Can Dogs Eat Plantains?

Can Dogs Eat Plantains
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If you’re eating cooked Plantains right now or making fried Plantains, you’re probably wondering if your furry family member can eat it too. As you’re frying the Plantains, your precious pups are eyeing this starchy food and drooling over with its crispy caramelized edges. But can dogs eat Plantains, and are Plantains good for dogs too? Let’s find out! 

Can dogs eat Plantains? Yes, dogs can eat Plantains in moderation when they are fully cooked as they are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are great for dogs’ health.

Can dogs have Plantains?

plantain chips dogs
Are Plantains poisonous raw and should dogs eat raw Plantains?

Yes, dogs can have Plantains because they offer tons of nutritional benefits for our furry friends. Let’s dive deeper into what Plantains are and how they are good for dogs.

Plantain vs banana

There is a misconception out there that Plantain is another name for bananas or that Plantain is fried banana slices. However, Plantains are actually different from bananas. To the untrained eyes, Plantains may look like bananas, but their texture, flavor, and culinary usage are completely different. 

Plantains are also tougher and larger than bananas. They have thicker skin and usually come in the following colors: 

  • Green. 
  • Dark brown. 
  • Yellow.

You can expect Plantains to be tough, starchy, and not that sweet. Unlike bananas where you can eat them raw, Plantains can only be eaten when they are cooked. Raw Plantains is fine for consumption but it is not enjoyable or recommended. 

There are similarities between Plantains and bananas. They are closely related since they come from the same family of plants. Both Plantain and bananas come from the Musaceae family. They both originated from Southeast Asia. Today, Plantains are grown in tropical regions of the Americas, Indonesia, Egypt, and India. 

Both Plantains and bananas also contain essential nutrients. So does this make Plantains good for dogs? Let’s find out!

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Are Plantains good for dogs?

dogs allergic to plantains but not bananas
Are boiled Plantains healthy for dogs?

Yes, Plantains are good for dogs. Plantains are packed full of the following vitamins and minerals: 

  • Fiber.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Potassium. 
  • Antioxidant compounds.
  • Magnesium.

Nutritional value of Plantains for dogs

10 slices or 105 grams yellow baked Plantains contains:

Name, UnitAmount
Calories, cal163
Carbohydrates, g43.5
Fiber, g2.31
Protein, g1.6
Total lipid (fat), g0.168
Sugars, g22.4
Sucrose, g14.4
Glucose (dextrose), g3.98
Fructose, g4.01
Sodium, mg2.1
Starch, g18.8
Iron, mg0.294
Potassium, mg501
Phosphorus, mg38.8
Magnesium, mg43
Calcium, mg3.15
Zinc, mg0.221
Copper, mg0.046
Manganese, mg0.173
Vitamin C, mg17.2
Thiamin, mg0.095
Riboflavin, mg0.137
Niacin, mg0.719
Pantothenic acid, mg0.557
Vitamin B-6, mg0.221
Folate, µg55.6
Vitamin A, µg47.2
Carotene, beta, µg387
Carotene, alpha, µg371
Vitamin A, IU954
Vitamin K, µg13.5
Calculations and information from U.S. Department of Agriculture

Vitamin C helps maintain a strong immune system in dogs

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that attacks harmful free radicals in the dog’s body to slow down the rate of both cell and cognitive aging. This antioxidant also helps to reduce inflammation and improve cognitive functions in dogs. 

It’s important to note that our four-legged friends are actually able to make vitamin C on their own. Their livers help them synthesize vitamin C. However, it never hurts to offer your pooch a little more vitamin C.

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Fiber helps regulate bowel movement in dogs

Fibrous food is a no-brainer when it comes to the health of our dog’s digestive system. Since fiber is a complex carbohydrate, they take longer to digest and helps the dog feel full longer. Eating fibrous food like Plantain can help regulate bowel movement in dogs and since it absorbs excess water and increases bulk, the dog’s poop is formed and firm.

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What’s really great about fiber is that it helps to create a healthy pH in the intestines which hinders the growth of bad bacteria in your furry friend’s gut. 

Potassium is an electrolyte that is crucial to your dog’s health

There is 501 mg of potassium in 10 slices or 105 grams of Plantain. Not only is potassium an electrolyte, but it is also a mineral. Potassium is necessary for the dog’s body to function properly. 

Since the electrolyte is highly reactive with water, it helps to make positively charged ions and this helps with the following in dogs: 

  • Send nerve signals.
  • Be responsible for muscle contractions.
  • Promote fluid regulation.

Magnesium strengthens muscle health in dogs

There is 43 mg of magnesium in 10 slices or 105 grams of Plantain. Magnesium is a mineral that every dog needs. It helps with proper organ functions and helps maintain organ health in dogs. 

When you see your four-legged friends flexing their muscles or contracting their muscles, magnesium is responsible for that. Even when your pooch is relaxing, magnesium is still at work to keep his or her muscles relaxed. Magnesium is also responsible for muscle regeneration in dogs. 

With magnesium, your four-legged friends are able to absorb minerals like calcium, zinc, and potassium.

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Are Plantains bad for dogs?

Yes, Plantains can be bad for dogs if your furry friends eat too much of them. Let’s quickly explore why. 

Too much fiber intake can cause diarrhea in dogs

Since Plantains contain a high amount of fiber, too much fiber consumption can be a bad thing for dogs. Your four-legged friends may have a digestive system that is sensitive to fiber overload and this can cause them to have diarrhea. 

Plantains can worsen blood sugar levels in dogs 

If you know your canine friends have an existing blood sugar issue, then it is best to avoid feeding them Plantains. That’s because there are 27 grams of sugar in just one medium-sized or 179 grams of Plantain. 

Eating Plantains regularly can cause weight gain in dogs

Research shows that a regular doggy diet that is high in both carbohydrates and sugar can lead to weight gain in dogs. Keep in mind that our K9 friends do not require that many carbs in their diet. Also, sugar is unnecessary for dogs. Any sugar we feed them is sugar that they don’t need. 

Our dogs’ bodies are able to use the carbohydrates from their regular dog food and convert it to sugar, which is why they don’t need their owners to feed them any more sugar. Too much sugar consumption on a regular basis can lead to canine obesity, which could lead to a host of other health problems like heart disease, diabetes, dental issues, and even pancreatitis.

So, is Plantain bad for dogs?

Plantain is only bad for dogs if you feed your pooch too much of it. This is why we highly recommend that dog owners only offer a slice or two of the Plantain since too much of it can have harmful effects on the dog’s health.

Can dogs eat Plantain chips?

Yes, dogs can eat Plantain chips in moderation, and if the Plantain chips are plain without any added salt or spices that are harmful to dogs. Spices that are harmful to dogs include: 

  • Chili powder.
  • Garlic powder (or any form of garlic). 
  • Onion powder (or any form of onion).

Are Plantain chips ok for dogs?

As we can see, Plantain chips are ok for dogs when consumed in moderation and when the Plantain chips are cooked. Avoid serving your pup raw Plantain chips or a large quantity of Plantain chips. 

A moderate amount of Plantain chips (2 or 3 Plantain chips) contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can help satisfy your dog’s dietary fiber intake.

Can dogs eat fried Plantains?

No, dogs should not eat fried Plantains. Fried food in general is bad for dogs. However, if you’re just offering your pooch two or three slices of fried Plantains, then that should be fine. 

If you can, avoid feeding your pooch fried food like fried Plantains because they are greasy from cooking oil which contains fats that are unhealthy for dogs. Unhealthy fats are harmful to our K9 friends because they can lead to weight gain or even heart disease in dogs.

Can dogs eat sweet Plantains?

Yes, dogs can eat sweet Plantains in moderation and only if the sweetness is from the Plantains being ripe and not from adding sugar onto this fruit. When Plantains become ripe, they turn yellow and become sweeter. 

Compared to the green Plantain, your furry friends may like eating a cooked yellow Plantain or a ripe Plantain since it is sweeter. 

The natural sweetness in fruits is fine, but pet owners should avoid adding sugar to their furry pals’ treats or food.

Can dogs eat raw Plantains?

No, dogs should not eat raw Plantains. Are raw Plantains poisonous to dogs? No, raw Plantains are not poisonous to dogs. 

Dogs should avoid eating raw Plantains because they contain too much starch and fiber which can put pressure on your dog’s stomach. As a result, your furry friend may not be able to digest raw Plantains properly and may experience uncomfortable digestive issues and even upset stomachs. 

Plus, raw Plantains are pretty tough to eat and chew and don’t really taste that good so your pups may not even be interested in them.

Is broadleaf Plantain poisonous to dogs?

No, broadleaf Plantain is not poisonous to dogs. Studies have shown broadleaf Plantain to treat digestive tract problems as well as chronic diarrhea. Like Plantain itself, broadleaf Plantain is also packed full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and they are safe to eat. 

In fact, some also use broadleaf Plantain for medicinal purposes.

So, can dogs eat Plantains?

Pet owners can definitely feed their dogs a moderate amount of Plantains. A slice or two of Plaintain is perfectly fine for dogs. Since Plantains contains high levels of fiber, sugar, and carbs, it’s best not to feed your four-legged friends Plantains in large quantities. 

We highly recommend that you cook the Plantains first before feeding them to your pups. Raw Plantains are difficult to eat and hard to digest. A slice or two of fried Plantains are also fine for dogs and should be an occasional treat every now and then. Avoid feeding your canine friends fried Plantains regularly or every day.

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