Golden Retriever Mix Chihuahua: Complete Guide

Golden Retriever Mix Chihuahua
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Ever wonder if it is possible to cross a small dog breed with a large one? In today’s world, it is becoming more and more common for breeders to utilize artificial insemination in the partnering process.

This is what makes it possible for a medium to large breed like the Golden Retriever to be crossed with the tiny Chihuahua. Designer breeds, including the Chihuahua Lab Mix, have become increasingly popular in recent years and breeders are finding ways to cross two purebreds with very different traits.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix including their temperament, physical appearance, health issues, ideal living conditions, exercise and grooming requirements, and dietary needs.

If you’re still interested in the Golden Retriever Mix Chihuahua after reading this, we’ve provided a list of breeders and rescue centers you can reach out to.

Table of Contents

Golden Retriever Mix Chihuahua: Breed overview 

Other NamesGolden Chi dog
PurposeCompanion dog
AKC RecognitionNo
Weight15 – 30 pounds 
Height10 – 16 inches 
Coat ColorsTan, Gold, Fawn, White
Child FriendlinessHigh
Canine FriendlinessModerate
Training DifficultyModerate
Grooming UpkeepModerate
Exercise NeedsModerate to High
Lifespan11 – 12 years
Puppy Costs $2,000 – $3,500

What is a Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix?

Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix
Golden Retriever Mix with Chihuahua

This designer dog breed, also nicknamed the Golden Chi, is a mix of the Golden Retriever and the Chihuahua. Nothing much is known about who was the first to mix the two breeds but it is believed to have originated in North America.

Golden Retriever Mix with Chihuahua: Parent breeds

Since the Golden Chi is not purebred, the physical and temperamental traits will not be uniform. To learn out how this mixed breed will turn out, it is useful to know about the individual parent breeds.

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world. They are famous for their mellow behavior and friendly attitude, as well as, for the thick golden coat that the breed is named after.

Aside from being rated as one of the best companion dogs, they are great as search-and-rescue and guide dogs. They have broad heads with a straight muzzle and kind and intelligent eyes. 

The Chihuahua, standing at a mere 6 to 9 inches, is one of the smallest dog breeds. They are excellent companion dogs as well, but show more feistiness and boldness just like their terrier cousins.

What’s interesting about Chihuahuas is that they can have either an apple head or a deer head with large eyes and erect ears. The coat can either be single or double-coated that can come in many colors and markings.

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Golden Retriever history

The Golden Retriever originated from Scotland in the 1800s when Dudley Marjoribanks, the first Lord Tweedmouth, crossed the Yellow Retriever with the Tweed Water Spaniel, as well as, the Bloodhound and the Irish Setter.

He aimed was to produce a hunting or gundog that could successfully retrieve game birds while at the same time tolerating the harsh, cold and rainy climate of the Scottish Highlands.

Chihuahua history

Chihuahuas are believed to have descended from the small and mute dog called the Techichi. The Techichi was kept by the Toltec people of ancient Mexico during the 9th century.

When the Aztecs conquered the Toltecs, they further cultivated the Techichi into a tinier breed. This small breed became abundant in the Chihuahua region of northwestern Mexico where they got their name.

Chihuahua vs Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Mixed with Chiwawa
Golden Retriever vs Chihuahua

The main difference between Chihuahua and Golden Retriever is that Chihuahua is a small breed with a terrier-like demeanor while Golden Retriever is a medium to large breed that is characterized by a friendly and trustworthy nature.

Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix physical appearance 

Golden Chi
Golden Retriever and Chihuahua Mix

Chihuahua Mix Golden Retriever puppies will look different from each other depending on which parent they take after. Some will look more like the Golden Retriever and some will look more like the Chihuahua.

Typically, their heads will follow a Chihuahua’s which can either be apple-shaped that has a rounded skull and a pointed snout, or deer-shaped which has a sloped head and longer muzzles.

Eyes are rounded with the typical friendly Golden Retriever expression. Ears can either be floppy or erect.

Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix size, height, and weight

How big can Golden Retrievers mixed with a Chihuahua get is a question that is often asked. Since the Chihuahua is a small dog and the Golden Retriever a medium to large dog, you can expect a full grown Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix to be a medium-sized dog.

Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix weight varies from 15 to 30 pounds. Male Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix is slightly larger and heavier than females.

Below is a table of a full-grown Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix:

Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix full grown

Height Weight 
Male10 – 16 inches 18 – 30 pounds 
Female 10 – 14 inches 15 – 20 pounds

Mini Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix

Mini Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix is a mix of the Golden Retriever and the Mini or Teacup Chihuahua which weighs around 3 pounds and stands 6 inches tall. The offspring of this mix can reach a height of 10 inches.

Golden Retriever and Chihuahua Mix coat colors and types 

Golden Retriever mixed with a Chihuahua generally will have a thicker coat compared to a Chihuahua and most will have the wavy golden coat of the Retriever. They are double-coated and depending on the Chihuahua parent, the puppies could either inherit the short-haired or long-haired characteristic of the parent.

Some would have light tan coats while others may have white markings on the neck and legs. 

Since Chihuahuas can vary in colors, it is also possible to have Golden Chi dogs with chocolate or black coat with white or tan markings on the chest and legs. 

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Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix black

Black Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix have a dominant black base coat color. Most likely, the Chihuahua gene will be more dominant in this mix, especially in the physical traits.

That’s because all Golden Retrievers carry a double-recessive gene that prohibits black pigmentation in the hair.

Long haired Golden Chihuahua

Long Haired Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix have a flat or wavy coat with longer hairs along the fringe of the ears. Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix fluffy also has more feathering or ruff around the neck and legs.

Golden Chi temperament and personality

Retriever Chihuahua Mix has the mix of the gentle and obedient nature of the Golden Retriever and the bold and stubborn disposition of the Chihuahua.

Golden Chi puppies will each have their own unique personalities and it is hard to predict how they will turn out. It is possible that they will be more cool-headed than your average Chihuahua, but less docile than a Golden Retriever.

Do Golden Retriever Mixed with Chiwawa make great family pet? 

Chihuahua Retriever dogs are best suited for a family with older children. Since the Chihuahua side can be a bit grumpy and mildly aggressive, it can easily snap when confronted with rowdy children.

Adult supervision is always advised when Golden Retriever mixed with Chiwawa are playing with small children to avoid any accidents. 

It also takes some time for them to warm up to most people, so it is necessary to socialize them early. But, after the initial unwariness, you can bet they will form a strong bond with the family.

The same can be said about their attitude towards other pets. They need to be introduced slowly to avoid any aggression and curb any territorial tendencies.

Are Golden Retriever Mixed with Chihuahua affectionate dogs?

Yes, Golden Retriever mixed with Chihuahua are affectionate dogs. A Golden Retriever mixed with a Chihuahua is very affectionate once they have warmed up to you.

They like being cuddled, stroked, and carried in your arms. They are very trusting of their owner and tend to be attached to one member of the family.

Golden Retriever mixed with Chihuahua love nothing more than to get as close to you as possible by following you around or just sitting and leaning next to you

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Golden Chihuahua training

While the Chihuahua Golden Retriever can inherit the docile and eager-to-please attitude of the Golden Retriever, he can also be stubborn and aggressive just like the Chihuahua. Golden Chihuahua are intelligent but they need to be trained at an early age. 

Potty training should start at around 8 weeks of age, as well as, other basic commands like sit, come, and stay. Use positive reinforcements or reward-based training to motivate them to follow your orders. Be patient and never use harsh words because they are sensitive. 

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Chihuahua Mixed with Golden Retriever exercise requirement

Depending on their age and energy level, Golden Retriever with Chihuahua needs at least 45 minutes to an hour of exercise daily. They are lively but not overly energetic, so daily walks are sufficient.

When walking your Chihuahua mixed with Golden Retriever, be sure to use either a retractable dog leash or a rope dog leash depending on their size and strength.

A good and durable leash should provide your canine companion some space to explore their environment while tethered.

You can also supplement their physical activity with occasional agility exercises. These agility exercise can be done throughout the day in your backyard.

If you have a spacious backyard, make sure it is fully fenced. It’s important to note that some towns and counties have zoning laws that prohibit physical fences. If you’re in this situation, a good alternative would be to install a wireless dog fence, which will also keep your Fidos safe.

In fact, many K9 owners prefer the invisible doggy fence because it is adaptable to any and all types of terrains, including hilly, mountainous, and flat grassy terrains. Best of all, dog owners can enjoy their beautiful scenic mountain views while also keeping their pups safe.

As we can see, Chihuahua mixed with Golden Retriever also love to do things that most Golden Retrievers do. Taking them on a field trip will also satisfy their need to explore and sniff around and swimming is a good exercise that most water-loving Goldens love.

Chihuahua and Golden Retriever Mix living conditions

Chihuahua Mix with Golden Retriever can adapt to any type of dwelling, be it a large house or a small apartment if they are given proper exercise daily.

They can be left alone for about 4 hours. Anything longer than 8 hours is not recommended because this could lead to anxiety and boredom and eventual unwanted or destructive behaviors, like furniture biting.

One way to avoid boredom in dogs is to let your Chihuahua and Golden Retriever Mix play outside during the day, especially if you have a large backyard or patio.

Roaming your backyard, sniffing the grass, catching some sun and fresh air, and running around will keep your Chiwawa Golden Retriever Mix physically and mentally stimulated.

You’ll want to install an electronic dog door to make this possible. What’s great about the automatic doggy door is that it is programmable and K9 owners can set curfew hours. This will allow your pups to enjoy the outdoors during the day while staying safe indoors at night.

Many doggy owners love the electronic doggy door because it saves them so much time and headache from constantly opening or closing the doors every time their Chihuahua and Golden Retriever Mix needs to head out or come back into the house.

So whether you work from home or at the office, your four-legged friends can now head outside, enjoy the fresh air on their own, and come back into the house whenever they want.

Chiwawa Golden Retriever Mix grooming and cleaning 

Fortunately, Chihuahua Mix x Gold Retriever Mix is not a high maintenance breed. Since they are medium-sized dogs and have shorter coats than Golden Retrievers, brushing them once or twice weekly with a is enough to keep their coats in good condition and the dead hairs from spreading all around your home.

Since both Chihuahuas and Golden Retrievers are double-coated dogs, they will shed lightly throughout the year and will shed heavily twice a year in the spring and fall. You’ll want to use a de-shedding tool during the spring and fall to minimize the amount of furs that will stick to your carpet or furniture.

If you don’t like fur flying around your home and sticking on furniture, carpet, or hardwood floor, we highly recommend that you invest in a powerful and durable vacuum cleaner.

The one we use is the Miele Vacuum Cleaner which does a great job on both the carpet and the hardwood floor. We’ve had this durable vacuum cleaner for more than 5 years and it’s been very helpful since we have two active dogs.

When it comes to bathing, it’s not a good idea to bathe your Chiwawa Golden Retriever Mix daily or frequently. That’s because doing so can actually strip the natural oil from their skin and coat and this can lead to skin irritation, redness, dryness, and inflammation.

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If it’s time to bathe your Chiwawa Golden Retriever Mix, we highly recommend using a dog shampoo that contains colloidal oatmeal and organic aloe vera formula. The combination of these two formulas help to keep their skin and coat healthy, moisturized, clean, and smelling great.

Dental hygiene in dogs is also essential. Ideally, you’ll want to clean their teeth daily, however this can be unreasonable especially if you have a busy schedule. It is recommended that you use a dog toothpaste that contains both an enzymatic formula with a non-foaming agent.

The enzymatic formula in the doggy toothpaste helps to break down plaque and bad bacteria, reduce the formation of tartar, and keep the teeth and gum healthy.

Lastly, let’s not forget to trim our pup’s nails before they grow too long. Long nails can affect your dog’s mood, behavior, and walking gait. For a more pleasant nail trimming experience, try using a dog nail grinder that features whisper-quiet motors and a precision diamond drum bit grinder.

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency 
Hair Brushing1 – 2x weekly.
BathingOnce a month.
Nail TrimmingAs needed.
Teeth Brushing3 –  4x weekly.

Do Chihuahua Retriever Mix shed?

Yes, Chihuahua Retriever Mix do shed. Golden Retriever and a Chihuahua Mix shed throughout the year but not as much as the Golden Retriever. Chihuahua Retriever Mix shed more during the fall and spring seasons when they blow their coats.  

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Is Golden Retriever Chihuahua hypoallergenic?

No, Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix breed is not hypoallergenic. Their loose fur can carry dander and dried saliva, both of which can also trigger canine allergic reactions.

Golden Chihuahua Mix food and diet

Depending on their age, size, and activity levels, a Golden Retriever Mixed Chihuahua needs 1 to 2 cups of good quality dog food daily that is split into 2 or 3 meals. When giving doggy treats, you can adjust their daily intake to avoid overeating. Golden Chihuahua Mix are prone to obesity because they have a big appetite.

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Golden Retriever Mix Chihuahua health problems 

One of the goals of crossbreeding two (2) purebred dogs is to reduce the unwanted characteristics, say, for instance, to reduce the amount of shedding and also to produce healthier puppies.

While it is true that designer dogs like Golden Retriever plus Chihuahua Mix dogs are supposedly healthier, they can still have some of the health problems of their purebred parents.

To know what these health issues are, you can easily perform an affordable, reliable, and easy-to-follow at-home dog DNA test on your furry companion.

Here are six (6) of the possible diseases that can affect Golden Retriever plus Chihuahua Mix dogs:

1. Hypothyroidism

A condition wherein the dog’s body is not producing enough thyroid hormones which causes the metabolism to slow down. 

2. Hip Dysplasia 

A condition that happens during the growth stage, hip dysplasia occurs when the femoral head fails to attach to the hip socket. This can lead to pain and stiffness when moving. 

3. Elbow Dysplasia

This is commonly diagnosed among larger dogs like a Golden Retriever. Elbow dysplasia is a condition wherein the three (3) bones in the elbows fail to fit together. 

4. Epilepsy

This is a neurological disorder that causes epileptic seizures. The cause is unknown but genetics are believed to play a huge role in this disease. 

5. Canine Osteosarcoma

Canine osteosarcoma is a malignant bone tumor, which can lead to swelling, bone pain, and joint pain. One of the possible causes could be genetics.

6. Eye Problems 

Golden Retrievers are prone to eye diseases including retinal dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. Both of these eye conditions are caused by genetics, thus, a Golden Retriever plus Chihuahua Mix can also be prone to these eye problems. 

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Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix lifespan

The life expectancy of a Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix is between 11 and 12 years. To attain his maximum lifespan, it is recommended that proper nutrition, exercise, and regular vet wellness checkups are observed. 

Golden Retriever Mix with Chihuahua breeder

Breeding mix of Chihuahua and Golden Retriever is hard to come by. This is because breeding a large dog with a tiny dog poses a lot of health risks and is more costly. It requires artificial insemination and not a lot of breeders are willing to shell out a lot of money for this process.​

Therefore, always practice caution when looking for breeders online. Here are some of the factors that you need to know when searching for Golden Retriever Mix with Chihuahua breeders that are reputable, reliable, and responsible:

  • The breeders should be very knowledgeable about the two purebred parents. In this case, they should be well-informed of the Chihuahua and the Golden Retriever’s nutrition and health issues.
  • Observe the kennel if it’s clean, does not have a foul smell, and the dogs and pups have a continuous supply of fresh water.
  • The puppies should not be placed inside small cages. Instead, they should either be allowed to roam freely or placed in a large playpen where their movements are not restricted. 
  • The breeders should show you the health certificates of the parents and the vaccination and deworming cards of the puppies. 

Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix puppy

The next step after finding a reputable breeder is whether you want male or female Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix puppies.

If you want a female Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix puppy, keep in mind that she will have her first heat cycle at around 8 months of age. This means you have to guard her very well and make sure that no male dogs come near her.

Then you have to prepare for stains around your home. You’ll want to get either a dog in heat pants or diapers to reduce messy stains around the house.

What are the other factors to look for in Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix puppies? They should be actively playing with their littermates. The puppies should not be limping or there should be no signs of hearing problems.

Also, when you are choosing your baby Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix, the pup should not be afraid of strangers and is not acting too bossy among her littermates. 

Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix price 

Since breeding a Chihuahua with a Golden Retriever entails artificial insemination, the Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix cost of the pups is not cheap. It is anywhere between $2,000 and $3,500.

In case you find a breeder that offers a Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix cost way lower, be wary because you are most likely dealing with unscrupulous backyard dog breeders.

After the initial expense of getting the puppy, there are other doggy essentials to get.

Here is a table that shows you the average cost of owning a Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix dog:

Dog Essentials Average Cost 
Food and water bowls$15 – $30
Collar and leash$25 – $35
Chew proof dog bed$35 – $80
Crate $70 – $300
Grooming supplies $50 – $150
Food $30 – $50/month
Microchipping $25 – $35
Neuter/Spay$250 – $300
Vaccinations$75 – $100/year
Deworming $12 – $30 every 3 months 
Wellness Exams$45 – $55/year

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Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix adoption

Adopting a puppy is more wallet-friendly than buying from reputable breeders.

Here are some adoption sites that are exclusively for either Golden Retrievers or Chihuahuas and may also have designer dog breeds:

Texas Chihuahua Rescue ( has varying rates depending on your location. If within the USA, adoption rates are $400. For those outside of the USA, it’s $600. 

Golden Retrievers Rescue of Rockies ( has adoption rates of $400. 

Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport ( has an adoption fee of $700 for puppies and between $300 and $500 for older dogs. 

Places to find Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix puppies for sale 

To help you locate ethical breeders, we have listed down three (3) sites where you can get or perhaps get referrals for Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix puppies. 

PuppySpot ( has a long list of designer dog breeds. Since they do update their sites very often, it’s good to check it out frequently, especially if you are eyeing a rare designer breed like a Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix.

Greenfield Puppies ( may probably have the mixed breed you are looking for. 

Another trusted site we can recommend is the AKC Marketplace ( because they also have a list of mixed Chihuahuas for sale. 

Finding a healthy Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix for sale 

Similar to how it can be challenging to find Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix puppies, the same can be said for adult Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix for sale.

Nevertheless, here are three (3) breeders who may be crossbreeding a Chihuahua with a Golden Retriever. 

Chihuahua Mixed with Golden Retriever for sale Texas

You may check out the website of Water-Hill Kennel ( They started breeding Chihuahuas as early as 1963, so there’s a possibility that they can refer you to Chihuahua Mix breeders. 

Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix for sale UK

Chihuahua World UK ( is a good site to look for mix Chihuahua dogs. The breeder has her contact details on the website, so feel free to reach out to her and ask.

Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix San Jose CA 

For San Jose and nearby residents, you may try your luck at Uptown Puppies ( Only 5-star breeders are allowed to advertise their available dogs. 

Golden Retriever Mix Chihuahua: Pros and Cons 

We’ve made a table to help you decide if the Golden Retriever Mix Chihuahua dog is compatible with your lifestyle:

Loyal.Needs about 45 minutes of moderate form of exercise daily.
Affectionate.Tends to be stubborn.
Good for families with older kids.Has the tendency to be aggressive.
Can thrive in a multi-pet household if socialized early.Not hypoallergenic.
Generally healthy.Has separation anxiety issue.
Intelligent.Expensive to buy.

Is the Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix right for me?

If you live in a household with older kids, then yes, a Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix is right for you, provided that you devote a little of your time exercising, socializing, and bonding with this mixed dog breed. 

Mixed dog breeds similar to Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix

If you think you are not compatible with a Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix dog, you can check out these mixes. Hopefully, you can find the one that matches your personality and lifestyle: 

Golden Retriever Chihuahua husky Mix

A mix of an intelligent Golden Retriever and a feisty Chihuahua Husky Mix may result in intelligent dogs with outgoing and protective personalities. 

Goldendoodle Chihuahua Mix

A Chihuahua Golden Doodle Mix is an affectionate dog. However, he may also have the tendency to get aggressive toward other pets if not socialized at an early age. 

Benji Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix 

Benji Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix is an amiable mixed dog breed that can adapt well to any situations, be it for single persons or to a family with children. 

Golden Retriever Chihuahua pomeranian Mix

A Chihuahua Golden Retriever pomeranian Mix is an energetic and playful dog. However, we suggest that you do not leave this mixed dog alone in the company of younger children. This pooch may have the tendency to nip if he feels threatened by boisterous kids. 

Chihuahua Terrier Golden Retriever Mix

A Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix terrier Mix is best cared for by someone who is physically active. Otherwise, this dog can get bored and may get destructive. 

Rat Terrier Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix

A Rat Terrier Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix can be taken cared of by newbie dog owners. This mixed dog breed wants to please his owners and usually bonds with one person within the household. 

Corgi Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix

Golden Retriever Chihuahua corgi Mix is a highly-trainable dog but also requires moderate levels of physical and mental stimulation to be happy. 

German Shepherd Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix

This is a mixed dog breed that has the potential to be great watchdogs and at the same time, very affectionate to his human family. 

Golden Retriever Chihuahua Min Pin Mix

If a Chihuahua Min Pin Mix is crossbred with the calm-natured Golden Retriever, the resulting offspring may tend to be a little aggressive but at the same time, have sweet disposition towards their human families. 

Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Chihuahua Mix

There is a big chance that this mixed dog breed is very affectionate and can be friendly to house visitors and other animals.  

Related Questions

Can a Golden Retriever mate with a Chihuahua?

Yes, but only through artificial insemination. A Golden Retriever stud is too big to be mated with a small Chihuahua.

How big does a Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix?

A full grown male Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix can weigh up to 30 pounds and stand at 16 inches tall. A full grown female Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix can weigh up to 20 pounds and stand at 14 inches tall.

What is the best mix with Golden Retriever?

A Collie is the best breed to mix with a Golden Retriever. A Collie mixed with a Golden Retriever is also known as the Golden Retriever Collie Mix or simply Gollie. You can expect the Gollie pups to be loyal, friendly, affectionate, and with a high level of intelligence.

What is the best Chihuahua Mix?

A Beagle mixed with a Chihuahua or Cheagle is one of the perfect combinations. The outgoing nature of a Beagle combined with the spunky nature of a Chihuahua result in puppies with playful, lively, and bold personalities.

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