Cane Corso Bulldog Mix: Complete Guide

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix
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Crossbreeds like the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix and the Cane Corso Bullmastiff Mix are becoming ever so popular in recent years. While some owners prefer teacup and mini-dogs, others prefer big and powerful dogs.

You’ve landed on this article because you’ve heard of the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix and want to learn more. Keep reading to find out what to expect before buying one. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix, including their temperament, common health issues, diet, grooming, and more!

What is a Cane Corso Bulldog Mix?

cane corso mixed with bully
Cane Corso Bully Mix enjoying the sun!

A Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is the product of a Cane Corso mixed with Bulldog. Also called the Cane Corso and Bully Mix, this intimidating cross of two hulking dog breeds is not for the faint of heart.

But don’t let its imposing appearance deter you; the Cane Corso Bully Mix can be very gentle. Let’s explore the breeds that this dog comes from and discover what a Cane Corso mixed with Bully is like.

Cane Corso

This large dog has a high prey drive—thanks to their past as hunting dogs. Don’t expect them to treat other pets with kindness.

These dogs have a famously high bite force; at around 700 PSI, these dogs bite harder than a lion! With this bite force, they can easily crush small bones, and they can rip your flesh without putting in much effort.

Luckily, these dogs are gentle and loving and would never attack someone they know.

Still, the Cane Corso may be too much of a dog for inexperienced owners, and they require expert handling, training, and physical stimulation to keep them well-behaved and calm.

Are Cane Corsos aggressive?

Yes, Cane Corsos can become quite aggressive if they are poorly trained or are not trained during puppyhood. Improper training and lack of socialization are usually the main reasons that lead to aggressive Cane Corsos.

Still, their rare lash-outs are primarily due to their owners’ poor training, mishandling, and inexperience. A well-trained Cane Corso is a kind, affectionate, and loyal dog who would lay its life down to protect its owner.

The Bulldog

Bulldogs are wide, heavy, and strong dogs that originated in England. These robust dogs were initially bred for sport. After the game got banned, the Bulldog had no purpose and almost went extinct. However, these dogs gained popularity outside of England, and they tinkered with these breeds to produce astonishing variants.

Today, the Bulldog has four popular variations: the American Bulldog, the French Bulldog, the Olde English Bulldogge, and the English Bulldog. Let’s go through each of them.

American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are the largest of all Bulldog breeds and match the Cane Corso in size. These dogs were bred from the original Old English Bulldog but later became their own breed.

The American Bulldog has only recently achieved AKC recognition, and its breed standards are still being developed. But here’s what the dog generally looks like:

American Bulldog
Size groupLarge
HeightMales: 22-27 inches
Females: 20-25 inches
WeightMales: 75-100 pounds
Females: 60-80 pounds
ColorBlack, white, brown, fawn
Lifespan10-12 years

Is an American Bulldog considered an aggressive breed?

Their similarities to Pitbulls and their history gives the American Bulldog a bad and negative reputation, which isn’t entirely accurate. The American Bulldog is kind, patient, and loyal to their owners if raised right.

American Bulldogs are very protective of their human family and are friendly towards children; however, they’re not very kind to strangers. This nature is what makes them effective guard dogs, and you’d expect guard dogs to be unfriendly to intruders.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a petit toy dog who loves the lap of its owner. Other than their size, their erect, bat-like ears set them apart from all other Bulldog breeds.

The French Bulldog also originates from the old English Bulldog. Despite their tiny size, they still have the shredded physique and characteristic skull of the Bulldog breed. 

French Bulldog
Size groupToy
Height11-13 inches
Weight<28 pounds
ColorBrindle, fawn, cream, white. Solid or two-colored
Lifespan10-12 years

Olde English Bulldogge

Don’t let the name confuse you; the Olde English Bulldogge is purely American. These dogs are a recreation of the extinct Old English Bulldog, made by mixing several dog breeds from the mastiff family. 

Since they’re a mix of several dogs, they don’t carry AKC recognition. However, this dog is much healthier than the standard English Bulldog.

Olde English Bulldog
Size groupMedium
HeightMales: 17-20 inches
Females: 16-19 inches
WeightMales: 60-80 pounds
Females: 50-70 pounds
ColorBrindle, fawn, red, white, black
Lifespan11-13 years

English Bulldog

Finally, we come to the English Bulldog, better known as just “Bulldog.” This Bulldog is what remains of the original Bulldog breed, although their appearance has changed a lot after generations of selective breeding.

The English Bulldog is AKC approved and is as pure as Bulldogs can be. Their days of harsh sports are behind them, and they’re much calmer and better behaved than their ancestors.

English Bulldog
Size groupSmall-to-medium
HeightMales & females: 14-16 inches
WeightMales: 50 pounds
Females: 40 pounds
ColorBrindle, fawn, red, grey, black, chestnut
Lifespan8-10 years

Cane Corso mix breeds

The Cane Corso is an impressive dog in every way, and many breeders have tried mixing them with other dogs to see what unique blends they can come up with.

The experiments of crossing them with their distant relatives—the Bulldogs—have been quite successful. This combination has produced healthy, affectionate, vigilant, and athletic dogs.

Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix

american bulldog and cane corso mix
American Bully Cane Corso Mix

The Cane Corso and American Bulldog Mix go by many names, including King Corso American Bulldog Mix and Cane Corso American Bully Mix. Whatever you call them, the Cane Corso X American Bulldog is one huge and scary dog.

Since both its parents are equally big, the Cane Corso Mix American Bulldog carries an impressive physique. With a bone-crushing jaw strength, a hulking build, excellent watchdog skills, and a severe dislike for intruders, you will sleep easy with this dog on guard duty.

Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix temperament

A Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is every bit as hardworking, loyal, protective, and alert as its parent breeds. These qualities make them excellent bodyguard dogs.

On the negative side, this dog is unfriendly to pets and strangers, and it will require socialization training to get along with other dogs.

Cane Corso English Bulldog Mix

Unlike the pure Cane Corso, English Bulldog and Cane Corso Mix will be calmer and more affectionate while being more open to strangers. 

If the Cane Corso size scares you, you’ll be glad to know that this Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is much smaller. Its size will make it slightly easier to handle; however, you still need to have prior dog-handling experience to deal with them.

Cane Corso French Bulldog Mix

The Cane Corso is twice as tall and about three times longer than the Frenchie, so their cross must come from a Cane Corso mom and a Frenchie father. 

A French Bulldog Cane Corso Mix will be much smaller than its mother but bigger than its father.

This dog will be slightly less energetic than a pure Cane Corso and expect constant love and attention like the Frenchie. This mix will be easier to handle because of its smaller dimensions, but you still need to socialize him or her early.

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Cane Corso Old English Bulldog Mix

The Olde English Bulldogge is the healthiest of all bulldogs. Considering the Cane Corso also has minimal health concerns, you can expect the Olde English Bulldog Cane Corso Mix to be a very healthy dog as well.

Don’t let the spelling confuse you; this dog is the same as an Old English Bulldog Cane Corso Mix. Old English Bulldogs no longer exist, and the Olde English Bulldogge is a reconstruction of the extinct dog breed.

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix physical appearance

The Cane Corso and all Bulldog breeds belong to the Mastiff family. They’re all stocky, buff, and have well-defined muscles—even the petite French Bulldog.

All these dogs share the signature Mastiff facial features. So, no matter which Bulldog you mix your Cane Corso with, the result won’t differ too much from a pure Cane Corso.

Cane CorsoFloppy/ medium (often cropped)Short, wideLarge, blackDarkHigh, docked
American BulldogFloppy/ shortMediumLarge, black with pink or brownAny colorLow, medium, pump-handle
French BulldogErect/ bat-likeShort, wideShort, blackDark, light brownLow, short, straight or screwed
Olde English BulldoggeFloppy/ shortShort, wideLarge, blackDark, light brownLow, medium, pump-handle
English BulldogFloppy/ shortVery shortLarge, blackDarkLow, short, straight or screwed

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix coat colors

Depending on the parents’ color, possible colors of your Cane Corso Bulldog Mix would be brindle fawn, white, black, red, and cream.

Expect the dog to be two-colored or tri-colored if both parents have different colors.

Cane CorsoBlack, chestnut, grey, fawn, red, brindle
American BulldogAny color except solid black, solid blue, merle, and tricolor
French BulldogWhite, cream, fawn, brindle
Olde English BulldoggeWhite, fawn, red, black, brindle
English BulldogFawn, red, white, fallow, brindle

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix size, height, and weight

Cane Corsi are huge, muscular dogs, and mixing them with the American, English, or Olde English Bulldogges will produce giant, beefy beasts.

However, combining them with the French bulldogs may have unpredictable results in terms of size. 

 Size GroupHeight (inches)Weight (pounds)
Cane CorsoLarge23.5 – 2788 – 110 
American BulldogLarge20 – 27 60 – 100 
French BulldogToy11 – 13 >28 
Olde English BulldoggeMedium16 – 20 50 – 80 
English BulldogSmall-to-medium14 – 16 40 – 50 

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix personality and temperament

The Cane Corso is somewhat not as affectionate as other dog breeds. Fortunately, Bulldogs are loving dogs.

Mixing a Cane Corso with any Bulldog will produce a dog that is friendly, affectionate, and good with children.

However, the Carne Corso Bulldog Mix will treat strangers coldly, which is what you’d expect from a good guard dog.

You should also not leave this dog with other pets; the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix will look at them as food rather than friends.

 WatchdogAffection With strangersWith petsBarking Energy 
Cane CorsoExcellentModerately AffectionateVery UnfriendlyVery UnfriendlyVery LowHigh
American BulldogExcellentHighly AffectionateUnfriendlyUnfriendlyLowHigh
French BulldogAverageHighly AffectionateFriendlyUnfriendlyVery LowMedium
Olde English BulldoggeGoodHighly AffectionateSomewhat FriendlySomewhat FriendlyVery LowLow
English BulldogAverageHighly AffectionateVery FriendlyVery FriendlyVery LowLow

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Do Cane Corso Bulldog Mix get along with other pets?

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix will hardly ever tolerate another pet. Their hunting instincts will always make them view smaller animals as prey. And since they’re so huge, most pets seem like easy prey to them.

Socializing them at a young age can help them mix with other dogs. However, the results aren’t guaranteed, and these big dogs can unintentionally hurt smaller dogs.

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix training

The Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is a hefty dog, and you need to teach them to stay calm so that they don’t hurt kids and other dogs by mistake. You should also be assertive and commanding during training—the dog needs to know that you are in charge at all times.

You don’t have to be strict throughout their training; these dogs love pleasing their owners and learn well with positive reinforcement and reward treats.

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix exercise requirement

The exercise needs of a Cane Corso Bulldog Mix depend on their Bulldog side. If these dogs come from an American or French Bulldog, expect them to be highly energetic.

Failing to give them 2 hours of exercise can make your Cane Corso Bulldog Mix act destructive. With those powerful jaws, that’s the last thing you want.

Mixing a Cane Corso with an English or Olde English Bulldog gives a much calmer dog. These Bulldogs are more laid back and can do with an hour of light walk and some games.

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix grooming and cleaning

The Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is a short-coated dog that sheds moderately and requires minimal coat grooming. However, this dog has wrinkles and folds on its skin that you’d need to clean regularly. Failing to do so can lead to infection.

Clean your Cane Corso Bulldog Mix with a damp towel when it gets dirty, and only bathe it once every few months. Washing these dogs too often will make their skin dry and increase dander production.

Tooth brushing and ear cleaning are also essential. Ignoring this dog’s oral and ear hygiene can lead to infections and diseases.

Is Cane Corso Bulldog Mix hypoallergenic?

No, Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is not hypoallergenic. Neither the Bulldog nor the Cane Corso is hypoallergenic. And no matter what dogs you combine to make a Cane Corso Bulldog Mix, it will still be unfit for people allergic to dogs.

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix food and diet

How much food a dog needs depends on its age, size, and physical activity levels. Since the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix can be as big as a Cane Corso and as tiny as a French Bulldog, we can’t recommend a fixed caloric intake. You’d need to consult your vet on what to feed your dog and how much.

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix common health issues

Cane Corsi are healthy dogs, but bulldogs are slightly more prone to certain diseases. Although you get a relatively healthy dog when you mix Cane Corsi and Bulldogs, you should still watch out for the following health problems.

1. Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia occurs when poor hip socket development prevents proper alignment of the hip joints. This condition can lead to arthritis and loss of lower body functionality.

2. Skinfold dermatitis

The Cane Corso Bulldog Mix has many wrinkles on its body, and they’re often overlooked when cleaning. These skin folds can trap dirt and moisture and get infected.

3. Cherry eye

Cherry eye is when the dog’s third eyelid becomes inflamed and red. This condition isn’t painful, but it can affect the dog’s eyesight.

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4. Bloat

Bloat is when a dog’s stomach gets filled with gas. It can lead to gastric torsion: a fatal condition in which the stomach twists on itself.

5. Cancer

Although Cane Corso is less prone to cancer, a Cane Corso Bulldog Mix may inherit cancer susceptibility from its Bulldog parent.

6. Breathing issues

Bulldogs and some Cane Corso are Brachycephalic, meaning they have narrow and congested respiratory tracts that make breathing difficult. 

7. Ear infection

Their floppy ears provide a humid and dark environment for infections to flourish. Your Cane Corso Bulldog Mix may require ear cropping to prevent that. 

8. Tail problems

The screwed tail in some Bulldogs can lead to spine issues. If a Cane Corso Bulldog Mix inherits the screwed tail of a Bulldog, it can become a problem later on.

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix lifespan

Bulldogs and Cane Corso are all long-lasting dogs, and we can safely estimate a Cane Corso Bulldog Mix to have a decent lifespan. You can expect your Cane Corso Bulldog Mix to live to about 11 to 14 years. Given its size, that’s a pretty good lifespan.

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix adoption

The Cane Corso can be too much to handle for many people, which is why you’ll see kennels full of Cane Corso and their mixes.

If you think you can give these dogs a better home, there’s nothing more rewarding than adoption. Plus, you can adopt a dog for a much lower price than what expensive breeders charge.

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix puppies for sale

There aren’t many online marketplaces with Cane Corso Bulldog Mix for sale, but some resources list American Bulldog Cane Corso Mix puppies for sale.

So, if you’re looking for Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix puppies for sale, we suggest checking out these links.

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix price

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix hasn’t been around long enough to have a following, and you can get these dogs for under $1,000. If you opt for adoption, you can get them for an even lower price.

Is the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix right for me?

The Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is still a pretty new breed, and they can be unpredictable. Their size can also be too much for new dog owners.

If you can train the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix and provide them with enough physical stimulation, this dog will make an excellent protector and bodyguard for you and your family.

Related Questions

What is the best mix with Cane Corso?

While there is no dog we can single out as the best Cane Corso Mix, you can look into their Labrador, Bullmastiff, and Bulldog mixes.

What 2 breeds make a Cane Corso?

Cane Corso are purebred dogs, meaning they’re not made by crossing two different dogs. However, you can find many Cane Corso cross breeds like the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix.

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