Long Haired Dalmatian: Complete Guide

Long Haired Dalmatian
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Many Dalmatian dogs you’ve seen probably have short coats so it may seem like a Long Haired Dalmatian is unheard of. However, they’ve been around since the breed first appeared. For many years, long coat Dalmatians were unpopular and breeders purposely bred short coat Dalmatian dogs. Today, dog lovers realize the authenticity and beauty of these attractive Dalmatians.

What Is a Long Haired Dalmatian?

long haired dalmatian dog
Long Coat Dalmatian

A Long Haired Dalmatian dog is a Dalmatian in every way, except it has long hair. For a Dalmatian, long hair is unique because most Dals are of the short-coat variety—and that’s also the only coat type that most kennel clubs recognize.

However, Long Haired Dalmatian enthusiasts believe that the LC or long coat Dalmatian is an authentic and purebred Dalmatian variant.

What is a miniature Long Haired Dalmatian?

A mini Long Haired Dalmatian is a dwarf or miniature version of a long-coat Dalmatian. Long Haired Dalmatians generally come in a standard size, and experts believe that the Long Haired mini Dalmatian isn’t pure.

Breeders usually achieve miniature Long Haired Dalmatians by breeding a long coat Dalmatian with a smaller dog breed.

Long Haired Dalmatian physical appearance

The Long Haired Dalmatian is just like a regular Dalmatian in most aspects. It comes in the same size range, has the same average height, coat colors, personality, and temperament as a standard Dalmatian.

What sets Long Haired Dalmatians apart from short coat Dals is their long hair. Their hair is more pronounced on their ears, legs, tail, and chest. 

Here’s a chart summarizing all their physical attributes.

Facial features
EarsFloppy, hairy
MuzzleLong and strong
NoseBlack or liver (depends on the color of spots)
EyesDark brown, blue, amber
Body features
Coat colorWhite
Coat patternSpots
Pattern colorBlack and liver brown (standard)
Lemon, brindle, blue, tri-color
Body typeToned, muscular
Coat typeMedium length with feathering on ears, legs, tail, and chest
Size groupMedium
Height19-24 inches
Weight45-70 pounds

Long Haired Dalmatian coat and coat colors

Long Haired Dalmatian fur coat is available in all color combinations of a standard Dalmatian. The most common is the black-spotted long coat Dalmatian, followed by the liver long coat Dalmatian.

Besides those standard colors, you can also find the brindle, blue, tricolor, and lemon Long Haired Dalmatian. The Long Haired lemon Dalmatian is an exceptionally rare Dalmatian coat that occurs due to a genetic mutation.

Only the black and liver have AKC recognition among these colors; blue, brindle, lemon, and tricolor are grounds for rejection. But considering that the AKC doesn’t recognize long coat Dalmatians either, the choice of coat color is up to you.

Long Haired Dalmatian genetics: How did a Dalmatian get a long coat?

The long coat Dalmatian owes its unique wispy looks to a recessive “LC” gene. Physical properties that show up due to recessive genes only appear in puppies if both parents display that gene, meaning for a Dalmatian pup to grow a long coat, both its parents must be long-coated Dals.

Dog experts believe that Dalmatians always had the LC gene, and about 50% of all Dalmatians were Long Haired.

Unfortunately, ever since short hair became a breed standard, breeders began selectively breeding short-haired Dalmatians.

Long Haired Dalmatian supporters believe that breeders stop breeding any Dalmatian pups with long hair to preserve their “stock purity.” Whatever the reason, the appearance of the LC gene in Dalmatians is a hotly debated topic.

Are Long Haired Dalmatians a recognized breed?

No, Long Haired Dalmatians are not a recognized breed. Kennel clubs consider long hair on the Dalmatian a breed defect, which is why breeders and Dalmatian purists are against reproducing long-coated Dals.

However, dog lovers and fans of this beautiful dog are adamant about getting the Long Haired Dalmatian AKC recognition.

While you can argue that Dalmatians carried the LC gene naturally after all these years, we still can’t rule out that shady breeders often mix dog breeds to get unique physical traits.

Although there may be pure Long Haired Dalmatians around, some of them are probably products of crossbreeding.

Long Haired Dalmatian personality and temperament: Do they make a good family pet?

A long coat Dalmatian is an excellent family pet because of its playful nature, high energy, and affection for its human family.

There’s a stigma associated with Long Haired Dalmatians that they’re aggressive dogs, which isn’t entirely true. Some poorly socialized Dals may cause a bit of trouble, and they might act out if they have too much pent-up energy.

But if the LC Dalmatian is well-trained and gets enough exercise, this dog will prove to be a gentle and loving creature.

Long Haired Dalmatians get along well with other pets, and their watchful and alert nature makes them good guard dogs. However, they are not the best dog for very young children as these dogs can inadvertently hurt them.

Long Haired Dalmatian lifespan

Long Haired Dalmatians have a life expectancy just as long as regular Dalmatians. They can live for about 16 years, but their average lifespan is 11 to 13 years.

Unfortunately, most Long Haired Dalmatians don’t get to live that long. That’s because Dalmatians suffer from multiple genetic disorders that can cut their lives short.

Long Haired Dalmatian common health issues

The long coat Dalmatian is vulnerable to several genetic issues that regular Dalmatians are also prone to. These health issues prevent Dalmatians from living a full life, and disabilities plague them in their final years.

Some common Long Haired Dalmatian health issues are:

1. Deafness

Breeders used to think of Dalmatians as dumb dogs who couldn’t understand commands. After hearing tests were developed, they realized that many Dalmatians suffered from partial or complete deafness, and it prevented them from understanding and responding to commands.

All Dalmatians carry the piebald gene, which is responsible for their appearance. Extreme piebald in these dogs can lead to congenital deafness in one or both ears.

2. Hypothyroidism 

Dalmatians—both short and Long Haired—are prone to hypothyroidism. This condition arises when the dog’s thyroid gland cannot release enough thyroid hormone in the blood. This deficiency often leads to weight gain, lethargy, hair loss, skin infections, and muscle weakness.

3. Hyperuricosuria

This condition is more prevalent in male Long Haired Dalmatians because of their narrow urinary tracts. Hyperuricosuria is when the dog’s body produces uric acid in excess. High production of uric acid leads to gout, kidney stones, and bladder stones.

Long Haired Dalmatians need to eat a low-purine diet to keep their uric acid level in control.

4. Arthritic conditions 

Long Haired Dalmatians suffer from bone degeneration and arthritis in their old age. Conditions like bone spurs, joint deterioration, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia trouble this breed during later parts of their lives. Due to these conditions, old age can be very cruel to Long Haired Dals.

Long Haired Dalmatian grooming requirement

long haired dalmatian breeder near me
Long Haired Dalmatian shedding is the same as a short coat Dalmatian

Although Long Haired Dalmatians shed just as much as their short-haired counterparts, they require more grooming because of their long hair. Brush their coat with a glove brush and a vacuum cleaner at least 2 to 3 times a week to keep their hair tangle-free and shiny. 

It’s also essential to keep their hair from growing too long. Hair on their footpads needs regular trimming, or they’ll affect the dog’s grip on slippery surfaces.

Bathe your long coat Dalmatian monthly or when it’s stinky. Bathing your Long Haired Dalmatian too often would strip off its natural oils and dry its skin.

Last but not least, take special care of your Long Haired Dalmatian’s teeth and ears. Dogs that don’t get proper dental care can succumb to cavities, gum diseases, and infections.

Dogs should also have their ears cleaned when the wax buildup gets too much. The Dalmatian’s floppy ears can keep all that gunk out of your sight, which is why you should inspect their ears from time to time.

Handy Hint: If you’re on a tight budget, you may consider grooming your dog yourself. Check out Dog Grooming For Beginners At Home to learn more!

Long Haired Dalmatian food and diet

Some Long Haired Dalmatians suffer from excessive uric acid production, in which case they’d need a special diet that doesn’t let their uric acid levels rise too high. Avoid pork, shellfish, and eggs, and keep beef to a minimum.

Keeping your Dals hydrated is also essential. Giving them plenty of water will ensure the Long Haired Dalmatians keep excreting their bodily toxins in a healthy way.

To make things even better, give them distilled water instead of tap water. Doing that will keep minerals and salts from getting into the dog’s system and forming deposits.

Chicken and whitefish are ideal meats for Long Haired Dalmatians. However, it’s important to balance them with healthy vegetarian ingredients. We recommend asking your vet to prescribe a diet plan for your Long Haired Dals.

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Long Haired Dalmatian training and exercise requirement

Exercise and training are crucial aspects of owning a Long Haired Dalmatian. These dogs are notoriously energetic and can get pretty destructive if they don’t use their excess energy.

They must go through training early in their lives to be good family dogs. They should also receive enough exercise to help them expend their extra energy.

Fortunately, these dogs are clever and seek approval from their owners, making them relatively easy to train. Once your Long Haired Dalmatian puppy goes through proper training, they will make exceptional family, companion, or service dogs.

Dalmatians are famous for their endurance. Back in the day, they would run alongside coaches for miles. Naturally, such a dog won’t get satisfied with short strolls around the block.

Long Haired Dals should get 1.5 to 2 hours of activity each day to satisfy their playful temperament. It’s best to split these sessions into two. If you have energetic kids in your family who like to play around, this dog will have no trouble keeping up with them all day.

Intelligent dog breeds like the Long Haired Dal need more than just running around—they also need activities that challenge them mentally. Your LC Dalmatian will love playing games like fetch, frisbee, and ball. Another way to work their brains is to let them off the leash during walks so they can explore their surroundings at their own pace.

Do Long Haired Dalmatians shed?

Dalmatians are heavy shedders, and the long coat Dalmatian sheds all year round. Some owners have observed their Long Haired Dalmatian shedding more than a regular Dalmatian, which isn’t true. Long Haired Dalmatians don’t shed more than standard Dalmatians; their long hair is just more noticeable. 

Are Long Haired Dalmatians hypoallergenic?

No, Long Haired Dalmatians are not hypoallergenic. For a dog to be hypoallergenic, it has to be a minimal shedder. Dalmatians, unfortunately, are heavy shedders and it will be tough on people allergic to dogs.

Are Long Coat Dalmatians rare?

Long coat Dals are pretty unique, and there are two main reasons we don’t see more of them.

Firstly, the LC gene is recessive, meaning it takes two Long Haired Dals to give birth to Long Haired pups. Since there aren’t many LC Dalmatians around, it can be challenging to find two unrelated Long Haired Dals to mate.

Secondly, long hair on a Dalmatian isn’t a breed standard, and most breeders don’t want their Dalmatians to have this gene. Through selective breeding, breeders have made Long Haired Dalmatians almost extinct.

Some heartless breeders have gone as far as culling Long Haired Dalmatian puppies to keep them from spreading.

Long Haired Dalmatian price

We’ve mentioned how rare Long Haired Dalmatians are, and you’re probably thinking, “how much are Long Haired Dalmatian worth?” 

The answer may surprise you because the Long Haired Dalmatian cost isn’t that high. You can easily find a Long Haired Dalmatian puppy for sale at as low as $600; however, some unique coat colors can cost a bit extra. For example, a lemon Dalmatian price would be upwards of $1,000 since they’re pretty rare.

The Long Haired Dalmatian puppy price is pretty low despite their rarity. That’s because of their stature as “non-standard dogs”. Neither the AKC nor any other kennel club recognizes these dogs pure, which is why you’ll find long coat Dalmatian puppies for sale within the $600 to $1,200 price bracket.

Long Haired Dalmatian breeder and rescue: Where to adopt or buy Long Haired Dalmatian?

If you’re interested in getting a long coat Dalmatian puppy for yourself and are wondering, “are there long coat Dalmatian puppies for sale near me?” we got you covered!

Here we have listed three of the most reputable online Long Haired Dalmatian breeders where you can find an adorable and healthy long coat Dalmatian for sale.

  1. Country NIGHTZ Ranch 

If you want a Long Haired Dalmatian puppy for your family, you need to look at a breeder that raises its dog in a family environment. Country NIGHTZ Ranch prides itself on providing healthy, friendly, and well-behaved Long Haired Dalmatians to loving homes.

Country NIGHTZ Ranch believes that long hair is perfectly natural for a Dalmatian and hopes Long Haired Dalmatians get mainstream acceptance.

  1. Long Coat Dalmatians (LC Dals )

Jennifer Lynn, the breeder behind LC Dals, once posted a picture of her Long Haired Dalmatians and was surprised to receive heavy criticism. It broke her heart to see people talk about LC Dalmatians as abominations that should be euthanized.

So, she set her eyes on breeding more and more long-coated Dalmatians. Today, she runs one of the biggest Long Haired Dalmatian breeding programs.

  1. Paradise Spots Dalmatians

Paradise Spots Dalmatians has both the short-haired and the Long Haired Dalmatian for sale. Before going up for sale, their Dal puppies undergo detailed health tests, socialization training, and potty training.

Paradise Spots Dalmatians also believe Long Haired Dalmatians should be more widely accepted and hope the AKC considers them breed standard soon.

Another way to bring a Long Haired Dalmatian into your life is to adopt one. People often abandon these dogs due to the negative stigmas associated with their long fur, and you’ll find plenty of these dogs looking for new homes.

Here are some shelters where you can find the Long Haired Dalmatian for adoption.

  1. Adopt A Spot Dalmatian Rescue

Adopt a Spot provides listing to rescued Dalmatians at affordable prices. Their goal is to help abandoned Dalmatians meet loving and caring homes where they’ll get the love they deserve.

  1. Dal Rescue SoCal

Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California is a non-profit organization on a mission to save unwanted Dalmatians and Dalmatian crosses from euthanasia. If you’re looking for shelters for Long Haired Dalmatian adoption in California, do give them a try.

  1. Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue

WHDR is another non-profit organization that rescues abandoned and homeless Dalmatians and gives them the necessary medical care before sending them to new homes. They also educate owners about responsible dog ownership and how to care for their dal.

Is a Long Haired Dalmatian right for me?

A long coat Dalmatian may not be “breed standard”, but it is every bit as intelligent, protective, affectionate, and loyal as a regular Dalmatian.

While these dogs can’t enter dog shows, they’ll be a welcome addition to your family. However, if you can’t commit to their training and exercise needs, or if you can’t provide them good healthcare, the Long Haired Dalmatian may not be a good option.

Related Questions

Are Long Haired Dalmatians aggressive?

Long Haired Dalmatians are energetic dogs, and their pent-up energy can make them seem aggressive. However, these dogs are gentle, loving, and sensitive.

How much does a long haired Dalmatian cost?

Since kennel clubs don’t qualify Long Haired Dalmatians as “pure” Dalmatians, you can easily find one for $600 to $1,200; sometimes even less.

Is there a long coat Dalmatian?

Yes, Long coat Dalmatians exist and are just like the regular smooth-coated Dalmatians in every way, except they have slightly longer hair.

Are liver Dalmatians rare?

Liver-spot is one of the two coat patterns the AKC accepts for Dalmatians. The gene responsible for this color is recessive, which is why the liver-spot pattern is seen less often than the black spot.

Are long coat Dalmatians purebred?

The matter is highly controversial. Fans of the Long Haired Dalmatians are adamant these dogs are just as pure as the short coat Dalmatians. On the other hand, Dalmatian purists disagree and believe Dals could only get long hair if they were crossbred at some point.

What is a liver spot Dalmatian?

Liver is a shade of brown, and although it’s not as common as black spots, Dalmatians often have the liver spot pattern.

Why do some Dalmatians have blue eyes?

The unique coat pattern Dalmatians have is because of the piebald gene. This gene can sometimes also affect the dog’s eye color, turning it blue.

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