Phantom Poodle: Complete Guide

Phantom Poodle
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The Poodle is one of the most recognizable breeds with his curly and dense coat with some being groomed to have that elegant, shaved Continental clip. Their coat typically comes in a wide array of solid colors from black to silver, and from red to cream.

But, have you heard of the Phantom Poodle? The term may give some the impression of a Poodle with a mysterious or ethereal quality to it. 

The term simply refers to a coat pattern that comes in two or three colors, similar to the Parti Poodle and the tuxedo Poodle. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss specifically the Phantom Poodle and see how their coat differs from the other Poodles.

Table of Contents

Phantom Poodle: Breed overview 

Purpose Companion dog 
AKC Recognition No 
Size Small – Large 
Weight 4 – 50 pounds
Height 5 – 24 inches 
Coat Colors Black, Brown, Red, Silver, Apricot, Gray, Cream
Child Friendliness Moderate to High
Canine friendliness Moderate to High
Training Difficulty Easy
Grooming UpkeepModerate 
Exercise NeedsModerate 
Health Moderate 
Lifespan10 – 13 years
Puppy Costs $2,000 – $3,000

What is a Phantom Poodle?

what is Phantom Poodle
What’s a Phantom Poodle?

A Phantom Poodle is a Poodle with specific secondary color markings in the body against a solid-colored coat.  The markings are typically found in the following areas:

  • Across the chest.
  • Above the eyes.
  • In the muzzle or chin.
  • Along the legs.
  • Under the tail.   

What is a Phantom standard Poodle?

A Phantom standard Poodle is a Poodle that stands at maturity between 18 and 24 inches at shoulder height with specific markings on his coat.

This specific coat pattern can also occur in other Poodle sizes, such as the Toy, Miniature, and Medium Poodle.

So, what color is Phantom?

“Phantom” refers not to colors but to the specific markings on the solid or dominant color of the coat. 

How do I know if my Poodle is Phantom? 

A Phantom Poodle would have specific areas in the coat that are lighter in color against a solid base color, whereas other bi-colored Poodles would have irregular patterns of two (2) colors anywhere on the body.

Phantom Poodle genetics 

what colour is Phantom
What color is a Phantom Poodle?

There are three (3) requirements for Phantom markings Poodle to appear.

First, there should be 2 copies of the recessive gene “ky” in the K locus, which expresses non-solid black colors. For the markings to present themselves, both parents must be carriers of the gene with the offspring having a “ky/ky” genotype.

Second, there should also be a copy of the “E” or “Em” gene in the E locus related to black facial masking.

Third, two (2) copies of the “At” gene in the A locus should be present to express a color spotting pattern.

Are Phantom Poodles purebred?

Yes, Phantom Poodles are purebred.

Are Phantom Poodles rare?

Yes, Poodle Phantom markings are considered rare because of the specific gene patterns that are required. Keep in mind that breeding two (2) Phantom Poodles together doesn’t necessarily mean that a “Phantom” pattern may arise.

Are Phantom Poodles recognized by the AKC?

Unfortunately no, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize the Phantom Poodle. They only allow solid-colored Poodles in their conformation shows.

However, in agility or obedience competitions the AKC Phantom Poodle can compete.

What does a Phantom Poodle look like?

A Phantom Poodle has the same physical characteristics as any other Poodle with the only difference being their coat colors. They have a squarely-built bodies with deep chests and straight tails.

The head is somewhat rounded with eyes that are oval in shape and dark colored. The ears hang close to the head and the muzzle is straight and long. 

The coat is dense and single-layered with a naturally curly or wiry texture.

Various Phantom Poodle colors

The primary or dominant Phantom Poodle color can come in different shades, namely, black, brown, red, and silver. 

The markings or secondary Poodle Phantom color on a Black Phantom Poodle can be apricot, brown, gray, cream, silver, or red. 

For the Brown or Chocolate Phantom Poodle and also the Red Phantoms, only apricot markings can be present, while cream markings are found on Silver Phantoms. 

The pattern is typically seen among Miniature and standard Poodle Phantom colors and rarely among Toy Poodles since the breeding of Phantom Poodles is focused mainly on these two size varieties.

Phantom parti Poodle 

Phantom parti Poodles present with a body coat that is at least 50% white and the other half being some other color like black, apricot, brown, red, or silver. There are also some phantom markings present on the face and under the tail.

Ghost Phantom Poodle

Ghost Phantom Poodle is another term for the Phantom Poodle. 

Silver Phantom Poodle

Phantom silver Poodle presents with a silver body coat with cream markings above the eyes, around the muzzle, across the chest, legs, and under the tail.

This pattern is possible in all size variations whether it is a silver Phantom standard Poodle, silver Phantom Miniature Poodle, or silver Phantom toy Poodle.

Silver beige Phantom Poodle

This is the same as the Silver Phantom Poodle with cream or beige markings.

Brown Phantom Poodle

Phantom brown Poodle presents with a brown or chocolate body coat with apricot phantom markings.

All sizes present with apricot markings regardless of whether they are brown Phantom standard Poodle or a brown Phantom toy Poodle.

Chocolate Phantom Poodle

Phantom chocolate Poodle is similar to the Brown Phantom Poodle. All Poodle sizes, such as the chocolate Phantom standard Poodle, the chocolate Phantom miniature Poodle, and the chocolate Phantom toy Poodle will have phantom apricot markings over the eyes, muzzle, chest, legs, and tail.

Phantom merle Poodle

The merle Phantom Poodle looks just like any Poodle with any color. What makes them different is they carry the Merle gene but do not have the typical speckled markings of a Merle Poodle on their coat.

Phantom Merle Poodles are also called Cryptic Merle Poodles.

Crossing a Phantom merle standard Poodle, or any size of Phantom Merle Poodle, with another Merle Poodle, can result in a double Merle Poodle.

Blue Phantom Poodle

Blue Phantom Poodle presents with a dark grayish coat with cream or white phantom markings. It is possible for a blue Phantom standard Poodle to have a black coat as puppies and eventually change into dark gray as they mature.

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Blue merle Phantom Poodle

Blue merle Phantom Poodle presents with a black body coat speckled with light gray spots. The phantom markings can be apricot, red, or brown in color.

Black Phantom Poodle

Phantom black Poodle presents a black body coat with phantom markings that can be red, apricot, brown, cream, silver, or gray.

They can come in different size variations, such as the black Phantom standard Poodle, the black Phantom toy Poodle, or the black Miniature Phantom Poodle.

Black Phantom Poodle puppies are already born with the specific phantom pattern visible and do not appear as they mature.

Black and silver Phantom Poodle

This variation has a black background with silver phantom markings above the eyes, muzzle, legs, chest, and tail.

Black and tan Phantom Poodle

A variation of the Black Phantom Poodle with tan or brown phantom markings. One size variation of this is the black and tan Phantom toy Poodle which stands between 9 to 11 inches upon maturity.

Black and red Phantom Poodle

Red and black Phantom Poodle presents a black base coat with red phantom markings. A black and red Phantom standard Poodle stands between 18 to 24 inches upon maturity.

Black and brown Phantom Poodle

Black and brown Phantom Poodle has a black body coat with brown phantom markings.

Sable Phantom Poodle

Phantom sable Poodle presents with a body coat of any color with black-tipped hairs and, of course, phantom markings above the eyes, face, chest, legs, and tail. 

A sable Phantom standard Poodle is considered rare compared to the regular Standard Poodle.

Red Phantom Poodle 

Red Phantom Poodle has a red base coat with apricot Phantom markings.

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Phantom brindle Poodle

Brindle Phantom Poodle presents with two colors in their body coat with a striped pattern and also Phantom markings above the eyes, muzzle, chest, legs, and tail.

The coat of a brindle pointed Phantom Poodle can fade with age with the distinct striping losing its definition.

They can come in different sizes, such as the brindle Phantom standard Poodle.

Parti Phantom Poodle

Poodle with at least 50% of the body hair in white color with patches of another color. Phantom points may be present in the eyebrows, muzzle, chest, legs, and tail. 

They come in all size variations, such as the parti Phantom standard Poodle.

Phantom abstract Poodle

Poodle with less than 50% white body coat coupled with patches of another color. Phantom markings can be present in the eyebrows, face, chest, legs, and tail.

Apricot Phantom Poodle

Variation with an apricot primary color and cream or white phantom markings.

Tri Phantom Poodle

Phantom tri color Poodle is a Parti Poodle with phantom markings. Tri color Phantom Poodle presents with a body coat that is at least half white-colored with some other color.

The phantom markings on a tricolor Phantom Poodle may only be present around the face and the eyebrows, while the legs are mostly white.

Cream Phantom Poodle

Phantom Poodle with a cream primary color and white phantom markings.

Do Phantom Poodles change colour as they grow? 

The phantom markings are already visible when they are born. Their background color, however, can lighten in color as they mature.

Phantom color Poodle size, height, and weight 

Poodles, in general, officially have three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. But, over the years, some sizes have sprung up to merit their own unofficial classification. 

Below is a list of Phantom Poodle size variations from the largest to the smallest.

Phantom Poodle Size Height (Male) Height (Female) Weight (Male)Weight (Female)
Standard18-24 inches 18-24 inches 60-70 pounds 40-50 pounds 
Medium 14-18 inches 14-18 inches 25-40 pounds 20-35 pounds 
Miniature11-14 inches 11-14 inches 10-15 pounds 10-15 pounds 
Toy9-11 inches 9-11 inches 6-10 pounds 6-10 pounds 
Teacup 5-9 inches 5-9 inches 4-6 pounds 4-6 pounds 

Phantom standard Poodle

Phantom standard Poodles can reach a height of 24 inches at shoulder level. The height of a male or female standard Phantom Poodle does not differ much but the males tend to be heavier.

Phantom Poodle standard at one year of age may have reached their full height, but the final weight of a standard Poodle Phantom may not be reached until their second year when their chests have been filled out.

Phantom moyen Poodle

Moyen Phantom Poodle is a medium-sized Poodle. Phantom Moyen Poodles are slightly smaller than Standard and taller than a Miniature Phantom Poodle.

Phantom mini Poodle

Phantom miniature Poodle stands between 11 and 14 inches. There is not much difference between the height and weight of a male miniature Poodle Phantom and a female miniature Phantom Poodle. 

Mini Phantom Poodle has the same body proportions as the other sizes of Poodles. Mini Poodle Phantom has a square-shaped body that shows great athleticism and agility.

Miniature Phantom Poodle puppies, however, grow at a faster rate than the standard Phantom Poodle reaching their final height and weight by their first year. 

Phantom Poodle miniature is considered fully grown at 14 months old and would have completed most of their physical and mental development.

Phantom Poodle toy

What is a Phantom toy Poodle? Phantom toy Poodle is just a toy Poodle with specific markings on their coat.

A full grown Phantom toy Poodle will reach a height between 9 and 11 inches with not much weight difference between a male toy Poodle Phantom and a female toy Phantom Poodle.

Phantom toy Poodles grow at a much faster rate than the standard and miniature Phantom Poodles with Phantom tiny toy Poodle reaching their full height between 6 to 8 months.

Toy Poodle Phantom color follows similar parameters as other sized Phantom Poodles with a base coat that can be black, chocolate, red, and silver, and phantom points showing on the eyebrows, face, chest, legs, and tail.

Phantom teacup Poodle

Also known as the Micro Phantom Poodle, this size reaches a full height of only 5 to 8 inches.

Phantom colored Poodle temperament and personality

Poodles, in general, regardless of coat color, have a friendly and active temperament. Standard Phantom Poodles tend to be more reserved while the smaller varieties are more highly strung.

Do Phantom Poodles make good family dogs?

Yes, Phantom Poodles are a great addition to any family. They get along well with children and other pets as long as they are socialized early.  

How to care for your Phantom Poodle basic needs 

One must start at the puppy stage to give your Phantom Poodle healthy physical and mental growth. 

Basic vaccinations should start at 8 weeks of age and follow up after 2 to 3 weeks to prevent certain diseases, such as rabies and distemper.

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A puppy Phantom Poodle should be provided with basic necessities, such as a good quality, chew proof dog bed for comfort, a harness and leash to keep them safe while on walks, and also food and water bowls, preferably in stainless steel to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

They should also be provided with toys to keep their young minds active and busy and to give comfort whenever they feel nervous.

Phantom Poodle training

Training a Phantom Poodle is easy since they are intelligent and quite eager to please their owners. Placing emphasis on positive reinforcements is the key to keeping them motivated to follow your commands.

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Phantom Poodle ideal living conditions 

Phantom Poodles are more of indoor dog that needs constant socialization with their family. To satisfy their hunting instincts, it is preferable that they live in a house with a backyard where they can explore their surroundings, roam freely, play, and exercise at their own pace.

If you do let your Poodle play outside, make sure your yard is fully fenced-in. Do keep in mind that some towns or counties have zoning laws that prohibit the installation of physical fences.

If you’re in this situation, don’t fret! A great alternative to the physical fences is to install a wireless dog fence that should also keep them from escaping your backyard.

What’s great about the invisible dog fence is that it can send radio signals to a dog’s collar to alert them that they are getting way too far beyond the house perimeter.

Phantom Poodle exercise requirement 

Phantom Poodles on average need at least 30 minutes to an hour of exercise daily with the amount of physical activity adjusted according to their size. 

If you are constantly busy with work, installing an electronic dog door will give your Phantom Poodle more independence in going out to the backyard for some exercise and exploring on their own and at their own pace.

What’s great about the automatic doggy door is that it is programmable and dog owners can set curfew hours. This will allow their pups to head outside to play during the day while staying safe indoors at night.

So whether you work from home or at the office, you’ll no longer need to open and close the doors for your pooch every time he needs to head outside or come back into the house.

Phantom Poodle grooming and cleaning 

Poodles, regardless of size and color, are one of the most difficult breeds to groom due to their curly hair that gets knotted easily.

So, here are some tips to make it easier for you to groom your Phantom Poodle:


Frequent brushing using a slicker or a pin brush is recommended. A Phantom Poodle’s coat is dense and cottony, thus, it is prone to matting.

The more frequently you brush his coat, the more natural oil is distributed all over his body. This results in a silkier and shinier coat.

After brushing, you can finish it off using a metal comb to remove any matting left. 


When it comes to bathing, bathe him only once a month. This is done to avoid a Phantom Poodle’s skin and coat from drying out. Be sure to use a shampoo that is formulated for dogs. These products do not contain strong detergents that can cause dullness of the coat.

If you wish, you can also choose to use color-enhancing dog shampoo to intensify the beautiful coat color. 

In between bathing sessions, you can simply use doggie wipes to wipe the paws, coat, face, and skin if they’re dirty.

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Nail Trimming 

If you’re hearing your Phantom Poodle’s nails clicking on the floor, then, it’s time for some nail trimming. Overgrown nails tend to curl and push onto the paw pads which may cause skin infections.

Use a clipper to cut off the tip. Don’t overcut the nails, lest, you may end up cutting the quick as well. The other option is to use a dog nail grinder, a safer alternative for anxious dogs. 

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Teeth Brushing 

Proper dental care shouldn’t be ignored. It is part of dog grooming because it can affect a dog’s overall health. Phantom Poodles are also prone to periodontal diseases such as gum inflammation and tooth loss.

This is why we recommend brushing your Poodle’s teeth at least 3 times a week using an enzymatic dog toothpaste. This kind of doggie toothpaste breakdowns bacteria to reduce tartar buildup and tooth decay. 

Eye and Ear Care 

The best way to remove eye boogers from dogs is by using a damp cotton ball to gently remove the boogers. If you don’t do this, it can cause eye irritations that may lead to infections.

The same is true with ears. You can use gentle ear wipes to remove excess wax and debris without drying the skin.

Or, another option is to apply a few drops of gentle dog ear drops which are safe to use even for those with sensitive skin. 

Grooming Needs Grooming Frequency 
Brushing 3x per week
BathingOnce a month
Nail Trimming As needed
Teeth Brushing3 to 4x per week
Eye CareCheck weekly 
Ear CareCheck weekly 

Is the Phantom Poodle hypoallergenic?

Though Phantom Poodles also produce dander, this dog breed is hypoallergenic because of their low-shedding coat characteristics. Plus the fact that they hardly drool at all, so, less saliva on things means fewer allergens around the house. 

Do Phantom Poodles shed?

Very minimally and this is because Phantom Poodles only have a single layer of coat. 

Phantom Poodle food and diet

You should feed your Phantom Poodle a diet rich in protein such as beef, turkey, and chicken. Plus, fats are also essential for healthy growth and body maintenance.

Do not scrimp on food by buying cheap and low-quality dog food. Instead, choose a dog food that has passed the standards of The Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO because you can be sure that the food has a balanced content of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. 

In terms of quantity, the amount of food for a standard-sized Phantom Poodle should be around 2 cups a day, while miniature Phantom Poodle should be around 1 cup a day and ½ cup a day for a toy Phantom Poodle. 

Phantom Poodle health problems 

Phantom Poodle is a robust breed but it doesn’t mean that he is immune from getting sick. Here are some of the five (5) health problems that are commonly associated with Phantom Poodles.

1. Addison’s Disease

This is caused by a lack of cortisol that causes the affected dog to be anxious, lethargic, and to suffer from digestive issues. 

2. Hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland plays a huge role in producing thyroid hormones to maintain metabolism. A dog with hypothyroidism has an insufficient amount of thyroid hormones brought about by the inflammation of the thyroid gland. As a result, they show signs like weight gain and hair loss. 

3. Bloat

A Poodle is one of the breeds that are at high risk for bloat. This occurs when the stomach is filled with gas which causes the stomach to twist and decrease blood flow. This is an emergency situation because a lack of blood flow can cause death.  

4. Hip Dysplasia

This is more common among standard-sized Phantom Poodles than the smaller counterparts. Hip dysplasia is a hereditary disorder causing the abnormal growth of the ball and the socket located in the hip joint. 

5. Epilepsy 

Poodles are vulnerable to epileptic attacks or seizures. These are short episodes that typically last for 3 minutes and after which, the dog may appear tired and confused. 

Phantom Poodle lifespan

The average life expectancy of a Phantom Poodle is 10 to 13 years

Phantom Poodle breeders 

Phantom Poodles are not always available, thus, looking for Phantom standard Poodle breeders as well as Phantom toy Poodle breeders and Phantom miniature Poodle breeders may take a longer time, with some even waiting for years because of the scarcity of the color pattern and the high demand for it. 

If you’re based in the UK and still on the lookout for Phantom Poodle breeders UK, check out the Facebook page of Hosha Phantom Poodles UK

Or perhaps you’re looking for Phantom Poodle stud? Go to Valurah Farms ( in Washington State to find out stud service fees. 

Phantom Poodle puppy

If you’ve already found a breeder with Phantom Poodle puppies, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the health of the available Phantom Standard Poodle puppies for sale.

You can ask for DNA testing results as well as health cards that are issued by veterinarians. 

Once home, Phantom toy Poodle puppies require nutritious food for optimum growth. Avoid overfeeding Phantom miniature Poodle puppies to avoid health problems associated with obesity. 

Phantom Poodle price 

How much is a Phantom Poodle?

Are Phantom Poodles more expensive? Yes, the Phantom Poodle cost is higher compared with the cost of solid-colored Poodles. The Phantom toy Poodle price is about $2,300, the Phantom miniature Poodle is about $2,000 to $3,000 while the Phantom standard Poodle price averages at $2,400. 

Phantom Poodle rescue 

There are Poodle rescue centers where you may inquire if they happen to have Phantom Poodle available. Give these two (2) rescue centers a try:

Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue ( is a non-profit organization that helps Poodles find their loving forever homes.

Arizona Poodle Rescue ( started operating in 2003 and has placed over 4,500 dogs in permanent homes. 

Places to find Phantom Poodle puppies for sale 

As early as now, we are letting you know that it’s not easy to find Phantom Poodle for sale. But do check out the breeders below if they have or can help you find the Poodle of your dreams. 

Phantom standard Poodle puppies for sale

Go to Smith Standard Poodles ( located in Litte Rock, Arkansas. 

Phantom toy Poodle puppies for sale

For toy Phantom female Poodle puppies for sale, you may inquire at Little Toy Angels ( located in Virginia, Illinois. 

Miniature Phantom Poodle puppies for sale

Phantom Miniature Poodle puppies for sale could be available at Tango’s Haus (, a small family owned Poodle breeder located in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Phantom Poodle puppies for sale UK

If you’re based in the UK and are still searching for Phantom Poodle puppies for sale near me, give Pradetti Poodles ( a try. 

Finding a healthy Phantom Poodles for sale 

Searching for an adult Phantom Poodle for sale? We’ve listed some breeders below, some are from the US while some are from Canada and Australia. Hopefully, you can find breeders of Phantom Poodles for sale near me. 

Phantom standard Poodles for sale

Phantom standard Poodle for sale is available at Heart Song Standard Poodles (

Phantom toy Poodles for sale

Still on the lookout for Phantom toy Poodles for sale near me? Great news if you’re from Maryland because toy Phantom Poodle for sale may be available at Toy Poodles for Sale (

The breeder offers a lifetime health guarantee for Phantom toy Poodle for sale. 

You can also go to the webpage of Stokeshire Designer Doodles ( for toy Phantom Poodles for sale. 

Phantom miniature Poodle for sale

Miniature Phantom Poodles for sale are sold for $3,200 for males while the females are sold for $3,800 at Tango’s Haus (

Teacup Phantom Poodles for sale

If you’re in Virginia and are looking for teacup Phantom Poodles for sale, feel free to visit the webpage of Tiny Toy Poodles of Danville VA (

Phantom merle Poodle for sale

If you’re looking for merle Phantom Poodle, either Windswept Poodles ( or Valaurah Farms ( may have phantom merle Poodles available for sale. 

Phantom Poodle for sale Ohio

Check out Keepsake Goldendoodles, Bernadoodles & Poodles ( for strikingly beautiful Phantom Poodles. 

Phantom Poodles for sale Texas

Little Fuzzy Poodles ( could be the place to find the best Phantom Poodles near you. 

Phantom Poodles Australia

If you’re in Australia, specifically near Jandowae in Queensland (Qld) Australia, feel free to check out Sunshine Star Poodles ( which has quality Poodles of all sizes and colors available. 

Phantom Poodle for sale UK

No luck yet in finding Phantom standard Poodles for sale UK? Then why not try Lincolnshire Poodles ( if they have Phantom Poodles for sale UK.

You can also head to the Facebook page of Hosha Phantom Poodles UK for Phantom toy Poodle for sale UK.  

Phantom Poodles Canada

For adorable Phantom Poodles in Canada, try your luck at Pristine Standard Poodles (

Phantom Poodles for sale in Florida

Anna-Ash Poodles ( have available Poodles in various colors. 

Chocolate Phantom Poodle for sale

Smith Standard Poodles ( used to have an available chocolate standard Phantom Poodle. Do inquire if they are expecting a chocolate Phantom toy Poodle for sale. 

Phantom Poodle Mixes

A Phantom Poodle may also be crossbred with other breeds, either purebred or mixed dogs as well. Most often than not, the purpose of doing so is to produce healthier offspring here are some examples. 

Phantom Schnoodle

Crossing a Phantom Poodle with a Schnauzer is called a Phantom Schnoodle. This dog is not a heavy shedder and has a pleasant personality. 

Phantom Goldendoodle

A cross between a gentle Golden Retriever and a smart Phantom Poodle, a full grown Phantom Goldendoodle size varies, mainly depending on the size of the Poodle parent. 

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Phantom Poodle: Pros and Cons 

Here is a table that shows the pros and cons of caring for a Phantom Poodle. 

Pros Cons 
Very intelligent.Needs a lot of mental stimulation.
Good family dog.Tends to be stubborn.
Good with other pets.Tends to suffer from separation anxiety.
Hypoallergenic.Tends to bark a lot.
Available in 3 sizes.Requires frequent grooming.

Is the Phantom Poodle right for me?

A Phantom Poodle is a pleasant dog to live with and he is undoubtedly smart and easy to train. If there’s one issue, that is in the grooming department. Apart from frequent grooming, you have to take your Phantom Poodle to a professional groomer to clip his coat to prevent the knotting of the coat. 

Related Questions

What makes a dog a Phantom?

The gene ky/ky genotype, E, and At are the ones responsible for phantom coloration in dogs.

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