Husky Doberman Mix: Complete Guide

Doberman Husky Mix
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If you love both the Siberian Husky and the Doberman Pinscher, you’re going to love the Doberman Husky Mix. Also known as Husky Doberman Mix, this hybrid dog is alert, sociable, friendly, and well-tempered. But is the Doberman and Husky Mix the best dog for you and your family?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Doberman Husky Mix including their temperament, health issues, ideal living conditions, exercise and grooming requirements, dietary needs, and more.

Unsurprisingly, the Husky Doberman Mix shares many similar traits with the Greyhound Husky Mix. After reading this, you’ll know if the Doberman Husky Mix is the right dog for you. If it is, we’ve included a list of breeders and rescue centers you can contact. Let’s first start with a breed overview of the Dobsky dog.

Doberman Husky Mix: Breed overview 

Other NamesDoberman Pinscher Husky Mix, Dobsky dog, Husky Mix Doberman
PurposeCompanion dog
AKC RecognitionNo
SizeMedium – Large
Weight35 – 100 pounds
Height20 – 27 inches
Coat ColorsBlack, Brown, White, Red Fawn, Tan, Black & Rust
Child FriendlinessHigh
Canine FriendlinessModerate
Training DifficultyModerate 
Grooming UpkeepModerate
Exercise needsHigh
Lifespan13 – 14 years 
Puppy Costs $500 – $1,000

What is a Husky Doberman Mix called? 

The offspring of a Doberman Pinscher and a Siberian Husky, the Husky Doberman is a combination of intelligence, gentleness, and alertness in one package. It is affectionately nicknamed the Dobsky whose striking blue eyes together with its elegant muscular body are gaining popularity among would-be dog adopters.

Doberman Husky Mix: Parent breeds 

Being a designer dog, the Doberman x Husky would naturally combine the best traits of the two parent breeds. Doberman Pinschers are known for the agility of their sleek and athletic body. They are prized for their natural guarding instincts, as well as, their ability to excel in aiding the police and the military in search and rescue operations.

The Siberian Husky, on the other hand, is known for their outgoing, playful, and mischievous temperament. They have a beautiful wolf-like appearance with most displaying unique blue eyes. Many Husky owners attest to their goofy nature and loving personality.

Doberman history

Doberman and Husky Mix
Doberman Pinscher dog lying on the grass

The Doberman Pinscher was first bred in late 19th century Germany by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a tax collector who ran a dog pound. He mixed several breeds that includes the Rottweiler, German Pinscher, Black and Tan Terrier, Beauceron, and Weimaraner to create a breed that would protect him from thugs and hostile individuals.

Its popularity soon spread to other parts of Europe and the United States where it was designated as the official war dog of the US Marine Corps during the Second World War.

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Siberian Husky history 

Doberman Mixed Husky
Siberian Husky enjoying the outdoor

The Siberian Husky originated from the eastern part of the Siberian peninsula where they were bred as a companion and working dogs by the Chukchi tribe. They gained prominence during the 1920s when they were used to transport much-needed serum to combat a diphtheria outbreak in Alaska. Their endurance and work ethic made them ideal for dog sled racing in later years.

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Doberman vs Husky

The main difference between Doberman and Husky is that Doberman is a good guard dog that is excellent at protecting his owners while a Husky is playful and friendly that rarely exhibits aggressive behavior.

Husky Doberman Mix physical appearance

Doberman Siberian Husky Mix will have a combination of each parent’s appearance with no uniform physical traits.

Overall, they would have an athletic appearance with a head that is proportional to their body and a long muzzle. Ears are typically pointed and triangular-shaped

Eyes are almond-shaped that could be brown, hazel, or blue in color. In some instances, Husky Doberman Mix can also have a condition called heterochromia, where one eye color is different from the other.

Doberman and Husky Mix size, height, and weight 

Siberian Husky Doberman Mix is a medium to large dog. They will reach their full height at around one year of age and will continue to fill out their weight until they reach two years of age.

Male Doberman and Husky Mix are slightly larger than females.

Below is an estimate of their size up to maturity.

AgeWeight (Males)Weight (Females)Height (Males)Height (Females)
3 months20 – 50 pounds20 – 45 pounds12 – 18 inches12 – 17 inches
6 months50 – 65 pounds45 – 55 pounds18 – 20 inches17 – 19 inches
9 months65 – 85 pounds55 – 80 pounds20 – 22 inches19 – 22 inches
12 months86 – 100 pounds81- 90 pounds22 – 27 inches22 – 25 inches

Doberman Mixed Husky coat colors and types

Husky Mixed with Doberman Pinscher will have a coat that ranges from short to medium length leaning more towards a shorter cut. They are mostly double-coated but some could inherit the single coat of the Doberman. 

Coat colors come in white, black, tan, red, gray, and fawn with the most common being black and rust. Face markings are typically dark-colored around the eyes which forms a mask, and some would have tan or white points in the eyebrows which are similar to a Doberman.

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Doberman Husky Mix temperament

The temperament of the Doberman and Husky Mix balances the protective nature of the Doberman and the sociable quality of the Husky. They might be prone to being clingy and show little to no streak of independence, but you can be assured that they are alert and watchful to any signs of danger.

Expect to have a vocal dog since Huskies are known to howl and whine, while Dobermans are bred to bark when they are on guard.

Do Doberman Husky make great family pets? 

Husky and Doberman Mix is perfect for active households for this breed is full of energy. They are mostly even-tempered since the mix of the two purebreds mellowed out their behavior.

Children will have no difficulty playing with this mixed breed because they are very social and shows a lot of affection to their family but there should always be adult supervision to prevent mishaps. They typically get along with other pets also as long as they are socialized early. 

Is Doberman Mix Husky affectionate dogs? 

Yes, Doberman Pinscher Mixed with Husky is an affectionate dog owing to their Husky temperament. Dobermans are also considered sweet and people-oriented although some people have the wrong impression that they are aggressive.

You might even discover that your Dobsky inherited the ‘velcro’ mentality of the Doberman showing a strong desire to always want to be with a particular member of the family.

Doberman Mixed with Husky training

Husky Mix with Doberman is an obedient and moderately easy-to-train dog, with some possibly capable of being trained as a service dog owing to their Doberman heritage. One just has to be a little patient with this breed since they can easily be distracted due to stubbornness.

Short training sessions are recommended and using positive reinforcements, like praises and food treats, will keep them motivated.

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Husky Mixed Doberman exercise requirement 

Doberman and Siberian Husky Mix need at least 60 to 90 minutes of exercise daily. It is preferable that you engage them in highly intense activities that involve lots of running.

As puppies, you can begin by taking them on short multiple walks and gradually increase it as they mature. Be sure to use a retractable dog leash when walking your precious pup so you have full control of him when training him to walk beside you.

They have lots of endurance and not giving them the necessary exercise will lead to destructive behaviors like chewing or destroying furniture and shoes in your home.

Handy Hint: If your puppy is an aggressive chewer, try giving him a dog bone that is natural and durable. Check out Best Dog Bones (Reviews and Comparison) for a list of natural dog bones for your canine companions. The ones we’ve listed contain no filler or added by-products.

Doberman Mix with Husky living conditions

Doberman Pinscher and Husky Mix is active both indoors and outdoors, so it would be ideal to have a large space where they can roam around comfortably.

Small apartment living is possible but make sure to exhaust their energy or tire them out every day with their 60 to 90 minutes of daily exercise to avoid any problems.

If you have a backyard, having a fenced-in yard is recommended since they are known to escape if they come across a small animal. It’s important to note that some towns or counties prohibit physical fences in their zoning laws. If this is the case, don’t fret!

You can install a wireless dog fence instead which will also keep your furry friends safe. Many dog owners who live on mountainous, hilly, or grassy terrains actually prefer the invisible dog fences. Here’s why:

  • Wireless dog fences are flexible so they can adapt to all types of terrains.
  • Invisible dog fences help to keep the dogs safe while keeping intruders out.
  • Dog owners are still able to enjoy their scenic mountain views and beautiful grassy spaces.

Before you get a wireless dog fence, we highly recommend that you install the electronic dog door first. If you allow your canine companions to head out on their own during the day, having an electronic dog door will allow them to do just that. Your furry friends can head outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air and come back into the house whenever they like.

Many dog owners recommend getting an automatic doggy door because it’s a time saver and a lifesaver. Whether you work from home or at the office, you’ll no longer be interrupted every time your pooch needs to head outside.

What’s great about the electronic doggy door is that it is programmable and you can set curfew hours. This way, your four-legged friends can roam your backyard during the day and stay safe indoors at night.

Living in a place with a cool climate is most suitable for this breed especially if they have a thick coat like the Husky. 

Husky Mixed with Doberman grooming and cleaning 

How to groom a Doberman Pinscher Siberian Husky Mix depends on the thickness of its coat. Thinner coats require less bathing and brushing, while thicker coats need more care with frequent brushing. You’ll want to use a slicker brush to avoid matting and to remove any loose hairs.

Regular brushing also allows the natural oils in their body to naturally condition their furs and avoid skin dryness. 

When it comes to bathing, it’s best done once or twice a month, when your Husky Mixed with Doberman is dirty. Regular washing can cause dry and itchy skin and coat. When you do bathe your Doberman Pinscher Siberian Husky Mix, make sure to use a dog shampoo that will keep your dog’s skin and coat clean, moisturized, and healthy.

Next, don’t forget to brush your Doberman Husky’s teeth. Ideally, you’ll want to brush his teeth daily, but that can be impossible. It’s important to use dog toothpaste that contains an enzymatic formula and a non-foaming agent.

The enzymatic formula in the doggy toothpaste will help to get rid of plaque, control tartar formation, and keep your dog’s gum and teeth healthy. It’s best to go with a toothpaste that has a non-foaming agent so that it is safe to swallow.

Lastly, let’s not forget your dog’s nails. If your pooch is sensitive to the sound of the nail clippers, try using a dog nail grinder that is quiet and features a precise diamond drum bit grinder.

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency
BathingOnce or twice a month.
Ear CleaningWeekly.
Nail TrimmingAs needed.
Teeth BrushingThree to four times a week.

Is Dobsky hypoallergenic? 

No, Husky Doberman Pinscher Mix is not hypoallergenic. They shed throughout the year, especially during the fall and spring months.

Husky and Doberman Mix food and diet 

Siberian Husky Doberman Pinscher Mix would need around 2.5 cups to 3 cups of a well-balanced meal daily divided into two meals. The amount is dependent on their weight, age, and activity level.

It is best to consult your veterinarian as to the best option and also to know which supplements to give your pooch that will support his health.

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Doberman Husky Mix common health issues 

Many fur parents of mixed dog breeds like a Siberian Husky Mix Doberman are often worried about the inherited health problems of their fur babies. The good news is that responsible breeders perform DNA testing to determine the disease-specific-carrying-gene of the parents.

This DNA testing is done to prevent those diseases from getting passed on. At the same time, did you know that you can do DNA testing on your dog from the comfort of your home? One benefit of this test is for you to determine the health issues that can afflict your Siberian Husky Mix Doberman.

Here are the 6 possible health problems that your dog can inherit:

1. Glomerulonephritis

Inherited kidney disease is caused by the inflammation of a small structure in the kidneys called glomeruli. Some of the signs are muscle loss and limb swelling. Specialized diets and drugs are the treatment options.

2. Hip Dysplasia 

A painful orthopedic condition, hip dysplasia commonly affects large breed dogs. The hip joint is composed of two parts, the ball and the socket which should grow uniformly. It is not the case for dogs with this condition. Signs include limping and lethargy. A costly surgical procedure is the only way to correct this problem. 

3. Eye Problems  

Unfortunately, both the parents of a Doberman Husky are prone to eye problems such as juvenile cataracts, cherry eye,  and progressive retinal atrophy. We suggest that you take your dog to a canine ophthalmologist every year to prevent these problems from worsening which can cause blindness. 

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4. Epilepsy

This is an inherited neurological disorder wherein the afflicted dog suffers from seizures from time to time. Lifetime medicine is the only way to prevent epilepsy. 

5. Gastric-Dilitation Volvulus 

Also known as bloat, this commonly affects large and deep-chested dogs such as a Doberman Husky. This usually happens after eating or drinking too much and then the dog suddenly engages in strenuous physical activities. If not addressed immediately, the dog can die from this condition. 

6. Von Willebrand’s Disease 

This is also an inherited disease that inhibits blood from clotting after an injury or surgery. The common sign is extreme bleeding. There is no cure but a blood transfusion. 

Doberman Husky Mix lifespan

Given the appropriate care, a Siberian Husky mixed with Doberman has a life expectancy of 13 to 14 years. 

Husky Doberman Mix breeders

We want to emphasize to you how important it is to buy your Husky Mixed with a Doberman from a responsible breeder. You may be tempted to buy a puppy from the breeder that offers the puppy at a much lower cost, but the puppy may be a product of a puppy mill. 

The puppy cost may be a bit higher from responsible breeders but you are guaranteed good health. Responsible breeders will even go to the extent of giving buyers a puppy warranty for a certain length of time. 

Doberman Husky Mix puppies 

Be a good fur parent by preparing all the stuff that a Doberman Husky Mix puppy needs. All Husky Doberman Mix puppies will go through the phase of teething. This means that their gums will be sore and painful. To relieve the pain, your Husky Doberman Mix puppy will bite and chew or anything.

Unfortunately, Doberman and Husky Mix puppies do not know any boundaries, so Dobsky puppies will chew on shoes, socks, electronic gadgets, and even their beds. To prevent this from happening, be sure that you’ve already got some indestructible chew toys for your Husky Doberman Mix puppy. 

If you notice your Doberman Husky Mix puppies chewing their doggy beds, try replacing their former beds with a chew proof dog bed that is comfortable, durable, and flea and mold-resistant.

In the next section, we’ll share with you more tips on what to purchase for the comfort of your new fur baby in the house. 

Doberman Husky Mix price

The average price of a Doberman Husky Mixed breed is between $500 and $1,000. However, adult dogs are generally more affordable than puppies.

Aside from the puppy cost, you also have to factor in some other essential doggie expenses such as vet fees and the everyday things that your dog needs. Take note that your puppy may have been vaccinated with core vaccines but he may still need two more shots as well as an anti-rabies.

The same is true for flea, heartworm, and parasite preventions. Take a look at the veterinary expenses that you have to spend for your Doberman Husky Mixed breed.

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  • Core vaccinations: $80 – $250 per year.
  • Anti-rabies: $15 – $25.
  • Deworming: $80 – $200 per year.
  • Heartworm prevention: $24 – $130 per year.

Depending on where you live, some states require all dogs (except those for breeding, competing in dog shows, or part of police activities) to be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age. The cost of these types of procedures is somewhere between $250 and $400. 

For your dog’s everyday needs, you have to purchase the following items below:

Food and water bowls: $19 – $24.

Dog collar: $25.

Retractable leash or rope dog leash: $18 – $23.

Extra-large dog crate: $100.

Extra-large dog bed: $30 – $65.

Doberman Husky Mix for adoption 

Did you know that you can get a Siberian Husky and Doberman Mix at a lower price in adoption and rescue centers? If you’re quite hesitant, no need to worry because all dogs that are up for adoption are healthy, physically and emotionally.

Here are three adoption centers where you may possibly find a Siberian Husky and Doberman Mix dog. 

Central California SPCA ( is a safe place to find adoptable purebred and mixed dog breeds. All dogs that are ready for adoption have been vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neutered, and have been medically-tested. 

Canada Siberian Husky Rescue ( is another rescue center that has Siberian Husky Mix dogs and they’re looking for families who can adopt these well-behaved dogs. 

Lastly, Sweet Home Doberman & Shepherd Rescue ( is located in Alabama. If you are interested in adopting them, the average adoption fee is $400. 

Places to find Doberman Husky Mix puppies for sale 

Are you ready to bring home a Doberman Husky Mix puppy? Then, it’s time to locate responsible breeders who have Husky Doberman Mix puppies for sale. 

Try Lancaster Puppies ( as they have Siberian Mix puppies for sale. Every now and then, you can visit the website for the mixed dog breed of your preference. 

Check out Karnovanda Kennels ( because they have been breeding Huskies for many years, thus, they are one of those breeders whom you can ask where to buy Doberman Husky Mix puppies. 

Finding a healthy Doberman Husky Mix for sale 

Finding an adult Siberian Pinscher for sale is not too hard to find as long as you are searching in the right direction. There are a lot of dog breeders who retire their dogs from breeding and so, they offer these healthy and well-behaved dogs for sale. 

Husky Palace ( is located in North Carolina and they have been in the business of breeding two purebred dogs, a Siberian Husky and a Doberman Pinscher. You can contact them and ask if they have available Siberian Doberman for sale. Usually, the adult dogs are sold for less than $500. 

If you are from Australia, you may want to get in touch with Pradadobes ( for available Husky Doberman Mix for sale. 

Siberian Pinscher: Pros and Cons

In a nutshell, here are some of the what’s good and the not-so-good about caring for a Siberian Pinscher. You have to understand that this is a highly-energetic dog we are talking about. Can you handle him? Review the pros and cons before you bring a Siberian Pinscher home.

Loving and affectionate even to small kids.Needs a ton of daily exercise every day.
Sociable.Depending on the dominant gene, shedding can either be light or heavy.
Loyal companion.Tends to be clingy.
Awesome exercise partner.Can be too vocal.
Protective.Higher food expenses.
Can thrive well in a multi-pet household.Prone to obesity.

Is the Doberman Husky Mix right for me?

The Doberman Husky Mix is right for you if you have an active lifestyle. This dog does not tolerate laziness, so take him with you on your daily runs and even on your next hiking adventure.

To be completely happy, a Doberman Husky Mix needs an average of 14 to 15 miles of running distance each week. So, if you can’t give him that, you might as well hire a dog walker, lest, prepare for some disasters around your home. 

Related Questions

How big will a Husky Doberman Mix get?

A Husky Doberman Mix can reach a height of 20 to 27 inches and weigh as much as 35 to 100 pounds.

What 2 breeds make a Doberman?

There are no exact records that point to which two dog breeds a Doberman came from but there are documentation saying that a Doberman’s ancestry can be traced back to two German Shepherd breeds. These are the extinct German Pinscher (the ancestors of Weimaraner and Rottweiler) and the Old German Shepherd.

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