Saint Berdoodle: St Bernard Poodle Mix Complete Guide

Saint Berdoodle
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Are you looking for a loyal, intelligent, and friendly canine companion? Would the Saint Berdoodle dog be a perfect fit for you and your family? Whether you called them St Bernard Poodle Mix, St. Berdoodle, St. Berpoo, or Saint Berpoo, this designer dog may melt your heart at first sight.

Before you get a Saint Berdoodle, you’ll want to know what health issues they may be predisposed to, their personality and temperament, exercise and dietary needs, and grooming requirements. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss all this and more.

Let’s first start with a breed overview of the St Bernard Poodle Mix.

Table of Contents

Saint Berdoodle: Breed overview 

St Bernard Poodle Mix
Other Names this mixed dog breed goes bySt Bernard Poodle, Saint Berpoo, St. Berpoo, St. Berdoodle, St. Bernard Poodle Mix, Saint Berdoodle dog, St Bernard Doodles
PurposeCompanion dog
AKC RecognitionNo
Weight40-220 pounds
Height15-30 inches
Coat ColorsWhite, Brown, Black
Child FriendlinessHigh
Canine FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyModerate
Grooming UpkeepHigh
Exercise NeedsModerate
Lifespan10-12 years
Puppy Costs $1,500 to $2,500

What is a St Berdoodle?

A Poodle St Bernard Mix is a hybrid of the Poodle and the St Bernard breeds. It is a large but friendly and intelligent dog that combines the welcoming nature of St Bernard and the smart traits of the Poodle.

As a mixed dog, there are many nicknames this mix can be called since there really is no standard or official name attached to them.

So, what is a St Bernard and Poodle Mix called? Some would call them St Berdoodles or St Berpoo for short. Others would call them St Bernard Doodles or St Bernard Poodles.

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Saint Berdoodle: Parent breeds

The Poodle and St Bernard Mix is considered a designer breed that aims to combine the appealing characteristics of one breed with the other breed. Mixing two breeds produce healthier and more vigorous offspring. 

As with the Saint Berdoodle, their appeal lies in the fact that they are gentle giant creatures without being heavy coat shedders associated with St Bernard. The Poodle’s smart and playful nature also balances the laid-back temperament of St Bernard.

St Bernard history

St Berdoodle size
St Bernard smiling for the camera

During the 17th century, St Bernards were originally bred by monks in the Great St Bernard Hospice in the Swiss Alps. They were highly regarded due to their search and rescue abilities, especially during severe winter storms. 

The St Bernards of today do not resemble their 17th-century counterparts. This is mainly because a lot of them were mixed with Newfoundlands when their population decreased dramatically during the winters of 1816 to 1818. 

Poodle history

mini St Berdoodle
Poodle relaxing in the living room

The Poodle rose in popularity in Germany during the Middle Ages when they were used by hunters to retrieve fowl in the water. The term Poodle came from the German word “pudel” which means “to splash”. 

Its origins are unclear, whether it is from Germany or France, but they are mainly cultivated because they are good at retrieving shot wild birds, as well as, recovering lost arrows and bolts that were used by the hunters.

The Poodle’s distinctive lion coat clip was developed as a practical way to move easily around water.

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St Bernard Poodle Mix physical appearance

The Poodle mixed with St Bernard is generally a large-sized dog. However, some breeders would mix a smaller Poodle with a St Bernard, which creates a medium-sized St Bernard Poodle Mix offspring.

Their appearance would depend largely on whose genes are more dominant

Overall, they have a good-natured face with almond-shaped eyes which might be a little droopy. Their ears are floppy and triangular. The head could be long and tapered or wide and rounded. The body could be muscular or square-shaped or a balance between the two.

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Saint Berdoodle size, height, and weight 

How big is a Saint Berdoodle is a question that’s often asked. Saint Berdoodle full grown ranges from mini to giant

St Bernard Poodle Mix size are commonly large because of St Bernard. The heaviest a full grown St Berdoodle can get is around 220 pounds while the smallest St Berdoodle full grown can be 40 pounds. 

As for their height, a full grown Saint Bernard Poodle Mix can range from 15 to 30 inches.

Male16 to 30 inches50 to 220 pounds
Female15 to 28 inches40 to 200 pounds

Giant Saint Berdoodle

A Giant St Berdoodle is fully grown at 2 years of age. Here’s a look at how big the Giant Saint Berdoodle can get:

Male24 to 30 inches130 to 150 pounds
Female24 to 30 inches130 to 150 pounds

St Bernard and Standard Poodle Mix

The Standard Poodle Saint Bernard Mix is fully grown at 3 years old. The St Bernard Standard Poodle weight usually will not exceed 150 pounds. 

Here is a chart size for the Standard Poodle St Bernard Mix:

Male24 to 30 inches55 to 150 pounds
Female24 to 30 inches 55 to 150 pounds

Mini Saint Berdoodle

Mini St Bernard Poodle Mix is the perfect size for someone who loves to own a Saint Bernard Miniature Poodle Mix that is not as big as its giant counterpart. 

Mini Poodle St Bernard Mix is one of the common sizes. Mini Saint Berdoodles is less than 40 pounds. The Miniature St Bernard Poodle Mix is fully grown at 12 to 18 months. 

The Miniature Saint Berdoodle is a product of 3 breeds with the Cocker Spaniel being thrown into the mix. To make Mini St Bernard Doodles,  a smaller St Berdoodle is bred with a Cocker Spaniel. 

Below is a table of the Mini St Berdoodle size: 

Male14 to 24 inches30 to 55 pounds
Female14 to 24 inches30 to 55 pounds

St Bernard toy Poodle Mix

To achieve a smaller size St Berdoodle, a toy poodle is bred with an F1 St. Berdoodle. 

Male10 to 14 inches20 to 50 pounds
Female10 to 14 inches20 to 50 pounds

Saint Bernard Poodle Mix coat colors and types 

The St Bernard Mix Poodle can come in a variety of colors and markings owing to the wide range of colors from both parents. The Saint Bernard Poodle Mix can be white, brown, black, and gray to red, brown, sable, or apricot. 

The coat texture can also be long and smooth, or curly and wiry.

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Black St Berdoodle 

The Saint Berdoodle Black is a result of mixing a black-solid St Bernard with a similarly solid-black Poodle. St Bernard with a solid color is deemed undesirable by most kennel clubs because they are usually plagued with health issues. 

Black and white Saint Berdoodle 

The Black and White St Berdoodle commonly have black markings around their back and around their eyes forming a black mask. The white markings are usually around the neck that extends towards the tummy. This color is probably crossed with a St Bernard with a non-standard color such as black and white.

Saint Berdoodle personality and temperament

St Bernard and a Poodle mix is a nice blend of alertness and gentleness. They are very social and at the same time watchful and protective of their family. Being left alone for too long is never a good idea for this would result in destructive behaviors around the house.

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Do St Bernard and Poodle Mix make great family pets? 

Yes, St Bernard and Poodle Mix dogs make excellent family companions. They are friendly and affectionate and like to be in the company of their owners all the time. 

The only thing you should watch out for is when they are in the presence of small children. Because of their large size, children can easily get bumped and hurt while playing with these dogs.

They could also get along pretty well with other dogs and pets.

Are Saint Berdoodles aggressive?

No, St Bernard mixed with a Poodle is not an aggressive dog. Although they may seem to be imposing due to their size, they are generally calm and gentle.

Are Saint Berdoodles good guard dogs?

Yes, Saint Berdoodles are great family guard dogs. They have a very protective nature, especially with children. They only react in a defensive manner when they sense there is danger around their vicinity.

St Bernard Mixed With Poodle training

Saint Bernard mixed with Poodle is very easy to train because of their intelligence and eagerness to please their owners. Training and socialization should be started early to easily manage this giant dog, and most importantly, positive reinforcements should be given.

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Saint Bernard Poodle exercise requirement

The St Bernard and Poodle Mix does not require rigorous exercise to expend their energy. A quick walk around the neighborhood is all they need because they may have the tendency to get tired quite easily.

Saint Bernard and Poodle Mix living conditions

The Poodle Saint Bernard would do well living in a relatively spacious house rather than apartment living. They need lots of wiggle space to move around and preferably in a cool environment because of their thick double coats.

Most St Bernard Poodle Mix owners allow their furry companions to leave and enter the house during the day, whether the owner is at home or not. This is made possible with the help of an electronic dog door.

The electronic dog door is programmable and dog owners can customize and set curfew times. This means their canine friends are able to catch some sun and fresh air during the day and stay safe inside the house at night. 

Additionally, if you allow your four-legged friends to freely roam around in your backyard during the day, you’ll want to make sure there are fences so that your pups can stay safe. If your town or county zoning laws prohibit physical fences, installing a wireless dog fence is an alternative way to keep your dogs safe.

St. Bernard and Poodle Mix grooming and cleaning

Daily brushing is important to keep their fur from matting and to remove any shedding. Since St. Bernard and Poodle Mix may have an undercoat, you’ll want to brush their coat every day to control shedding.

The Poodle and Saint Bernard Mix have water-resistant coats that don’t need frequent washing. 

But when your St. Bernard and Poodle Mix do need to be bathed, you’ll want to use dog shampoo to keep your dogs skin and coat moisturized and healthy. 

Nails should be trimmed as needed. It’s quite common for both dogs and their owners alike to dread the nail trimming process.

Some dogs hate the loud sound of the clippers or have had previous bad experiences with getting their quick clipped.

Whatever the case, a dog nail grinder can help. Dog nail grinders feature whisper-quiet motors and a precise grinder. Using one may provide your pooch with a better experience and there may be fewer accidents of getting their quick clipped.

Their ears should be checked regularly for fungus and wax buildup to prevent infections.

Are St Berdoodles hypoallergenic?

No, St Berdoodles are not hypoallergenic. Saint Berdoodle shed moderate amounts of fur.

Many people might ask do Saint Berdoodles shed because of their Poodle parentage, and the answer is although they may inherit the low-shedding coat of the Poodle, their St Bernard counterpart sheds a lot, especially during the spring and fall season. 

Also, St Berdoodle shedding can be lower if they have a curlier and coarser coat compared to having other types of coat. The St Bernard Poodle Mix hypoallergenic quality is not only due to the amount of fur shed but also due to the amount of dander and dried saliva in their skin.

If you notice a lot of shedding on your carpet or floor, you’ll want to invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner. A good vacuum cleaner should be quiet, have several different suction power settings, and do a great job on both hardwood floor and carpet.

With my two furry companions, I use this high-quality vacuum cleaner and it’s still going strong after 5 years of intense usage.

Poodle Saint Bernard Mix food and diet

The Saint Bernard and Poodle hybrid is a large dog that needs around 4 to 10 cups of dog food daily depending on its size, age, and energy level. Stick to high-quality dog food that is high in protein and low in fat. 

It’s also best to stick to the 90/10 rule where 90% of their daily calories should come from their regular, healthy, and nutritious doggy food while 10% of their daily calories can come from treats.

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St Bernard Mix with Poodle common health problems 

The Saint Bernard Mix with Poodle may be considered healthier than their purebred parents due to gene pool strengthening, but they still may experience some of the health problems that plague their parents.

Whether you have a mixed dog breed or a purebred dog, it’s important to know what health issues they are predisposed to. If you got your K9 friends from a breeder, it’s a good idea to ask them since they know what health problems the pup’s parents are most prone to.

Alternatively, you can also ask your dog’s veterinarian. 

If these two options aren’t possible and you are still curious, we highly recommend using a dog DNA test. I’ve used Embark dog DNA test on my two canine friends. What’s great about this one is that it features both health detection and breed identification. 

So whether you’re trying to find out what health issues your pooch may be predisposed to or just trying to gain clarification on their exact dog breed, the Embark dog DNA test may help.

For now, let’s get back to the common health problems that St. Bernard Mix with Poodle may have:

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a common condition among large dogs when the hip bones get misaligned or displaced. This condition can puppy and senior dogs alike.

Wobbler Syndrome

A condition when the neck bones exhibit compression causing nerve pain.

Willebrand’s Disease

A bleeding disorder caused by a certain protein deficiency resulting in poor blood clotting.


This happens when excessive gas forms in their stomach causing it to subsequently twist.

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Ear infections

Dogs with floppy ears are more prone to yeast infections especially when thick hair in the inner canal is not dried properly.

Skin problems

Some Poodles are prone to skin allergies and skin dryness causing them to itch and develop red sores.

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Bone cancer

Large breeds are also susceptible to bone tumor that usually afflicts aging dogs.

Saint Berdoodle lifespan 

The St Berdoodle lifespan is generally between 10 to 12 years.

Different Saint Berdoodle generation

Saint Berdoodles can be further classified into generations that are based on the percentage of each parent’s genes.

F1 Saint Berdoodle

An offspring from both a purebred Poodle and a purebred St Bernard creates a 50% Poodle and 50% St Bernard progeny.

F1b Saint Berdoodle

An offspring from a purebred Poodle and an F1 St Berdoodle creates a 75% Poodle and 25% St Bernard progeny.

St Berdoodle breeders

The first step in owning a St Berdoodle is to find reputable Saint Berdoodle breeders.  No matter where you live, just type in Saint Berdoodle breeders near me or Mini Saint Berdoodle breeders near me and you’d see a list of Saint Bernard Poodle breeders within your area. 

And, if you are not sure what to look for in St Berdoodle breeders near me, the St Bernard Poodle Mix breeders should not think twice about allowing you to inspect their kennels and the parents of the puppies. 

You’ll want to answer the following questions: Is the area clean? Are the puppies confined in small cages? Also, a good St Berdoodle breeder will show potential buyers proof of health screening and vaccination records.

St Berdoodle puppies

In this section, we will give you tips on how to choose the best St Berdoodle puppy in a litter of Saint Berdoodle puppies. 

During your first visit, we recommend that you observe how the Saint Berdoodles puppies interact and behave with each other even before you alert the St. Berdoodle puppies of your presence. 

What you want is a Saint Bernard Poodle Mix puppy that is playful and outgoing but never too shy nor overly dominant with the other St Bernard Poodle Mix puppies. 

Once you begin interacting with the Saint Bernard Poodle Mix puppies, look for a Saint Berdoodle puppy that happily approaches you. This is a good sign that the St Bernard Poodle puppy is socially adaptable. 

And to check the temperament of the puppy St Berdoodle, try to carry the St Bernard and Poodle Mix puppies one by one for 30 seconds. The Poodle St Bernard Mix puppies should not struggle too much or nip you. Rather what you should look for is a St Bernard Poodle Mix puppy that calmly settles in your arm. 

Check the health of the Poodle St Bernard Mix puppies. What you want to bring home is a St. Bernard Poodle Mix puppy that is active and has no foul-smelling ear discharge.

The same selection process goes for Mini St Berdoodle puppies.

Saint Berdoodle price

If you are wondering how much are Saint Berdoodles, one factor that dictates St. Bernard Poodle Mix price is the pedigree. If the puppy has show-quality lineage, St Berdoodle price could start at $2,500. Otherwise, a St Bernard Poodle Mix price is anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500 depending on the coat color

Take note that Saint Berdoodle cost of upkeep can be high because of the breed’s daily amount of food intake. It’s best to talk to a vet or owners of Saint Berdoodle to learn more about St Berdoodle cost of owning one.

Saint Berdoodle rescue 

There are two St. Bernard Poodle Mix rescue centers. One of the rescue centers is in California and the other one is in Texas. 

If circumstances prevent you from caring for your dog and you are looking for a St Bernard Poodle Mix rescue, NorCal Poodle Rescue ( is one of the places to go. No surrender fee is required but if you have the resources, they accept donations.

Another St Berdoodle rescue center is the Saint Bernard Rescue of Texas ( You will be required to make a cash donation for basic vet fees and encouraged to donate other pet-related items.

Saint Berdoodle adoption

Poodle mixed with Saint Bernard is not cheap but if you want to be a proud owner, adoption is an option. 

Karing Hearts ( is an adoption site where you can find a healthy Saint Berdoodle. Contact them so they can send you all the information about the adoptable Saint Berdoodles. 

You can also check out where they provide a directory of available puppies and adult dogs for adoption.

Saint Berdoodle puppies for sale

As you’ve learned earlier, Saint Berdoodle is a great family dog. Below is a list of Saint Berdoodle puppies near me:

St Berdoodle puppies for sale Ohio

If you are from Ohio and are searching for St Berdoodle puppies for sale near me, you can visit The Saint Berdoodle Haven ( where you can find St. Berdoodle puppies for sale. If you prefer Mini St. Berdoodle, you can also go to Skyview Paws ( for Mini St Berdoodle puppies for sale in Ohio.

St Berdoodle puppies for sale Florida

For St Berdoodle puppies for sale in Florida, check out Crockett Doodles ( to find Standard and Mini Saint Berdoodle puppies for sale. 

St Berdoodle puppies for sale NC

If you’re from North Carolina and are looking for Saint Berdoodle puppies for sale near me, check out Saint Berdoodles ( It is one of the trusted sites to visit for St Berdoodle puppies in North Carolina. 

Black St Bernard and Poodle Mix puppies for sale are sold from $1,000 to $1,800 while multi-colored St Berdoodle puppies’ price range is between $1,200 and $2,500. An additional $700 for the mini Saint Berdoodle puppies NC. 

Mini St Berdoodle puppies for sale PA

Puppy Spot ( connects reputable breeders of St Bernard Poodle Mix puppies for sale with interested buyers. Simply get in touch with them to know if there are any Mini St Berdoodle puppies for sale. 

St Berdoodle puppies Texas

For St Berdoodle puppies in Texas, we recommend that you check out Lancaster puppies ( They have St Bernard Poodle Mix puppies for sale as well as Mini St Berdoodle puppies for sale. The puppies come in varying colors and the price range is from $950 to $1,950. 

Finding healthy Saint Berdoodle for sale

Here’s where you can locate St Bernard Poodle Mix for sale and F1b Saint Berdoodle for sale, as well as Mini St Bernard Poodle Mix for sale:

Saint Berdoodle for sale in MN

For Saint Berdoodle for sale in Minnesota, take a look at Agri Seek ( where they sell puppies with different coat colors and sizes as well as adult St Bernard Poodle Mix for sale. 

Saint Berdoodles in North Carolina

For Saint Berdoodles in North Carolina, you can check the FB page of Southern Doodles Of Eastern North Carolina for Saint Berdoodle dog for sale as well as Mini St Berdoodles for sale. 

Saint Berdoodle for sale California

If you’re in California and are looking for St Bernard Poodle for sale, go to Darling St. Bernards & St. Berdoodles ( where you can deposit $500 on a waitlist for Saint Berdoodles for sale. 

St Bernard Poodle Mix for sale UK

If you’re looking for Saint Bernard Poodle Mix for sale in the UK, try visiting Pets4Homes ( as well as in UK Pets ( for adult dogs and puppies. 

Poodle St Bernard Mix Ontario

For Poodle St Bernard Mix in Ontario, check out Ontario Doodles ( as they have black and white as well as tri-colored St Bernard Poodle Mix for sale. 

St Bernard Poodle Mix for sale Australia

Murray River Puppies ( is a good place to search for St Bernard and Poodle Mix for sale. They also have Mini St Berdoodle for sale.

Looking for Mason Creek Saint Berdoodles? Go to where you can reserve St Berdoodle for sale. If you’re lucky, you might find the size and the color of your choice of St Berdoodles for sale.

Poodle St Bernard: Pros and Cons

Good with kids.Prone to separation anxiety.
Friendly with other dogs.Needs a big space to live.
Easy to train.High on food intake.
Low energy.Susceptible to health problems.
Can be hypoallergenic.Expensive to buy.
Very affectionate.Requires frequent grooming.

Is the Saint Berdoodle right for me?

If you prefer a dog with a moderate energy level, then yes, this dog is right for you. If you have the time for grooming, then yes, a Saint Berdoodle is right for you. But, if you live in an apartment, then this dog is not recommended.

Related Questions

How big do Saint Berdoodles get?

Saint Berdoodles can weigh between 40 and 220 pounds and reach a height of between 15 and 30 inches.

How much does a Saint Berdoodle cost?

A Saint Berdoodle can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500 depending on its coat color, the breeder’s reputation, location, and whether the St Berdoodle has show-quality lineage.

Do Saint Berdoodles shed?

Yes, you can expect your Saint Berdoodles to shed. However, if they have a coarser and curlier coat, then they would shed less.

Are Saint Berdoodles easy to train?

Yes, Saint Berdoodles are easy to train. That’s because they are intelligent and are always eager to please their owners. Always use positive reinforcements and training should start early during puppyhood.

Is a Saint Berdoodle hypoallergenic?

No, unfortunately, Saint Berdoodle is not hypoallergenic. Saint Berdoodle sheds a moderate amount of fur.

Are Saint Berdoodles good family dogs?

Yes, Saint Berdoodles make good family dogs because they are affectionate, friendly, and can get along with your children and other pets in the house. However, due to their size, it’s important that you watch their interaction with your small children. Saint Berdoodles can accidentally knock over your smaller children while playing together.

The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.