Can Dogs Eat Lima Beans?

Can Dogs Eat Lima Beans
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You’re probably preparing a Lima Beans and corn dish and accidentally drop some on the floor. Before you could pick them up, your canine friends have already licked them up. Now you’re worried if this type of legume is safe for doggy consumption. Here’s the short answer first. 

Can dogs eat Lima Beans? Yes, dogs can eat Lima Beans in moderation as they are packed full of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Lima Beans or butter beans are a great addition to your dog’s diet and are great for diabetic dogs.

Can dogs have Lima Beans?

lima beans for dogs
Lima Beans for dogs

Yes, dogs can have Lima Beans in moderation. Lima Beans contain both fiber and protein that are beneficial to your dog’s health. 

It’s important to note that dog owners should not completely replace their dog’s main meal with Lima Beans. Instead, you can add some Lima Beans to your canine friend’s main meal occasionally and they are a perfect complementary component to your furry friend’s diet.    

Let’s dive deeper into why dogs can have Lima Beans next.

Are Lima Beans good for dogs?

lima beans safe for dogs
Are Lima Beans safe for dogs to eat?

Yes, Lima Beans are good for dogs in moderation. Lima Beans are made up of about 24% protein, 73% carbohydrates, and just 3% fat. As we can see, they are made up of mostly healthy carbs and protein and very little fat content.    

In addition to protein and fiber, this legume also contains vitamins and minerals that are helpful to your dog’s health, including potassium, iron, manganese, and folate.

Nutritional profile of Lima Beans (1 tablespoon or 11.7 grams)

Name, UnitAmount
Calories, cal13.5
Sugar, g0.339
Sodium, mg0.234
Carbohydrate, g2.44
Total Fat, g0.044
Protein, g0.913
Fiber, g0.819
Iron, mg0.28
Calcium, mg1.99
Magnesium, mg5.03
Phosphorus, mg13
Potassium, mg59.4
Zinc, mg0.111
Manganese, mg0.06
Selenium, µg0.526
Thiamin, mg0.019
Riboflavin, mg0.006
Niacin, mg0.049
Vitamin B-6, mg0.019
Folate, µg9.71
Calculation and information from U.S. Department of Agriculture

Fiber in Lima Beans support a healthy digestive system in dogs

Fiber is a critical component of your dog’s diet. Fiber supports your dog’s digestive system and ensures it is staying regular. Just like humans, if our canine friends do not receive their necessary fiber intake, they would be at risk of a number of health issues.

Not only does fiber help to keep a balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, but it also helps the colon recover from stress or internal injury. Without enough fiber consumption, your four-legged friends may encounter issues like constipation and diarrhea. 

Moreover, fiber is responsible for helping your precious pooch maintain his healthy weight. That’s because fibrous food is more filling so eating food that is full of fiber helps your pup feel full longer even though that food is low in calories.

Feeling full longer prevents your dog from overeating. Many vets recommend a high fiber diet if your K9 friends need help losing weight. 

Lastly, since fiber takes longer to digest, this slow digestion is actually helpful to dogs. Instead of receiving all that sugar from the food at once, slow digestion also slows down how much sugar enters the bloodstream. 

Overall, your pooch will thank you for this because they won’t have that sudden spike in their blood sugar level which can actually negatively affect their mood and energy level. 

If your canine friends are diabetic or pre-diabetic, they can benefit from a high fiber diet. 

Protein in Lima Beans keeps your dogs strong

In addition to fiber, protein in Lima Beans is crucial to your dog’s diet. Protein keeps your dog strong and healthy. Without sufficient protein, your dog’s muscles may become weak and deteriorate little by little. 

Senior dogs can benefit from the protein in Lima Beans. In fact, as the dog ages, their protein requirement increases. Although senior dogs are less active than before and do not need to eat as much as before, their protein requirement actually increases by 50%. 

Older dogs are more fragile. They naturally lose muscle mass due to being less active. Thus, their lives are at risk if they don’t receive sufficient amounts of protein to maintain strong muscles. Senior dogs are also more prone to age-related health issues and all of these can contribute to early mortality. 

Many veterinarians recommend that senior dogs receive about 25% of their calorie intake from protein-based food.  

Fun Fact: Many consider Bean Sprouts a type of legume and vegetable. They are both crunchy, delicious, and packed full of health benefits to dogs too. Check out Can Dogs Eat Bean Sprouts? to find out the health benefits this vegetable can provide for your pooch.

Are Lima Beans bad for dogs?

As we can see, Lima Beans are good for dogs. However, there are cases when Lima Beans can be bad for dogs. Let’s go over them now. 

First, Lima Beans can be bad for dogs if they are canned. Canned Lima Beans contain preservatives such as potassium sulfite and sulfur dioxide. which are extremely unhealthy for dogs and they are high in salt. High salt intake can cause salt poisoning in dogs among other severe health problems.  

Second, dried Lima Beans can be bad for dogs because they are hard to chew and hard on the dog’s digestive system once swallowed. Dried Lima Beans are hard so they can damage your dog’s teeth and can be hard to digest. 

Second, Lima Beans can be bad for dogs because they are beans after all and beans can cause gas in dogs. That’s because Lima Beans contain a particular sugar called raffinose, which is a complex sugar that the dog’s digestive system has a hard time digesting.  

Due to this, your pooch may become very gassy. Thankfully, Lima Beans do not cause that much gas that your precious pup starts to feel uncomfortable and in pain.

Are Lima Beans safe for dogs?

Lima Beans are safe for dogs if you cook them thoroughly. So if you’re wondering, “Can dogs eat cooked Lima Beans?” the answer is yes. When dogs eat thoroughly cooked Lima Beans, they won’t have as much gas. 

You’ll want to soak the Lima Beans in water overnight or for at least 5 hours before cooking them. 

Here’s how you can serve Lima Beans to your pooch: 

  • Blend and mix the plain cooked Lima Beans with your dog’s main meal.
  • Mix the plain cooked Lima Beans with white rice. 
  • Blend and serve it to your canine friend as a small occasional snack. 

Avoid letting your furry friend eat Lima Beans that are raw or uncooked. Not only are they difficult to digest, but they can be painful for your pooch to chew and swallow. Your dog may have a tooth injury from the hard and raw Lima Beans or may choke.

Additionally, make sure that the Lima Beans are plain before feeding them to your pooch. Seasonings like salt, garlic, or onion are extremely harmful and toxic to dogs. Keep the Lima Beans plain. 

Be sure not to feed your four-legged friends Lima Beans every day. An occasional serving of this legume is fine, but daily consumption is bad. Consuming Lima Beans in moderation and as an occasional treat is key. They should not replace your dog’s main balanced meal.

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Are Lima Beans ok for dogs?

As we can see, Lima Beans are ok for dogs when cooked thoroughly, served plain to our canine friends, and consumed in moderation. Lima Beans are not ok for dogs if they are canned Lima Beans, raw, or seasoned with salt, onion, and garlic.

How much Lima Beans should my dog eat?

When it comes to feeding your dog Lima Beans, moderation is key. That means Lima Beans should be no more than 10% of your pup’s daily calorie intake. 2 to 3 tablespoons or 20 to 30 grams of Lima Beans should be enough for your pooch.

Smaller to medium size dogs should eat no more than 1 tablespoon or 10 to 15 grams of Lima Beans. 

We highly recommend that you feed your pooch Lima Beans just 3 times a week and no more than that.

Can dogs eat Lima Beans and corn?

Yes, dogs can eat Lima Beans and corn in moderation. Can dogs have Lima Beans and corn? Yes, dogs can have Lima Beans and corn. Lima Beans and corn is a dish many people around the world enjoy. 

Like Lima Beans, dogs can eat corn in moderation. If you would like to feed your pooch some Lima Beans and corn, be sure to cook them thoroughly and keep them plain. 

So, can dogs eat Lima Beans?

As we can see, Lima Beans are perfectly safe for dogs if consumed in moderation and as an occasional treat or an addition to your dog’s main meal. They provide tons of health benefits and are not toxic at all. 

Before you feed them to your pooch, make sure to cook them thoroughly and keep them plain. Homemade Lima Beans are best and it’s best to avoid canned Lima Beans at all costs. 

When it comes to your dog’s health, food and diet play a huge and crucial part.  

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