Chihuahua Colors

Chihuahua Colors
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Are you thinking about getting a Chihuahua or already have one? Maybe you’ve made up your mind that you’re getting a Chihuahua, but not sure about the Chihuahua colors yet. If you’re stuck on what colors of Chihuahua you’d like to get or would like to know more about the various Chihuahua colors and markings, you’ve come to the right place. 

Chihuahua colors: Chihuahuas come in countless colors, variations, and markings. There are tri colored Chihuahuas, light brown Chihuahuas, tan Chihuahuas, blue fawn Chihuahuas, silver Chihuahuas, white and brown Chihuahuas, all black Chihuahuas, and many more! Keep in mind that Chihuahuas can be a purebred or mixed breed. This affects their colors as well. 

Some of the Chihuahua colors can be confusing. For instance, if you see blue Chihuahuas, they are not really blue! Don’t worry, we will discuss the different Chihuahua colors and explain each. So, let’s dive right in and explore the wonderful world of Chihuahua colors.

Chihuahua coat colors list

chihuahua colors fawn
Black sable fawn Chihuahua puppy

Chihuahuas are an interesting and unique dog breed. They are full of life with big personalities in small bodies. Chihuahuas will cry, bark, or purr depending on their mood. The variety of colors in Chihuahuas is no different. There are so many different Chihuahua colors and markings than our fingers could count. 

According to American Kennel Club (AKC), there are at least 30 recognized Chihuahua colors with 11 recognized markings. We’ve created a Chihuahua colors chart so you can see the various types of Chihuahua colors. Let’s take a look and see what they are:

30 recognized Chihuahua colors

Standard Color (S) vs. Alternate Color (A)Registration Color CodeColor
2S18Black and tan
3S44Blue and tan
5S72Chocolate and tan
8S86Fawn and white
10A14Black and red
11A16Black and silver
12A19Black and white
13A353Black sabled silver
14A354Black sabled fawn
16A45Blue and white
17A36Blue fawn
18A356Blue brindled fawn
19A271Chocolate and white
20A355Chocolate brindled fawn
21A358Chocolate sabled fawn
22A359Chocolate blue
23A357Fawn brindled black
25A92Gold and white
26A146Red and white
28A182Silver and white
30A77Cream and white

11 recognized Chihuahua markings

Standard Color (S) vs. Alternate Color (A)Registration Color CodeColor
1S4Black mask
2S72Black sabling
3S73Black brindling
4S35Merle markings
5S14White markings
6S71Spotted on white
7A5Black mask with white markings
8A6Blue mask
9A8Fawn markings
10A23Red Markings
11A44Cream markings

What do these colors mean?

chihuahua colors chocolate
Chocolate Chihuahua

Going through this list, it can be a lot to take in. While some colors are self-explanatory, other colors can be confusing. Don’t fret, let’s go over these colors and find out what they mean. 

Black. Black Chihuahuas have a solid full black coat color. They are very rare. Most black Chihuahua dogs will have various types of marking on their bodies.   

Black sable fawn. Chihuahuas with black sable fawn colors are very cool and beautiful looking. You’ll notice that the tip of their coat is black while their main base color is fawn or light tan. 

Sable refers to the tip of the hair. In this case if it is black sable, then the tip of the coat is black. The color after the black sable is fawn so fawn or light tan is the base color throughout the Chihuahua’s body.

Gray and silver. There is a difference between the gray and silver coat color on a Chihuahua dog. If you have gray and silver Chihuahuas, then the color of their coat is gray with slivers of white sliced through their gray coat. This white silver streak of color is pretty shiny so it’s called silver. 

Chocolate. Chocolate Chihuahuas have brown coats. In addition to the brown coats, the chocolate-colored Chihuahua will also have brown eye rims and brown lips, nose, and paw pads instead of the usual black color. 

Blue. The skin pigmentation of the Chihuahua is what determines whether the Chihuahua is blue. Similar to a Chocolate Chihuahua with brown eye rims, brown lips, nose, and paw pads, a blue Chihuahua has blue eye rims, paw pads, nose, and lips. Most Blue Chihuahuas will have black coat or fur. The black coat can be shiny, muted, or dull. 

Most Chihuahuas have black eye rims, lips, nose, and paw pads. Under the bright sunlight, dog owners will notice a bluish tint color in the nose and paw pads of blue Chihuahuas. Some blue Chihuahuas may also have blue eyes.

Blue Chihuahuas are pretty rare. The reason why the Chihuahua has a blue color instead of a black color is due to a diluted black gene.  

Blue and tan. If you have blue and tan Chihuahuas, then they have blue eye rims, lips, nose, and paw pads with tan colored tips on the paws. Some blue and tan Chihuahuas may even have tan colors above their eyes or around their ears.

Red. A red colored Chihuahua is often called a mahogany Chihuahua because the color red can range from light to dark orange or a brownish orange color.  

Brindle. Brindle actually refers to a stripe pattern in Chihuahuas’ coat. So if you have a blue brindled fawn Chihuahua, then the Chihuahua has a blue nose, lips, eye rims, and paw pads with black stripes over the fawn or light tan base color of the coat.  

Most brindle Chihuahuas will have black stripes that look like tiger stripes over their base coat color. These brindle black strips may be thick or thin. 

Merle. Merle is also not a coat color. It is a splashed or spots pattern that is usually either black or blue in color. This pattern occurs throughout the Chihuahua’s head, face, and body. As a result, the coat of the Chihuahua has random dilutions due to the gene. 

It’s important to note that Chihuahua breeders should avoid breeding two Merle Chihuahuas together. Doing so can cause many health problems to the offspring. The puppies can have eyesight problems or hearing issues. 

Fawn. Fawn Chihuahua has a light tan coat with a red undertone.  

Gold. Gold Chihuahua has a coat that is shinier than the fawn Chihuahua. When the Gold Chihuahua is out in the sun or under a bright light, you can see the very shiny gold coat color of the Chihuahua.  

White and pure white. White or pure white Chihuahuas have completely white coats.   

Lavender. Lavender Chihuahuas are extremely rare. Even if both Chihuahua parents are lavender Chihuahuas, the puppies may not be. This rare color is caused by the diluting D gene. Instead of the usual chocolate Chihuahua color, the diluting D gene makes it a silver or bluish color. 

Essentially, the chocolate color is diluted, which makes the lavender (blue or silver) color. Due to this, the Chihuahua has a coat with a bluish or silver undertone.  

Lilac. Lilac Chihuahua is similar to Lavender Chihuahua but not quite. Lilac Chihuahua has a combination of a bluish coat with red highlights that can be seen under direct sunlight. 

Rare Chihuahua colors

From the list of Chihuahua colors above, the rarest Chihuahua colors are solid black, brindle, merle, lavender, lilac, and pure white

Chihuahua eye colors

According to AKC, Chihuahuas’ eyes are usually shiny and full. Their eyes can make you feel guilty for not sharing your food so don’t fall for their cute puppy eyes. Most Chihuahuas will have black or brown eyes (dark). There are some Chihuahuas with lighter tan or white coats and they have hazel eyes (light)

There are also Chihuahuas with ruby eyes. Yes, you read that right! Chihuahuas with ruby eyes may appear dark or black, but when they are under direct sunlight, you can see that their eyes are actually red. 

Chihuahua colors: What’s the color of your Chihuahua or which Chihuahua colors will you choose?

As you can see, there are so many Chihuahua colors to choose from. Chihuahuas are a very diverse dog breed so we totally understand how overwhelming it can be to choose from so many different color options.

No matter what their coat color is, Chihuahuas are a great addition to any family. They are loyal beyond belief and are great guard dogs despite their size. Their loud barks say it all! They are also the perfect small size dogs to cuddle with, which is an added bonus. 

Whether you are looking for your next Chihuahua or already have one, we hope this article answered your questions about Chihuahua colors.