bully puppies for sale California 

Visit Backwood Bullies if you’re looking for XL American Bully puppies for sale in California.

XL American Bully puppies for sale in Ohio 

Visit Ohio’s Wallstreet Bullys for the most exquisite XL Bullies.

XL American Bully puppies for sale Florida 

Florida State Bullys is a family-owned American Bully XL breeding business.

American Bully XL puppies for sale in NJ 

Clutch Kennels provide beautiful and intelligent XL Bully dogs.

XL American Bully puppies for sale in Utah 

Utah Evolutions Kennel breed the biggest and strongest XL American Bullies.

American Bully XL puppies for sale UK 

Find your massive Bully pet at Big Bully Kennels.

American Bully XL for sale

Check out the following places to find the American Bully XL for sale.

Tri XL American Bully for sale 

Looking for tricolored XL Bullies? Check out Renowned Bully Kennels.

American Bully XL merle for sale 

Swag Kennels are the best place to buy Merle XL American Bullies.

Black American Bully XL for sale 

Crumps Bullies have XL American Bullies in beautiful black color.

American Bully XL for sale California 

Backwood Bullies are worth a visit if you want the best Bully Pit.

American Bully XL for sale UK 

Big Bully Kennels specialize in producing large Bullies.

American Bully XL for sale Florida 

If you’re looking for an American Bully XL in Florida, check out Florida State Bullys.

American Bully XL for sale NJ 

New Jersey’s Clutch Kennels have the healthiest XL Bully pups.

American Bully XL for sale Texas 

Outlaw Bullies have been in the breeding business for over four years.

American Bully XL for sale Australia 

MVP Bullies are the finest American Bully XL breeders in Australia.

American Bully XL for sale in Toronto 

Mega Built Bullies specialize in breeding XXL and XL American Bullies.

American Bully XL for sale Ireland 

XL American Bullies Ireland’s Instagram has some of the most exquisite XL Bullies.

Is the American Bully XL right for me?

XL American Bullies are very affectionate and loyal pets. They are intelligent enough to be trained for various roles, but they are not the best choice for guard duty. XL American Bullies are great companions for older children. They do best with an owner who has plenty of experience raising big canines.

The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.