What Is The D-Ring On A Dog Leash For?

what is the d-ring on a dog leash for?
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We’ve come across many first-time dog owners who have questions about the D ring hardware on the dog leash and collar. We’ve also heard many new owners ask about the double D ring.

What Is The D-Ring On A Dog Leash For? On a dog leash, the D-Ring near the handle is multi-purpose. You can tie a poop bag on it, clip your keychain to it, use it as a slip lead, or use the D ring to shorten the leash. In sporting competitions, many owners use the D ring to wrap the leash around their waist or over their shoulder.

Below we will answer all your questions in regards to the D ring.  

What are D rings?

The D ring or Dee ring got its name because the ring is shaped like the capital letter “D.” The D ring can be found on both the dog leash and on the dog collar or harness.

What are D rings used for?

If you see a D ring on a clasp lead you can use it in the following ways. On the clasp lead, the D ring is usually found right before the looped handle.

  • Hold your doggie waste bags 
  • Attach your dog waste dispenser onto it 
  • Hold your keys while walking 
  • Hold your small LED flashlight
  • Wrap the leash around your waist or over your shoulder while competing
  • Loop the leash through the D-ring and use it as a slip lead if you forgot your dog’s collar

What Is The D-Ring On A Dog Collar For?

The D ring is also most commonly found on dog collars. It allows the owner to clip on or attach the leash to the collar. The reason it is shaped like a “D” and not an “O” is because of two reasons. First, the D shape provides maximum comfort for your dog. Second, the shape offers the best method of connection and quick release from the trigger snap or bolt snap. 

Some dog owners will have their furry friends sleep with the dog collar on. We highly discourage this. Taking off your dog’s collar at night is important. We recommend 5 reasons to do so in our blog on Should My Dog Wear A Collar All The Time?

Double D-Ring Dog Collar

The unique double D ring on a dog collar allows the owner to use one ring for holding the dog’s identification tag or rabies vaccination tag and the other D ring for leash attachment. 

Some dog owners like the aesthetics of having a second D ring at the front of the collar. In addition, during training the extra D ring at the front allows owners to control the “forward-facing” direction they want their dog to head towards while using a leash.

Having a double D ring dog collar provides convenience because the owners don’t have to spin the collar around to use a leash.  

Why Does My Dog Harness Have 2 D-Rings?

why does my dog harness have 2 d-rings

Many dog harnesses have 2 D-rings, both located on the dog’s back. You can use a clasp lead and attach it onto the 2 D-rings for full control.

However, other dog harnesses have 2 D-rings in two locations. The first ring is located on the front chest. The second ring is located on the back by the shoulders to attach a dog leash. The ring on the back by the shoulders is always for lead attachment.

Dog harnesses with 2 D-rings are great for owners who are looking for control and to train their dogs to walk by them without choking. You can either attach the dog leashes to both rings or just to the front ring for control.

For example, if you attach a leash to the front ring, you’re controlling the forward direction that you want your dog to go. In this way, it is a no-pull dog harness since your furry friend is walking forward towards you.

D Ring and Double Ring Collar Definition

If you have any further questions regarding the different types of dog collars, hardware, and materials, we have compiled a list from A to Z of the different dog collar terms that you may find helpful. For your convenience, we have defined both the D ring and the double D ring below.

“D” ring. The D ring is a metal piece of hardware in the shape of a capital letter “D” that is attached to all dog collars. The D ring is the point of attachment for a leash. Some dog collars have plastic D rings. There are two ways a D ring may be formed. The first way a D ring may be formed is through casting into a mold in order to create the D shape. The second way it is form is through bending and welding into shape. There are some lightweight D rings that may be bent and not welded and we do not recommend these lightweight D rings for dog collars. The lightweight D rings could break easily.

Double Ring Collar. There are two definitions for this term.

  1. A collar with 2 D-rings placed at the typical D ring location. The first D ring holds the dog’s ID tags. The second D ring allows the owner to attach the leash onto it.
  2. A center ring collar with an additional D ring in the typical location.