Can Dogs Eat Corned Beef?

Can Dogs Eat Corned Beef
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Can dogs eat Corned Beef? No, dogs should not eat Corned Beef as it is brined in rock saltwater. Eating Corned Beef that contains an excess amount of salt can cause salt poisoning in dogs. Some brining solutions may even contain large amounts of salt, saltpeter, sugar, and pepper, all of which are harmful to dogs.

On a busy night, canned Corned Beef is the perfect solution. Pop it out of the can and have it with your other side dishes. Corned Beef sandwich is also a favorite deli staple served with pickles. 

Can dogs have Corned Beef?

No, dogs should not have Corned Beef. Whether the Corned Beef is homemade or canned, both contain way too much salt that is extremely harmful to our furry pals. Canned Corned Beef is also highly processed and may be brined in solutions other than salt such as saltpeter, pepper, sugar, and other flavors. 

While we find it tasty and satisfying, the same can not be said for our K9 friends. Corned Beef is harmful and unhealthy for our canine friends.

Let’s briefly discuss what Corned Beef is.

What is Corned Beef and how is Corned Beef made?

Corned Beef does not involve any corn. Instead, Corned Beef involves taking the meat from the cow’s lower breast area called Brisket and brining it in rock salt. This is necessary because the brisket meat is actually fatty and pretty tough. By brining the brisket meat, the meat becomes quite tender and flavorful. 

The “corn” in Corned Beef refers to the large rock salt grains that are used to brine the brisket meat. 

As you can see, Corned Beef is basically brisket meat that is brined in solutions with salt and spices to make the meat more tasty and tender. 

So, does this mean Corned Beef is a no-no for dogs even though the meat itself can be a good source of protein? Let’s find out! 

Is Corned Beef good for dogs?

canned corned beef food poisoning
Is Corned Beef good for dog?

No, Corned Beef is not good for dogs because the high sodium level in Corned Beef is dangerous to dogs. Our furry friends can not tolerate a large amount of salt in their daily diet. 

Keep in mind that a healthy 33-pound dog should not have more than 100 mg of salt each day. This means: 

  • A small 10 pound Chihuahua should have no more than 30 mg of salt per day
  • A medium-sized 75 pound Labrador should have no more than 227 mg of salt per day

Too much salt consumption can cause sodium poisoning in dogs. Signs and symptoms of salt poisoning include: 

  • Nausea and headache. 
  • Vomiting. 
  • Excessive thirst. 
  • Frequent urination. 
  • Watery and loose diarrhea. 
  • Lips and tongue swelling. 
  • Fever. 
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Lethargic, weakness, or loss of energy.   
  • Abnormal fluid buildup in the body. 
  • Muscle tremors or spasms. 
  • Abdominal pain. 
  • Walking around in a drunk-like manner. 
  • Convulsions. 
  • Difficulty breathing or respiratory distress. 
  • Confusion. 
  • Increased heartbeat or tachycardia. 

So, can my dog eat Corned Beef? No, your dog should not eat Corned Beef.

Let’s dive into the nutritional profile of Corned Beef to see why it is bad for dogs. 

Is Corned Beef bad for dogs?

dog eat corned beef
Corned Beef bad or good for dogs?

Yes, Corned Beef is bad for dogs. While the Corned Beef meat itself is good for dogs since it is packed full of protein and fat, both of which can provide minerals and vitamins to our furry friends, it is the high levels of sodium in Corned Beef that makes it bad and harmful to our dogs.  

Here is the nutritional profile of a cooked Corned Beef. 

Nutritional Value of Corned Beef

A 3 ounce or 85 grams of cooked Corned Beef contains:

Name, UnitAmount
Calories, cal213
Fat, g16
Protein, g15
Carbohydrates, g0
Sodium, mg827
Cholesterol, mg83
Iron, mg1.86
Vitamin B12, mcg1.6
Selenium, mcg27.9
Calculations and information from U.S. Department of Agriculture

Too much sodium in Corned Beef is extremely harmful to dogs

There is 827 mg of salt in just 3 ounces or 85 grams of cooked Corned Beef! Too much sodium consumption can cause dogs to suffer health issues related to salt poisoning as we mentioned above. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t Corned Beef without its high salt content. That’s because Corned Beef is brined in rock salt, which is purposely used to help tenderize the Corned Beef meat. This is why low-sodium Corned Beef doesn’t exist and is pretty much unheard of. 

Also, many store-bought canned Corn Beef is highly processed and contain preservative and additive like sodium nitrite to help increase its shelf life. Although used as a preservative for processed meat, sodium nitrite further contributes to the high salt level.   

You can tell if sodium nitrite is used by taking a look at the Corned Beef. If the meat is pink, then sodium nitrite was used. That’s because when sodium nitrite reacts with the protein in corned Beef, nitrite tends to turn the meat pink.

However, if you’re making Corned Beef at home and are only using regular salt to brine the Corned Beef, the meat should be gray in color. 

Since there is a high salt content in Corned Beef, it is best to keep this processed meat away from dogs. If you must, one or two bites of the Corned Beef should be fine, but no more than that. Be sure to provide plenty of fresh cool water for your pooch and have it easily accessible for him or her. Expect your furry pup to be pretty thirsty after eating it.

Are dogs allowed to eat Corned Beef?

No, dogs should not be allowed to eat Corned Beef. Corned Beef contains high levels of salt which is extremely harmful to dogs and can cause sodium poisoning so it’s best for dogs to avoid eating Corned Beef altogether. 

But, my dog ate Corned Beef that was left on the table. What to do if my dog ate Corned Beef? Should I worry? 

First, it depends on how much of the Corned Beef was consumed. If your pooch had a bite or two of the Corned Beef, they should be fine.

Provide a bowl of cool fresh water and observe him or her carefully. Refill the water bowl if necessary. Your K9 friend can get quite thirsty so this is normal.  

If your furry pal ate half a Corned Beef or more, they are at risk of sodium poisoning. Contact your vet immediately and ask if you should bring your dog in for a check-up or examination. If your vet confirms that your pooch has sodium poisoning, IV fluids will be necessary.

Can dogs eat Corned Beef hash?

No, dogs should not eat Corned Beef hash because it is not only high in sodium but also high in fat content as well. So, if you’re wondering, “can my dog eat Corned Beef hash?” the answer is no. 

Is Corned Beef hash good for dogs? No, Corned Beef hash is not good for dogs because it also contains flavors, additives, and spices that are toxic to dogs such as onion and garlic powder.

Can dogs eat Corned Beef and cabbage?

No, dogs should not eat Corned Beef and cabbage. While cabbage is fine safe for dogs to eat in moderation if it is boiled or cooked properly without any added seasonings, Corned Beef is not safe for dogs to eat. 

Be sure to only feed your canine friends cooked cabbage as raw cabbage contain an anion or negatively charged ion called thiocyanate. Avoid feeding your pups large quantities of raw cabbage because, in large amounts, thiocyanate can cause thyroid inflammation in dogs.

If you’d still like to feed your pooch raw cabbage, it’s best to chop it into small fine pieces and only feed your pooch small amounts of it. 

Corned Beef and cabbage is a staple Irish meal popularly served on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Can dogs eat canned Corned Beef?

No, dogs should not eat canned Corned Beef because it contains a high level of sodium and is brined in solutions such as salt, saltpeter, pepper, and sugar which is harmful to dogs. 

Additionally, since canned Corned Beef is processed meat, it contains preservatives or additives like sodium nitrite to keep the canned Corned Beef meat fresh longer or have a longer shelf life. 

Avoid feeding your pooch canned Corned Beef at all costs.

Can dogs eat fresh Corned Beef?

No, dogs should not eat fresh Corned Beef. Whether it is fresh Corned Beef, homemade Corned Beef, or canned Corned Beef, dogs should avoid all forms of Corned Beef. In order to make Corned Beef, it has to be brined in salt and other spices which makes it dangerous for our furry pals. 

That’s because the brining process of Corned Beef contains salt or rock salt, sugar, and spices such as bay leaves, mustard seeds, peppercorn, coriander, and allspice. 

Too much salt consumption causes sodium poisoning and the spices used in the brining process are harmful to dogs as they can cause irritation in the dog’s throat and stomach.

So, can dogs eat Corned Beef?

As we can see, it’s not the smartest idea to feed our furry friends Corned Beef. While we enjoy it on holidays and special events, our K9 pals should stay away from it at all costs. Dogs are at risk of sodium poisoning and other health issues if they eat more than a bite or two of Corned Beef. 

Our dog’s health and safety is our number one priority and so let’s avoid feeding our pooch leftover Corned Beef and keep it out of their reach.

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