Pugapoo: Complete Guide

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With designer dog breeds being all the rage nowadays, it’s impossible to miss out on the Pugapoo. As a hybrid of Pugs and Poodles, this breed was always meant for great things. For example, did you know Pugapoos are highly intelligent and don’t require much maintenance?

If you’re a Pugapoo fan on the lookout for a comprehensive guide about the breed, you’ve come to the right place. This article will break down all there is to this designer breed and cover aspects like origins, diet, grooming, and much more. 

The Pug Poodle Mix is a unique canine breed with particular needs. If you’re thinking about bringing one home, stick with us to learn all you can about the lively and fun-loving Pugapoo breed. 

Pugapoo: Breed overview 

We’re all about making our readers’ lives easier. That’s why we’ve put together this overview section with quick facts about the Pugapoo breed. If you’re short on time, this section will give you prompt answers to your queries. 

Common NamesPugapoo, Pugdoodle, Pug Poodle Mix
PurposeCompanion dog, lap dog
AKC RecognitionNo
Weight10-30 pounds
Height8-15 inches
Coat ColorsFawn, apricot, blue, black and tan, black
Child FriendlinessHigh
Feline FriendlinessMedium
Training DifficultyLow
Grooming UpkeepModerate-to-high
Exercise NeedsHigh
Breed HealthGood
Lifespan10-15 years
Puppy Costs$1,000 to $5,400

What is a Pugapoo?

A Pugaboo is a hybrid of the Poodle and Pug canine breeds. This is a relatively new breed in the canine community, though it’s become quite popular in recent years.

Cynophiles are drawn to the breed due to its affectionate and lively nature.

Pugapoos also have pretty relaxed maintenance requirements. 

Pugapoo: Parent breeds 

We’ve already discussed what parent breeds make up the Pugapoo hybrid. However, now, it’s time to discuss the origins of the designer breed in detail.

Learning about the sires of a particular breed can provide owners with valuable insights into the relevant dog breed’s temperament, needs, and behavior.

Here’s a brief review of the Pugapoo’s parent breeds. 

Pug history

pictures of a Pugapoo
History of the Pug

Believe it or not, Pugs are a pretty ancient canine breed. Dog experts can trace their origins back to 663 BC. The breed originates in China, but historians aren’t too certain about its ancestors. 

Possible Pug ancestors include the Happa and Lo-sze. In China, the Hapa breed closely resembles the Pekingese (smooth-coated). In contrast, the Lo-sze were canines with short mouths, small ears, and short-length coats. 

Even though the bloodlines of Pugs aren’t very clear, it’s accepted that the breed spread from China to Japan and then found its way to Europe and beyond. 

The Pugs found their way to European Shores due to the Dutch East India Trading Company. Here, Pugs quickly found favor with Royalty and the rich. It’s said Queen Victoria and Prince William of Holland both kept Pugs. 

Pugs were introduced to dog enthusiasts in the 19th century and were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885. The breed’s popularity spiked yet again, and breeders started pairing them to be smaller in size due to their demand as lap dogs. This caused the breed to develop breathing problems as their compact size interfered with their breathing pathways. 

Nonetheless, Pugs have remained a favorite with Cynophiles worldwide. Their gentle and loving nature and petite size made them highly attractive as companion dogs. 

Pugs have a somewhat bulky and square-set appearance. Their hallmark features include wrinkled faces, round eyes, and folded ears. The breed has short-length and glossy coats, but they’re still prone to shedding quite a bit. 

Poodle history

Pugapoo images
History of Poodle

Surprisingly enough, Poodles were bred to be water dogs. Water dogs helped flush the game out from rivers. There’s some controversy about the origins of this breed as the Fédération Cynologique Internationale believes Poodles originated in France. 

In contrast, a sizeable majority of dog experts think the breed originates from Germany around the Middle Ages. This belief finds standing in the fact that the Germanic name for the breed ‘Pudel’ means ‘to splash.’ 

According to the American Kennel Club’s standard, Poodles are bred in three categories: toy, miniature, and standard. Nonetheless, all varieties of Poodles have the same appearance and similar judging standards. 

The AKC’s breed standard describes the breed as a ‘well-proportioned’ dog with a longish and straight muzzle. They also have handing ears with plenty of fur, a proud carriage, and the signature docked pompom tail. 

Poodles are double-coated, with the top coat being a little wiry but dense. The undercoat is thick and has a wooly texture. 

Personality-wise, Poodles are high-energy canines and are extremely intelligent. They’re also renowned for their protective nature and are good with children. 

Pug vs Poodle

Pugapoo pictures
Poodle vs Pug

The main difference between Pug and Poodle is that Pug is available in one size while Poodle is available in three different sizes, such as toy, miniature, and standard. 

Besides that, Poodles rank high on the hypoallergenic scale and are more suitable for allergy sufferers.

Pugs, on the other hand, are moderate-to-high shedders and require a scheduled grooming regimen to keep the spread of hair to a minimum. 

What does a Pugapoo look like?

Setting up a standard as to how Pugapoos look isn’t easy. That’s because, as a hybrid of two unique canine breeds, Pugapoos can take after either of the parent breeds. However, you can say Pugapoos are distinctive in their own right without any difficulty. 

Generally, the Pug Poodle Mix inherits the dominant traits of its sires. That means a Pugapoo pup can have a short and smooth coat like the Pug or sport the wiry double coat of the Poodle. They can be long-muzzled or short-snouted. 

There can also be differences in size among the Pugapoo breed.

For example, if the pup is the result of pairing a Pug with a Miniature Poodle, it’s likely to qualify as a small or toy breed canine.

Conversely, a Standard Poodle and Pug puppy can grow up to at least 15 inches in height and be classed as a medium-sized dog. 

In short, there’s no way to be sure about how a Pugapoo litter will look until they arrive. Think of it as playing the shell game or opening a gift – you’re never quite sure about what you’ll get. 

Pugpoo size, height, and weight 

Bringing a canine home requires dog parents to do quick mental math to ensure their furry companion will be comfortable.

For instance, toy, small, and medium dogs suit apartment settings. But, large and extra-large canine breeds will typically require plenty of room to move about to avoid feeling cooped in. 

Similarly, if you want to add a Pugpoo to your family, learning about its size variations can help you decide how to make your pup feel at home.

As explained above, predicting size and appearance can be tricky when dealing with the hybrid of two distinctive dog breeds with little in common. 

The good news is you can still rely on a range of dimensions to help understand the Pugapoo’s homing needs are.

You can expect the Pug Poodle Mix to weigh anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds. They can grow up to be 8 to 15 inches at the withers. There’s more below on how size can differ based on gender. 

Height Weight Length
Male10-15 inches15-30 pounds14-30 inches
Female8-12 inches10-26 pounds12-24 inches

Full grown Pugapoo

If you’re wondering what to expect from a Pugapoo full grown in terms of size, you can relax. Pugdoodles are generally classified as small-to-medium dogs, which means they will adjust well to an apartment and other home settings without much hassle. 

In other words, dog parents don’t have to worry too much about whether their home is large enough to accommodate their fur baby. Though, you should keep in mind that size variations can occur depending on gender. 

Female Pugdoodles are typically slightly smaller and weigh less than their male counterparts as adults. The difference isn’t too glaring but can be noted through observation. 

Mini Pugapoo

Mini Pugapoos are a combination of Pugs and Miniature Poodles. If you’ve been paying attention till now, you’ll remember we mentioned Poodles are available in three distinct sizes, one of which is the Miniature Poodle. 

Miniature Poodles can be 15 to 19 inches long, measure 15 to 21 inches in height, and weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. This makes them smaller than Standard Poodles but larger than Toy Poodles. 

For a Pugapoo parent, this means nothing more than a change in size because all three Poodle types look pretty much the same. Additionally, since the Pugdoodle is a hybrid, the way they look depends entirely on the dominant genes of the parent breeds. 

Teacup Pugapoo

It may be surprising to learn that teacup dogs are bred to be even smaller than toy breeds. A Teacup Pugapoo weighs a maximum of 5 pounds and grows no longer than 9 inches in height – making it the smallest of the Poodles. 

Readers should note that most dog experts advise against buying teacup canines. Teacups are bred to develop size reduction by pairing the smallest specimens of any litter. Over time, this reduction in size can lead to moderate-to-serious health concerns that make the fur baby’s life pretty challenging. 

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Toy Pugapoo

Toy Pugapoos can grow around 10 inches in height and weigh about six to seven pounds. This makes them slightly bigger than Teacup Pugapoos.

Besides the size difference between Teacup and Toy Poodles, the main difference is that Toy Poodles are officially recognized by dog registries like the AKC and can participate in dog shows and win awards. 

Pugapoo dog coat colors and types 

The color and coat type of a Pugapoo dog is determined by the dominant genes of its sires. Nonetheless, you can guesstimate your fur baby’s physical appearance to quite an extent if you’re aware of coat and color details. That’s where this section can help you. 

A Pugdoodle’s coat can take after either of its parents. That means your pup can have a wiry-looking double coat or a short and glossy coat.

The advantage of the former coat type is that it’s pretty hypoallergenic, as Poodles tend to shed less, thanks to the structure of their top coat. 

Now that we’ve gone over coat type details, let’s cover some of the coat colors available in this designer dog breed. 

Black Pugapoo

A Pugapoo black in color can be a more common occurrence than black Pugshires, for example. That’s because black is a standard color for both Pugs and Poodles. Black Pugapoos are entirely black in color and have no blue or silver tints. A true black Pugdoodle won’t experience any color fading as it ages. 

Fawn color Pugapoo

This is an AKC-recognized coat color for the Pug breed. Fawn pugs are generally a lighter shade of tan and sport black masks and ears. 

Apricot Pugapoo

Apricot is an officially recognized color among Poodles. But while the shade is pretty standard in the Pug breed, it’s one of the rarest colors in Poodles. You can expect an apricot Pugapoo to have cream fur with reddish-orange undertones. Apricot-colored Pugdoodles can have black spots or marks on their fur. 

Blue Pugapoo

Blue Pugdoodles appear to have faded black coats. This shade can be described as a type of grey. However, it’s not uncommon for blue Pugapoos to be born wholly black in color. The color will then lighten as the pup grows. It can take some dogs up to two years to achieve their blue hues. 

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Black and Tan

Black and tan Pugdoodles have black fur on most of their bodies with tan hair around the eyes, muzzle, chest, and feet areas. These canines have a distinctive look and tend to stand out in a crowd. 

Pugapoo temperament and personality 

As you know that the Pugapoo is a mix of two breeds, so it may be tricky to predict the character of your furbaby.

In general, though, Pugapoo temperament is not one to cause you any concern. These little furry friends are usually friendly, affectionate, and loyal. And, more than most breeds, the Pugapoos tend to be quite outgoing.

As mentioned before, Pugapoos are high-energy dogs, so you should practice early socialization with your pet.

Doing so will give your fur babies ample confidence as they will be familiar with different breeds of dogs, other pets, people, and situations. 

Yet, you will have to practice caution in getting your puppies all of their vaccines. Puppies at puppy kindergarten training classes are susceptible to diseases like parvovirus, distemper, and rabies if vaccines are not completed.

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Are Pugapoos good family pets? 

Pugapoos are well-known for their adaptability. The friendly nature of these fur babies and their small size make them wonderful pets for large families with older people. Yet, Pugapoos do excellent with families with children, and these dogs love being around people of all sizes. 

Their extrovert personality, playfulness, and robust build make these doggies a favorite with younger children. However, parents are always advised not to leave babies and infants with any dog breeds unsupervised.

And, Puagpoos make great companions for single owners households, too, as they adore their humans.

But, the Pugapoo is a breed prone to separation anxiety, so it is not smart to leave your pet alone for long hours. Your Pugapoo needs attention, love, and care, and it’ll be as happy as a lark.

If you have to run an errand and your Pugapoo is experiencing separation anxiety, try giving him a dog bone to distract him while you’re leaving. Chewing on dog bones can also help to disrupt bad chewing behaviors that often results from being anxious, nervous, or scared.

Pug a Poo ideal living conditions 

The Pugapoos aren’t renowned for their tall stature or bulky weight. The Pug a Poo is a small-sized dog even when it reaches adulthood. There’s no denying that Pugapoos prefer their own space where they can unwind and have some me-time.

However, considering their size, you must realize that these fur babies don’t take up too much room. With the help of early socialization and adequate training, your Pugapoo will make a good neighbor even in an average-sized apartment. 

Yet, these furry friends are sensitive to excessive heat or cold. Pugapoos are indoor dogs that need only an hour of exertion to keep their health and energy levels in check.

Pugoodle training 

Pugapoos are adaptable creatures, but these fur babies like to make their presence known. That is to say, they tend to bark when happy, excited, annoyed, or surprised. Hence, pet parents need to get their Pugoodle into puppy training classes from an early age. 

Apart from confidence building, your pet will learn to master basic commands, pipe down a tad, socialize with other pets, and have a good time hanging out and making new friends. 

The one weakness of the Pugapoo is that he can have a stubborn streak and does not respond well to a harsh or angry tone. But, with positive reinforcement and lots of TLC, your Pugoodle will make a valuable addition to any family.

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Pugadoodle exercise requirement 

When it is said that Pugadoodle is a high-energy dog, many dog lovers are fooled into thinking that these dogs need lots of outdoor time and plenty of exercise. But, you must bring into consideration the size of a Pugapoo.

These doggies need only about an hour of exercise. Daily long walks to the park, never-ending games of fetch in the sun, and lots of running are not suitable for your pint-sized companion. These fur babies are indoor dogs, happy to lounge in a family member’s lap or the couch for hours. 

Nonetheless, in an attempt to regulate their weight, a short walk of fifteen minutes and lots of indoor games, such as playing tug with a dog-safe rope toy and some trips up and down the staircase in the family home, will ensure that your doggy does not go into hyper mode.

Pugapoo grooming and cleaning

How much grooming and cleaning your Pugapoo will need will largely depend on his coat type. For instance, if your canine has a short and smooth coat, his grooming time will likely be less than Pugdoodles with double coats like the Poodle.

Pugapoos with short coats can be brushed thrice a week for five minutes, whereas double-coated Pugdoodles must be groomed daily for five to ten minutes. 

Similarly, bathing can vary based on coat structure. If your Pugapoo has the wiry (or straight) coat of its Poodle parent, bathing every three to six weeks is advised. For Pugdoodles with Pug-like coats, you can put off bathing until your pet gets dirty or once every four weeks. 

When bathing your K9 friends, be sure to use a dog shampoo that not only contains organic and natural ingredients but also is easy to rinse and keeps the skin clean and moisturized.

In between bathing sessions, you can keep your pup clean by using doggie wipes. This will help to clean your dog’s paws, coat, and skin. You can also use the doggy wipes to wipe off eye crusts as needed and your pup’s ears once a month. 

Other grooming essentials include teeth brushing once daily. If you have a busy schedule, aim to brush your four-legged friend’s teeth at least 3 to 4 times a week. When brushing your pup’s teeth, it’s best to use a dog toothpaste that contains an enzymatic formula with a non-foaming agent.

The enzymatic formula in the doggy toothpaste helps to break down plaque and control tartar formation while the non-foaming agent ensures that the toothpaste is safe to swallow without the need to rinse.

Next, you’ll want to make sure your canine companion’s nails are kept short. If you start to hear the nails tap against the hardwood floor, then it’s time to trim his nails. Some dogs are sensitive to the clipping sound of the nail clipper.

If that is the case, try using a dog nail grinder which is quiet and features a precision diamond drum bit grinder. What’s great about using the dog nail grinder is that there is less chance to cut the quick.

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Grooming TechniqueFrequency
Hair Brushing 3x per week (5 mins) or 1x daily (5-10 mins)
BathingEvery three to six weeks or as needed. 
Nail TrimmingEvery two weeks or as required. 
Teeth Brushing1x daily.
Eye CareWipe crust around the eyes as needed.
Ear CareOnce a month.

Is a Pugapoo hypoallergenic?

But your Pugapoo shedding will depend on which genes run stronger – the Pug or the Poodle. It is unlikely ever to be hypoallergenic. But, in general, Pugapoos experience very light shedding.

Placing HEPA air purifiers throughout your home can solve most of your breathing problems if you suffer from allergies. Air purifiers with HEPA filters help to trap small particles in the air that can trigger your allergies such as dust, pollen, dust mites, fur, and mold.

Air purifiers with UV light filters can also help to remove odors and germs.

But, if you experience severe allergic reactions, investing in a robot cleaner is a fine idea. These compact gadgets can be programmed to clean different surfaces, such as floors or carpets. And some robot cleaners will even do the mopping.

Do Pugapoos shed? 

Pugapoos can be minimal to heavy shedders depending on the coat they inherit. For example, you can expect heavy Pugapoo shedding if your pup has a short and smooth coat, like a Pug. 

Pugs shed year-round, with two intense blow-out sheds during the fall and the spring. On the other hand, if your pup has a wiry or straight coat like a Poodle, you can expect it to shed much less because Poodles aren’t heavy shedders. 

No matter the shedding intensity, dog owners can keep the effects of shedding to a minimum with regular grooming, a vacuum cleaner, or robot vacuums. Canister vacuums are heavy-duty cleaners and will help you keep your floors and furniture fur-free. 

Robotic vacuums are efficient at keeping floors clean without much human intervention. They can be programmed to run during certain hours of the day and cover various areas of your house. 

Pugapoo dogs food and diet 

Pugapoos love their food and can fall prey to obesity. So your Pugapoo diet and nutrition will depend on age, weight, and daily exercise. Your dog can thrive on a premium dry dog food diet formulated for small dogs. 

In addition, you need to offer your Pugapoo healthy options like veggies such as carrots and broccoli or fruits like bananas.

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Are Pugapoos healthy? 

Pugapoos generally have fewer health concerns than Pugs if they inherit a longer snout from their Poodle parent. This helps the hybrid breed avoid brachycephalic breathing problems.

However, the breed is still susceptible to a few health issues due to genetics and external factors. There’s more on this below. 

Pugapoo health problems 

Pugapoos can inherit health concerns from their parent breeds or be susceptible to illnesses if their immunity is down. It helps to be aware of certain Pugapoo health problems as it can promote early detection and help your fur baby achieve a faster recovery.

If you have a hybrid dog and want to know the specific breed of your pup or are curious of any health issues he may be prone to, we highly recommend the Embark dog DNA test that you can use right in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of the health concerns you might face with the breed. 

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)

If your Pugapoo has a shortened muzzle like the Pug, it can develop BOAS. Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome is caused due to compressed nostrils, a narrow windpipe, and an elongated soft palate, making it difficult for your fur baby to breathe in air.

Early detection and intervention can help canines breathe more easily and lead healthier lives. 

Hip Dysplasia

This health problem is linked to the hip joint. When the ball and the socket of the hip joint don’t fit in well together, it can cause your canine pain during movement. Symptoms of hip dysplasia include limping, hopping, or stiffness. 

Skin Conditions

Pugdoodles can be prone to skin conditions caused by bacteria or parasites due to the multiple skin folds to possess. They’re also susceptible to developing concerns like demodectic mange caused by mites. The symptoms of demodectic mange include redness, hair loss, and skin lesions. 

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Patella Luxation

Patellar luxation occurs when the kneecap pops or slips out of its joint, causing pain or limping. While this condition has no obvious symptoms, you can often see dogs with patella luxation hop or suddenly use only three legs while running. 


If Pugapoos take after Poodles in size and structure, they can be susceptible to bloat. If a canine develops bloat, food and gas in the stomach can cause it to stretch, causing a lot of pain. 

Bloat can also cause the distended stomach to twist, cutting off the blood supply and exit routes for the gas. Bloat is a life-threatening condition and requires immediate medical or veterinary assistance. 


This health condition causes the inadequate production of the thyroid hormone. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include obesity, skin conditions, excessive hunger, and lethargy. 


Pugdoodles can become overweight and susceptible to obesity if they’re not getting enough exercise or due to an inadequate diet. Obesity can also result from overfeeding. That’s why dog parents need to consult their vet about the best diet for their furry friend and maintain a daily exercise regimen. 

Pugapoo lifespan

If you’re wondering how long do Pugapoos live, the average lifespan of a Pugapoo ranges from 10 to 15 years. However, as we generally tell our readers, life expectancy stats are general guidelines. 

It’s essential to provide your furry companion with the best quality of care you can manage to ensure it lives a long and healthy life.

This includes closely monitoring diet and exercise, keeping up with vet appointments, and watching out for susceptible illnesses. 

Pugapoo breeders 

When searching for a reputable Pugapoo breeder, it’s not uncommon for prospective pet owners to type Pugapoo breeders near me and be done with it.

But, it’s often not as easy to find a reputable breeder dealing with hybrid dogs.

At times, dog owners will have to contact various pets, reach out to their local dog registries, and even consider classifieds and rescue centers to find the pet of their dreams.

For now, this section will list out breeders according to location. 

Pugapoo breeders USA

If you’re looking for Pugapoo breeders, try getting in touch with Valencia Poodles (valenciapoodles.com) as a starting point. They’re based in Sacramento, California, and they breed Poodles, Labradoodles, and Goldendoodles making them the perfect starting point for folks looking for Pugapoo dog breeders here in the US.

Pugapoo breeders Australia

If you’re in Australia and looking for Pugapoo breeders, head over to Kabova (kabova.com) website and contact them. Kabova won 2019’s Australia’s number one Pug breeder award, making them ideally placed to help with inquiries related to Pug hybrids. 

Pugapoo puppies

While most dog parents are in a hurry to get their pups home and settled, it’s best to wait until the puppies are 10 to 12 weeks old before separating them from their littermates and mother. 

Allowing your pup to stay with his family for at least two months will help your fur baby develop the necessary grooming and social skills. It will also help the puppy learn the difference between acceptable and rough play behavior, the latter of which can lead to destructive tendencies. 

Pugapoo price

When it comes to acquiring a Pugdoodle, you can either buy or adopt Pugapoo canines. The price of Pugapoos can range between $1,000 and $5,400. That may sound a little excessive, but Pugdoodles are rather high in demand generally. 

Pugapoo rescue 

If you cannot locate a Pugdoodle puppy for sale, you can always turn to rescue organizations to find your fur-ever friend. Plenty of Poodle and Pug rescues end up saving and rehoming hybrid breeds, making them a good option for Pugapoo enthusiasts.

DFW Pug Rescue (dfwpugs.com/adopt/available-pugs)

DFW is located in Texas and is one of the largest Pug rescue organizations in the USA. They also provide interested parties the option of adopting a canine or becoming a foster family that helps home and train pugs for their new families. 

NorCal Rescue (norcalpoodlerescueadoption.com)

NorCal rescue has been saving and re-homing Poodles since 1985. This volunteer organization offers adoption and fostering options and sees plenty of Poodle hybrids gracing their doors. 

Places to find Pugapoo puppies for sale 

Folks searching for Pugapoo puppies for sale might want to pay attention here. Instead of spending time going through the search results of ‘Pugapoo puppies near me,’ take a moment to go through our listing below. 

Pugapoo puppies for sale in PA

If you’re a resident of the Keystone State and want Pugapoo puppies for sale in pa, giving Camelot Pugs (camelotpugs.myfreesites.net) a call to inquire about Pugapoos might be a great idea.

Not only are they one of the most respectable Pug breeders in Pennsylvania, but they also breed Havanese canines – making it more likely that they may know where to find the right Pugapoo breeder.

Pugapoo puppies for sale UK

If you’re UK residents, we’ve got you covered! Instead of typing in Pugapoo puppies for sale UK or Pugapoo puppies for sale near me in your browser’s search bar, head over to Conquell Pug Dogs (conquellpugs.co.uk).

They have been breeding and caring for GSDs and Pugs for several decades and have champion bloodline specimens. 

Finding a healthy Pugapoos for sale near me

Dog owners thinking of searching for Pugapoos for sale near me can take a few minutes to go through this section for pointers about where to start looking for your Pupapoo pup. 

Pickwick Pugs (pickwickpugs.com)

If you’re looking for a Pugapoo for sale, you can go through the Pickwick Pugs website to locate your adult fur baby. Not only are they one of the best breeders on the market for Pugs, but they also offer their retired Pugs (generally champion bloodline or show-winning specimens) for sale to interested parties. 

Walk The Line Pugs (walkthelinepugranch.org/adultpugs.htm)

If you haven’t had much luck typing and searching for terms like Pugapoo for sale near me or Pugapoo near me, Walk The Line Pug Ranch may be able to help you.

While they’re not Pugapoo breeders themselves, they deal with breeding top purebred Pugs and are in touch with several rescue programs. 

Texas Poodle Rescue (poodle.rescueme.org/texas)

You might not always luck out finding Pugapoo dogs for sale through breeders. Designer dogs like Pugapoos aren’t always readily available. If that’s what you’re going through, you can drop the Pugapoos for sale idea and look at organizations like the Texas Poodle Rescue instead. 

Texas Poodle Rescue is a part of the Rescue Me Org. that’s been saving canines since 2003. The organization has plenty of Poodle Mix dogs up for adoption, and if your search for a Pugapoo sale has gone bust, this is a viable option. 

Pugapoo Mix 

We’ve gone over pretty much all aspects of the Pugdoodle breed. Now, let’s focus on the kind of Pugapoo Mix canines you can run into while searching for your fur-ever friend. 


A Pugglepoo is a combination of Pugdoodles and Beagles. That may sound a little confusing, but it involves pairing a hybrid (like the Pugdoodle) with a purebred breed (like the Beagle). 

The appearance of this canine mix can vary based on the dominant genes the puppies inherit. Although generally, Pugglepoos have elongated bodies of the Beagle paired with the short or long snouts of Pugs or Poodles. 

Pugapoo: Pros and Cons 

If you’re having a difficult time making up your mind about bringing home a Pugdoodle, take a moment to go through our pros and cons table to help clear out some doubts. 

Pros Cons 
Highly intelligent.Can be heavy shedders. 
Loving.High-energy dogs.
Child-friendly.Require mental and physical stimulation. 
Good with other pets. Can require lots of grooming. 
Easy to train. Can’t be left alone for long periods. 
Highly adaptable.May develop breathing problems. 

Is the Pugapoo right for me?

Getting a dog as a companion and pet is part privilege and part responsibility. Pugapoos make great family pets and get along with children and pets, but they have specific needs too. 

Pugdoodles are high-energy dogs and require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay fit. That’s why they’re suitable for large families where they can have constant companionship and are rarely left alone. 

Related Questions

Are Pugapoos easy to train?

Pugapoos are easy to train, thanks to their Poodle genes. They’re intelligent canines that pick up commands easily and follow verbal and visual cues without too much effort. However, if you’re a first-time dog parent, you might need to enroll your puppy in an obedience school to understand how canine training works.

How long does a Pugapoo live?

The average life expectancy of a Pugdoodle is 10 to 15 years. That puts them on par with Poodles and slightly better than Pugs in terms of longevity.

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