How Does A Dog Muzzle Work?

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A dog muzzle works by keeping your pup’s mouth closed or contained. Specifically, how a dog muzzle works depend on your dog breed, your dog’s behavior, and the type of dog muzzle you use. Regardless of which dog muzzle you decide to use, make sure the muzzle allows for easy breathing and panting.

If you’re going on daily walks and your dogs are fearful of strangers, it is best to get a basket muzzle. Basket muzzle straps around your dog’s snout while still allowing him or her to open their mouths comfortably, eat small treats, pant freely, and drink water.

If you are muzzle training or muzzle conditioning your dogs not to bite, the basket dog muzzle is a great device to prevent biting. Additionally, there are basket muzzles that have slits along the side so you can give your dogs larger dog treats through the slit bars.

If you have an active dog or a dog that reacts aggressively towards other dogs and strangers, wearing the basket dog muzzle is the solution. Wearing a basket dog muzzle allows your furry friend to run, play, pant freely, and drink water without biting or barking at others around her.

On the contrary, the occlusion muzzle is like a straight jacket that’s made of fabric and it wraps around your dog’s mouth to keep the mouth closed. An occlusion muzzle can be used as a muzzle to stop dogs from barking or a dog muzzle to prevent biting. Many dog owners will have their dogs wear the occlusion muzzle for short periods of time such as during dog grooming procedures or brief veterinary visits.

If your dog gets anxious or stressed out when visiting the veterinarian or professional groomer and reacts by biting herself or barking at others around her, wearing the occlusion muzzle helps to prevent any potential injury and allows the veterinarian or the professional dog groomer to concentrate.

After the veterinarian or professional groomer appointment, the occlusion muzzle should be taken off. It’s not a good idea to wear the occlusion muzzle for long periods of time because it prevents your dogs from panting, eating, and drinking.

If you have short snout dogs, the type of dog muzzle you’ll want to get is the short snout muzzle. It prevents your dog from biting or eating inedible objects. Some short snout muzzle covers the entire face while others are designed with eye holes so it’s more comfortable for the dog’s eyes.

No matter which type of dog muzzle your dogs are wearing, make sure it fits comfortably and securely as well as allowing your canines to breathe properly. Please make sure to always supervise them while they are wearing it.

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