Gotti Pitbull: Complete Guide

Gotti Pitbull
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If you’ve ever seen a Gotti Pitbull, you would think that this dog breed is dangerous, aggressive, hostile, and vicious due to its striking physical characteristics. However, this is not true at all. In fact, the Gotti Pitbull, as well as other Pitbulls like Tri Color Pitbull, is one of the best canine companions you can get for your family.

If all of this sounds surprising to you, wait until you learn more! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Gottiline Pitbull bloodline. We’ve also detailed where you can find a Gotti Pitbull for you and your family. Read on to find out.

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What is a Gotti Pitbull?

A Gotti Pitbull terrier is a special bloodline of Pitbulls and Bullies that didn’t exist too long ago. So, what does Gotti Pitbull mean? And what is a Gotti Pitbull bloodline?

Gotti or Gottiline Pitbulls are Pitbulls belonging to the family tree of the original Gotti Pitbull — the Notorious Juan Gotti Pitbull.

This Pitbull was responsible for the Gottiline Pitbull bloodline — an esteemed class of Bully Pitbull dogs.

Purebred Gotti Pitbulls are impressive canines with excellent health and temperament. This bloodline has spread worldwide, with many considering it the best line of Pitbulls.

The Gotti Pitbull breed was among the pioneers of the American Bully breed.

Gotti Pitbull history

The Gotti Pitbull bloodline history starts in 1997 at West Side Kennels with a Pitbull named the Notorious Juan Gotti Pitbull.

Unlike regular Pitbulls, Juan Gotti was a distinctively muscular, broad-chested, powerful canine. He was so impressive that the breeder, Richard Barajas, started an entire Gotti dog breed bloodline. 

Over his life, Juan Gotti is said to have sired over 900 pups. He is a prime contributor to the development of the American Bully and Exotic Bully breeds.

Gottiline Pitbulls vs other Pitbull breeds

Gotti bully breed
Bully Pitbull Gotti line

Although Gotti Pitbulls are called Pitbulls, they resemble the American Bully. That’s because the Pitbull/Bully Gotti bloodline is responsible for the emergence of American Bullies and Exotic Bullies.

Gotti Pitbulls have several qualities that set them apart from other Pits. A full-blooded Gotti Pitbull has a more Bulldog-like appearance.

Let’s discuss what they look like to understand them better.

Gotti Pitbull physical appearance

Gotti Razor Edge Bully
Tan and white Gotti XL Pitbull sitting on the couch

The Gotti Pit looks more like an American Bully than an American Pit Bull Terrier. In fact, the Gotti bloodline was behind the development of pocket, XL, and XXL versions of the American Bully.

Everything about the Gotti Pitbull’s appearance radiates strength. This beefy Pit has well-defined muscles, a broad chest, a wide stance, and thick limbs. Atop his muscular neck lies his brick-like head that houses their massive jaws. Their mouth is wider than a Pitbull’s, giving them their signature adorable smile.

Gotti Pitbull coat colors

Gotti Pitbulls come in every standard Pitbull color. You can find them in solid, bicolor, and sometimes tricolor. Let’s discuss some popular Gotti Pit coat colors.

Blue Gotti bully Pitbulls

The Notorious Juan Gotti was the first dog in the Blue Pitbull Gotti bloodline. He had a lovely blue and white bicolor coat and sired many Gotti blue Pitbull puppies.

Let’s give you some more Blue Gotti Pitbull information. The blue on their coat is more of a gunmetal grey. Sometimes, their noses are also blue; however, a purebred Pitbull blue Gotti never has blue eyes.

Blue brindle Gotti Pitbulls

The blue brindle Gotti Pitbull has a blue-grey goat with vertical white stripes similar to a tiger.

Blue fawn Gotti Pitbulls

A blue fawn Gotti Pit has a silvery fawn coat that sets them apart from other Pitbulls.

All white Gotti Pitbull

Although all Pitbulls have white on their coats, a pure White Gotti Pitbull is a rarity. Not to be confused with albino Pitbulls, white Pitbulls are usually costlier.

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Black Gotti Pitbull 

The black Gotti Pit can be all-black, but he usually comes with a white patch on the belly and chest.

Red Gotti Pitbulls 

The red Gotti Pit color is similar to brown, except it’s slightly more vibrant.

Tri color Gotti Pitbull

Tri-color coats are extremely rare among Pitbulls, and it can be challenging to find a purebred tricolor Gotti Pit. As the name suggests, these Pitbulls have three colors on their coats.

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Blue nose Gotti Pitbull 

To get Blue Nose Gotti Pitbull puppies, they need to have Blue Nose Gotti line Pitbull parents. The blue nose comes from a recessive gene, meaning both parents should have it.

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Red nose Gotti Pitbull

When you mix a Gottiline Pitbull with a red-nose Pitbull, it’s possible to get red-nose Gotti Pitbull puppies.

However, a red-nose Pitbull Gotti is rarer than a regular black-nosed one because the gene responsible for the red nose is recessive.

Is the Gotti Pitbull the same as the Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull? 

If you’re a Pitbull or Bully enthusiast, then you might have come across names like Razor Gotti Pitbull or Gotti Pitbull Razor Edge. These are not the same as Gotti Pitbulls, with the main difference being their purity.

Gotti puppies are purebred, whereas most people don’t consider Razor Edge Gotti puppies pure.

Let’s look at what a Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull is to understand why.

What is a Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull?

Razor Edge and Gotti Pitbull bloodlines are two of the most iconic Bully Pitbull lineages. Most people can’t distinguish between the two, but the primary distinction is their purity.

Gotti Pitbulls are pure Pitbulls, whereas Razor Edge Pitbulls are made by mixing several similar canine breeds. It’s also the reason only Gotti Pitbulls carry UKC recognition.

Some people have bred Pitbull Gotti and Razor Edge to produce Razors Edge Gotti bully Pitbulls. Let’s learn about that breed in a bit more detail.

Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull history 

Razor Edge Gotti Pitbulls are the result of mixing Gotti Pitbulls with Razor Edge Pitbulls. While we use the name “Pitbull,” these breeds are better described as American Bullies.

Razor Edge started the American Bully movement a decade before Gotti Pitbulls were a thing. The original Razor Edge breeders were Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale, who wanted to create Pitbulls with thick heads, big muscles, and broad chests.

They used several Pitbull sires and included American Staffordshire Terriers, English Bulldogs, and Mastiffs in the Razor Edge bloodline. 

Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull weight 

Gotti Razor Edge Pitbulls come in several different weights and sizes. The most popular size is the pocket Bully, which weighs under 60 pounds. But they can go all the way up to XXL sizes and can weigh over 150 pounds.

Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull kennels

There are several Razor Edge Gotti kennels in the U.S. One of them is Double L Kennels, where you can find some of the most beautiful Razors Edge Gotti Bully litters.

Blue Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull

A blue Gotti Razor Pitbull (or blue Razor Gotti Pitbull) is a blue-coated Pitbull with the Razor Edge and Gotti bloodlines. Gotti Razor Edge blue Pitbulls are also called American Bullies or Bully Pitbulls.

Fun Fact: American Bully and American Bulldog are two different dog breeds. Check out American Bulldog Pitbull Mix – Complete Guide to the difference between the two breeds.

Blue Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull puppies

Blue Gotti Razor Edge puppies can cost a pretty penny since these pups come from two prestigious bloodlines. Expect them to cost as low as $1,000 and all the way up to $10,000.

Gotti Pitbull mixed with Razor Edge Pitbull

If a Gotti Pitbull breeds with a Razor Edge Pitbull, they will produce a Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull mix.

These litters might have a combination of colors and characteristics similar to Razor Edge and Gotti mix Pitbulls.

The offspring will be less of a traditional Pitbull and more like a Bulldog. That’s why Razor Edge Gotti mix Pitbulls are better known as American Bullies.

Gotti Pitbull vs Razor Edge Pitbull

It can be challenging to find the difference between Razors Edge and Gotti Pitbulls. Most people think of them as the same; however, seasoned breeders can tell them apart.

One visual difference between Gotti and Razor Edge Pitbulls is that the former has light ticking or “oil specking” on his coat. This marking doesn’t appear on Razor Edge Bullies.

Gotti and Razor Edge Mix puppies

When Gotti Bully is bred with Razor Edge American Bully, you’re going to get a litter of Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull puppies.

Sometimes it’s tough to see the difference between Razor Edge and Gotti Pitbull puppies, but there are some noticeable characteristics, as we’ve mentioned above.

Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull puppies for sale

If you’re looking for blue nose Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale, you need to go to reputable breeders that can show you legitimate paperwork guaranteeing the pup’s bloodline.

Razor Edge and Gotti Pitbulls for sale

If you’re looking at Razor Edge Gotti blue nose Pitbulls for sale, be sure to work with a reputable breeder. Find out if they have paperwork to back their lineage.

If possible, ask to see health clearances like hips and elbows scores. Don’t be tempted by people advertising Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull for sale at low prices.

Gotti Pitbull size and height

From pocket Gotti Pitbulls to XL and double XL Gotti Pitbulls, you’ll find these Gotti Pits in all size ranges.

The female Gotti Pitbull is slightly smaller and lighter than the male in most cases.

Here’s a chart detailing all sizes these wonderful canines come in.

Size groupMalesFemales
Pocket Gotti Pitbull14-17 inches13-16 inches
Standard/Classic Gotti Pitbull17-20 inches16-19 inches
XL Gotti Pitbull21-23 inches19-22 inches
XXL Gotti PitbullOver 23 inchesOver 22 inches

Gotti Pitbull weight

The Gotti Pit can weigh between 45 and 150 pounds, depending on his size. These pups are heavy-boned and muscular, which is why even the smallest Gotti Pit weighs a lot more than another pooch of similar size. 

Are Gotti Pitbulls aggressive?

No Gotti Pitbulls are actually not aggressive. These pups are incredibly loyal to their owners.

Gotti Pitbull temperament and personality

The Gotti Pit is a kind, considerate, loving, loyal, friendly, and caring pup who likes nothing more than pleasing his owner.

Sadly, their intimidating appearance and the stigma associated with the Pitbull name have given them an unfair reputation.

Raised right, the Gotti Pitbull is a model pooch.

Does Gotti Pitbulls make great family pets? 

A Gotti Pit is an excellent addition to a family. These pups love and care for kids better than many other breeds. Unlike other Pitbulls, Gotti Pitbulls can even get along with fellow dogs and other pets in the house.

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Gotti Pitbull puppies

Gotti bloodline Pitbull puppies grow up to be big, robust, and strong dogs. Their intelligence and temperament make them suitable for obedience training.

Pitbull Gotti puppies tend to be more people-oriented than other breeds. They like spending time with their owners and don’t like being left alone.

Gotti Pitbull training

A Gotti Pitbull is a quick learner, but they need to learn boundaries. These pups need to know their limits for rough and tumble play. Train your pooch firmly and gently to set boundaries and expectations.

Gotti Pitbull exercise requirement 

Don’t let the bulky bodies mislead you; the Gotti Pit is very agile. However, they won’t mind being lazy if you let them. Daily exercise will keep them from becoming obese and problematic.

Gotti Pitbull grooming and cleaning

Gotti Pitbull grooming is pretty straightforward. Brush their coats weekly, especially during shedding season.

Bathe your Gotti Pit as needed with dog-friendly shampoos and trim his nails regularly.

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Is Gotti Pitbull hypoallergenic?

No, Gotti Pitbulls are not hypoallergenic. They shed moderately all year and excessively during the fall and spring seasons. Their loose fur also carries dander, which is a severe irritant for people with allergies.

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Gotti Pitbull food and diet 

Feed your Gotti Pit according to his size. Make sure the food contains lots of protein, and your pup eats it slowly to avoid bloat.

Avoid table scraps and human snacks and stick to high-quality dog food or boiled meat.

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Gotti Pitbull kennels 

The Notorious Juan Gotti is responsible for many Gotti bloodline kennels worldwide. Many Blue Gotti Pitbull kennels are located outside the USA. That’s how popular they’ve become.

Gotti Pitbull common health issues

Pitbulls are a healthy breed, and the Gotti Pitbull is a physically immaculate specimen. However, they can still fall victim to diseases that affect most canines. Some of them are:

1. Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a deformity of the hip socket that prevents the leg from moving in its natural track. It can lead to arthritis and complete loss of function.

2. Elbow dysplasia

This condition is similar to hip dysplasia but occurs in the front limbs instead of the rear. These dysplasias can sometimes occur simultaneously, leading to a painful experience for the pup.

3. Congenital heart diseases

Pups sired from parents with heart disease often inherit cardiac weaknesses too. Heart diseases can significantly reduce your pup’s lifespan.

4. Bloat

Bloat is when the stomach inflates and twists. This blocks the blood flow to several vital organs and quickly becomes a life-threatening condition.

5. Anxiety

Emotional canine breeds like the Gotti Pitbull can suffer from anxiety if they don’t get the love and support of their owners. Loneliness and anxiety also affect their physical and mental health.

6. Canine obesity

Obese Pits are more prone to joint and spine problems, heart conditions, diabetes, and digestive issues.

Gotti Pitbull lifespan 

Gotti Pitbulls are healthy pups who can live for up to 10 to 15 years.

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Why are Gotti Pitbulls so popular?

The Gotti Pit is famous worldwide because:

  • Gotti Pitbulls are 100% pure.
  • Their muscle definition sets them apart from regular Pitbulls.
  • They carry none of the aggressive tendencies people associate with Pitbulls.
  • They come in Pocket to XXL sizes. Pick any size that suits you.
  • They’re UKC-recognized.

Gotti Pitbull price

Now that you know what sets these canines apart from generic Pitbulls, you might be wondering, “how much do Gotti Pitbulls cost?”

Gotti Pitbull puppies price depends on their coat color, size, and bloodline. You can expect to find one for as low as $1,000 or as high as $5,000.

How to find a reputable breeder?

The more breeders you see, the better your chances are of finding the perfect Gotti Pit. Choose a reputable breeder registered with either the UKC or the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC). A good breeder is also supposed to tell you about his dogs in-depth.

Gotti Pitbull for sale 

Gotti Pitbulls for sale in Alabama

You can find some amazing Gotti bully Pitbulls for sale at New England Gotti Line.

Gotti Pitbull for sale Tucson, AZ 

Elite K-9 has many Gottiline Pitbulls to choose from. If you’re looking for Gotti Pitbulls for sale in Arizona, they’re worth checking out.

G​otti Pitbulls for sale in Texas

Crumps Bullies have bullies available in standard, XL, and XXL sizes.

Gotti Pitbulls for sale N.C. 

Mr. Pitbull has Gottiline Pitbulls and Blue Razor Edge Gotti Pitbulls for sale, which they can deliver to any part of North Carolina.

Gotti Pitbulls for sale in Ohio 

Wallstreet Bully Kennels have several premium Pitbull bloodlines, including blue nose Gotti Pitbulls for sale.

Gotti Pitbulls for sale in Florida

If you’re looking for a Blue Gotti Pitbull for sale in Florida, check out Steel Jaws Kennel

Gotti Pitbulls for sale in Houston

Pryme Tyme Kennels is home to all the famous bully bloodlines, and they have Gotti bloodline Pitbulls for sale in various sizes.

Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale

Blue Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale in Arkansas

Elite Bully Nation sells some of the most exquisite Gotti and Razors Edge bullies.

Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale in Michigan 

Check out MrPitbull for the finest Gotti bloodline Pitbull puppies for sale in Michigan. 

Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale in Addison, Illinois 

You can check the Facebook page of BluRaggz bluenose Pitbull farms if you live in Illinois.

Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale in California 

Strongside Bullies provide Gotti bully Pitbull puppies for sale with health guarantees and UKC & ABKC registration.

Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale in Florida 

New England Gottiline has some healthy and beautiful Gottiline pups in Florida.

Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale in Georgia

Unbelievable Bulldogs in South Atlanta breed only the most premium Pitbulls bloodlines.

Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale in Houston 

Seven Star Bullies is a small kennel that breeds some impressive Pitbulls. If you’re searching for XL and XXL Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale in Texas, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Gotti bully puppies for sale 

Gotti Bullies aren’t a separate breed, and that’s just another name to refer to Gotti Pitbulls.

Blue Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale

Check out Blue Fire Pits for some lovely blue nose Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale.

Is the Gotti Pitbull right for me?

Gotti Pitbulls have all the positive qualities of Pitbulls, and breeders have made sure to get rid of all the breed’s temperamental issues.

If you want a canine buddy who will love you and your kids unconditionally, and you can love and take care of him in return, the Gotti Pitbull is perfect for you.

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