How To Stop Your Dog From Biting the Leash While Walking

how to stop dog from biting leash
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If your dog keeps biting the leash while you are walking, it’s important to look closely at what may be causing his aggressive behavior. The most common reasons for leash-biting are anxiety, the leash is too short, a tight grip, or simply too hard to walk on.

If the dog leash is too short, you may accidentally pull him when you didn’t mean to. This can cause discomfort to his neck. Also, your dog may not have enough space to walk and may start to feel anxious and frustrated. To provide your dog with more space to walk and time to sniff at objects around him, consider using a retractable dog leash. Using a retractable dog leash allows you and your pup to spread out when taking a walk. He won’t feel confined and constricted, but will still be under your control.

Alternatively, it is also a good idea to get a durable dog leash such as a rope dog leash. A rope dog leash should be able to withstand your puppy biting leash habit or dogs biting habit.

Here are some ways to keep your dog from biting the leash in these situations.

How To Stop a Dog From Biting The Leash

lab mix with interactive dog toys
Marcella is a Labrador Mix who was rescued from Georgia. Will Vogel is Marcella’s owner.
  • Exercise. Make sure your dog is not only comfortable but that she is also getting enough exercise. Dogs who are active at home and out on walks have the energy to resist the pulling pressure on the leash. If you have a backyard for your dogs to run freely in so they can get their exercise, but worry they will escape, it is a good idea to install a wireless dog fence to ensure their safety.
  • Interactive dog toys. At home, provide your dog with adequate toys to chew on or roughhouse with. You can also spend quality time with them by playing fetch with indestructible dog toys. This way, she does not turn to the leash to satisfy her biting. It is essential to buy a few good chew toys, tug toys, or long plush dog toys. Make sure to reward her for chewing on chew toys or long plush dog toys instead of the leash. Long toys are great because you can play with your dog without having to bend over. There is also less chance of you getting accidentally bitten when playing with your dog.
  • Mental stimulation. It is a good idea to drain your dog’s energy before heading out on walks. Find activities that will provide both physical workout and mental stimulation. You can go for a game of fetch. Or try food puzzle games that will put your dog’s nose to work. This game can also be quite tiring for her.
  • Divert biting behavior with treats. To train your dog that biting the leash is not good behavior, divert her attention whenever she’s biting on the leash. The moment you notice that she is about to bite the leash, toss some treats on the ground near her. Tell her to find them. We recommend using hard treats. When she’s walking without biting on the leash, reward her as well. Make sure all walking-without-biting gets rewarded with treats. This will correct her leash biting behavior.

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Avoid Short Leashes

First, try to avoid a short leash. It makes walking very difficult and makes walking on the leash a lot more difficult. A short leash also makes it easier for your dog to slip up and run when he feels a little nervous, which will only lead to more biting. Instead, use a longer leash. It is better and many dog trainers recommend a six-foot-length leash for walking your dog.

Use A Loose Leash

how to get dog to stop biting leash

Make sure that the leash is loose enough so that your dog is not pulling excessively. If the leash is too tight, the dog could over-extend himself and hurt himself. Try to have a loose leash on walks. Never tie the leash too tightly. Doing so will not only create a tugging effect, but it could also lead to injury. Many people will also tie the leash so tight that they can’t even see their hands. This should be avoided.

Instead, we recommend using a retractable dog leash that is six feet or longer in length so your dog does not pull excessively.

Even when you are not walking with your dog, you may still want to keep the leash loose. There are two main reasons. First, he may need to adjust the leash to keep his head or neck from being caught in objects. Second, he may get irritated if the leash gets caught in anything. Keeping the leash loose will also allow him to walk without feeling trapped when you walk next to him.

If the leash is too long, you should take it off the dog at the point where the leash is too tight. You don’t want to drag the dog around all over the place. You also do not want to take any unnecessary risks by dragging him across the street. He should be able to move around easily on the leash without dragging the leash or hurting himself. If the dog does drag the leash, be gentle with him. Gradually loosen the leash a bit so he can move easier on the leash.

Switching between a collar vs. harness may also make a difference. For example, when your dog is wearing a back clip dog harness, you’re able to clip or attach the dog leash to the back of the dog and guide him without straining his neck. When the pressure is off his neck, he may stop biting the leash while walking.

Ways To Keep Chewing Dogs Safe

There are also ways you can help keep your dog safe if he chews through the leash while you are walking with him. If your dog is a chewer, it is essential that he wears his identification and rabies tags.  This allows other people to find your furry family member, especially when he runs off and gets lost. 

You can also use a training collar, which is designed to train your dog to keep its leash from becoming tangled with things. This will also make it much easier for you to control your dog. Remember to keep a leash on your dog whenever you are both outside because it is more difficult to grab the dog if he’s pulling on it.

As you can see, there are many steps you can take to keep your dog from biting the leash while you are walking. The tips above can help make walking much safer for both you and your furry friend. Keep in mind that not every method will work the same way for every dog. Make sure to also check with your veterinarian if you’re concerned about your dog biting the leash while you’re walking, as it can be an issue that requires further evaluation.

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