Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? 7 Reasons Why!

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass
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Is It Ok For Dogs To Eat Grass? Why Does My Dog Eat Grass? Can Dogs Eat Grass?

Your dog is out in the backyard for his morning potty break. You look down and she is munching on a mouthful of grass. It is understandable to be concerned. Perhaps you are worried that the grass consumption may hurt her.

Why do dogs eat grass? If your dog has a well-balanced diet and they are still scarfing down mouthfuls of grass, it could be due to their natural instinct, digestive need, out of boredom or they like the way grass tastes. Eating grass is normal dog behavior and is not always cause for alarm.

Below we discuss seven reasons why your dog may be eating grass and steps you can take to distract them from regularly eating those green turf.

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Lily, our 10-pound Chihuahua loves to head out every morning to do her business in our front yard. Most recently, I noticed she would nibble on the grass right after doing her business. I’d have to pick her up as soon as she starts nibbling.

Should I be concerned? Perhaps she’s attracted to the color green? She may be fascinated by their slow movement in the wind. I had to find out to see if this is normal behavior. Here is my finding from my research.

1. Diet Deficiency

A handful of veterinarians believe that a diet deficiency may cause dogs to eat grass. The dog’s daily intake could be missing necessary minerals, nutrients, or vitamins. Take a closer look. If your dog isn’t getting her daily intake of fiber, she may resort to chewing on the grass to receive that fiber intake.

If your dog is eating grass due to nutritional deficiency, try switching to dog food with a high-fiber variety.

But if you are providing your dog with a healthy well-balanced diet and she is still crunching on grass, then it could be something else.

2. Natural Instinct

It could just be her natural instinct. Dogs like humans are omnivores so they will crave the act of eating grass as much as eating meat.

Keep in mind that for tens of thousands of years, canines would hunt and eat their own prey to fulfill their basic dietary requirements.

Now dogs have evolved to become more domesticated, but that hunting instinct is still there.

3. Texture and Taste of Grass

Sometimes dogs just enjoy some things that our human palate would find disgusting – grass being one of them. They may like the texture and taste of new grass in their mouth.

4. Bored

Dogs can get bored when they are alone in the backyard. To pass the time, they may nibble at the grass to fill the hours.

DID YOU KNOW: Some dogs exhibit other interesting behaviors related to their food, such as playing with it. Learn more about why dogs play with their food in this detailed article: Why Do Dogs Play With Their Food? 15 Reasons Why!

5. Comfort Mechanism

Much like how people chew their fingernails when they are nervous, anxious dogs could resort to eating grass as a comfort mechanism.

Additionally, studies found that grass eating increases when contact time with the owner decreases. If this is the case, try to spend more time with your dog and see if the grass-eating decreases.

6. Digestive Need

Grazing may help satisfy your dog’s digestive needs. According to VCA Hospital, dogs need roughage in their diet and grass is a great source of fiber.

Roughage is the edible but indigestible portion of plant food. They are fibrous which aid in the passage of food and waste products through the guts.

As a result, dogs may eat grass for this reason. Consuming grass might help them digest food better and pass stool more easily.

7. Natural Remedy

Sometimes if dogs have a gassy or upset stomach, they will seek out a natural remedy according to Petmd. The grass is one of the natural remedies dogs will seek out.

ATTENTION: If your dog is experiencing stomach discomfort, it could be due to a medical problem. Consult with your vet to find out if your dog has pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, or gastric reflux.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass and Vomit?

One explanation is that when the grass is ingested, the grass blade tickles the dog’s throat and stomach lining. This sensation may cause him or her to throw up. If the grass ingested is gulped down or not completely chewed up, it can cause your dog to throw up.

If you notice your dog experiencing lethargy, diarrhea, or weight loss concurrent with grass-induced vomiting, we recommend bringing him or her to the vet.

When you bring your dog to visit your veterinarian, they can perform a physical exam, fecal exam, and blood tests.

These tests determine if your furry family member has any underlying gastrointestinal diseases.

The blood test is important because you can find a lot of information from the blood count. The blood count tells you if there’s inflammation or blood loss. If there’s blood loss, it could indicate that there’s bleeding into the gastrointestinal tract.

Your veterinarian can prescribe the proper treatment. If your dog is eating or nibbling on grass and he or she is fine, then rest assured that he or she is doing what dogs naturally do.       

Is It Bad for Dogs to Eat Grass?

why dogs eat grass

Many experts agree that it is typically not harmful for dogs to eat grass. It poses no real risk. But do keep an eye on your dog and watch their behavior. If you noticed your dog’s sudden increase in grass-eating, then it could be a sign of an underlying illness.

Eating grass could also be a sign that your dog is trying to relieve an upset stomach. Some dogs will vomit right after eating it. With that said, the percentage of dogs that vomit after eating grass is less than 25%. Most types of grass will not make dogs throw up. Instead, they contain essential nutrients that dogs crave.

This means consuming grass is not bad for dogs. But be aware that grass in public areas such as parks or dog parks can have animal droppings or stools. Due to this, eating grass there could cause intestinal parasites.

Here is what you can also do to help your dog if they are munching away on the grass:

  • Introduce cooked vegetables or natural herbs to your dog’s diet.
  • Buy a small tray of grass for your dog so they don’t ingest pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals that are used to treat your backyard.
  • Create a herbal home garden so you have peace of mind that the grass or herbs you’re giving them are safe and natural. 

Sometimes when puppies are teething, they will nibble or eat the grass. If your puppy ingests a lot of grass or leaves, it could lead to a blockage. Call your vet immediately if this happens.  

Should I Stop My Dog From Eating Grass?

If you notice that your dog or puppy is eating grass because she is bored, make sure she is getting enough exercise and is mentally stimulated. Try engaging her in fun activities, whether indoor or outdoor. If your dogs are eating the grass because they love to chew or are aggressive chewers, you’ll want to get them indestructible dog toys to curb their grass-eating habit.

If you’re both outdoor at the park or in your backyard, you can play fetch with her or you could toss a frisbee and have your dogs fetch it. If your dog has a habit of chewing, it is a good idea to buy him a sturdy chew toy to keep him occupied.

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