Cane Corso Great Dane Mix: Complete Guide

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix
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If you’re looking for a massive dog with a gentle heart, the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix may be the dog for you. You’ve probably heard of this crossbreed and want to learn more. In this article, we will go into detail about everything you need to know about the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix – from temperament, grooming, common health issues, and more! Let’s get started!

Cane Corso Mixed With Great Dane

king corso cane corso great dane mix
Great Dane Cane Corso Mastiff Mix

Of all the dogs you can mix the Cane Corso with, the Cane Corso Mix with Great Dane has to be the most massive. Unlike many Cane Corso mixes that people don’t know about, the Cane Corso and Great Dane Mix is quite famous.

The Great Dane Mix with Cane Corso goes by many names. Common names include Cane Dane Dog, Cane Corso Dane Mix, Italian Daniff, Italian Great Dane, and Cane Corso Great Dane.

But no matter what you call the Great Dane Corso Mix, you still get a skyscraper of a dog with a gentle heart.

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Cane Corso history

Descending from warrior dogs and intended for hunting large game, the mighty Italian Mastiff also proved helpful for other jobs like cart pulling, cattle herding, hunting, and guard duty.

Their superior bodyguarding skills were why they got the name “Cane Corso”, which is Latin for “bodyguard dog.”

These dogs were widespread in the Italian countryside for a good while, but their numbers reduced as time progressed. Nevertheless, enthusiasts of this dog breed helped it prosper.

Today, these dogs are popular companions and guard dogs.

Great Dane history

When the German nobility wanted to hunt large animals like boar, deer, and bear, they needed huge, strong, and fast dogs.

So, they imported English mastiffs and Irish wolfhounds to do the job. These dogs eventually crossbred to produce the Great Dane.

Thus, the Great Dane is also known as German Mastiff or Deutsche Dogge.

In popular culture, some of the best-known dogs are Great Danes. Astro from The Jetsons, Marmaduke from the self-named comic strip, and Scooby-Doo are all Great Danes.

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Cane Corso vs Great Dane

By mixing Cane Corso and Great Dane breeds, you get a ruthless and mighty guard dog who can easily knock anyone down.

Other than the size difference, there are some key areas where the Great Dane is better than the Cane Corso.

Similarly, the Cane Corso has an advantage over the Great Dane in some aspects.

To summarize their similarities and differences, we’ve compared Great Dane vs Cane Corso in the following table.

Cane Corso and Great Dane Similarities

Cane Corso and Great Dane
Purity Purebred
AKC RecognitionYes
PurposeWorking dog
FriendlinessFriendly with owner’s family
CoatSmooth, short
Energy levelHigh
Owner experienceMedium

Cane Corso and Great Dane Differences

Cane CorsoGreat Dane
Size LargeGiant
Origin ItalyGermany
Prey driveVery highModerate
Weather preferenceWarm to coldWarm
Lifespan9-12 years7-10 years

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Cane Corso Great Dane Mix physical appearance

cane corso and great dane mix
Cane Corso Great Dane

Inheriting large proportions, short coat, and toned body from both its parents, the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix is a sight to behold.

Depending on which parent it takes after, the Italian Daniff can look pretty different. Nevertheless, it will have the hulking physique associated with both parents.

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Cane Corso Great Dane Mix size, height, and weight

Few dogs can match the Cane Corso in terms of size, and people often wonder, “Is a Cane Corso bigger than a Great Dane?” The answer to this question is no.

The Great Dane lives up to the “great” in its name, and it is noticeably bigger and heavier than the Cane Corso. Taking after the physical dimensions of its parents, the Italian Daniff also towers over other dogs.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix Size

Size groupGiantLarge/Giant
Height30-36 inches27-32 inches
Weight120-190 pounds90-140 pounds

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix coat colors

The Cane Corso comes in red, grey, fawn, black, and brindle colors.

The Great Dane, on the other hand, comes in almost every dog color imaginable. From standard colors like black, fawn, and silver; to unique colors like blue, chocolate, and silver; to striking patterns like brindle, merle, harlequin, and Merlequin.

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An Italian Daniff can inherit any color from its parents or have a mixture of these coats. Suffice to say that the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix comes in all colors of the dog rainbow.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix temperament and personality

The Cane Corso is unfriendly towards other animals and lacks the patience needed to deal with kids.

The Great Dane is quite the opposite, and it can get along with other pets. It’s also very patient, gentle, and careful with children. We often see the Italian Daniff inherit these traits and suit households with kids and other pets.

The Great Dane is gentler and more peaceful than the Cane Corso, who needs expert training and early socialization to become a well-behaved dog.

Their mix can inherit the aggressive tendencies of the Cane Corso, so make sure to give them early training.

What is the temperament of a Cane Corso?

As we’ve mentioned above, Cane Corso isn’t the most peaceful dog, and this dog breed can be very dangerous if not raised right. These dogs possess enough strength to severely injure a human being, animal, or another dog.

In other words, this dog is only suitable for expert dog owners who can train it properly.

If your Italian Daniff takes after its Cane Corso parent, you’ll have a more challenging time dealing with its temperament. But since you can’t tell which parent’s personality the dog has adopted, the best course of action is to train the dog properly at an early age.

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What is the temperament of a Great Dane?

The Great Dane more than makes up for what the Cane Corso lacks in friendliness. You can expect your Italian Daniff to be much better-behaved around children, other pets, strangers, and family members. 

These qualities don’t make the Great Dane any less of a guardian, though, and this dog is smart enough to sense danger when it’s around. The Great Dane will ferociously protect its owner’s territory, property, and life.

Don’t let the cartoons fool you. When it comes to facing scary situations, this brave dog is no Scooby-Doo. No offense to Scooby-Doo (we love Scooby-Doo!).

Is a Cane Corso Great Dane Mix aggressive?

The best thing about designer breeds is that they’re supposed to carry the best traits of both parents, with none of the cons. The Italian Daniff can also take pride in being much better behaved than its Cane Corso parent.

The Cane Corso Great Dane mix has enough patience to deal with small children and other pets. However, you have to mind their size, as these dogs can knock down and hurt children and other animals without intending to.

Is a Cane Corso an aggressive breed?

The answer to the question “Are Cane Corsos Aggressive?” depends on the kind of owner they’ve had. An irresponsible owner won’t make sure their dog gets the necessary socialization training and would raise dogs that can be dangerous to people around them.

You can expect a Cane Corso to be a very well-behaved and gentle pet with a sensible and responsible owner.

Unfortunately, not many people know the proper way to raise Cane Corsos, which makes them stubborn and impulsive.

Is A Great Dane aggressive?

Although their origins are similar to Cane Corso, Great Danes are gentler, patient, and more tolerant than their Italian peers.

This isn’t a coincidence; these dogs are this way by design. Selective breeding has minimized their natural aggression, and the modern Great Dane is a big softy.

Nevertheless, their behavior largely depends on the kind of upbringing they’ve received from their owners.

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Do Cane Corso Great Dane Mix get along with other pets?

The Italian Daniff is much more tolerant of other animals compared to its Cane Corso parent. However, this dog can weigh almost 200 pounds, and simply sitting on a small pet is enough to cause some form of fatality.

Besides, your Cane Corso Great Dane mix may chase them just for fun, which your other pet won’t appreciate.

Is a Cane Corso Great Dane Mix good with kids?

Cane Corsos are tolerant of kids, but they don’t make suitable nanny dogs.

On the contrary, Great Danes are perfect for kids and have the patience and compassion necessary for nanny duty.

Italian Daniffs or the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix are usually capable nanny dogs as well.

However, we must remind you that these dogs are enormous and unsafe around small children. The dog can knock and injure a young kid without even intending to, which is why they’re better suited to older kids.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix working qualities

The Cane Corso Great Dane Mix or Italian Daniffs excel as guard dogs. Their alert nature and sharp senses allow them to detect break-ins and intrusions, and their strength enables them to overpower any opponent with relative ease.

The affectionate nature of the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix means that they can also make therapy dogs. They know how to console those in need, and they have a comforting presence.

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Cane Corso Great Dane Mix training

Although mixing the Cane Corso with a gentle giant such as the Great Dane diminishes its few behavioral issues, you should still train your Cane Corso Great Dane Mix at a young age.

Socialization training will help these dogs get along with other pets and humans, and housebreaking will prevent them from making messes all over your house.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix exercise requirement

The Italian Daniff is somewhat laid-back and doesn’t have the high exercise needs of the Cane Corso. Due to their hefty bodies, these dogs don’t like activities that put stress on their bodies.

It’s best to stick to casual walks and occasional jogs. Doing that for 30 minutes a day should do the job.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix grooming and cleaning

Brushing your giant Cane Corso Great Dane Mix can be a daunting task, so do it once a week. Don’t bathe them too often, or they’ll develop skin issues; once every 45 days should be enough.

Take special care of their teeth and ears. These dogs are prone to periodontal and ear infections, and cleaning them regularly will prevent buildup that can lead to diseases.

Is a Cane Corso Great Dane Mix hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, the Italian Daniff is not a hypoallergenic dog. Although they shed very little, their gigantic bodies produce large quantities of allergens, making them unfit for people with dog allergies.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix food and diet

Usually, your Cane Corso Great Dane Mix will need 3 to 5 cups of high-quality dog food each day. It’s best to break it into multiple meals to reduce the risk of bloat.

Note that the exact number of daily calories depends on the dog’s activity level, age, and weight. Always consult your vet on how much to feed your canine friends.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix common health issues

Giant dogs like the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix are usually more prone to weight-related joint issues than smaller breeds. They also suffer from common canine health problems.

Thankfully, you can avoid most of these issues by adopting your dog from a reputable breeder.

Here are common health issues that the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix is especially prone to:

1. Bloat

The most common issue with large, deep-chested dogs is bloat. Bloat is an excessive buildup of gas that swells the stomach and sometimes leads to gastric torsion.

Gastric torsion is when the stomach twists and cuts the blood supply to essential organs.

2. Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is the second biggest threat to your Italian Daniff’s health. Hip dysplasia is when the dog’s hip socket develops improperly and prevents the leg joint from moving in its intended track. This mismatch causes bone-on-bone friction and leads to arthritis and loss of functionality.

3. Elbow dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia is like hip dysplasia, except it occurs in the elbow joint. The cause is similar: improper formation of skeletal structures preventing joints from moving in their intended tracks.

4. Hypothyroidism

In hypothyroidism, the dog’s thyroid gland fails to produce enough thyroxin. Low thyroxin leads to increased weight, hair loss, lethargy, and muscle weakness.

5. Cardiomyopathy

Cardiomyopathy is one of several cardiac diseases Great Danes face. Cardiomyopathy is when the dog’s heart muscles are weaker than usual, leading to enlarged heart chambers and reduced cardiac functionality.

6. Obesity

Obesity is the gateway to numerous diseases. Your Italian Daniff will live a long and healthy life as long as you keep its weight in check. Overweight dogs suffer from thyroid issues, joint problems, and heart diseases.

Be sure to stick to healthy, nutritious, and well-balanced food.

7. Allergies

Environmental allergens can make your Italian Daniff’s immune system go haywire, resulting in allergic reactions. These dogs get allergies from their Great Dane parents, and these allergies show up as itchy spots on their skin.

8. Ectropion

Ectropion is an eyelid condition observed in Cane Corso. The affected dog’s eyelid folds inside and constantly rubs against its eyeball, leading to redness, swelling, and pain. If not treated in time, your Italian Daniff may damage its eye beyond recovery.

9. Cherry eye

Cherry eye is when the dog’s tear duct enlarges and becomes red and swollen (resembling a cherry). This condition isn’t painful, but your dog can make it worse by constantly scratching it.

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10. Wobbler’s disease

Wobbler’s disease is a spinal dysfunction that mainly affects Great Danes and Doberman Pinschers. It occurs when spinal ligaments thicken and press against the spinal cord, pinching sensitive nerves and causing pain and loss of functionality.

11. Cancer

Great Danes are unluckily more prone to certain cancers than other dogs. Bone, spleen, and lymph-node tumors often appear and grow to troubling size quickly. While some cancers are easily treatable, others require extensive procedures and chemotherapy.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix lifespan

Considering the lifespans of its parents, the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix can live for as long as 8 to 10 years.

Crossbred dogs are generally healthier than purebred dogs due to the added genetic diversity, which is why you can expect your Italian Daniff to live a long and healthy life.

What is the lifespan of a Great Dane?

The Great Dane is a healthy dog and can live for 7 to 10 years. With a dog as massive as the Great Dane, 7 to 10 years is an impressive lifespan. That’s almost equal to 79 human years.

What is the lifespan of a Cane Corso?  

Cane Corsos are somewhat smaller than Great Danes, but they still tower over many other dogs. They have an average lifespan of about 9 to 12 years. In human time, that’s equivalent to 77 years.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix adoption

The misfortune with many large dog mixes is that their owners often abandon them once they get too big. It’s not easy having a 3-foot-tall dog in your house, and if you lack living space, the dog can be too much to deal with. 

That is why you’ll find many large dogs—like the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix—in shelters, waiting to be adopted.

You can find an Italian Daniff for a fraction of the price if you take the adoption route.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix for sale and price

The Cane Corso Great Dane Mix isn’t widespread, and you won’t find many ethical breeders selling these dogs. Their rarity also drives up their price, and you’ll come across Italian Daniff puppies going for as high as $1,500. For this dog, a sensible price would be $800-1,200.

Great Dane Cane Corso Mix puppies

Looking at Cane Corso Great Dane puppies, it can be hard to imagine how big they’ll grow. Italian Daniff puppies are tiny, and they grow pretty slowly. These dogs take about 3 years to mature because they have so much growing-up to do.

This designer breed is still not widely available, and you’d have to cast your net wide to find trustworthy breeders who have Cane Corso Great Dane Mix puppies for sale.

Join dog groups on social media and look for Great Dane Cane Corso Mix puppies for sale on the internet. Since they go by many names, you should also try looking up Italian Daniff puppies for sale.

Is the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix right for me?

If you have ample living space, grown-up kids, and have prior experience handling jumbo-sized canines, go for a Cane Corso Great Dane mix.

On the other hand, if you live in a tiny apartment, have toddlers or small pets at home, and are looking for your first pet dog, we recommend looking for other options.

Related Questions

What is the best Cane Corso mix?

Cane Corsos make competent service dogs when mixed with Labradors. The Cane Corso Doberman mix is also a healthy and active guard dog. Mixing Cane Corso with German Shepherds produces versatile and intelligent guard and law enforcement dogs.

Are Cane Corso aggressive dogs?

Cane Corsos are somewhat aggressive dogs. Aggression is a part of Cane Corso’s guardian dog instincts, and these dogs can be aggressive if they don’t get proper training. 

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