Dalmatian Husky Mix: Complete Guide

Dalmatian Husky Mix
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Have you ever seen a wolf-like dog with black-spotted fur? Then you might be looking at the Dalmatian Husky Mix or Dalusky for short.

Breeders are constantly crossbreeding two distinct-looking breeds to get the desired look they are hoping for. And the Dalmatian, with its unique spotting, is one breed that always gets people’s attention.

The Dalmatian mixes that have grown in popularity in the past years include the Dalmatian Poodle Mix (or Dalmoodle), and the Dachshund and Dalmatian Mix. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will take a closer look at the Dalmatian Husky Mix, which combines the endurance and athleticism of the Siberian Husky and the gentle, outgoing nature of the Dalmatian.

Dalmatian Husky Mix: Breed overview 

Other NamesDalusky, Dalmatian Husky, Husky Dalmatian Mix, Siberian Husky, Dalmatian Mix, Dalmation Husky Mix, Siberian Husky Dalmatian Mix
PurposeCompanion dog
AKC RecognitionNo
Weight40 – 70 pounds 
Height16 – 24 inches
Coat ColorsBlack, White
Child FriendlinessHigh
Canine FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyLow 
Grooming UpkeepModerate
Exercise NeedsHigh
Lifespan12 – 15 years 
Puppy Costs $500 – $1,000

What is a Dalusky?

A Dalusky is a cross between the Siberian Husky and the Dalmatian. They are medium-sized dogs that can inherit the wolf-like appearance of the Husky coupled with the distinctive black-spotting of the Dalmatian.

Dalmatian Husky Mix: Parent breeds

The Dalmatian Mix Husky is a fairly new designer breed. Not much is known about them but we can guess how they will turn out by studying the appearance and personality of their parents.

The Dalmatian is a medium-sized dog well-known for its black or brown spots on a dominantly white coat. They have a slender frame that shows great athleticism and endurance with an effortless gait. At maturity, they stand between 19 and 23 inches and weigh 45 to 70 pounds. 

Dalmatians are very active and outgoing, but also show a bit of reservedness that occasionally bark at strangers or the occasional odd noises. They are intelligent and are known to remember things quickly but tend to be stubborn at times.

The Siberian Husky is also known for their outgoing and friendly personality. They are medium-sized dogs as well that are bred to work in packs. They have a striking wolf-like appearance with almond-shaped eyes and erect ears, plus a double coat that can be black, white, gray, or red. They love the company of their family but are not too possessive and show a degree of independence.

Dalmatian history

Dalmation Husky Mix
Dalmatian dog’s face

Dalmatians originated from the Dalmatia region of Croatia and are believed to be descendants of the spotted Great Dane and some breeds of pointer dogs. They were bred to hunt for rats and vermin, and later on as coach dogs that guide carriage horses.

This close affinity with the horses made them suitable to accompany horses that pulled the fire engines during the 1800s.

To this day, firefighters use them as a mascot and also as preferred pets.

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Siberian Husky history

Dalmatian and Husky Mix
Siberian Husky facial profile

Siberian Huskies were developed by the Chuckchi tribe of Siberia from the Chukotka Sled Dog which was trained to pull sleds as a land vehicle.

In the 1920s, the Siberian Husky gained popularity when they were used to transport medicines to combat a diphtheria outbreak in Alaska.

Nowadays, they are still used to transport goods and people in the Arctic and are still used in the sports of dog sled racing.

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Husky vs Dalmatian

The main difference between Husky and Dalmatian is that Husky is double-coated with a dense undercoat and a medium-length straight guard coat while Dalmatian is single-coated with short, fine hair.

This makes the Dalmatian more suitable to warmer climates than the Siberian Husky.

Dalmatian Husky Mix information & fun facts

1. They are not born with spots 

While the Dalmatians are famous for their spots, all of them are born without any spots.

This is also true for the Dalmatian and Siberian Husky Mix. Their coat is all white when they are puppies and the spots will start appearing very lightly at 10 days old. It will be more visible when they reach 3 to 4 months of age and eventually reach its dark pigmentation by 6 months of age.

2. No two coats are alike 

The spotting in a Dalmatian Mixed with a Husky is unique to each dog. It is just like the human fingerprint where no two prints are identical.

This would make it easier for you to identify them from afar if you have a houseful of Daluskies.

3. Both parent breeds existed for a long time 

The Dalmatians are thought to have existed since the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Spotted dogs are depicted in ancient tombs running with chariots.

The Siberian Husky, on the other hand, is believed to have a much older lineage based on new studies that date back 4,000 years ago.

4. They can have blue eyes

Dalmatian Siberian Husky Mix can inherit the striking blue eyes of the Siberian Husky without having the same eye issues associated with blue-colored eyes much like dogs with the Merle gene, which results in loss of pigmentation.

5. They have a great affinity with horses 

Dalmatians formed a strong bond with horses over the years because the Dalmatians were used to guide and guard horses in England during the 1800s. They can easily calm distressed horses in difficult situations, like firefighting, and can direct them into places they are hesitant to go to.

The practice of teaming the Dalmatians with horses continues to this day, making their partnership last through the years.

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Dalmatian Husky physical appearance

Siberian Husky and Dalmatian Mix will not have a standard appearance since they are  designer breeds. It all depends on whose genes are more dominant of the two

Typically, the Husky Mix Dalmatian will have a medium-length muzzle. Their eyes can either be almond-shaped or rounded with eye colors ranging from brown, amber and blue with some exhibiting heterochromia or bi-colored eyes.

The ears are triangular that may be erect or floppy. The tail is set below the top line and does not curl over the back.

Dalmation Husky Mix size, height, and weight

A full grown Dalmatian Husky Mix is medium in size that can weigh between 40 and 70 pounds.

Male Dalmatian Husky Mix adult is slightly taller and heavier than their female counterpart.

Height Weight 
Male18 – 24 inches 55 – 70 pounds 
Female16 – 20 inches 40 – 50 pounds 

Husky Dalmatian Mix coat colors and types

Husky Mixed with a Dalmatian can either have a double or single coat that is short and dense. If they exhibit a double coat, it is typically less thick than the Siberian Husky

There would be spotting in their coats but the spots may not be as prominent as the Dalmatians with some having localized spotting in one part of the body. 

The coat color of the Dalusky is usually white with black spotting or patches, but it can also be liver-colored. Masking on the face is also possible.

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Dalmatian and Husky Mix temperament and personality

Siberian Husky Mixed with Dalmatian is an active and playful breed.

Since the Husky is a pack dog, the Dalmatian and Husky Mix may also have that behavior that is characterized by following an alpha or strong leader.

As a result, leaving the Dalmatian and Husky Mix alone for too long or not giving them enough exercise can result in destructive behaviors around the house.

It is also part of the Husky’s instinct to dig holes as a way to provide shelter for themselves or to keep warm or cool. You can keep your Dalusky from digging by distracting his attention with a treat when he starts to dig and by not letting him alone in the yard for too long.

Do Dalmation Husky make great family pets? 

Yes, Dalmation Husky do make great family pets. Because of their playfulness, the Dalmatian and Husky breed is a great match for families with older kids. Although smaller kids can play around them, adult supervision is needed to avoid them getting knocked down. 

Daluskys are mostly good with pets they are raised together with, but might chase smaller animals, like cats, due to their high prey drive.

Are Husky and Dalmatian Mix aggressive dogs?

No, Husky and Dalmatian Mix are not aggressive dogs. Husky Dalmatian cross breed rarely displays aggressive behavior. They are very reserved with strangers and remain pretty quiet and only occasionally bark when they sense something is amiss.

If you notice any aggressive behavior, it is often a result of mistreatment and neglect.

Dalmatian Mixed with Husky training

Daluskys are intelligent and obedient although they can be pretty stubborn at times if you are not firm and consistent with their training. They need an alpha leader that shows confidence.

When training your Dalusky, it is recommended to use a harness than a leash. Rather than using a retractable dog leash, it’s best to use a rope dog leash to have better control of their high energy during walks.

Using a harness with a rope dog leash also prevents sudden pulls that may cause injury.

Dalmatian Mix with Husky living conditions

Because the Dalmatian Mix with Husky are an active breed, small apartment living may not be suitable for this dog. A house with an ample yard is recommended where they can freely run and roam.

If you have a spacious backyard, it’s a good idea to let them roam freely in your backyard during the day. However, make sure your yard is fully fenced.

Please note that some towns or counties have zoning laws that prohibit physical fences. If this is the case, don’t fret. A great alternative would be to install a wireless dog fence which will also keep your canine friends safe when they play and run around in your backyard.

Many dog owners prefer the invisible dog fence over physical fences because it is flexible and adaptable to all types of terrains, including mountainous, hilly, and flat grassy terrains.

So if you have a beautiful mountainous backyard view, you can now still enjoy that view while keeping your canine family members safe.

If you do let your pups head outside to play and roam freely in your backyard during the day, it’s a good idea to install an electronic dog door which will allow your canine companions to head outside to your backyard on their own.

So whether you work from home or at the office, your four-legged friends can now head outside on their own without bothering you every few hours and interrupting your work.

What’s great about the electronic doggy door is that it is programmable and dog owners can customize access and curfew hours. This way, your pooch can play outside during the day while staying safe indoors at night.

Additionally, leaving your Dalmatian Mix with Husky alone for many hours is not a good idea since they are prone to separation anxiety. Boredom can lead to unwanted behaviors like unnecessary chewing of furniture or excessive barking.

Fun Fact: If your pooch loves to chew and may resort to chewing if he’s bored, it’s a good idea to redirect the chewing from furniture to doggy bones. Check out Best Dog Bones (Reviews and Comparison) for a list of natural and high-quality bones for your canine friends.

Husky Dalmatian grooming and cleaning 

A Husky Dalmatian sheds throughout the year. Thus, brushing his coat using the right tools is the key to controlling shedding.

For every day brushing, you can use a slicker brush to brush their coat.

Husky Dalmatians with a double coat will shed more during the spring and fall seasons so they will need to blow out their inner coats during these two seasons.

During the heavy shedding seasons, we suggest using a de-shedding tool that is trusted by professional dog groomers to reduce shedding by as much as 90%. One of the de-shedding tool we highly recommend is the Furminator de-shedding tool because it is gentle on the skin of a Husky Dalmatian.

However, even with all that brushing, your Husky Dalmatian will shed and you can expect to see their fur all throughout your home, including your carpet, furniture, sofa, rug, and even upholstery.

One of the ways to control the amount of fur and dander in your home is by investing in a powerful vacuum cleaner. We highly recommend using a Miele vacuum cleaner because it is not only durable but also quiet, which means it won’t scare your dogs.

What’s great about this vacuum cleaner is that it can seamlessly vacuum between different types of surfaces thanks to its several suction power settings.

The good news is that the Dalmation Husky Mix is a clean dog, so once a month bathing is good enough. When it’s time to bathe your pooch, be sure to only use mild and organic dog shampoo to prevent skin irritations and dryness.

After playing outside, you can simply use doggie wipes to clean the fur and paws to get rid of debris and dirt.

If the ears are dirty, you can also wipe them with doggy ear wipes.

Plus, pay special attention to your dog’s oral health. It’s important to prevent periodontal diseases because treatments are quite expensive, especially if you’re on a budget.

A simple brushing of the teeth with an enzymatic dog toothpaste helps. Make sure the doggy toothpaste also contain a non-foaming agent so that it is safe for dogs to swallow and without the need to rinse.

It’s also important to keep your Husky Dalmatian’s nails short. If you start to hear the clickety click sound of their nails on the floor, then it is time to trim their nails. We recommend using a dog nail grinder for a more pleasant nail trimming experience. That’s because dog nail grinders feature a precise diamond drum bit grinder and a whisper-quiet motor.

It may take a little effort to groom and clean your dog, but that is one way to keep him looking fabulous and healthy. 

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency 
Hair BrushingThree to four times a week.
BathingOnce a month.
Nail TrimmingAs needed.
Teeth BrushingThree to four times a week.

Do Dalmatian Huskies shed?

Yes, the Dalusky do shed throughout the year even if some of them have short coats.

As we discussed above, double-coated Daluskys will shed more during the spring and fall seasons when they blow out their inner coats.

Is Husky Mix with Dalmatian hypoallergenic?

No, Husky Mix with Dalmatian is not hypoallergenic. In addition to shedding, they also shed dander. Dust, dander, and dried saliva can stick to loose hairs which can cause allergies.

Husky Mixed with Dalmatian food and diet

One of the common health issues of Dalmatians is the formation of bladder stones, thus, a Husky Mixed with Dalmatian may inherit this gene-specific disease.

That said, the diet of a Dalusky should be low in purines.

We recommend that you seek advice from your veterinarian about the right choice of food for your canine friends, either canned or dry kibble food. Canned food has a higher water content which is one of the ways to prevent the formation of bladder stones. 

Occasional treats like Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios won’t do any harm. Aside from the ones you buy from stores, kitchen staples like apples and carrots are good for a Husky Mixed with Dalmatian. 

Dalmatian Husky Mix common health issues 

Although a Dalusky is a generally healthy mixed breed, he can still be plagued with gene-related health issues.

But did you know that you can learn early on what these issues could be through a simple home-testing DNA kit called the Embark Dog DNA Test Breed and Health Kit? This is beneficial for fur parents like yourself so you can be vigilant of the symptoms and the same time, prepare financially for vet expenses.

For now, here are the five (5) health issues that are common to the parents of a Dalusky.

1. Deafness 

An estimated 15% to 30% of Dalmatians will experience hearing loss during the course of their lives. Deafness is closely linked to their patchy piebald gene. Thus, it is highly likely that a Dalusky will also inherit this health issue. 

2. Cataracts 

Siberian Huskies are prone to cataracts which can develop as early as 6 months and are referred to as juvenile cataracts. 

3. Corneal Dystrophy

Although this eye problem does not always result in blindness, it results in eye irritations and a grayish and cloud-like appearance in the eyes. The Husky parent is susceptible to this condition.

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4. Urinary Stones

Dalmatians are more susceptible to developing urinary stones due to the biochemistry of their livers and kidneys. Pain and difficulty while urinating are the symptoms. 

5. Hip Dysplasia 

Both the parents of Dalusky are prone to hip dysplasia, an orthopedic condition that causes pain while moving. It is a result of the abnormal growth in the hip joint. 

Dalmatian Husky lifespan

Given the proper care, a Dalmatian Husky has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years

Dalmation Husky Mix breeder 

Nothing beats getting a Dalmation Husky Mix from a trusted breeder. In case a breeder offers the puppy at a much lower cost, trust us when we say that it is highly probable that the breeder is unscrupulous and cannot be trusted.

Neither should you buy the pup from pet stores because almost all of the dogs there are products of puppy mills.

Instead, it’s best to get a Dalmation Husky from a breeder with the following traits:

  • In a lot of cases, trusted breeders have their own websites where you can read the reviews or comments of their previous customers.
  • In case you cannot visit the kennel physically, do not worry. Trusted breeders usually have CCTV cameras so buyers can observe the puppies virtually. 
  • The health certificates and the DNA testing results are readily available. 
  • The puppies have received their two (2) vaccination shots and have been dewormed before leaving the kennel. 
  • Trusted breeders offer puppy warranty or promise to shoulder veterinary expenses in case the puppies get sick within an agreed period of time. 

Dalmatian Husky Mix puppy

Dalmatian Husky Mix puppies are born with no spots on their coats. It can be as early as 3 weeks or as late as 6 months before the spots of the Husky Dalmatian puppies become visible.

Have you decided whether you want to get a male or a female Dalmatian Mix Husky puppy?

Regardless of gender, the Husky Dalmatian Mix puppies are active little creatures that love to run, sniff, and get to know their new homes. Therefore, be sure to puppy-proof your home before getting your Husky Dalmatian puppy.

Cover electrical wires and secure your fragile objects. And in case your family is a lover of designer shoes, keep those away from your Husky Dalmatian Mix puppy’s sight. If not, don’t blame the little one if he chewed your shoes with delight. 

Husky Dalmatian Mix price

Compared with other designer dogs, the Dalmatian Husky Mix price is not as expensive. 

The Dalmatian Husky price averages from $500 to $1,000, depending on the breeder’s reputation, location, litter size, and if the puppy is a male or a female. 

Aside from the initial puppy cost, a Husky Dalmatian needs basic essentials to be a content and happy little pooch.

Be sure that you already have food and water bowls and a chew proof dog bed. This is an active dog breed, so get a sturdy neck collar and a retractable dog leash or a long dog leash that is made from nylon so you can take him out for his daily exercise needs.

A harness is also a great choice for an active Husky Dalmatian. 

Of course, the health of your Fido should be a top priority, hence, choose a veterinarian whom you are comfortable talking to and discuss issues such as vaccination schedules, deworming, and wellness examinations. 

Places to find Dalmatian Husky Mix puppies for sale 

We cannot say that a Dalmatian Husky Mix is one of the most popular designer dog breeds around, hence, finding Husky Dalmatian Mix puppies for sale may take a longer time.

That said, we have listed two (2) Dalmatians breeders who could give you referrals for this mixed dog breed. 

Try your luck at Opal-Onyx Dalmatians (opal-onyx.com) which can be found in Florida. The breeder is a licensed Class A breeder. 

If you live in Australia, you can reach out to the owners of the CC Dalmatians (ccdalmatians.com.au) and ask if they know of breeders who may possibly have Husky Dalmatian Mix puppies for sale. 

Finding a healthy Dalmatian Husky for sale 

Locating an adult Dalmatian Husky Mix for sale is also not be as easy. But, if you are willing to wait, you may find an adult Husky Dalmatian Mix for sale.

Aside from going to a breeder, you can also check out these two (2) rescue/adoption centers where they may have a Dalmatian and Husky Mix for sale.

The Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California, Inc. (dalrescuesocal.com) could be the place to find Husky and Dalmatian Mix for sale. 

Dalmatian Adoption and Rescue (dalrescue.org) in Ontario, Canada may have adult Dalmatian Husky dogs for sale. 

Husky Dalmatian Mix: Pros and Cons 

No dog is perfect and all of them have imperfections. It’s best that you know what they are now before getting one.

So, here are the good and the not-so-good sides of a Husky Dalmatian Mix dog. 

Pros Cons 
Good with children.Needs plenty of exercise.
Playful.Tends to be stubborn.
Generally quiet.Moderate shedder.
Not aggressive to other animals.Tends to escape home and explore the surroundings.
Intelligent.Higher food expenses.
Attractive looking coat.May not be good for apartment-dwellers.

Mixed breeds similar to Dalmatian Husky Mix

Due to the immense popularity of Dalmatians, some trusted breeders started crossbreeding Dalmatians with other dog breeds. Each of these mixed breeds has something unique to offer that families will surely appreciate having around.

Here are three (3) examples of Dalmatian Mixes:

German Shepherd Husky Dalmatian Mix

You can expect the Dalmatian German Shepherd Husky Mix to be smart, alert, and at the same time, playful. Due to the protective instinct of a German Shepherd, this mixed dog is ready to protect his human family from harm. 

Dalmatian Husky Lab Mix

The combination of a Dalmatian, Husky, and Labrador would most likely result in affectionate, tolerant of kids, and loyal offspring. 

Husky Dalmatian Golden Retriever Mix

Combining a Golden Retriever which is one of the sweetest dogs around with a Husky Dalmatian would surely produce puppies with a gentle temperament. They are good companions to kids and the elderly due to their friendly demeanor. 

Is the Dalmatian Husky Mix right for me?

A Dalmatian Husky Mix may be a friendly and playful canine buddy that is generally quiet, however, he will need a lot of physical activities. So, if your family has an active lifestyle, then yes, this is a dog breed that would not pass up on hiking, running and any other outdoor adventures. 

Related Questions

What is a Dalmatian Husky Mix called?

The other names for a Dalmatian Husky are Dalusky and Dalmatian Husky. He can also be called Husky Dalmatian Mix and Siberian Husky Dalmatian Mix.

What is the rarest Husky type?

The Sakhalin Husky is a sled dog from Japan that is almost extinct until researchers found two of them alive in Antarctica in the late 1950s and are the rarest type of Husky.

What 2 breeds make a Husky?

The Husky was developed by the Chukchi people in Siberia for sled pulling. The Husky is believed to come from the extinct Taimyr wolf and Finnish Spitz which belongs to the Laika group of dogs.

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