French Bulldog Poodle Mix: French Boodle Complete Guide

French Bulldog Poodle Mix
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If you’re looking for a fun-loving, intelligent, and frisky canine companion that is also friendly, funny, and affectionate, look no further than the French Bulldog Poodle Mix. Also known as French Boodle, this hybrid dog can vary in size and weight depending on the size of his Poodle parent.

So, is the Frenchie Doodle the right dog for you and your family? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss in detail their physical appearance, temperament, size, ideal living conditions, grooming and exercise requirements, and whether they make good family dogs.

We’ll also go over their common health issues. Surprisingly, the French Boodle shares many of the same health issues with the French Bulldog Corgi Mix. This will help you plan ahead and learn how to reduce the severity of the disease or ways to prevent it. Let’s begin with a breed overview of the French Boodle.

French Bulldog Poodle Mix: Breed overview 

Other Names Frenchie Doodle, French Boodle, Frenchdoodle dog, Froodle, Frenchie Poo, Froodle/French Boodle, Poodle Frenchie Mix, French Doodle dog
PurposeCompanion dog
AKC RecognitionNo
Size Small
Weight15 – 25 pounds
Height10 – 15 inches 
Coat ColorsCream, Gray, Black, White
Child FriendlinessHigh
Canine FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyModerate 
Grooming UpkeepEasy
Exercise NeedsModerate
Lifespan 11 – 14 years
Puppy Costs$1,500 – $3,000

Is there a French Bulldog Poodle Mix?

Yes, there is such a thing as the French Bulldog Poodle Mix. French Bulldog Mix with Poodle is also called the Froodle or the French Boodle.

French Doodles dog is a designer dog that is a mixture of intelligence with a charming clown quality. Poodle Frenchie Mix may not rank high among popular Poodle mixes, but he is slowly gaining ground and people are discovering his loving personality.

What is a French Bulldog Doodle Mix?

Poodle Frenchie Mix is a hybrid of the Poodle and the French Bulldog. The reason for the growing popularity of the French Bulldog Mix with Poodle is their adorable flat faces and squat figures combined with the hypoallergenic quality of a Poodle’s fur.

French Bulldog Poodle Mix: Parent breeds 

Since it is a designer dog, French Doodles dog does not have a standard look and appearance. Learning about their parent breeds will give us an idea of how the Poodle Frenchie Mix will turn out upon maturity.

Mixing two purebred dogs has the advantage of creating a more healthy mix due to gene diversity that reduces common health issues associated with both parents.

French Bulldog history

Frenchie Doodle
French Bulldog munching on leaves

The French Bulldog became popular in the mid-1800s in the Montmarte district of Paris when the toy version of the English Bulldog was brought by lace workers from England seeking better opportunities in France.

The modern Frenchie is a result of breeding the Bulldog with local terriers and pugs in France. Their small build and low-maintenance care soon became popular among the city dwellers and eventually were discovered by American travelers that later brought them to the United States.

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Poodle history

French Bulldog Mix with Poodle
Mini Poodle enjoying the sun

The Poodle descended from water dogs that were used to retrieve ducks from the lakes or rivers. Although a Poodle is considered the national dog of France, the breed actually was first bred in Germany.

Hunters developed their distinctive coat trim to protect them from freezing temperatures and ease their movement in the water. They soon became popular in Europe because of their intelligence and trainability and subsequent breeding methods created the different sizes that we have today.

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French Boodle history

The Poodle Frenchie Mix originated in the United States when it was first bred in the early 21st century. Not much is known about who first bred the French Doodles dog but it soon started gaining popularity among designer dog breeds.

Is the French Bulldog Poodle Mix recognized by AKC? 

No, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize the French Bulldog Mix with Poodle, but they are allowed to compete in any of their agility and obedience competitions.

The Poodle Frenchie Mix is, however, allowed to be registered in the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) which gives information on which purebreds go well together.

You can also register your French Bulldog Poodle Mix with the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), which provides certification and pedigree services to all designer mixes.

French Boodle physical appearance

French Bulldog Mix with Poodle can have a wide variety of looks. Typically, their head is rounded with either a short or long muzzle or somewhere in between. Eyes are large and rounded and ears could be floppy and rounded, or bat-shaped

Frenchie and Poodle Mix could have a square-shaped body with an equal proportion of height and length or it could appear stockier with shorter legs

Frenchie Poodle Mix size, height, and weight

The size of the French Doodles dog varies because of the different sizes of the Poodle.

A full-grown French Boodle will range in height from 11 to 15 inches. Typically, breeders will cross a Toy Poodle with a Frenchie to maintain a small-sized dog, but sometimes standard Poodles are used to produce a medium-sized French Bulldog standard Poodle Mix.

A full-grown French Bulldog cross Poodle will not go beyond 15 inches since the French Bulldog is small.

Below is an estimated height and weight of a Standard French Boodle. There is not much difference between the size of the male and female Frenchie Poodle Mix.

6 months8 – 10 inches12 – 15 pounds
9 months10 – 14 inches15 – 18 pounds
12 months 14 – 15 inches20 – 25 pounds

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French Bulldog mini Poodle Mix 

Miniature Poodle cross French Bulldog does not differ much from the size of a Standard Froodle. A Mini Poodle French Bulldog Mix has a Poodle parent that stands about 15 inches tall.

French Bulldog Miniature Poodle Mix will reach its full height between 9 and 12 months of age. You can expect the French Bulldog and Mini Poodle Mix to continue increasing in musculature until 14 months of age.

Below is an estimate of the size of a French Bulldog Mixed with Mini Poodle as they reach one year of age.

6 months7 – 9 inches11 – 15 pounds
9 months10 – 11 inches15 – 18 pounds
12 months 12 – 14 inches15 – 20 pounds

Toy Poodle French Bulldog Mix 

French Bulldog Mixed with Toy Poodle is a cross between a Toy Poodle and a Teacup French Bulldog. The Poodle parent of a French Bulldog Toy Poodle Mix stands at an average of 10 inches at the shoulders, while the Frenchie is at around 11 inches. 

Weight of a French Bulldog and Toy Poodle Mix can range between 15 and 20 pounds upon maturity. 

A Toy Poodle and French Bulldog Mix is most probably an offspring of two parents that are the runt of the litter to achieve this size.

Below is an estimate of how tall a Toy Poodle Mix with French Bulldog will get.

6 months7 – 9 inches11 – 14 pounds
9 months 9 – 10 inches14 – 15 pounds
12 months 10 – 12 inches15 – 18 pounds

Poodle French Bulldog Mix coat colors and types 

French Bulldog Mix with Poodle can either have a smooth and short coat like the Frenchie or curly and dense like the Poodle.

Frenchie and Poodle Mix can come in shades of cream, apricot, black, white, red, and gray. Coat markings, such as ticking or brindle, are also possible.

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French Bulldog and Poodle Mix temperament and personality

French Bulldog Mix with Poodle is an intelligent, fun-loving, and even comical dog. The Frenchie and Poodle Mix inherits the active quality of the Poodle that loves to participate in all family activities but also is very much at home on your lap if he wants to.

Do Frenchie Doodle make great family pets? 

Yes, Frenchie Doodle does make great family pets. French Bulldog Mix with Poodle is a great addition to any family whether your family is active or not. They only need a moderate amount of exercise to keep them physically active and to prevent boredom.

Frenchie and Poodle Mix also get along well with children and other pets but needs to be socialized early to avoid aggressive behaviors.

Is French Bulldog Poodle affectionate dogs?

Frenchie and Poodle Mix is very affectionate to the point of neediness. As such, French Doodles dog is prone to separation anxiety and should not be left alone for long periods of time.

Do Poodle French Bulldog bark a lot? 

Frenchie and Poodle Mix barks moderately. The calmness and quiet nature of the Frenchie makes the French Doodles dog even-tempered.

Frenchie Poodle training

Frenchie Mixed with Poodle has the intelligence of the Poodle but the stubbornness of the Frenchie. You might need some patience and consistency when training your French Doodles dog.

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French Bulldog cross Poodle living conditions

Frenchie Mixed with Poodle is adaptable and they can live in both small-sized apartments and bigger dwellings. But, extra care should be given when it is too hot or too cold since French Doodles dog might not tolerate extreme temperatures well.

If you let your French Bulldog cross Poodle roam freely in your backyard during the warmer seasons, make sure your backyard is fully fenced first. This will prevent your canine companions from escaping.

If your town or county has zoning laws that prohibit physical fences, a good alternative is to install a wireless dog fence which will also keep your pups safe and sound.

Many pet owners who live on mountainous, hilly, or grassy terrains said they prefer the wireless dog fence over physical fences because this way they can still enjoy their scenic mountain views or beautiful grassy spaces.

Before you install the wireless dog fence, it’s a good idea to install the electronic dog door first. With an electronic dog door, your furry friends can head out and come back in during the day on their own. You’ll no longer need to open or close the door behind them every time they’re heading out to the backyard or coming back into the house.

What’s great about the automatic doggy door is that you can program it and set curfew hours. This way, your four-legged friends can enjoy catching some sun and fresh air during the day while staying safe indoors at night.

French Bulldog Mixed with Poodle grooming and cleaning

Frenchie Mixed with Poodle sheds moderately so they need to be brushed with a slicker brush several times a week. The slicker brush will not only help to remove dead hair and skin, but also it can help to distribute the natural oils throughout the body.

When it comes to bathing your French Bulldog Poodle Mix, it’s best to use an organic and mildly-scented dog shampoo to avoid irritating and drying out his skin. The best dog shampoo to use on your French Bulldog mixed with Poodle is one that will clean his skin and coat while keeping them healthy and moisturized.

French bull Poodle also has folds in their skins that need to be kept dry at all times and checked for any fungal infections.

For oral health, be sure to use an enzymatic dog toothpaste with a non-foaming agent. The enzymatic doggy toothpaste will help to get rid of plaque, control tartar buildup, and keep your dog’s gum healthy. Finding one that contains a non-foaming agent means that your pooch can safely swallow the toothpaste.

Below is a table of the grooming needs and frequency for a French Bulldog mixed with Poodle:

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency 
BrushingTwice a week.
BathingOnce a month.
Teeth BrushingThree to four times a week.
Ear CleaningCheck weekly.
Nail TrimmingAs needed.

Is French Bulldog Poodle Mix hypoallergenic?

Frenchie Mixed with Poodle is mildly hypoallergenic. French bull Poodle still sheds minimally because of the French Bulldog’s coat but some can be hypoallergenic like the Poodle. 

Boodle French Bulldog food and diet

Frenchie Mixed with Poodle would need 3/4 to 1-1/2 cups of food daily divided into two meals. French bull Poodle should have a balanced diet of good fats, protein, and carbohydrates with a healthy amount of antioxidants to combat various diseases. 

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French Bulldog Poodle Mix common health issues 

The goal of cross mixing purebred dogs is to produce healthier breeds like a French Bull Poodle.

DNA testing is a good way to know if two purebred dogs like a Poodle and a French Bulldog are healthy enough not to pass on a specific disease-causing gene to their Frenchie mixed with Poodle offsprings.

Both the French Bulldog and the Poodle are genetically predisposed to certain illnesses such as the following:

Common health issues of a French Bulldog:

1. Breathing problems

As a result of the Frenchie’s disproportionate nasal cartilage and soft palates, they are prone to respiratory problems.

2. Skinfold dermatitis 

The wrinkles on the face are susceptible to irritation, redness, and bacterial/yeast infections.

3. Otitis externa 

The smaller ear canals of French Bulldogs are perfect breeding grounds for bacterial growth. 

Common health issues of a Poodle 

1. Bloat 

Too much gas can cause the stomach to twist. 

2. Addison’s disease

A hormonal problem wherein the Poodle’s adrenal glands are not producing a healthy level of corticosteroid hormones. 

3. Hip dysplasia

The hip is composed of a socket and a ball. If these two fail to grow uniformly, it causes hip dysplasia and your pooch will have mobility and pain issues. 

French Bulldog Mixed with a Poodle health problems 

1. Epilepsy

A Poodle Mix French Bulldog is prone to this type of neurological disorder. Lifetime medicine is the only way to control this problem. 

2. Brachycephalic syndrome

If the Poodle mixed with French Bulldog inherits the facial features of one of his parents, this could lead to breathing problems, more so during hot weather conditions. 

3. Patellar luxation

An orthopedic problem wherein the kneecap gets dislocated from its normal position. 

4. Urolithiasis

Urolithiasis is also referred to as kidney stones. Urolithiasis is commonly caused by a urinary tract infection in dogs.

French Boodle lifespan

A Poodle Frenchie Mix has an average lifespan of 11 to 14 years. A Frenchie mixed with Poodle can reach his maximum lifespan only if you give him a healthy lifestyle. 

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French Boodle breeder

To get a physically and emotionally sound French Poodle Mix dog, you have to find a responsible breeder. Not sure what the qualities of a responsible breeder are?

First, you’ll want to schedule an appointment either at the breeder’s place or through video conferencing. Even if the meeting is done virtually, you can still manage to observe if the kennel is kept clean and if the puppies are active and can move around freely. 

Second, do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the medical history of the parents and whether the parents have been DNA tested prior to breeding. Are the puppies registered in any of the designer dog breed registration?

Third, responsible breeders provide a guaranteed contract where buyers are allowed to have the chosen puppy undergo a pre-purchase wellness checkup by a vet of the buyer’s choice. 

French Boodle puppies

After you have located a responsible breeder that has French Boodles for sale, your next task is to select a healthy French Poodle Mix from a litter of French Bulldog Poodle Mix puppies.

Healthwise, what you want to look for is a French Bull Doodle that has a shiny coat, clear eyes, and does not have any signs of skin inflammations. The French Poodle Mix pup should be moving well and does not show any signs of limping. 

Temperament-wise, start looking for a confident puppy that interacts with his littermates. You would recognize an overly shy puppy right away because he/she would not approach you with wagging tails and would rather just stay in the corner. 

Once you’ve selected your French Bull Doodle pup, shower him with the love and respect that he deserves. In return, your love will be reciprocated more than you expect. 

French Bulldog Poodle Mix price

The average price of a Poodle and French Bulldog Mix is $1,500. However, depending on where you live as well as the litter size, the price of a Frenchie Mix with Poodle may be slightly higher. 

Places to find French Bulldog Poodle Mix puppies for sale 

Remember when we said that you should only deal with responsible breeders of French Boodle dog?

Well, in this section, we found sites where you can buy your French Poodle Mix puppy. ( provides their buyers with a 10-year dog health guarantee. They can arrange comfortable air travel for your chosen Poodle Frenchie puppy, in case you cannot drive or fly over to their place. 

Keystone Puppies ( is also a great place to find a Froodle/French Boodle mix puppy for sale. They also work with major airlines for worldwide shipping. 

Finding a healthy French Bulldog Poodle Mix for sale  

If you are one of those who would rather get an adult dog because they are less expensive to buy, we came up with two places to find healthy Frenchie Poodle Mix for sale. 

French Bulldog and Poodle Mix for sale Canada:

A&R Country Kennel ( cross breeds Poodles with other purebred dogs. You can contact them and ask if they have an adult French Bulldog Cross Poodle for sale. 

French Bulldog Poodle Mix for sale near me:

Charlotte Dog Club ( has designer dogs for sale. They can ship worldwide, so regardless of where you are, the dog can be delivered to you with the help of their in-house flight nannies. 

French Doodle: Pros and Cons 

Briefly, here’s what you can expect from a French Poodle Mix. The purpose of this table is to help you decide if you can live with a French Bulldog and Poodle cross for many years.

If you are having doubts about your compatibility with a French Bulldog Mix Poodle, it is best to choose another mixed dog breed. This will help to avoid any unwanted dog being surrendered to rescue/adoption centers. 

Loving.Has separation anxiety issues.
Does not bark a lot.Depending on which gene is dominant, shedding could be a problem.
Available in different coat colors.Can be stubborn.
Intelligent.Needs a moderate amount of exercise daily. 
Good with kids.Cannot tolerate hot climates.
Easy to groom.Potty training can be an issue.

Is the French Bulldog Poodle Mix right for me?

Regardless of whether you are a fitness buff or not, the Poodle Frenchie Mix is right for you. This is because a Poodle Mix with French Bulldog does not need a heavy form of physical activity. A game of fetch or frisbee is enough to make him happy.

However, a French Bulldog French Poodle Mix can be too clingy to a fault, hence, if no one’s home all the time, you are better off with a different mixed dog breed. 

Related Questions

What is a Froodle?

A Froodle is a French Bulldog Poodle Mix. The parent of a Froodle is a French Bulldog and a Poodle. Froodle also goes by other names such as French Doodle dog, Poodle Frenchie Mix, French Boodle, Frenchdoodle dog, Frenchie Poo, and Frenchie Doodle. Whichever name you give this mixed dog breed, they are still simply known as the French Bulldog and Poodle Mix.

What is the best breed to mix with a French Bulldog?

A Havanese dog is the best breed to mix with a French Bulldog. If these two dogs are bred together, they will produce funny, active, and smart offspring.

How big is a French Boodle?

A French Boodle can get as tall as 10 to 15 inches and weigh as much as 15 to 25 pounds.

Do French Bulldog Poodle Mixes shed?

Yes, French Bulldog Poodle Mixes do shed because one of their parents is the French Bulldog. French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic and they do shed. If the French Bulldog Poodle Mix offspring has more of the French Bulldog genes, then he or she will likely shed. 

Keep in mind that the puppy has a higher chance of being hypoallergenic if he has more of the Poodle gene and a higher percentage of Poodle in him. If you take an F1B French Bulldog Poodle Mix, which is 75% Poodle and 25% French Bulldog, then he has more Poodle in him and is likely to be hypoallergenic than a F1 Frenchie Doodle, which is 50% Poodle and 50% French Bulldog.

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