Can Dogs Eat Pretzels?

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels
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Before you hand over that peanut butter Pretzel to your furry friends, you’ll want to read this first. Pretzels are a great salty snack for humans during a ball game, a movie, or a late-night treat, but can the same be said for our dogs. Are Pretzels safe for dogs or are Pretzels bad for dogs? Let’s find out everything you need to know about dogs and pretzels!   

Can dogs eat Pretzels? Yes, dogs can eat Pretzels in moderation only if they are plain and unsalted. If the Pretzels are coated with salt or sugar, please avoid feeding them to your dogs. Consuming too much salt can cause salt poisoning in dogs and ingesting too much sugar can cause weight gain. Pretzels are also usually high in carbs and calories which are not good for your dog’s health.  

Can dogs have Pretzels?

can a dog have pretzels
Can you give dogs Pretzels?

Dogs can have Pretzels if they are plain without any salt or sugar coating or filled with salt or sugar. However, Pretzels are made for human consumption and they are high in both carbs and salt so feeding Pretzels to your four-legged friends won’t provide them with any nutritional value. Ideally, dogs should not have Pretzels of any kind.

Let’s find out whether Pretzels are good or bad for dogs.

Are Pretzels good for dogs?

No, Pretzels are not good for dogs. When it comes to our furry friend’s diet, Pretzels are not considered a healthy or good snack

That’s because this salty human snack (whether soft or hard Pretzels) is coated with tons of salt and is considered an “empty calorie” food. This means when your pups eat Pretzel, they are not receiving any nutritional benefits from it. Instead, they are just packing on the pounds and consuming a lot of salt. 

If our canine friends eat Pretzels regularly, they may be at risk of canine obesity and salt poisoning. So you may now be wondering, is Pretzels bad for dogs? Let’s find out!

Are Pretzels bad for dogs?

While Pretzels are not toxic to dogs, they are not good for dogs either. Pretzels can be bad for dogs if they are coated with tons of salt or sugar. 

If you do plan on feeding your K9 friends Pretzels, make sure the Pretzels are plain and you’re only giving them as a rare occasional treat. Instead of Pretzels for your pooch, look for wholesome treats if you’re looking for a regular reward treat for being good or for good behavior.  

A good rule of thumb is to always provide your precious pooch with natural dog food and do not share any processed or manufactured human foods with him. 

As you may be aware, many store-brought Pretzels are highly processed and manufactured. This means they will include ingredients that may not be good, healthy, or safe for dogs and that may not sit well with your dog’s stomach.  

Are Pretzels ok for dogs?

Pretzels are not ok for dogs because they are not the safest snack or treat for our furry family members. Is it okay for dogs to eat Pretzels? If the Pretzels are plain without any added salt or do not contain any salt, then yes, Pretzels are ok for dogs to eat.  

Let’s discuss why Pretzels are generally not ok for dogs to eat by considering how they can affect our canine friends’ health. 

Are Pretzels safe for dogs?

Pretzels are generally not safe for dogs. That’s because Pretzels are made for human consumption. Whether you’re giving your pooch those big, fluffy, and soft-baked Pretzels or the small, hard, and crunchy bag style Pretzels from the store, they’re both pretty bad for dogs. 

Are Pretzels healthy for dogs? No, Pretzels are not healthy for dogs because they are usually sprinkled with lots of salt or have a flavored coating.

Generally, a 33-pound dog should only consume 100mg of salt per day and no more than that. Since each dog is different, salt tolerance for each dog varies as well. Depending on the dog’s breed, size, and age, it can affect their salt tolerance level. 

Let’s not forget that the dog’s regular meal also contains a bit of salt already. So if your dog already had food that contains salt, eating salty Pretzels can exceed their salt intake for that day and this could lead to sodium poisoning.

Signs and symptoms of salt poisoning include:

  • Dehydration. 
  • Excessive thirst leading to frequent urination.
  • Vomiting. 
  • Loose or watery diarrhea.
  • Lethargy. 
  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Walking in a drunk-like manner.
  • A lot of fluid accumulates inside the dog’s body as a way to balance out the salt levels that are present in the dog’s bloodstream. 
  • Kidney failure.
  • Increased heartbeat or heart rate.
  • Shaking a lot.
  • Muscle tremors or convulsions. 

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Our furry friends may experience these signs and symptoms in the short run if they eat a lot of Pretzels. In the long run, salt poisoning could cause neurological damage in dogs. As you can see, dogs do not require much salt intake and when they accidentally consume too much salt, they’re not able to digest salt properly and deal with these side effects. 

If you suspect your dog has sodium poisoning or see any of the above symptoms, we highly recommend that you call your vet immediately as this requires immediate medical attention. Your vet may ask you to bring your pooch in for a checkup or examination. 

In the meantime, while waiting for your vet’s instruction, make sure the fresh cool water is easily accessible for your pooch. 

Keep in mind that most dogs love food and they don’t really taste their food before swallowing. So any food the owners give them, they will eat. They will not know that the salty Pretzels are bad for them since their job is to simply gobble them down as quickly as possible. 

Since Pretzels are packed full of carbs and salt, it can lead to canine obesity and a list of other health issues.

When it comes to Pretzels, there’s a wide variety out there. Let’s take a look at each of them and find out whether they are safe or dangerous for your precious pooch. 

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Can dogs eat peanut butter Pretzels?

No, dogs should not eat peanut butter Pretzels. Can dogs have peanut butter Pretzels? No, dogs should not have peanut butter Pretzels because although peanut butter itself is safe for doggy consumption, peanut butter Pretzels are not. 

Are peanut butter Pretzels ok for dogs? No, peanut butter Pretzels are not ok for dogs because they are coated with tons of salt, which is not good for dogs.

Are peanut butter Pretzels bad for dogs? Yes, peanut butter Pretzels are bad for dogs. In just 11 peanut butter Pretzel pieces, there is about 300mg of salt. Since these peanut butter Pretzel pieces are pretty small, dogs can easily munch on a ton of these at one time, which would put them at risk for salt poisoning.

Can dogs eat Pretzel sticks?

No, dogs should not eat Pretzel sticks because they are coated with salt. Can dogs have Pretzel sticks? Absolutely, not. We mentioned earlier that a 33-pound dog should only have about 100mg of salt each day and no more than that. Did you know that in just 23 Pretzel sticks, there is about 200mg of salt? 

Unbelievable right? Our canine companions can easily gobble down this many Pretzel sticks if their owers aren’t watching and this can put them at risk of sodium poisoning. 

If you have to feed your pooch Pretzel sticks, limit to just 2 Pretzel sticks and only feed them to your pup occasionally as a rare treat.

Can dogs eat yogurt covered Pretzels?

Can dogs eat yogurt Pretzels
Can dogs have yogurt covered Pretzels?

No, dogs should not eat yogurt covered Pretzels. In addition to the high carbs and salt found in Pretzels, yogurt covered Pretzels are packed full of sugar. Consuming too much sugar can cause weight gain and diabetes in dogs. If your dogs are already diabetic, it’s crucial that you keep yogurt covered Pretzels away from them. 

Can dogs have yogurt Pretzels? No, dogs should not have yogurt Pretzels because in just 8 pieces of yogurt Pretzels, there are about 19 grams of sugar. This is considered a lot of sugar for dogs, especially since dogs do not need sugar in their diet at all. 

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Are yogurt Pretzels bad for dogs?

As you can see, yogurt Pretzels may sound nice and healthy, but they are not good or healthy for dogs. It’s best to avoid feeding your dogs yogurt Pretzels. 

Can dogs eat soft Pretzels?

Yes, dogs can eat soft Pretzels if they are plain and in moderation. Can dogs have soft Pretzels? Dogs should not have soft Pretzels every day. It should be fine for dogs to have a bite of the soft Pretzels as a rare occasional treat. Avoid making this part of their regular diet.

Can dogs eat hard Pretzels?

Yes, dogs can eat hard Pretzels if they are plain and in moderation. The hard Pretzels should not have any salt coating on them. Some hard Pretzels contain a hard salt coating that can cause internal injury such as cuts or tear to your dog’s throat. If this is the case, keep hard Pretzels away from your dogs. 

As always, a bite or two of the hard Pretzels is fine, but more than that can cause salt poisoning and other health issues.

Can dogs eat honey mustard Pretzels?

No, dogs should not eat honey mustard Pretzels because they contain spices that are not safe for dogs. Honey mustard Pretzels contain tons of sugar and even horseradish that can cause upset stomach in dogs. It’s best to avoid feeding your pooch honey mustard Pretzels.

Can dogs eat honey wheat Pretzels?

No, dogs should not eat honey wheat Pretzels because there’s tons of sugar in them. Too much sugar consumption can lead to diabetes, canine obesity, and dental problems like tooth decay, enamel loss, and cavities. 

Can dogs eat Pretzel bread?

No, dogs should not eat Pretzel bread. A good rule of thumb is to avoid feeding your canine friends bread. A dog’s diet does not require bread at all.

Pretzel bread contains way too many carbs for your precious pooch and consuming a lot of carbs can cause a spike in his blood sugar level as well as weight gain. Both of these health issues put them at risk of other health problems as well such as heart disease and diabetes.

Pretzel bread comes in a wide variety and some contain more sugar and salt than others. To be on the safe side, it’s best if your pooch completely avoids Pretzel bread.

Can dogs eat Pretzel chips?

No, dogs should not eat Pretzel chips. Since Pretzel chips are very thin, there’s a high chance that our furry friends can easily overeat and be at risk of salt poisoning. 

Avoid feeding your pooch Pretzel chips because just 43 Pretzel chips or one serving size contains 490mg of salt. That is a lot of salt for dogs and can easily cause them sodium poisoning.

Can dogs eat Pretzel goldfish?

No, dogs should not eat Pretzel goldfish. Although there’s less salt on Pretzel goldfish crackers, they are just as harmful as the traditional Pretzels. 

The main ingredients in this salty small snack are salt, flour, and oils, all of which are not good for your pooch. For this reason, it’s best to avoid feeding your pooch any Pretzel goldfish.

Can dogs eat Pretzels with salt?

No, dogs should not eat Pretzels with salt. Can dogs eat salted Pretzels? Dogs should stay away from salted Pretzels. 

As mentioned above, Pretzels with salt are usually coated with tons of salt and too much salt is extremely harmful to our K9 friends as it can lead to sodium poisoning. See the middle of the article for signs and symptoms of salt poisoning.

Can dogs eat unsalted Pretzels?

Yes, dogs can eat unsalted Pretzels in moderation and as a rare treat. Are unsalted Pretzels good for dogs? No, unsalted Pretzels are not good for dogs. While dogs can eat them because they are unsalted, they are still not the best treat or snack for dogs. Avoid feeding your K9 pals unsalted Pretzels on a regular basis because they are high in sugar and carbs. 

When dogs consume too many unnecessary carbs, they may gain weight and weight gain can lead to a host of other health issues such as heart disease, arthritis, and more! 

Too much sugar intake can also lead to weight gain, diabetes, and dental issues such as cavities and tooth decay.

So, Can dogs eat Pretzels?

Pretzels, no matter if they are hard or soft, big or small, flavored or unflavored, salted or unsalted are all bad for dogs. Although Pretzels are not toxic to dogs, they are packed full of carbs, salt, sugar, and calories which can negatively affect your dog’s health. This makes Pretzels one of the worse snacks for dogs. 

If you give your pooch Pretzels as a rare treat every once in a while, then your dog should be fine, but avoid making this a regular treat.

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