Cane Corso Doberman Mix: Complete Guide

Cane Corso Doberman Mix
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My best friend was looking for a guard dog for her family and decided to get a Cane Corso Doberman Mix. Her stocky and muscular dog was a lifesaver when an intruder almost broke into her house in the middle of the night.

If you’re interested in the Cane Corso and Doberman Mix, this article is for you! We’ll discuss everything you need to know about this crossbreed. Let’s begin!

Cane Corso and Doberman Mix

Cane Corso and Doberman Mix
Dobermann Cane Corso Mix

The Doberman and Cane Corso mix well together due to their similar physical and behavioral qualities. Both are high-energy and alert guard dogs who are loyal to their owners and families. When combining these two to make a Cane Corso Dobermann, the positive qualities are enhanced, and the negatives are balanced.

Here’s a list of similarities and differences between the two dog breeds.

Cane Corso and Doberman Similarities

Cane Corso and Doberman Pinscher
Size Large
Purity Purebred
AKC RecognitionYes
PurposeWorking dog
CoatSmooth, short
Energy levelHigh
Owner experienceMedium
Lifespan10-12 years

Cane Corso and Doberman Differences

Cane CorsoDoberman Pinscher
Origin ItalyGermany
Prey driveVery highMinimal
AffectionAverageVery high
IntelligenceAverageVery high
FriendlinessFriendly with owner’s familyVery friendly with owner’s family and children 
Weather preferenceWarm to coldWarm

Cane Corso history

Cane Corso descended from large Molosser dogs that served the roman military in ancient times. Strong, loyal, and physically imposing, these dogs were popular around Italian farms where they helped their masters in fieldwork, cart pulling, hunting, and chasing off trespassers.

Today, Cane Corsos are used chiefly to guard and protect. These dogs have a 700-pound bite force and dislike strangers, so any house with a Cane Corso is out of bounds for intruders. 

Doberman history

A German tax collector named Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann needed a fierce but loyal guard dog to protect himself from burglars and bandits, so he bred precisely that. This intelligent, athletic, powerful, and ruthless guard dog became popular among dog enthusiasts, who named it the Dobermann Pinscher after its founder.

Over time, the breed was diluted with other dogs to improve its power, stamina, and intelligence while lowering its aggression and ferocity. Today, the Dobermann Pinscher (or simply Doberman) is a famous guard dog used by wealthy civilians and law enforcement.

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Cane Corso Doberman Mix physical appearance

doberman and cane corso mix
Cane Corso and Doberman Mix

A Doberman Pinscher Cane Corso Mix may only have subtle differences since both its parents are so similar. However, the cross has distinctive physical features that separate them from its parents and may be visible to keen-eyed dog enthusiasts.

Working dogs like the Cane Corso and the Doberman usually have cropped ears and docked tails. Don’t be surprised if you get a Cane Corso Doberman with a long tail and floppy ears because that’s the natural look of both its parents.

Docking and cropping ensured the dog’s loose body parts didn’t get in the way of its duty. Today, docking and cropping are controversial practices, and many countries have banned them.

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix may be lean and lightly built or stocky and muscular. Their muzzle may be thin and long (like a Doberman) or wide and heavy (like a Cane Corso). You may get a dog that looks exactly like a Doberman with some Cane Corso qualities or vice versa.

Suffice to say, the Cane Corso Doberman Mix will be a large dog with a solid bite and a short, smooth coat.

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Cane Corso Doberman Mix coat colors

Cane Corso usually comes in solid colors like black, grey, fawn, red, and brindle. Dobermans are usually rust-colored on their bellies with black, blue, red, or Isabella on their back, neck, and head.

There are white Dobermans too, but most of them suffer from congenital diseases due to unscrupulous breeding practices.

Expect your Cane Corso Doberman Mix to inherit one of these coat colors based on the appearance of its parents.

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Cane Corso Doberman Mix size, height, and weight

Cane Corsos and Dobermans match each other in size and weight. Despite their heft, these dogs are very agile, and they would chase after their target relentlessly until they bring it down.

The Cane Corso Doberman inherits the large dimensions of its parent breeds.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix Size

Size groupLargeLarge
Height24-28 inches23-26 inches
Weight75-110 pounds60-100 pounds

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Cane Corso Doberman Mix: Guard Dogs & Watchdogs

The Doberman is an instantly recognizable dog breed. People often assume they’re military or police dogs, and you might have seen them in movies as security dogs—and for a good reason. The Doberman Pinscher was bred for guarding and protecting its owner, and it is excellent in that role.

The Cane Corso is relatively unknown among the general public, but those who know these dogs are well aware of their exceptional guarding skills. The name “Cane Corso” itself translates to “Guard dog” in Latin.

Based on its parents’ guard and watchdog tendency, there’s no doubt that the Cane Corso Doberman Mix will make a competent protector.

These dogs inherit the immense bite force and protective nature from their parent breeds, and no one will ever dare to approach you with malicious intent if you have this dog walking alongside. Those stupid enough to try will feel the wrath of their 700 psi bite force.

Fun Fact: The Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix is also a great guard dog.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix temperament and personality

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix — much like its parent breeds — is a loyal and faithful pet that wouldn’t hesitate to lay its life down for its owner. While they’re not a danger to their human owners, they will behave coldly with strangers and would often snarl or growl when they get too close for comfort.

Prey drive will be an issue with these dogs, as they tend to chase after smaller animals. If you have other pets at home, don’t expect this dog to get along with them.

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix can learn to tolerate other canines in the house. But with their size, they can easily hurt smaller dogs in your house without even intending to.

Despite its mean appearance, the Cane Corso Doberman Mix is a very sensitive dog. That’s why you need to be very careful when training them. These dogs take scolding and punishments too hard.

Considering that the Doberman ranks as one of the most aggressive dog breeds, you have a big responsibility on your hands with the Cane Corso Doberman Mix should you choose to have one.

Do Cane Corso Doberman Mix get along with other pets?

Unfortunately, the hunting tendencies of these big dogs make them unsuitable to be around smaller pets. These dogs will look at small animals as prey and won’t think twice before making a quick meal out of them.

Alternatively, if a Cane Corso Doberman Mix takes after its Doberman Pinscher parent, it may have a significantly low prey drive. Still, it’s best to keep your Cane Corso Doberman Mix away from other pets.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix training

Training your Cane Corso Doberman Mix can be a breeze if you know the right way to do it. These dogs are intelligent, independent, and would take over if they don’t see you as the alpha. Obviously, you’d want these dogs to heed your commands, or they can be really problematic.

Socialization training works best at a young age. This way, this dog will grow up to be comfortable around people and other pets. A poorly socialized Cane Corso Doberman Mix will see every human as a threat, making it a danger to those around.

With discipline, determination, and consistency, you can train your Cane Corso Doberman to listen to your every command.

A new dog owner may not possess these qualities, which is why the Cane Corso Doberman Mix is best suited to experienced dog owners.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix exercise requirement 

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix inherits superb stamina and energy from both its parents, which is why you need to provide this dog with adequate physical activities each day, or its behavior may get destructive. Considering how strong they are, that’s not something you want.

A Cane Corso Doberman will need 45 to 60 minutes of exercise twice a day — no days off. You don’t need to exhaust them completely; your dog just needs to be calm and composed after their exercise session. 

Make sure not to let this dog out without a leash, and have him walk or jog alongside you for a good while before letting him loose.

Doing that will lower his energy levels a bit. An energetic dog is an excited dog, and people around you won’t be too pleased with a huge Cane Corso Doberman running loose near them.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix grooming and cleaning

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix is not a heavy shedder, but you still need to brush them at least once a week to keep loose fur under control. Trimming is not an issue, as these dogs never grow their hair too long.

Washing the Cane Corso Doberman Mix isn’t a weekly or monthly ordeal. In fact, the less they shower, the better. Bathing them too often can make their skin dry by washing out their natural skin oils. Only wash your dog if it is too stinky. Otherwise, a damp towel will clean them up well enough.

If you haven’t cropped the dog’s ears, you’d need to check for excessive wax buildup from time to time. Floppy ears are good at hiding and nurturing bacterial infections, so make sure this doesn’t become a problem for your Cane Corso Doberman Mix.

Lastly, make sure the dog’s teeth stay neat and clean. Proper dental hygiene is just as important for dogs as it is for us. Brush their teeth daily and give them durable squeaky toys to keep plaque from accumulating.

Is Cane Corso Doberman Mix hypoallergenic?

No, Cane Corso Doberman Mix is not hypoallergenic. Neither the Cane Corso nor the Doberman is a hypoallergenic breed, and their dander, fur, and saliva can cause problems for those with dog allergies.

These dogs have short fur and shed all year round. With their hair, they also shed dander: tiny particles of dead skin. It’s the dander that causes severe allergic symptoms in people sensitive to dogs.

Lastly, these dogs drool quite a bit. When this saliva dries, it gets airborne. These airborne particles can trigger allergies if inhaled.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix food and diet

Being as large as they are, Cane Corso Doberman Mixes need plenty of high-protein diets to nourish their bodies. Avoid fats as much as possible and add dog-friendly ingredients that provide essential micronutrients.

Typically, a dog that size would need 2.5 to 3.5 cups of high-quality dog food every day. However, we recommend you consult your vet to know exactly how much your dog needs.

Break their daily caloric quota into two meals to make sure your pooch doesn’t eat too much too fast and risk bloating.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix common health issues

The Cane Corso and the Dobermann Pinscher are generally healthy and less prone to diseases than many other dogs.

However, they still suffer from common dog health issues. Some are due to their sheer size, and some are because of irresponsible breeding practices.

If you’re ever interested in knowing the specific health issues your canine companion may be prone to, we highly recommend that you speak with your dog’s breeder since he or she will know the health of your dog’s parents.

Alternatively, you could also consult with your dog’s veterinarian. If both of these options aren’t possible, you could find out using a doggy DNA test. Personally, I’ve used Embark dog DNA test twice for my two furry friends. Within two weeks, I was able to receive the test results.

When I looked at the test results, I was pleasantly surprised because the results were super accurate. Not only did it identify my dogs’ specific breed, but it gave me a list of health issues they were susceptible to.

Overall, the DNA test results helped me understand the potential health issues my two pups could have and what I can do to better take care of them.

Hopefully, your Cane Corso Doberman Mix will be healthy, but you should still know about and be aware of the following health issues.

1. Wobbler’s syndrome

Wobbler’s syndrome is a hereditary condition affecting Dobermans. It’s a spinal cord disease in which the dog’s spinal canal fails to develop properly, resulting in spinal compression that leads to severe cervical pain and paralysis.

2. Albinism

Be very careful when getting a Cane Corso Doberman Mix with a white Doberman parent. White Dobermans are highly sought-after, and breeders often try to pass off albino Dobermans as white. Albino Dobermans suffer from numerous health issues and have shorter lifespans.

3. Cardiomyopathy

As the name implies, cardiomyopathy is a cardiac disease in which the dog’s heart muscles weaken and cannot function properly, leading to reduced heart performance. Cardiomyopathy also causes dilation of the heart’s chambers, resulting in an enlarged heart.

4. Von Willebrand’s Disease

Von Willebrand’s Disease reduces the blood’s ability to clot. This condition shows up in Dobermans, and dogs suffering from it experience excessive bleeding even after minor injuries. Such dogs need extra care and special medication all their lives.

5. Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a well-known health issue among heavy dogs. It’s when the hip bones fail to develop correctly during puppyhood, and the thigh bone can’t move in its track like it’s supposed to. This condition worsens with time, with many senior canines losing lower body functionality.

6. Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV)

Gastric dilatation-volvulus is the medical term for bloat, and it is a looming threat for broad-chested canines like the Cane Corso Doberman Mix. GDV happens from eating hastily and excessively. A severe form of GDV is Gastric Torsion, in which the dog’s stomach folds in on itself.

7. Narcolepsy

This condition is relatively unknown, and there’s still research going on to understand this disease better. What we do know is that it’s a neurological condition in which the dog’s circadian rhythm becomes severely erratic. The affected dog may suddenly wake up or fall asleep for no reason.

8. Cherry Eye

Cherry eye is when the dog’s third eyelid becomes swollen and red. This condition isn’t painful, but it can still obstruct the dog’s vision. Plus, the situation can worsen if the dog paws or scratches his eye too much.

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9. Color Mutant Alopecia

A predominantly Doberman issue, Color Mutant Alopecia causes the dog to develop brittle hair resulting in hair loss in patches all over the body. This condition is prevalent among dogs with blue or diluted coats.

10. Entropion

Entropion is when the dog’s eyelid grows and folds inwards. Prevalent among Cane Corso, symptoms of this disease include the affected eye getting red and watery. This condition is excruciating and can result in the loss of the affected eye.

11. Hypothyroidism 

Hypothyroidism is another Cane Corso disease. In hyperthyroidism, the dog’s thyroid gland stops producing enough thyroxine hormone. When thyroxine levels get disturbed, the dog experiences noticeable weight gain, hair loss, and lethargy.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix lifespan

The Cane Corso lives for about 10 to 12 years, similar to how long a Doberman Pinscher lives.

Based on that, we can safely assume that a Cane Corso Doberman Mix will have the same lifespan of about 10 to 12 years.

For a dog that size, that lifespan is pretty impressive.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix adoption

Like many temperamental large dogs, the Cane Corso Doberman Mix can prove to be too much for inexperienced dog owners.

Many people go for big, intimidating dogs just for their looks and abandon them when it becomes evident they don’t have what it takes to handle them. 

That’s why you’ll find many Cane Corsos, Doberman Pinschers, and their mixes in shelters. If you’re lucky, you can find a Cane Corso Doberman Mix for a bargain.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix price

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix is worth a lot less than a pure Cane Corso or Doberman Pinscher.

However, this isn’t a dog you can find easily. Reputable breeders don’t like mixing dogs a lot, and this rarity can drive up their price more than what they’re actually worth.

Expect this dog to cost around $500 or more.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix puppies

It won’t be easy to find a place with Cane Corso Doberman Mix puppies for sale. Not many people know this cross exists, and hardly any breeder deals in these mixed dogs.

However, if you look hard enough, you may find a breeder or two with these puppies available.

Is the Cane Corso Doberman Mix right for me?

If you plan on getting a Cane Corso Doberman Mix, make sure you’re ready and willing to deal with their temperament.

These high-energy dogs need plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and their owner’s attention. They also need proper training, or they can become dangerous to people around them. 

If you think you can deal with all that, and you need an excellent guard dog that will make your property off-limits to trespassers and intruders, the Cane Corso Doberman Mix is a fantastic dog to have around.

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