Greyhound Pitbull Mix: Complete Guide

Greyhound Pitbull Mix
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Both Pitbulls and Greyhound dogs are sporty and incredible dog breeds. When you crossbreed the two, you get a powerful hybrid that is loyal and loving to your family and a wonderful addition to your home.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Greybull Pit or Greyhound Pitbull Mix – from temperament, health issues, lifespan, and more!

What is a Greyhound Pitbull mix called?

The Greyhound is an ancient dog breed with an impressive height and high speed. Breeders are always trying to find new and exciting mixes that improve on their parent breeds, and the Greyhound has successfully mixed with other canines.

Breeders have also come up with a cross between Greyhound and Terrier-type dogs. 

Now, we know that there are multiple types of Pitbulls, and depending on which Pitbull type went into making the Greyhound dog mix with Pitbull, they can be called the Pit Bull Greyhound Mix, American Bulldog Greyhound Mix, Bull Terrier Greyhound Mix, or Greyhound Bulldog Cross. 

Here, we will discuss the Greyhound and Pitbull Mix, also called the Greybull dog breed, Greybull Pit, Greyhound Pit Mix, Bull Greyhound, and Greyhound Pitbull Mix dog.

Greyhound vs Pitbull 

Greyhounds and Pitbulls are alike in terms of temperament, coat type, behavior, and health.

The only major difference is their size. Greyhounds are giants, whereas Pitbulls are medium-to-large canines.

Here is a table that highlights their similarities and differences.

Similarities between Greyhound & American Pit Bull Terrier

Greyhound & American Pit Bull Terrier
Purity Purebred
FriendlinessFriendly with owner’s family, children, strangers
CoatSmooth, short
AffectionHighly affectionate
Energy levelHigh
Friendliness with petsUnfriendly. Will chase smaller pets
Weather preferenceWarm
Lifespan~ 10-14 years
HealthGenerally healthy

Differences between Greyhound & American Pit Bull Terrier

GreyhoundAmerican Pit Bull Terrier
AKC RecognitionYesNo
PurposeHunting dogUtility dog
Owner experienceGood for first-time ownersRequire experienced owners

Greyhound history 

Brindle Greyhound can produce Pitbull Greyhound Mix brindle puppies
Two Greyhound dogs playing on the beach

Greyhounds were first used as hunters in 3,000 BC in Egypt and were a symbol of royalty. Later, they spread to other parts of the world, but the only people allowed to have them were kings and nobles.

They also became popular in other areas where hunting with great dogs was a tradition, such as England and France.

Tall, lightweight, and slim, their bodies are perfectly suited for speed. Greyhounds have long, powerful hind legs that allow them to run very fast for long distances. With a top speed of 45 mph, they’re the fastest canine on Earth.

As hunting methods changed, Greyhounds started competing in dog races, and they continue to do so to this day.

This dog breed is also a popular pet and therapy dog because of its gentle and loving nature toward people. Their calm, delicate nature, love for humans, and ability to adapt to any kind of house make them fantastic family pets.

If you have never owned a canine buddy before, a Greyhound will suit you really well.

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Pitbull history 

pitbull mix greyhound produces Greybull Pit
American Pit Bull Terrier sleeping outside

The Pit Bull name refers to all Pitbull-type dogs and isn’t limited to one breed. There are four Pitbull types: the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), the American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff), the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy), and the American Bully.

Sometimes, the list also includes the American Bulldog.

Their original name was Bull-and-Terrier because they were produced from Bulldogs and Terriers to make super strong canines.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is most commonly associated with the “Pitbull” name, and that’s the canine we mean when referring to the Greyhound Pitbull Mix.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix: Is this a common crossbreed mix?

There haven’t been many recorded cases of Greyhound cross with Pitbulls. If you go out to buy one, you’ll likely find a first-gen Pitbull Greyhound Cross, meaning it would have come from a Pitbull and Greyhound parent.

Due to their rarity, it can be pretty tricky to find the offspring of two Greybull Pits.

There are many reasons behind people trying to mix Greyhounds with Pit Bulls. Both breeds are easygoing, intelligent, adaptable to any situation, don’t bark much, and are good with children. The Pitbull Greyhound Mix Dog carries all those personality traits.

Greyhound + American Pit Bull Terrier = Greyhound Pitbull Mix

The two dogs that combine to form the Greyhound Pitbull Mix are the Greyhound (also known as English Greyhound) and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Their offspring has qualities from both parents. The Greyhound Pitbull Mix are intelligent, sweet-tempered, loyal, mellow, and easily trained dogs.

The Greyhounds in this mix are usually retired race dogs. They inherit incredible endurance and stamina due to their history as fox chasers in England. These dogs can run up to 45 miles an hour and are the fastest dogs on the planet. 

Unlike Greyhounds, their offspring with the American Pit Bull Terrier aren’t born with this long-distance stamina. But they are still energetic, courageous, and highly loyal to their owners, so they are often used as attack dogs by the police.

There is a lot of controversy about these Pitbull crossbreeds, but these crossbreed pups are gentle, loving, and loyal to their owners.

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Italian Greyhound + Pitbull = Italian Greyhound Pitbull Mix 

If miniature pups are more your style, then you might like to consider an Italian Greyhound mixed with Pitbull. This crossbreed is a mix between an Italian Greyhound with any suitable Pitbull breed.

The miniature size of the Italian Greyhound and Pitbull mix makes them an ideal dog for first-time pet owners. They are quiet and don’t require much exercise to stay happy. The miniature form makes them popular as therapy dogs, particularly in hospitals and hospice care centers.

The most apparent difference between Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds is their size. The miniature Italian Greyhound only weighs up to 14 pounds compared to the 60-pound regular Greyhounds. These small canines are also friendlier toward people and other dogs, and they don’t have the high prey drive of their larger counterparts.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix physical appearance

These adorable dogs can have slight differences depending on which parent they take after. The Pitbull body type is solid, muscular, and heavy, whereas the Greyhound’s body is slim, flexible, and athletic.

Like their parents, Greybull Pits tend to have long noses and floppy ears set high above the head. They have short coats that lack guard hairs, making their skin smooth to the touch. 

Greyhound Pitbull Mix coat colors

Greybull Pits can inherit a combination of their parent’s coat colors. Greyhounds come in all sorts of colors, and so do Pitbulls.

Naturally, their offspring can be of any shade. Most Greyhound mixes tend to inherit one or two of their parent’s colors, and if one parent shows a recessive trait, it likely won’t get passed to his or her pups.

Greybull Pits usually have bi-color coats in which one color is white. But they also come in solid, parti-color, and brindle.

A Brindle Greyhound mix has dark tiger-like stripes on a grey, tan, fawn, or white coat. The dark streaks aren’t always black; they can be blue, chocolate, or red.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix size, height, and weight

Greyhounds are a giant dog breed, whereas APBTs are medium to large. Pitbulls are stocky, thick-boned, and heavy.

On the other hand, the Greyhound is pretty lightweight as this breed is built for speed.

So, how big do Greyhound Pitbulls get? Let’s have a look at this table:

Greyhound Pitbull Mix Size

Size groupLarge/giantLarge
Height19-30 inches17-28 inches
Weight35-80 pounds30-65 pounds

Pitbull Greyhound Mix temperament and personality 

The Greyhound Pitbull Mix temperament isn’t much different from their parent breeds.

Pitbulls and Greyhounds are both loving, sweet pooches. They’re devoted to their families and crave attention. They’re loyal, loving companions that take their role as family members very seriously

One of the best things about the Greyhound Pitbull Mix is that they’re incredibly eager to please their owners, so training them is pretty straightforward.

They enjoy the benefits of being indoors with humans, so they do better than other dogs in houses without yards.

Do Greyhound Pitbull Mix get along with other pets?

Greyhound Pitbull Mix can get along decently with other similarly sized dogs. They prefer to be the alpha, so you might want to set up a hierarchy if you have multiple canine buddies at home.

Neutering male Greybull Pits can solve this problem.

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The Greyhound Pitbull Mix are gentle dogs, so they don’t tend to get into brawls with other animals unless they feel threatened or provoked.

However, their basic instincts can urge them to chase things that run from them, so if you have an animal that’s smaller than a Greyhound Pitbull, you should keep a close eye on both of them.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix training

Training is a fun time for the Greyhound Pitbull Mix, but there are ways to make their training easier. To help them behave better, owners should use a treat-based training strategy instead of a method that uses anger and punishment.

Many dog owners choose to use a positive reinforcement system when training their Greyhound Pitbull Mix.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix exercise requirement 

Greyhound Pitbull Mix doesn’t usually require a ton of exercise to stay calm. Despite their Greyhound parent being famous as high-speed racing dogs, they prefer relaxing in your living room or bed with you. 

However, you may still need to take them out for a light jog or other outdoor activity for about an hour a day. Keeping any pooch cooped up indoors will overload them with energy and make their behavior destructive.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix grooming and cleaning

The Greybull Pit is a very low-maintenance pup, and his grooming and cleaning requirements are minimal. They only need a short brushing session every second week and a bath only when they smell stinky. 

To keep their teeth free from tartar, owners should brush them regularly. Buy an extra-tough chew toy to keep them entertained while it cleans their teeth. Check their ears every week for excessive wax and clean them with a cotton ball.

Is Greyhound Pitbull Mix hypoallergenic?

Due to their low shedding, some people incorrectly assume the Greybull Pit to be hypoallergenic. However, their fur still carries dander, so people with allergies should still be careful around them.

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Greyhound Pitbull Mix food and diet 

The Greyhound Pitbull Mix tends to put on weight more easily than other breeds, so you should watch their food intake and ensure they don’t go overboard. They require a high-quality diet to keep them healthy and happy—about three cups of dry kibble should be enough.

It’s crucial to feed them food with lots of protein and no filler ingredients. Cheap dog food is usually full of filler carbs, and although the dog feels full after eating it, it isn’t enough to satisfy their nutritional needs.

You Greybull Pit doesn’t have to have an all-meat diet; moderate amounts of canine-friendly veggies and fruits will do wonders for their health. However, make sure that the fruit or vegetable isn’t toxic for canines.

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Greyhound Pitbull Mix common health issues 

The Greyhound Pitbull Mix is a very sturdy pooch, just like his parents. These canines can also display hybrid vigor, making them even healthier than their parents.

The Greyhound Pitbull Mix doesn’t usually suffer from hereditary conditions; however, some problems may manifest in them.

1. Gastric Torsion

Gastric torsion, or GDV, is a fatal condition that affects big dogs. The stomach fills up with gas and twists, which pinches off the oxygen supply to their organs. This condition occurs when the pooch eats too fast, and slow feeder bowls should prevent it from happening.

2. Hip Dysplasia

This condition is a common developmental problem in dogs and usually occurs when they’re still puppies. It starts as mild discomfort and can turn into severe pain as they age. Greybull Pits are prone to hip dysplasia because of their large bodies.

3. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a common canine disease that causes the thyroid gland to slow down thyroid hormone production. It shows up as low energy, weight gain, and seizures.

4. Eye Problems

The Greyhound Pitbull Mixes are susceptible to ocular problems because of their large eyes. They are prone to cataracts, glaucoma, eye infections, and retina problems. Inspect their eyes often and get them checked by the veterinarian if any symptoms appear.

5. Allergies

Greyhound Pitbull Mix can be prone to allergies because of their sensitive skins. This is not a rare health problem, and many dogs of different breeds suffer from it. Greyhound Pitbull Mix owners should watch for excessive licking, scratching, and paw biting.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix lifespan

Some owners seem to think that the Greyhound Pitbull Mix has a lifespan of fewer than ten years, but in fact, the average lifespan is much longer.

So, if you’re wondering, “How Long Do Bull Greyhounds Live For?” the answer is they can live for up to 13 to 15 years.

Considering their size, that is a very impressive lifespan.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix adoption

The Greyhound Pitbull Mix isn’t usually adopted. They are rare because most people are scared of them, but some shelters take great care of them and list them up for adoption at reasonable fees.

If you feel that the Greyhound Pitbull Mix is your perfect match, you should go ahead and adopt one.

Adoption is an economical option over buying a Greyhound Pitbull Mix. Expect to find a Greybull Pit for under $200 if you take the adoption route.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix puppies 

Pitbull Greyhound Mix puppies can have varying appearances. Sometimes, not even siblings from the same litter resemble each other. This variety is typical for mix-breed dogs. One Greyhound Pitbull Mix puppy can look very different from other Greyhound Pitbull Mix puppies in the same litter depending on which parent’s looks they inherit.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix puppies are fun to have around because of their happy-go-lucky nature. For the first few months, they are playful and love to cuddle. They suit older kids better who can be gentle with them.

If you adopt one, remember that they can get very protective of their property when they grow up. Use this time to train them so that it’s easier on you in the future.

Greybull Pit puppies for sale 

If you do decide to get one of these adorable dogs, you’ll be happy to learn they don’t cost a fortune. In fact, you may find them for a bargain. You have to do a little research and put in the legwork to get one of these rare dogs.

It’s best to avoid backyard breeders and suspected puppy mills. Those places aren’t usually fit for puppy living, and their operators are more focused on making money than breeding healthy pups.

There aren’t many reputable breeders that have Greyhound Pitbull Mix puppies for sale, but you can still find some through the internet. The average price is $350, but you can expect to pay more than that, depending on the breeder.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix for sale

A full-blooded purebred Pitbull or Greyhound can cost $500-$800 depending on the pedigree and bloodline. The Greyhound Pitbull Mix falls in the same price bracket as his parents, so you should get a Pitbull X Greyhound for sale in the range of $200 to $800.

Is a Greyhound Pitbull Mix right for me?

Anyone interested in owning a Greyhound Pitbull Mix should make sure they know what to expect from them. These pooches need someone who is committed to keeping them active and socialized. They are wonderful with children, but adult supervision is still required.

These canines are very energetic, but they also love to cuddle. It’s best that you don’t leave them unattended for too long, or else they might get separation anxiety.

Owning a Greyhound Pitbull Mix might be difficult for some, but it’s well worth the struggle in the end. These dogs are protective and loving at the same time, making them a great addition to any family.

Related Questions

Do Greyhounds mixed with other dogs?

Yes, Greyhounds do mix with other dogs. In this case, Greyhounds are mixed with Pitbulls, specifically the American Pit Bull Terrier. Keep in mind that Greyhounds get along well with dogs their size but may see smaller canines as their prey.

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