Vizsla Lab Mix: Complete Guide

Vizsla Lab Mix
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Are you looking for a canine companion that is active yet gentle and very affectionate? If yes, you will never go wrong with a Vizla Lab Mix dog. 

It is a cross between two hunting dogs that were bred for specific roles. Vizslas were mainly used in falconry where they help to locate the prey that a falcon has hunted. Labradors, on the other hand, helped fishermen in their haul and also as duck retrievers.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Vizsla Lab Mix including their physical appearance, temperament, health issues, grooming and exercise requirements, dietary needs, and more!

If you decide that the Vizsla Lab Mix is the right dog breed for you, we’ve provided a list of breeders as well as adoption and rescue centers you can reach out to.

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Table of Contents

Vizsla Lab Mix: Breed overview 

Lab Vizsla Mix
Vizslador running on the beach

Nicknamed the Vizslador or the Labrala, the Hungarian Vizsla Lab Mix is an active and affectionate breed that could be a great addition to your family. The Vizla Lab Mix is the offspring of two hunting breeds of almost similar sizes, but with slight differences in temperaments.

Below is a brief overview of the traits you can expect from this breed.

Vizsla Lab Mix info
Other NamesVizlador, Labrala, Vizsla & Lab Mix, Hungarian Vizsla Lab Mix, Vizla Lab Mix
PurposeCompanion dog
AKC RecognitionNo
SizeMedium – Large 
Weight50 – 80 pounds 
Height21 – 25 inches 
Coat ColorsRust, Yellow, Black, Chocolate, Red
Child FriendlinessModerate
Canine FriendlinessModerate
Training DifficultyModerate
Grooming UpkeepLow
Exercise NeedsHigh
Lifespan10 – 14 years 
Puppy Costs $800 – $2,500

What’s a Vizslador?

Vizsla Lab
Vizsla Labrador Mix

Vizslador or Labrador Retriever Vizsla Mix is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Hungarian Vizsla. Hungarian Vizsla Lab Mix, also called the Labrala or Vizslador for short, is a designer dog that blends the gentle disposition of the Labrador with the highly active nature of the Vizsla.

Lab Vizsla Mix: Parent breeds 

The Vizsla Labrador Retriever Mix is a fairly new mix that was probably first bred in the 1980s. Being designer dogs, their physical and temperamental traits will not be uniform. To have an idea of how a Vizslador will turn out, it is useful to learn about their parent breeds.

The Vizsla is a medium-sized sporting breed that is bred for hunting fowl and bird game. Vizslas are energetic and can sometimes be highly strung if not trained properly. They are also affectionate and gentle-mannered showing a great sensitivity.

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds because of their sweet and gentle nature. Labradors are known for their friendliness and easygoing personality which also shows great athleticism and agility.

Labrador Retriever history

Labrador Retrievers descended from the St. John’s water dogs from the eastern Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador. These water dogs were used mainly to retrieve ducks and assist fishermen with their haul.

When English noblemen brought the dogs to Britain, they further refined the water dogs by breeding them with other British hunting dogs to what we know today as the Labradors. 

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Vizsla history

The Vizsla was bred by the Magyar people that settled in what is now Hungary during the 8th century. They are believed to have descended from the Transylvanian hound and the extinct Turkish yellow dog.

The name Vizsla came from the Hungarian word meaning “pointer” because they would use their snouts to point to their quarry. They almost became extinct after the Second World War but was revived as interest in the breed increased.

Vizsla vs Labrador 

The main difference between Vizsla and Labrador is that Vizsla is more energetic and highly strung while Labrador is more calm and easygoing.

Other than that, both the Labrador and the Vizsla are intelligent and were bred for hunting.

Is the Vizsla Lab recognized by AKC?

Unfortunately, the Lab and Vizsla Mix dog is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) since he is a hybrid dog. He can, however, compete in agility, obedience, and rallying events.

Vizsla Lab can also be registered in the Dog Registry of America (DRA) and the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC).

Vizsla Labrador Mix physical appearance

Vizsla chocolate Lab Mix
Vizsla and Lab Mix

The physical appearance of the Vizsla Mix Lab does not stray too far from his parents since both have almost similar looks. Vizsla Mix Lab have muscular bodies that can either be stocky like the Labrador or lean like the Vizsla. They have a deep chest and a strong neck.

They have medium-sized eyes that can be either brown or amber with a look that is friendly but alert.

The Vizsla Labrador Mix’s skull is wide and the ears are thin and V-shaped that hang low to their cheeks. Muzzle is squared and medium-sized but a bit longer than a Vizsla. Upper lips can droop just like a typical hound dog.

Vizsla Lab Mix size, height, and weight

Vizsla Mixed with Lab is a medium to large dog. Upon maturity, they would fall somewhere between 21 and 25 inches in height, and 50 to 80 pounds in weight.

Male Vizsla Lab Mix tend to be larger than females. 

Height Weight
Male22 – 25 inches60 – 80 pounds 
Female 21 – 24 inches 50 – 75 pounds

Vizsla and Lab Mix coat colors and types 

The coat type of the dog Vizsla lab Mix is short or medium in length that is straight and dense. It can either be single or double-coated.

Double-coated Vizsladors usually have slight wavy hairs around their back.

Coat color is typically rusty red. Black, chocolate, and various shades of yellow are also possible.

Black Lab Vizsla Mix 

Vizsla black Lab Mix have a predominately black coat. Black Vizsla Lab Mix would inherit the Labrador’s double coat with a short, dense, and straight overcoat. Vizsla Lab Mix black will also have a soft undercoat that is waterproof and can withstand cold weather

Since Vizslas do not come in black, there is a high probability that a Vizsla and black Lab Mix would also inherit most of the Labrador’s traits.

A black Lab and Vizsla Mix will be calmer and less jumpy but nevertheless possess a friendly and affectionate nature.

Vizsla black Lab Mix puppies are similar in playfulness and energy to most Vizsladors and, in fact, would not reach full mental maturity until the age of 2 to 4 years. 

Vizsla chocolate Lab Mix

Chocolate Lab Vizsla Mix have a predominately dark brown coat. Brown Vizsla Lab Mix also has brown noses and paws.

Eye color of the chocolate Lab and Vizsla Mix can be brown or hazel with the brown ranging from dark to sepia.

Vizsla chocolate Lab Mix puppies might inherit more of the Chocolate Labrador’s physical characteristics.

Vizsla and chocolate Lab Mix can be stockier and would have less of the hound look of Vizslas. As with all Lab Vizsla Mix, the chocolate Lab Mixed with Vizsla is sociable, smart, and shows very little aggressiveness.

A Vizsla mix that can exhibit a degree of aggressive behavior is the chocolate Lab Vizsla Pitbull Mix which is a cross between a chocolate Vizslador and an American Staffordshire Terrier.

Vizsla yellow Lab Mix

Yellow Lab Vizsla Mix has a yellow or light creamy coat. A yellow Labrador can have a range of yellow shades from off-white to butter yellow and gold, so the Vizsla and yellow Lab Mix will also have different varieties of shades.

It is typical to see lighter coloration around the neck and shoulders of a yellow Lab and Vizsla Mix. Coat of a yellow Lab Mix with Vizsla can be single or double-coated.

Red Vizsla Lab Mix

The most common of the Vizslador mix is the Red Lab Vizsla Mix which has an overall golden red coat.

Light shadings around the neck and shoulders are possible and also small white markings on the chest and toes.

Wirehaired Vizsla Lab Mix

Wirehaired Vizsla Lab Mix dogs are a cross of the Labrador and the Wirehaired Vizsla, a cousin of the short-haired Vizsla.

They are double-coated with a wiry outer coat and a dense undercoat. 

Vizsla Lab Mix temperament and personality

Vizsla Lab Mix personality is very affectionate that loves the company of their family and also other people.

Vizsla Lab Mix does tend to be clingy and very dependent on their owners making them prone to separation anxiety

Vizsla Lab Mix characteristics

Lab Vizsla Mix is an active breed that needs lots of physical exercise. They are highly strung or jumpy, so it’s necessary to train them at a young age to curb this behavior.

Do Retriever Vizsla Mix make great family pets? 

Yes, Labs Mixed with Vizsla are a great addition to any family. Retriever Vizsla Mix are great for those that love outdoor activities and are very active.

Viszla Lab Mix are very playful and remain so until they are 4 years of age, which makes them ideal for older kids. 

Are Viszla Lab Mix affectionate dogs? 

Yes, Vizsla Lab Mix dogs are very affectionate due to both their Vizsla and Labrador heritage.

Labradors are known to get easily attached to their owners, and Vizslas are notorious for being “velcro” dogs that like to be cuddled and would follow their owners 24/7 if they have a choice. 

Labrador Vizsla Mix training

Due to the Vizsla heritage, a Labrador Vizsla Mix may have the tendency to jump on you when he gets overly excited.

However, Labrador Vizsla Mix are highly intelligent and can be easily trained as long as you start them young. They can mature slower than other breeds, so consistency and patience are important.

Vizsla & Lab Mix can be trained as early as 8 weeks old with basic commands and potty training. Keep sessions short for about 10 minutes to keep them calm and receptive to learning. 

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Vizsla Lab Mix dog exercise requirement

Vizsla Lab Mix dogs need at least 60 to 90 minutes of daily exercise. They are very agile and energetic and they need to let off steam physically and mentally to avoid destructive behaviors.

You can split their exercise into two (2) sessions with a walk in the morning and a game of fetch or frisbee in the afternoon. 

When walking your Vizsla Lab Mix, be sure to use either a rope dog leash or a retractable dog leash. The leash will help make sure you’re in full control of your pooch when walking him and that he is walking nicely next to you.

Another way many owners keep their Vizsla Lab active throughout the day is by allowing their pooch to roam freely in their backyard or patio. If you also let your pups roam freely in your yard, make sure the backyard is fully fenced.

You may come across zoning laws that prohibit the installation of fences in your town or county. If this is the case, a great alternative is to install a wireless dog fence which will also keep your canine friends safe.

Also known as the invisible doggy fence, many K9 owners prefer this fence because it is adaptable to any and all types of terrains, whether it be hilly, mountainous, or flat grassy terrain.

Best of all, you’ll no longer need to compromise your beautiful and scenic mountain views in order to keep your four-legged friends safe.

Many pet owners will also get an electronic dog door because they find that the automatic doggy door saves them so much time and energy from frequently opening and closing the door every time their pooch needs to head outside or come back into the house.

What’s great about the electronic dog door is that it is programmable and pet owners can customize curfew hours so their furry friends can enjoy the outdoors during the day while staying safe indoors at night.

Vizsla and Labrador living conditions

Vizsla & Lab Mix can adapt to any type of dwelling whether it be a large house or an apartment as long as they are properly exercised every day.

Lab Vizsla Mix are ideal indoor dogs because they thrive when there is close human companionship. 

Vizsla and Lab grooming and cleaning 

Vizsla and Lab Mixes are low-maintenance dogs that only need to be brushed once or twice weekly depending on whether they are single or double-coated.

Brushing daily or at least twice a week with a slicker brush helps spread the natural oils throughout their skin and coat and this process assists in moisturizing their skin and coat while also reducing matting and tangling.

If you have a Vizsla and Lab that is double-coated, they will shed heavily during the shedding seasons (spring and fall). During these two seasons, you’ll want to use a de-shedding brush to control the amount of shedding in your home.

It is normal for Vizsla and Lab to shed and leave their fur all over your sofa, upholstery, carpet, or hardwood floor. If you find this to be a nuisance, we highly recommend that you invest in a powerful and durable vacuum cleaner.

Here is the one we use with two active dogs at our house. The Miele Vacuum Cleaner does a great job between our hardwood floor and carpet and we’ve been using this for at least 5 years now. We love that there are 6 different suction power settings specific to the surface we need to clean.

Vizsla and Lab also do not need frequent bathing for they are self-cleaning dogs and have little of that “dog smell.” You’ll want to bathe them once a month or whenever they start to smell or get dirty from a long hike.

When bathing your pooch, be sure to use a dog shampoo that is free of preservative, sulfate, and chemicals. A good doggy shampoo is one that cleanses, moisturizes, and keep your K9 friend’s skin and coat healthy and smelling fresh.

For healthy teeth and gums, we recommend using a dog toothpaste that contains an enzymatic formula with a non-foaming agent.

The enzymatic formula in the toothpaste helps to easily break down food particles in the mouth and also minimizes the formation of plaque and tartar. The non-foaming agent ensures that the toothpaste is safe to swallow and without the need to rinse.

Lastly, don’t forget to trim your Lab x Vizsla’s nails. You’ll want to make sure they are short so your pooch can walk comfortably. For a more pleasant nail trimming experience, try using a dog nail grinder that features whisper-quiet motors and a precision diamond drum bit grinder.

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency 
Bathing Once a month.
Brushing Twice a week.
Teeth Brushing Three to four times a week.
Nail Trimming As needed.

Do Lab x Vizsla shed? 

Yes, Lab x Vizsla does shed, especially if they have a double coat like the Labrador. The spring and fall months are usually when they blow out their coats and these two seasons are when the Vizsla Labrador shed the most.

Single-coated Lab Vizsla Mix will not shed as much but they still need to be brushed to avoid any loose hairs around the house.

Is Vizsla Labrador hypoallergenic?

No, Vizsla Labrador are not hypoallergenic. Keep in mind that fur is not the only allergen that can cause canine allergies. Dander and dried saliva, which can stick to their loose hairs, may also trigger an allergic reaction.

Vizsla Lab Mix food and diet

Vizsla Lab Mixes need at least 3 to 4 cups of dog food daily. It is recommended that their meals be split into 2 or 3 meals to even out their energy levels throughout the day and avoid low blood sugar issues or bloating. 

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Vizsla Lab Mix health problems 

A Vizsla Lab Mix is undoubtedly a healthy designer dog breed. However, as in all living things, they may also inherit some of the health issues that affect their purebred parents.

As fur parents, you can easily find out what these health problems are through an easy-to-use and very reliable at-home dog DNA testing kit that produces 95 to 99% test result accuracy.

Here are nine (9) of the health problems that can affect a Vizsla Lab Mix:

1. Hip Dysplasia

An orthopedic condition, hip dysplasia affects the hip joints and it’s when the ball and the socket do not grow together. This causes stiffness in the hind legs and pain when moving. 

2. Cancer 

The two (2) types of cancer that are commonly diagnosed among Vizslas are dog lymphoma and canine hemangiosarcoma.

Swollen glands and weight loss are two of the symptoms.

3. Elbow Dysplasia 

The elbow joint  is composed of three (3) bones that should fit together, if not it will result in mobility issues which is the case in elbow dysplasia. 

4. Bloat 

If a Vizsla Lab Mix inherits the deep chest of his Labrador parent, he can also have issues with bloating. This condition is caused by having large meals or engulfing a huge volume of water that causes the stomach to distant and twist. 

5. Epilepsy

This is a neurological disorder that causes epileptic seizures.​​ The cause is still not yet known but it can be linked to a tumor in the brain. 

6. Progressive Retinal Atrophy

A progressive eye disorder that may lead to either partial or complete blindness. Most often, the first sign is the dog’s reluctance to enter unlit rooms because of nighttime blindness.

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7. Sebaceous Adenitis 

A skin disorder that is characterized by hair loss and silver scales on the skin. 

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8. Bleeding Disorders

Vizslas are susceptible to several bleeding disorders such as Von Willebrand’s Disease and Hypofibrinogenemia. The common signs are excessive bleeding after surgery and slow healing of wounds. 

9. Obesity

Both parents of the Vizsla Labrador Mix are prone to obesity. If the dog is not put on a special diet, obesity may lead to diabetes and heart problems. 

Vizsla Lab Mix lifespan

Given the proper care, a Vizsla Lab Mix can live between 10 and 14 years. 

Vizsla Lab Mix breeder

There’s no denying that designer dog breeds are now very popular and because of this, there is also a growing number of dog breeders.

So, how do you know if a breeder is responsible or not? Here are the factors to look for:

  • The presentation of health certificates of the parents should be your top consideration. These are DNA tests and vet-certified health certificates that must be shown by responsible breeders. 
  • Responsible breeders should have the puppies vaccinated and dewormed.
  • Check out the place either in person or virtually. You should see a clean area and the pups should be allowed to move freely.
  • Dog buyers must be allowed to see the parents to check if they are indeed in good health.

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Vizsla Lab Mix puppy

Are you looking for Vizsla Lab Mix puppies near me? If yes, we’d like to give you some pointers on what you should look for in Vizsla Lab Mix puppies. 

  • The Vizsla Lab puppies should have a nice shiny coat. Be sure that there are no signs of skin irritations like skin redness, flaking, and thinning of the coat.
  • The Vizsla and Lab Mix puppies must have clear eyes and noses, meaning, there shouldn’t be any discharge or eye redness.  Also, the ears of the Lab Vizsla Mix puppies must be clean and no foul-smell or excessive discharge
  • Aside from those physical characteristics, check if the Lab Vizsla Retriever Mix puppies are eating and drinking well. 
  • The Vizsla Yellow Lab Mix puppies shouldn’t show any signs of aggressive behaviors to their littermates. Otherwise, these pups may grow up with anxiety or nervousness issues.  

Vizsla Lab Mix price 

The cost of getting a Vizsla Lab Mix is anywhere between $800 and $2,500. Then there are other initial expenses that you have to prepare for which we’ve summarized in the table below:

Type of Initial ExpensesAverage Cost 
Food and water bowls$15 – $30
Collar and a leash $20 – $45
Chew proof dog beds$50 – $180
Crate$100 – $300
Grooming supplies$40 – $80
Food and training treats$70 – $100
Microchipping$35 – $50
Spaying/Neutering$100 – $300
Initial wellness exam$100 – $300
Vaccinations $75 – $150
Deworming $50 – $100
Dog license$10 – $20
Miscellaneous (e.g. training pads)$20
Total cost $680 – $1,700

Vizsla Lab Mix adoption 

You don’t have to buy an expensive dog because adoption is another option to get the puppy of your dream. Here are three (3) Vizsla Lab Mix for adoption centers where you can get your furry friends at a lower price:

New Hope Vizsla Rescue Center ( in Pennsylvania may have a Vizsla Lab Mix dog that is ready to be re-homed to a loving family. 

Midwest Vizsla Rescue ( requests $375 as an adoption fee. You can fill out an adoption application and submit it online.

You can also visit the webpage of Southern California Vizsla Rescue ( to see if they have Vizsla mixed dogs for adoption. 

Vizsla Lab Mix rescue

The Vizsla Rescue Haven ( founded in Oakley, California is a non-profit organization that houses and takes care of Vizsla dogs that are unadoptable or require long-term foster care. 

Places to find Lab Vizsla Mix puppies for sale 

Since a Vizsla Lab Mix is not one of those popular designer dog breeds around, it may take a while before you find Vizsla Lab Mix puppies for sale.

You can try your luck at one of these three (3) sites that could have Lab Vizsla Retriever Mix puppies for sale: 

Greenfield Puppies ( is one of our top recommendations to search for Vizsla Lab Mix puppies for sale. They place a high importance on the health of the pups, thus all breeders are required to conform to all the health guidelines that they set. 

If you are still looking for Vizsla Lab Mix puppies for sale near me, then Puppy Spot ( may be the answer. Each of the breeders that advertise the pups on the website is screened thoroughly. 

The Good Dog ( is another place where you might find Lab Vizsla Retriever Mix puppies for sale. Strict standards are set when it comes to good breeding practices, thus, buyers are assured of good quality dogs. 

Finding a healthy Vizsla Lab Mix for sale 

If you are keen on getting an adult dog, we would like to share with you three (3) trusted sites where you could find Lab Vizsla Mix for sale. 

Crimson Sky Vizslas ( can be found in Florida and could have Vizsla Lab Mixes for sale since they are one of the top producers of champion Vizslas in the USA. 

AKC Marketplace ( is undoubtedly a great place to look for adult Vizsla Lab Mixes for sale. 

Try your luck at Calabri Vizslas ( located in Ontario, Canada. It is a family-owned kennel that promotes a breeding program that protects and preserves the breed.

Vizsla Lab Mix: Pros and Cons 

In a nutshell, here is a table of what you can expect if you decide to get a Vizsla Lab Mix:

Friendly.Moderate shedder.
Affectionate and gentle.Energetic dog that needs vigorous forms of daily exercise.
Smart.Requires patience when it comes to training. 
Polite to houseguests.Has separation problems.
Can co-exist peacefully with other pets.Jumpy if not trained well.
Loves human companionship.Tends to get too clingy. 

Is the Vizsla Lab Mix right for me?

Yes, the Vizsla Lab Mix is the right canine companion if you can devote at least 30 minutes a day to training. If not, a Vizsla Lab may get too over-strung and also too clingy to a fault.

On top of that, this is a designer dog breed that is highly energetic, so a vigorous amount of exercise like running is essential for his well-being. The right owner or family for a Lab Vizsla Mix would be one who is energetic and active.

Mixed dog breeds similar to Vizsla Lab Mix 

There are other Vizsla mixes that you might find just as interesting as Vizsla Lab Mix. Each of them has something unique to offer, so we’ve listed a few of them for you: 

Rhodesian Ridgeback Vizsla Lab Mix

This is a beautiful dog that has a sweet and affectionate personality. On some occasions he can be somewhat aloof to strangers, so early socialization goes a long way. 

Vizsla Pit Lab Mix

A Vizsla Pitbull Lab Mix is an athletic-looking dog that requires a lot of physical activities. A Vizsla Lab Pit Mix can be a good family dog that wouldn’t pass up on a game of fetch. That said, a Vizsla mixed with Lab and Pitbull is ideal for active individuals and families.

Red Fox Lab Vizsla Mix

A Red Fox Lab is a variation of a yellow Labrador that is characterized by dark red coat color. If he is crossbred with a Vizsla Mix, the resulting puppies can have a darker shade of red to rust coat color. He is mild-tempered yet a very energetic mixed dog breed.  

Bernese Mountain dog Mix with Vizsla and Lab

A Bernese Mountain Vizsla and Lab Mix is no doubt a very affectionate dog that loves nothing but to follow his favorite person around. He is very playful and only requires a moderate amount of daily exercise. 

Lab Vizsla Boxer Mix

A Vizsla Boxer Lab Mix is most likely to be an excellent family dog that is energetic yet comical and never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

Vizsla Husky Lab Mix

Aside from being a sporty type of canine buddy, a Vizsla Husky Lab Mix is also sweet and can get along well with other pets in the house. 

Vizsla Lab Hound Mix

If a Vizsla Lab Mix is crossbred with another sporting dog like a Bloodhound, you can expect the offspring to be hyperactive and loves nothing but outdoor adventures with his owners. 

Vizsla Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix

A Redbone Coonhound is a hunting dog. If he is crossbred with a Vizsla Labrador Mix, you can expect the offspring to be outgoing, has a high prey drive, and very loyal. This mixed dog may also tend to bark a lot which makes him a great watchdog. 

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Vizsla Lab shepherd Mix

A designer dog that is a mix of a Vizsla, Labrador, and  German Shepherd. The likelihood that the offspring will turn out to be hardworking, highly trainable, and a loving family dog is very high. 

Vizsla Lab Weim Mix

A Vizsla Weimaraner Lab Mix is most likely to be a super energetic dog who loves a lot of cuddle times with his human family.

Related Questions

How big does a Vizsla Lab Mix get?

A male Vizsla Lab Mix can grow as tall as 25 inches and weigh as much as 80 pounds. A female Vizsla Lab Mix can grow as tall as 24 inches and weigh as much as 75 pounds. As we can see, male Vizsla Lab Mix are slightly larger than female Vizsla Lab Mix.

Do Vizsla Lab Mix bark a lot?

No, Vizsla Lab Mix do not bark a lot especially if they are well-trained and socialized at a young age. The only time they bark a lot is when they sense some impending danger.

What is the best Vizsla Mix?

A Vizsla Weimaraner Mix or Vizmaraner is the best mix because he is a low-shedding dog with an affectionate personality.

What two breeds make a Vizsla?

It is believed that a Vizsla is a product of two (2) ancient breeds known as the endangered Transylvanian Hound and the now extinct Turkish Yellow dog.

Can Vizsla be left alone for 8 hours?

No, a Vizsla is notorious for its separation anxiety. You can leave a Vizsla alone but only for a max of 5 hours. Anything longer than that may result in destructive chewing and in the worst-case scenario, the dog may succumb to depression.

The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.