Teacup Goldendoodle: Complete Guide

Teacup Goldendoodle
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If you love Goldendoodles, specifically the Teacup size Goldendoodles, then you’ve landed on the right article! Many apartment dwellers prefer the Teacup Goldendoodles due to their size, teddy-bear like physical appearance, and for being such loyal companions.

While Teacup Goldendoodles are getting all the hype lately, it’s important to note that it usually takes several generations of selective breeding to get these small precious dogs.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Teacup Goldendoodle and how there is more to this adorable pooch than meets the eye. We’ve also included a list of breeders you can contact to begin your journey of owning one if you’re still interested after reading this guide. Let’s begin!

Table of Contents

What is a Teacup Goldendoodle?

Teacup Goldendoodle breeders near me
How big does a Teacup Goldendoodle get?

A Teacup Goldendoodle dog is a miniaturized version of a Goldendoodle. These pocket pets stay puppy-sized all their lives and look absolutely adorable.

Like any other Goldendoodle, Teacup Goldendoodles are made by mixing Golden Retrievers with Poodles. However, breeders tinker with the breeding process to produce exceptionally tiny pups.

Teacup is not an official breed, and there is no size or weight restriction that defines what Teacup is. Some tiny Teacup Goldendoodle dogs weigh no more than 6 pounds, while others could weigh 20 pounds or more.

Are Teacup Goldendoodles recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC)?

Teacup Golden Doodles
Teacup Golden Doodle getting a kiss from her owner

Teacup is not an official size that kennel clubs use to define dogs. There’s no “teacup” category that you can register your pet under, and the AKC usually categorizes such pups as “mini” or “toy.”

But whether you call your pup tiny Goldendoodle, mini Goldendoodle, or anything else, you won’t be able to get AKC recognition for your Goldendoodle Teacup dog.

That’s because Goldendoodles are a mixed breed, and the AKC only recognizes purebred canines. Although Teacup Goldendoodles come from purebred and AKC-compliant parents, they aren’t eligible for any major kennel club registration.

Are F1b Teacup Goldendoodle recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC)?

When you mix a toy or mini Poodle with a Golden Retriever, you get a first-generation or F1 Teacup Goldendoodle. However, breeders often do this multiple times until they get a pup with their desired qualities.

When it comes to the Teacup F1b Goldendoodle, the “b” stands for “backcross.” It means that an F1 Goldendoodle was “crossed back” with a purebred Poodle to get this offspring. Doing so helps breeders further reduce the puppy’s size.

Since the AKC only recognizes purebred canines, the F1b Teacup Goldendoodle isn’t eligible for AKC registration.

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Teacup Goldendoodle coat color 

Teacup Goldendoodles come in all the color options as their regular-sized counterparts. The most common colors are fawn, apricot, and golden, whereas rare colors include blue, silver, black, and red.

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Let’s discuss two of the most popular Teacup Goldendoodle colors.

Black Teacup Goldendoodle

We see black quite often among Poodles. But for a Teacup Goldendoodle, black color is very challenging to reproduce.

Breeders often have to backcross them with black Poodles several times to get black Teacup Goldendoodle puppies. Even then, black doesn’t always stay black.

Teacup Goldendoodles are notorious for their unreliable colors. A black Teacup Goldendoodle puppy may turn grey, silver, or brown when he gets older.

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Red Teacup Goldendoodle

Red is another highly popular Teacup Golden Doodle color. People often confuse it with the more generic apricot shade, making true red even more valuable. Red Teacup Goldendoodles can be $500 to $1,500 pricier than the same doodle in an apricot shade.

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Teacup Goldendoodle physical appearance 

Teacup Goldendoodles carry all the physical traits of standard Goldendoodles in a compact package. They have dense, medium-length fur that can be wavy or curly. Their bodies are slim and athletic, but their coats hide their muscle tone. These little pups also have the bushy mustache of their bigger relatives.

Teacup Goldendoodle size

The answer to how big do Teacup Goldendoodles get isn’t very straightforward. Since there is no industry standard for a Goldendoodle Teacup size, any pup that looks small enough is eligible for the teacup moniker.

We discuss some sizes below to help you understand how big a Teacup Goldendoodle full-size can get.

Full grown Teacup mini Goldendoodle

Some breeders sell mini Goldendoodles as Teacup Goldendoodles. This is how big they usually get.

Teacup Mini Goldendoodle
Size groupSmall
Height11-15 inches
WeightUnder 30 pounds

Adult Teacup Goldendoodle

The Teacup Goldendoodle adult size is smaller than most puppies. This is how big they typically get.

Teacup Golden Doodle
Size groupSmall
Height8-13 inches
Weight6-15 pounds

Full grown Teacup Goldendoodle 

Teacup Goldendoodles stop growing by the end of their first year. This is how big they are at that point.

Teacup Goldendoodle Full-Grown Size
Size groupSmall
Height8-13 inches
Weight6-15 pounds
Teacup Goldendoodle weight and height

Teacup toy Goldendoodle

Toy Goldendoodles are officially the smallest Goldendoodles. Their proportions also fall under the teacup category.

Teacup Toy Goldendoodle
Size groupSmall
HeightUnder 11 inches
WeightUnder 15 pounds

Micro Teacup Goldendoodle

Micro teacup Goldendoodles are the shortest and lightest Goldendoodles around. This is how big they get.

Micro Teacup Golden Doodle
Size groupSmall
Height7- 9 inches
Weight6-7 pounds

Teacup Goldendoodle temperament and personality 

Teacup and regular-sized Goldendoodles are almost the same in terms of personality. However, Teacup Goldendoodles are slightly rowdier than their bigger counterparts. They’re more playful and high-spirited, but they’re not overly yappy or hyperactive.

Does Teacup Goldendoodle make good family dogs?

Yes, Teacup Goldendoodles make wonderful family pets. They’re known for their loving and affectionate nature toward children. As long as you keep the little guy engaged with games or other activities, he will be happy to bond with your kids.

However, these pups are delicate and require more careful handling than larger canines. They don’t do well with very small children who don’t know how to treat fragile pets.

Teacup Goldendoodle grooming and cleaning

Teacup Goldendoodles are non-shedding pups with gorgeous coats. Although their curly fur requires more upkeep than pets with straighter hair, their tiny bodies make grooming a short and pleasant process.

You should brush your Teacup Goldendoodle’s coat daily to remove dead and loose hair. You can also bathe him once a month or as needed to keep his fur clean and shiny. When you bathe your pooch, it’s best to use dog-friendly shampoo to maintain healthy moisturized skin and coat.

Shedding is minimal among these pups because they have hypoallergenic coats. Since their coat is curly, it does a great job at trapping loose fur and dander, which is usually what triggers canine allergies in people.

Are Teacup Goldendoodles hypoallergenic?

Yes, Teacup Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic. They shed less fur and dander than most canines of similar size, meaning they’re less likely to release allergens that can aggravate allergies or breathing issues in some people.

Teacup Goldendoodle exercise requirement 

Teacup Goldendoodles are high-energy pups that require daily walks. Fortunately, their tiny size means that they can get enough exercise just running around your house.

However, you should still take them outside to walk for half an hour every day. As long as your Teacup Goldendoodle meets his daily exercise quota, he’ll stay on his best behavior.

Teacup Goldendoodle training 

Teacup Goldendoodles are smart, loving pups who take to training quickly. As with all canines, you should start socialization and obedience training as early as possible.

While these little guys are very intelligent, their size and adorable faces may make training a challenge. Having a reward system would help make training a breeze.

Teacup Goldendoodle food and diet 

Teacup Goldendoodles need high-quality food to grow and maintain a healthy weight. Hypoglycemia is a concern for pups that don’t get enough food. However, you must be careful not to overfeed your Teacup Goldendoodle because this could lead to obesity and subsequent health problems.

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Teacup Goldendoodle health issues

It’s fair to assume that hybrid canines like the Goldendoodle are less prone to genetic diseases than purebred dogs. Unfortunately, such extreme miniaturization comes at the cost of the Teacup Goldendoodle’s health.

Here are eight health issues Teacup Goldendoodle parents should be aware of and watch out for.

1. Patellar luxation

Patellar luxation is when the pup’s knees seem to dislocate randomly. A luxating patella isn’t painful, but it can still cause degeneration of knee joints in dogs.

2. Hypoglycemia

The small bodies of Teacup Goldendoodles aren’t very good at storing or retaining energy. As a result, they may suffer acute energy loss when their bodies run out of blood sugar. This condition requires immediate attention.

3. Breathing issues

The narrow respiratory pathways of teacup breeds often give them breathing problems. Teacup Goldendoodles have trouble doing strenuous activities like running, swimming, and playing fetch.

4. Periodontal diseases 

Small pooches have closely packed teeth that aren’t easy to clean. Dental tartar, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens can accumulate in the gaps between teeth. This accumulation can lead to painful periodontal diseases.

To avoid dental diseases in Teacup Goldendoodles, be sure to brush your dog’s teeth daily or at least twice a week.

5. Hypothyroidism

Teacup Goldendoodles are prone to low levels of thyroid hormones. Low thyroid means the dog won’t burn as much energy and eventually gain weight, lose vigor, have dull fur, and experience seizures.

6. Liver shunts

Liver shunts occur when blood bypasses the liver due to an abnormal opening in the organ’s blood vessels. It can lead to heart diseases and other digestive problems.

7. Heart disease

The heart and circulatory system of tiny pups can be prone to disorders. Minor defects, which might not even show up in full-sized canines, could be lethal for your Teacup Goldendoodle.

8. Dwarfism

Some Teacup Goldendoodles have dwarfism and suffer from health issues throughout their lives. They have disproportionate body parts, dysfunctional organs, and reduced mental capabilities.

Teacup Goldendoodle lifespan

Teacup Golden Doodle owners must prepare themselves for the fact that these pups won’t live as long as other canines. Micro doggies can easily get heart, liver, and bone diseases due to their diminutive size. Still, you can expect them to live for about 12 to 15 years.

Can Teacup Goldendoodles have Cocker Spaniel in them?

When making Teacup pups, breeders prioritize miniaturization over purity. That’s why they often mix other toy breeds to reduce the offspring’s size. One such breed is the Cocker Spaniel. 

So, it’s true that some Teacup Goldendoodles have Cocker Spaniel in them. Such Goldendoodles are commonly known as Petite Goldendoodles.

Another such variant is the Teddy Bear Teacup Goldendoodle. 

Teddy bear Teacup Goldendoodle

The Teacup Teddy Bear Goldendoodle has the English Cream Golden Retriever in his parentage instead of the American Golden Retriever. They look very similar to the regular Teacup Goldendoodles but have an adorable cream coat that makes them look like teddy bears.

Some Teacup Goldendoodle are dwarfs

It’s an unfortunate truth that some breeders use questionable methods to breed an unnaturally tiny pup. One such process involves the dwarfism gene. 

Breeders who intentionally breed dwarfs are doing it for money, not the pup’s health or well-being. Dwarf Teacup Golden Doodles have orthopedic issues that could ruin their quality of life.

Teacup Goldendoodle price

Many breeders avoid using the Teacup term because the word is associated with poor health and tiny size. They prefer to call them Pocket or Miniature Goldendoodle instead.

To answer how much is a Teacup Goldendoodle going to cost you, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $5,000 for a puppy at a reputable breeder. Usually, Teacup Goldendoodle cost is higher than mini Goldendoodles.

Teacup Mini Goldendoodle price

You can find mini Teacup Golden Doodles for about $2,000 to $3,000 on average. The price depends on the pup’s color, size, health, and the breeder’s location. Reputable breeders in major cities charge more for these pups.

If this price is too high for you, you may also consider adoption.

Teacup Goldendoodle for adoption

Many Golden Retriever adoption websites have Teacup Goldendoodle pups for adoption. They may not advertise the fact that they have Teacup Goldendoodles available. That term is for marketing purposes, and shelters don’t do that.

Teacup Goldendoodle rescue

If you’re willing to rescue a Teacup Goldendoodle from a shelter or rescue group, please check with the organization first about possible fees. Some shelters only have a nominal fee to encourage people to take the rescue route.

The good news is that Teacup Goldendoodles rescued from shelters cost significantly less than licensed breeders.

Where to buy a Teacup Goldendoodle? 

With so many puppy mills and unethical dog breeders out there, you want to be careful with where you get your Teacup Goldendoodle from. The American Kennel Club has a breeder’s directory that lists all the registered breeders in each state.

Although Teacup Golden Doodles aren’t AKC eligible pups, it’s still a reliable place to look for reputable breeders.

Teacup Goldendoodle breeders

Teacup Goldendoodle Missouri 

Golden Doodle Pad has healthy and lovable tiny Goldendoodles available.

Teacup Goldendoodle Illinois 

Find the perfect teacup-sized furry friend at Central Illinois Doodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle Utah 

Artisan Doodles is the most widely recognized Teacup Goldendoodle Breeder in Utah.

Teacup Goldendoodle Australia

Salisbury Park Groodles specialize in breeding miniature Goldendoodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle AZ

You can find adorable and healthy Teacup Goldendoodle pups at Arizona Goldendoodle.

Teacup Goldendoodle Dallas 

Hidden Acres Puppies raise their miniature Goldendoodles in loving environments.

Teacup Goldendoodle Oregon 

You can find Teacup Goldendoodles in all the popular colors at Power Goldens.

Teacup Goldendoodle California

 You can find a variety of Teacup Goldendoodles at PuppySpot Goldendoodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle Indiana 

Doodle Country Minis have gorgeous Teacup Goldendoodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle Michigan 

Sweetie Doodles have the sweetest Teacup Goldendoodles in all of Michigan.

Teacup Goldendoodle MN 

You haven’t experienced cuteness overload till you meet the Teacup Goldendoodles from Ocean Road Mini Goldendoodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle San Diego 

The Teacup Goldendoodle pups at Goldendoodle San Diego have a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

Teacup Goldendoodle Colorado

Elevation Doodles have the loveliest and cuddliest Teacup Goldendoodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle Florida 

You can find Teacup Goldendoodles with gorgeous coats at Country Mini Doodle Farms.

Teacup Goldendoodle Los Angeles 

Get your Teacup Goldendoodle in Los Angeles at Tropico Kennels.

Teacup Goldendoodle NC 

The Goldendoodle pups at Doodles of NC are ready for their forever homes.

Teacup Goldendoodle NJ 

You can see Teacup Goldendoodles in the most adorable sizes at PuppySpot Goldendoodles. 

Teacup Goldendoodle Ohio 

Visit the Teacup Goldendoodle pups in Ohio at Forever Goldendoodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle Georgia 

Look no further than Mini Goldendoodles of Georgia for the perfect teacup pup.

Teacup Goldendoodle Houston 

Lovable Teacup Goldendoodles are available at Houston Mini Goldendoodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle Texas 

Hidden Acres Puppies raise healthy pocket-sized Goldendoodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle St Louis 

The Teacup Goldendoodles at Golden Doodle Pad are healthy, smart, and playful.

Teacup Goldendoodle Tennessee 

The Teacup Goldendoodles at Willow Hill Doodles are well socialized and ready to join your family.

Teacup Goldendoodle Canada 

Visit the Teacup Goldendoodle pups in all different colors at Mini Goldendoodle Puppies.

Teacup Goldendoodle Chicago

You can find the most adorable Teacup Goldendoodle pups at Central Illinois Doodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle puppies

The Teacup Goldendoodle puppy is tiny, but you can’t say for sure how big they’ll get. Looking at the parents can give a rough idea. You can also check the paws of your Teacup Mini Goldendoodle puppy to estimate their adult size.

Teacup Goldendoodle puppies for sale

There are plenty of resources online if you want to purchase a Teacup Goldendoodle puppy. A quick search on Teacup Goldendoodle Puppies for sale near me will list numerous results in every major area or location.

Teacup mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale

Reputable breeders usually sell Teacup Golden Doodles as miniature or toy Goldendoodles. You’ll find some trusted breeders among those we’ve mentioned in our article.

Teacup Goldendoodle for sale

Teacup Goldendoodle for sale Florida 

Country Mini Doodle Farms have healthy and intelligent Teacup Golden Doodles for sale.

Teacup Goldendoodle for sale MN 

If Teacup Goldendoodles are what you’re searching for, Ocean Road Mini Goldendoodles are the place to check out.

Teacup Goldendoodle for sale California 

PuppySpot Goldendoodles is the best place in California to find the perfect Teacup Goldendoodles for you and your family.

Teacup Goldendoodle for sale Michigan 

Do check out Sweetie Doodles for the sweetest Teacup Goldendoodles.

Teacup Goldendoodle for sale Texas 

If you’re looking for Teacup Goldendoodles for sale in Texas, Hidden Acres Puppies will help you out.

Teacup Goldendoodle for sale UK 

For Teacup Goldendoodles in the UK, look no further than Kizzabella Doodles.

Mini Teacup Goldendoodle for sale

You can check out one of the breeders we’ve mentioned in our article to find a Teacup Mini Goldendoodle for sale. Puppy search engines like Puppyfinder and Petfinder are also good places to look for mini Teacup Golden Doodles.

Micro Teacup Goldendoodle for sale

Micro Teacup Golden Doodles are the smallest Goldendoodles of them all, which is why it’s hard to find one in good health. The resources we’ve listed throughout the article should help you out, though.

Is the Teacup Goldendoodle right for me?

Teacup Goldendoodles are a great choice for families with older children, seniors, singles, and apartment-dwellers. These pups are small and are easy to clean and care for, but their health problems require special consideration. 

Related Questions

What makes a Teacup Goldendoodle?

To produce a Teacup Golden Doodle, breeders mix a Golden Retriever with a toy or miniature Poodle. The resultant pup isn’t always as tiny, so breeders later mate them with tiny Poodles to get even smaller puppies. They may do this for several generations, selectively breeding the smallest pups.

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