Can Dogs Eat Pastrami Meat?

can dogs eat pastrami meat
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Recently on my way home, I stopped by the local deli and picked up some sliced Pastrami.  The moment I walked in the door, my dog was waiting for me. Unsurprisingly, she was giving me those big puppy dog eyes.  She could totally smell the freshly sliced Pastrami in my bag and was eager to get in there and have some. 

The question is should you be feeding your dog Pastrami? No, dogs should not eat Pastrami, this is one meat you should be careful with. Pastrami contains spices like garlic which is toxic to dogs, that coupled with its high sodium and fat content makes it a no-go when it comes to canine consumption. 

As a general rule of thumb, dog owners should avoid feeding their furry friends any food that is brined in saltwater, spices, and preservatives because it is harmful to your dog’s health.

What to do if your dog eats Pastrami meat?

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is pastrami healthy for dogs

So you left some Pastrami meat out and your dog ate some, or you threw your pup a small slice of Pastrami to munch on. Don’t panic, you probably don’t have to worry too much. Although Pastrami is generally not good for your canine companion, a little bit should be ok. 

The size and breed of your dog are important considerations here. Smaller dog breeds can’t consume as many harmful foods as larger dog breeds without having some side effects. Keep an eye on your pooch and pay special attention to signs of poisoning such as diarrhea and vomiting.

Generally, try to avoid feeding your dog Pastrami meat. If you notice your furry friend is acting strangely after eating any human foods, contact your veterinarian right away and try to keep your dog hydrated with small amounts of cool fresh water at a frequent interval.

Your vet will likely do a full checkup to make sure your furry family member is ok. Be ready for x-rays and blood tests. Having good pet insurance will be helpful here as the cost of these tests can add up. To avoid the headache altogether, you need to be careful what you’re feeding your pooch in the first place. 

Avoid accidental consumption of Pastrami

As dog owners, we know our dogs will eat just about anything without a second thought so we must take steps to ensure our dogs are safe. 

You can easily avoid unfortunate situations by practicing proper food storage and being mindful about leaving food out. If you have a larger dog breed that likes grabbing or stealing food from the table, don’t leave your Pastrami sandwich unattended when your pooch is around. 

Always make sure you store your food in a place you know your dog can’t access and avoid leaving your garbage open or accessible with half-eaten food in it. 

What is Pastrami?

Pastrami is basically beef navel that has been dried and brined then steamed and smoked over wood. The brining process is where all that sodium comes from which is harmful to dogs.

After the brining process is complete the spices get rubbed on the meat, some of which can be harmful to dogs such as garlic, paprika, and sometimes onion powder. 

Fun Fact: Brisket meat is sometimes cured in brine as well. Check out our article Can Dogs Eat Brisket? to find out if Brisket is safe for doggy consumption.

Pastrami substitute that is dog friendly and non-toxic

It is generally a bad idea to share your Pastrami with your pooch. Fortunately, there are several canine-friendly treats available that are safe and healthy for him. Check out the below treats that your dogs will love!

Can dogs eat packaged Pastrami?

Dogs should not be fed packaged Pastrami, like with most processed packaged meats it’s probably loaded with more preservatives than the Pastrami you find at the deli. Packaged sandwich meats like the highly processed Prosciutto and packaged Pastrami tend to be loaded with salts to help them have a longer shelf life. The high sodium content makes packaged meats poor food choices for your canine friends. 

Dogs also tend to be very sensitive to sodium and can even be poisoned by having too much salt. When it comes to meats like packaged Pastrami there are likely lots of spices used to enhance the flavor of the meat, such as garlic and paprika.

Spices commonly found in packaged Pastrami meat can lead to gastrointestinal issues for your dog, and if eaten in large amounts can cause poisoning. 

Do your canine companion a favor and avoid feeding packaged Pastrami or any other type of processed packaged deli meat—it’s just not something dogs should be eating. 

Can dogs eat turkey Pastrami?

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is pastrami sandwich bad for dogs

No dogs shouldn’t eat turkey Pastrami—just like beef Pastrami, turkey Pastrami is coated with spices like garlic and paprika which can be harmful to your dog’s health. 

While turkey Pastrami may be lower in fat content when compared to their beef variant, they are still loaded with sodium and preservatives since it is made through the same brining and curing process as beef Pastrami.

A note about dogs with kidney damage

If your dog has had or has kidney damage it is prudent to be very careful about what you feed them, and definitely avoid feeding them any sort of processed meat product. 

Since your dogs’ kidneys filter their bodies of toxins, having poor kidney function can turn a small slip up like eating Pastrami into a serious situation. If your four-legged friend is elderly or has kidney issues do yourself and them a favor and avoid feeding them this meat product.

So, can dogs eat Pastrami?

Your dog’s diet should be a balanced one and include a good mix of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids containing fats. Although it may seem like a good idea to give your dog some of that Pastrami you just picked up, you should think again. 

Like most other foods intended for human consumption, Pastrami just doesn’t pair up well with a dog’s digestive tract and can cause some unpleasant side effects if they happen to eat too much of it. As a responsible dog owner, it’s your job to keep your dog safe. Your furry pal will eat anything so it’s on you to show restraint in what you give your dog.

As always, if you think your dog is having a serious reaction after eating a new food or you are concerned for your dog’s health, seek professional help by contacting your veterinarian immediately.

Related Questions

Can dogs eat Pastrami and corned beef?

Our article covered whether dogs can eat Pastrami and the answer is no. Similar to Pastrami, corned beef also contains a high level of sodium. It is best for dog owners to avoid feeding their pooch corned beef because excessive sodium consumption can lead to sodium ion poisoning.

If you must feed corned beef with your canine friends, do so rarely and in a very tiny amount. Avoid feeding Pastrami and corned beef to your pooch on a regular basis.

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